Sunday, November 29, 2009

Del Potro vs Davydenko in Barclay World Tour Finals

Yippee! The Barclay World Tour Finals begin at 9:30 AM ET. Time to put politics aside and focus on talent and tenacity.
The Barclay World Tour has been great. The round-robin is interesting and there has been some great tennis played - finesse, setting up points three or four shots out, and an integrity to the game that is refreshing.
Everyone has fallen on his racket this week to the mighty power of Del Potro. Juan Martin is a towering 6'5", used to be that tall, awkward teenager like the giraffe on the court who hadn't filled out yet or found his power. Del Po, as some like to shorten his name, is filling out nicely and has power strokes that others find difficult to return. Del Potro seems to have a rather stable game or a lack-luster game as some sports commentators describe it with little variety in his shots but I just think he hasn't developed the style in his game that he will develop over time with coaching that will bring balance to his power and extend or expand the finesse of his game.
Soderling fell to him yesterday and Soderling has it all: finesse, super powerful serves, and a dedication to focusing and outwitting opponents. Soderling has the full package on court it seems. But like Federer who lost twice to Del Potro, Soderling took the match to three sets but lost in the tie-breaker. What a great match that was!
Now, to Davydenko, to me the feistiest player in these top eight. Davydenko at 5'10" has it all. He darts around the court with amazing speed which should be an advantage over the lanky Del Potro. Plus, Davydenko has the edge when it comes to experience. And he's a Russian which, to me, means relentless training that probably few others on the tour can match. To me, for his size and over-all game coupled with tenacity, Davydenko has Del Potro on speed and expansiveness of strokes in his kit bag. Davydenko just has to keep focused.
And if you don't recognize Davydenko, he's letting his hair grow out. Looking good, Nikolay.
Davydenko is like the terrier, feisty and willing to go the extra miles, bloodied but unbowed.
The tennis aficionados probably give the match to Del Potro and, against many other players, I would too. But today, I'm bucking the odds and sending a shout-out to Davydenko.
I really like Del Potro but today I'm putting the win with Davydenko.
It's almost time for the match so good playing to both champions in London...

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving in the USA

Today I've been watching the Barclay World Championship Final Tennis Tournament. Even gave a turkey a reprieve and opted out for King Snow Crab Legs, sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, and of course pumpkin pie.
Easiest and best Thanksgiving Dinner in the world.
Hope everyone is having a good holiday and stay safe on those highways...
God bless you!
And if you don't believe in God; no worries, He believes in you!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama: health care = loss of life and liberty!

The Senators have been busy "debating" the so-called Reid behemoth Rationed Medical Care Bill or Health Insurance Reform Bill as some euphemistically characterize the 2074 page bill.
PLEASE appreciate that: The government that controls our health care and our health care industry has NO vested interest in keeping you alive if you become sick. See Denmark's health care and the euthanasia provided for the elderly or extremely sick.
So, being dropped from an insurance policy because of illness is exactly what government run health /medical procedure rationing is all about. In either case, you will be denied life-saving coverage and you'll be dead.
In one masterful stroke, the liberty of the American people along with 1/6th of our private economy will fall into the draconian hands of Hillary Care on steroids.
Americans will become serfs under the heavy fist of the federal government health care "reform" bill which could be seen as a bloodless coup and overthrow of the American way of life.
Some could consider that the United States is a vassal state under the control of China and every vassal state must have its slaves. Remember, the "health care" reform is not about health care, that is only the vehicle through which we, THE PEOPLE, will become wards of the state.
And like it or not, health care denied equals suffering and death. Under this Reid-Pelosi-Obama triage, Americans will have 4 agencies or institutionalized groups whose members will independently decide who lives and who dies through rationed care. Yes, it is a "new world" and yes, He will bring Americans to our knees. He preached the "change you can believe in" and we blindly replaced God and put our liberties into the hands of one whom some could say will bring us to our down-fall.
Is that the hope and change we voted for? How's that "yes, we can" working for us now?
And don't forget, when a panel establishes medical guidelines such as "women under 50 don't need to have mammograms", ALL insurance companies - private and government-run - can and will use such guidelines in determining what medical procedures they will cover and what coverage they will deny.
That's how aspects of health care rationing can and will be handled under Obama Non-Care. You can be insured and you can have insurance but if guidelines put out by federal agencies discourage certain procedures, you won't get those procedures.
The curve that Dr. Emanuel, Rahm's brother, devised shows that health care will go to those who don't generally need care and funds for care will taper off when folks start reaching their late 50s and then care diminishes significantly after that as folks age. That means that young folks who pay into the program through confiscated earnings will NOT receive care when they are older.
Seventy NEW government agencies will be set up to control our lives and the government - already having given us the "mark of the beast" with our SSNs - will be the hand that rocks the cradle and decides when the time is right for us to enter the grave.
Under Obama Non-Care, the bill establishes FOUR councils or regulatory agencies who will come between you and what your doctor is allowed to do to provide good medical care for you.
When this "Health Care" monstrosity is passed, you might as well be given a dog collar and tag for identification or have a scannable chip, like we use for our pets in case they get lost, injected into your forearm or maybe they'll just inject it under our arm as the Jews were tattooed.
We should tear that 2074 page bill apart and our Senators should work together on the parts where we have agreement, passing small understandable legislation on tort reform and other issues.
Any bill that is 2074 pages long is not good for our Health or our eyesight.
God bless America and forgive us for the 53 million babies we have murdered. Keep in mind that many of those babies would today be productive Americans with children of their own paying into the Medicare Program and perhaps helping to keep it solvent.
Arguably, we have killed off a generation of Americans through pro-choice. And that killed off the young men and women who would be sustaining the elderly today - had these young Americans been allowed to live.
A nation cannot kill off its young and expect to survive... Maybe some of our bad policy decision chickens are coming home to roost. Since 1973, we have been killing off the generation that would be caring for our elderly today.
Actions have consequences.
Since 1973 we've had a one-size fits all FEDERAL government legislated right to kill our pre-borns at will. Maybe the Reid-Pelosi-Obama triage rationed medical care will become FEDERAL government one-size fits all legislated license to pull a "Terri Schiavo" against our elderly, our disabled, and anyone the government considers to have outlived their usefulness.
We should address single issues through reasonable bi-partisan legislation; not this massive debacle that no one can even guess the untended consequences of.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beach Girl reading of late

