Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Suggested Reading List

Just a few books/reading suggestions to get you started in 2007: Rights of Man by Thomas Paine Common Sense by Thomas Paine and the Turning Point to Independence by Scott Liell The Quotable Jefferson, collected and edited by John P. Kaminski The Separation of Church and State, Writings on a fundamental freedom by America's Founders, edited by Forrest Church Because they hate by Brigitte Gabriel at American Congress for Truth Islam and Dhimmitude, Where Civilizations Collide by Bat Ye'or Eurabia, The Euro-Arab Axis, by Bat Ye'or Infiltration by Paul Sperry - a must read for Americans America Alone by Mark Steyn Anything by Orianna Fallaci The Beast on the East River, by Nathan Tabor on the UN threat to America's Sovereignty and Security [I think it is a little late on the issue of America's sovereignty but then it never hurts to see just how aligned many nations are against us and like the ACLU, they use our tax dollars to "kill" us.] The Qur'an by Abdullah Yusuf Ali (only approved translation for we English speakers) The Looming Tower - by Yusuf Ali, recommended by Otter - have not read yet myself. This is an open-ended list so any books you want added, let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I received an interesting book as a gift this Christmas. It's called Destroying a Village: What the Clintons did to a Nineteen Year Old (something like that). I haven't yet had time to sit down and just look at it, and tonight, I am going to go out and see the movie that stole the images from my nightmares (Children of Men).

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But of course, Infiltration is like a bible to me.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Inflitration plus the Baron's map will / should open everyone's eyes. I want hearings and investigations by Congress. Let's give them so real work to do...

5:17 PM  
Blogger Otter said...

The Looming Tower.

Yusuf Ali's book is available at the local library... I am given to understand that he goes well out of his way to say jihad is not what his own people make it out to be... one has to remember there is a Greater and Lesser Jihad... Lesser is the one islamofacism makes out to be the True form.

7:45 AM  
Blogger coconut commando said...

Hi Beachgirl,

I got this interesting (and well thought out) response to the "Winning the War" posting. Just out of curiosoty, I've ordered the books the author mentions to see what he is referring to. What do you think?

You've got to be kidding. I understand that you have a unique, one sided look at the "big pitcure" as you say but this isn't about "staying the course" because it's hard. This is about how "we" being the people who where told, including Colin Powell and all the Military leaders, that Iraq and Saddam Hussien had cashes of biological weapons and WMD after the 1st Gulf War. It's about the power hungry struggle between Rumsfield and the State Dept. on why things weren't set up right for a post war Iraq. It's about Bush's desire to have his presidencey turn into a legacy. It's about power. It's why Bush is too ignorant to ask his advisors more in depth questions instead of just taking everything at face value. At least Clinton dug deeper into what the people around him were saying. He admitted to mistakes and tried to fix them. Educate yourself on the interworkings of how you came to be there. Read Bob Woodward's book "State of Denial", read Richard Clark's book "Against All Emenies". The Democrats aren't bitching and wanting to "cut and run" because it's hard. They want to bring you home because you shouldn't be there in the first place. Maybe you see the families and faces of children who are glad you are there, but do you really know what they say about you when they are sitting around the fire which used to be there living room? They want you to leave. I think the people there don't want anything that Americans think they want and we are out of touch and arrogant to thing everybody wants what we want. Stay safe, Mike

7:02 PM  

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