Thursday, December 28, 2006

Discrimination and violence against Christianity

Today, I stopped by the little church that was my church home for decades. I went to visit a few friends who were making repairs to one of the buildings. Before leaving, one friend asked, "Have you seen the destruction of the structure in the front of the church where we list information about the services?" "No," I said. "What happened?" He replied, "Take a look before your leave. I spent three hours with the police the other day going over what happened or what we could piece together of what could have happened." I walked around to the front of the little church and saw that someone had taken something and destroyed one side of the "billboard". Smashed. The week of Christmas. This in a small community; in America. Crosses are being torn from statues in cemeteries in France. Jewish cemeteries are being desegrated in France. And yes, we had several churches - both black and white congregations - burned to the ground in Georgia as I recall. To save the cross on Mount Soledad in California, the citizens of San Diego have been battling the ACLU for years to keep the enormous cross that is visible for miles - a landmark as a tribute to World War II veterans and other veterans. To save the cross, the city had to get the Federal Government to take over the war memorial, to protect the cross. In America, Christianity and any symbolism of Christianity is under relentless attack by Americans whose goal is to destroy our culture and our heritage. Our culture and heritage are based upon individual rights and responsibilities. These Americans seeking to destroy our culture and the symbols of our culture and heritage are working to replace that belief in individual rights "granted to us by our Creator" - those values that make us strong - with the "government" as our NANNY, the caretaker of us all "from cradle to grave." No thank you. One atheist who does not believe in God has held the Mount Soledad cross hostage and has shouted that he is insulted by the sight of the cross. So, in America, anyone can have freedom of religion except for Christians represented through numerous sects or denominations, not a state-ordered religion. I ask you to pay attention of the attacks against your culture and your heritage. Christians face discrimination in America today because of their beliefs. Senators in our U.S. Senate were harsh on Chief Justice John Roberts as well as Associate Justice Alito - not to mention insulting Judge Alito's wife through visious attacks on her husband's honor and integrity - because they are both Christians. The most virulent attacks were from self-defined, or as some would say, "back-sliding" Catholics. How low they will bow to the Islamists. How quickly they are begging to submit. Watch and see... Protect your freedoms; protect them or they will be taken from you, pulled apart one thread at a time. Be alert; you could awake one morning and find them gone. A day existed in America when people simply would not desecrate a church; a day existed when we lived by honor, by integrity, by gentility. Do we have any manners, any gentility left? I know we do; we must to survive.


Blogger Otter said...

I fear it will take another World War.

And people have NO clue that we're in one already- thanks to the very people and politicians who seek to tear down Christianity.

*deep sigh* and a Happy New Year to you. I Hope.

5:39 AM  
Blogger I'minjail said...

Google alerts talk backforgivenWolf

Thank-you for This!
God Bless the U.S.A.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you both and have a safe New Year's Eve.

4:56 PM  

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