Friday, December 29, 2006

Freedom is not free - 910 Group Volunteers enter the fight for Freedom and Liberty

We have heard this phrase, "Freedom isn't free..." for many of us almost from birth. Freedom is no more free today than it was when the United States of America embarked upon its Revolutionary War. Freedom and Liberty come at a cost - whether it is in life or in time or in coin or in subjugation. Citizens must be ever vigilant, yet today, vigilance is not enough. In the United States, we have an all-volunteer military. Much can be said to the credit of our brave men and women. Citizens employed in our agencies who work undercover are volunteers. And many of us volunteer to associate ourselves with other non-governmental organizations or citizen-groups who fight for liberty everyday. If you are looking for a group that offers a wide range of areas where you can help, where you can make a difference, in fighting and winning this war on terrorism, then please take the time to click on the Phoenix here in my sidebar. Then come back and click on the other listings under the 910 Group. Sign-up; join today. Start the New Year of 2007 with a purpose and a plan. We are in a war. It has been brought to us and it has been waged against us for decades. September 11, 2001 was only the action that woke some of us up to what we face as a culture, as a civilization, and as a people. Terrorism which can only truthfully be described as a war waged against Western Civilization by Islamists who believe that their time has come, who adhere to the violence against and subjugation of all non-Muslims which is directed by verses in the Qur'an is the "proxy" word being used today. The use of this word, terrorism, instead of what we are really facing, the march of Islamic Imperialism for world domination lulls us into viewing "success" as not having an attack on US soil. Or, whew, it's over now; the Bobbies stopped the plan to blow up 10 airliners leaving Heathrow for American airports. The 910 Group is international. It has a place for you. The 910 Group is growing and now has affiliations with other like-minded organizations. The place for you may be in international organization, in raising local awareness within your realm of influence. The place may be one of keeping yourself apprised of legislation before Congress or the legislative body within your nation; the place may be letter-writing; sending an e-mail to a news network that did a good job on a given issue such as the Fox News Channel presenting exerpts from Obsession. The place for you may be in internet research; in blogging based upon information you find within the 910 Group. The arms of jihadists reach far and wide. Read the book Infiltration by Paul Sperry to learn of the Wahabbi Corridor right within the Commonwealth of Virginia; learn of the guarded Islamic camp in Central Virginia; learn of the conversions to Islam within our prison systems. The threat to your way of life and to the future of your children and grandchildren is at stake. Do not think your contribution would be small. One snail-mail letter to your representative and to your senators carries the weight of thousands of citizens who think as you do but do not write because they do not think "it would make a difference." They are wrong - the snail mail, the phone calls help. Our forefathers and mothers fought for this nation - one nation under God, this nation of, by, and for the people. It is only we the people who can secure this nation for generations to come - not the government - only we the people. Take a look at the 910 Group. Your participation there may turn out to be the most precious gift you can give yourself for the New Year. For your friends who do not have internet access - share the letter-writing with them. Share the information and, if they ask, help them learn. You can help them setup a Yahoo account right there in your local library. Your state taxes pay for the computers there. The 910 Group does NOT support violence; the 910 Group does not believe that all Americans who practice Islam want to "kill" their non-Muslim neighbors but much of the activity that is going on today within our nation to Islamify America and bring it under Sharia Law is beyond their control. Islamist groups such as CAIR - still find hidden meaning behind that name - posing as "civil rights" groups are working to undermine our laws through incremental steps to insert "special" preferences for Islam within our schools, all throughout our society. Read Animal Farm where some animals are better than other animals - then see how damaging the changes will be over time. Have a save New Year's Eve. I'll see you in the 910 Group.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thansk for the great post. I have linked it at my blog.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a bit surprised. The 910 group is a lot more powerful than I had expected it to be.

2:08 AM  

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