Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ethiopia - A Superpower?

What makes a nation a superpower? Is it the number of guns, nuclear submarines, fighter jets, the size of the military? Is it the nation's financial wealth? Or is there more to being a superpower than the size of a nation's military-industrial complex? Recently, Ethiopia demonstrated superpower status. Ethiopia did what a government is supposed to do. Her leaders protected her borders; joined with the legitimate government of Somalia and together with their respective ground forces and a few MIGs the Russians had sold Ethiopia a few years or decades back took on the Islamic terrorists/militants who have been intent on taking control of Somalia and then marching into Ethiopia. I'll be back with links later in the day but, for my money - all the tax dollars we have sent to Ethiopia - I have to say, they know how to protect their borders and how to identify the enemy and how to fight the enemy. The Islamist - so-called radicals - are on the run. The war lords seem to be regaining some power and the Somalian government, aligned with Ethiopia, is fighting back. So, for good or ill, for the mistakes of the past, at least Ethiopia is fighting for its sovereignty, for the safety of its people. Ethiopia is protecting its borders. This is just a guess here, but I'll bet Ethiopia wouldn't sit by and allow 12,000 of its citizens to be killed and many more raped and robbed by illegal aliens swarming over its borders by the thousands, not to mention by the tens of millions. Of course, no sovereign nation would allow its citizens to fall prey to such an invasion in a civilized world. No superpower would allow its towns and cities to be over-run by illegals taking jobs from citizens, depleting the medical resources those citizens have paid for through insurance and taxes, endangering citizens on the highways. No superpower would allow its Marines and soldiers returning from war to be gunned down by illegals; no superpower would tolerate a daughter's mother killed right next to the daughter by an illegal alien drunk driver. No superpower would allow its nation to become balkanized. No superpower would allow terrorists networks to operate within its borders under front groups with tax-exempt status under the guise of "civil rights", to allow terrorist camps across the nation, to allow hatred and calls for violence to be shouted from the podiums of "churches, synagogues, mosques". No leaders of a superpower who had taken oaths to protect and defend their nation's people would leave its citizens vulnerable with no recourse to defense. Would they? No superpower would allow itself to be chained and ham-strung by the ruberic of "politically incorrect" speech, erasing it's most important freedom - that of Freedom of Speech. No superpower would even entertain the notion of passing "hate speech" laws designed to end any debate about an invading political ideology dressed in religious garb whose goal was the overthrow of said superpower. Would it? No superpower nation would endanger its citizens by putting the "rights" of terrorists over the Constitutionally enshrined rights of the nation's legal citizens. Would it? So, warts and all, let's give a cheer for Ethiopia! Of course, I don't want to move to Ethiopia but it's always nice to read that some nation is protecting its borders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well sure, the Ethiopians do not suffer from what we have here and that is the confounded Political Correctness disease that is infesting this country and also much of the Western European nations. That can make or break ones will of winning or loosing a war. Don't believe me check the past history on what it did to us during the Vietnam war.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting and inciteful points made on Ethiopia being a super power. While no one would expect such an analogy, you should turn this into an article and have it published online. I know the guy who would do it, and he can be reached at

12:19 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you - will follow-up

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. Make it bigger and run with the idea!

5:47 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you - good idea!

8:49 AM  

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