In order to stay away from the insanity that has infected our nation, I have been reading books about our first five presidents.
Interesting and a good reminder that the "war" between those who want massive federal government control and those who see the U.S. Constitution and more control at the State level has been going on since our inception as a nation.
None of that is new. What is new in my opinion is that today we have leadership that wants to destroy America and bring us into growing decline.
Glenn Beck spoke of how hard it was for him to watch TV news when he was out after having surgery. Now he knows why so many of us have to turn the TV off, watch DVDs, or reruns of TV shows.
We - I for one - can hardly believe what I am seeing before me. Astonishing... We freely elected Mr. Obama and brought in his regime. Marry in haste and repent in leisure.
And how many votes were simply cast because of the "color of a man's skin?" The good news there is that folks can and will learn that the "color of a man's skin" has little to do with his ideology.
God help us... God works in mysterious ways. Maybe He will send the Chi-coms to save us from the rabid spending of the Pelosi left.
This is the Age of Insanity in America. Civilian trials for Islamic terrorists aimed at who knows what. Miranda rights for illegal enemy combatants. And a government take-over of one 6th of our private sector by the government.
What mushrooms is the Mad Hatter passing out at the White House?

Obama health care nightmare sacked by the Chinese?

Yes, it is true. The Red Chinese may in fact "save" us from the horrors of Pelosi's and the radicalized extremist Democrats "health care/death panels". How?
By taking Obama to the woodshed to chastise him on the outrageous spending and taxing he plans to bring down upon us. Democrats at the highest levels just do not seem to understand that more and more taxation will stifle job creation and will shut down our economy. Their programs will cripple us, bring us to our knees, and perhaps under the yoke of the United Nations. Of course, some might think that is their goal anyway.
The one thing the Communist Chinese have learned well about capitalism is that they too must protect their investment in the United States, their ownership of our debts.
Wouldn't that be rather ironic if we, the American people, are saved from the massive burden of more debt under Obama by the Chinese?
Or maybe they'll just tell him to slow down a little in forcing us under the yoke of servitude. I wonder which "servitude" the administration has in mind: submission to Islam or submission in the Chinese model.

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Obama taken to woodshed by our Chinese overlords

The United States of America due to various economic decisions made over the past two administrations and more egregiously under the current Executive branch of our government is not a vassal state under the overlordship of the Chinese Communists.
Maybe with a little luck, the Chi-coms as Rush calls them may actually protect Americans from the heinous depravity of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama death panels/health care.
Maybe we should be contacting the Chinese consulate in DC and pleading for their protection of the US dollar and the protection of their "investment" so that the Obama administration will not destroy their investment while at the same time destroying our economy, pulling the plug on the medically ill, and bringing the United States of America to her knees.
There will be no "life support" for America from the nations to which we have given aid for generations. There will be no support from the nations that we fought and died for to protect them from the terrors of Hitler. America is on her own except now we are a vassal of China.
As I watch the march of the radicalized extremist liberals/progressives in any political party shred the remaining tatters of our U.S. Constitution, bestow rights and such to Islamic terrorists, and kick Grandma and Grandpa to the dust-bin of the grave, the one thing that keeps coming to mind are the words of Nikita Khrushchev as he pounded the table with his shoe:
"We will bury you from within!" Good job, Nikita, radical Islam, William, and Saul (Saul Alinsky). Of course, I cannot leave out the credit that goes to any "far left" professors that the Obama administration folks may have met up with in college.

Obama and Holder sympathies with Islamic terrorists?

It is insanity to have a "communist-type" show trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his Islamic terrorists buddies in New York City.
Islamic terrorists must be tried under Military courts. How can an Islamic terrorist who is an illegal enemy combatant in a war declared against us by Islamic leadership and who function as warriors for the Tribes with flags among Islamic nations be treated as "criminals" to be tried in our civilian courts?
Our civilian court system as well as our nation cannot help but be the laughing stock of the world.
Based on their behavior only, Obama and Holder have already declared Mohammed guilty and have declared that he will be found guilty and executed. They have poisoned our very civilian court system and certainly Mohammed can declare to be set free because he has already been declared guilty.
In my opinion, Obama and Holder are very "soft" on Islamic terrorists and some could even venture to view the behavior as being in support of these Islamic terrorists.
Perhaps Mr. Obama's roots in Islamic training and Marxist training and hatred against this nation learned at his mother's knee are showing their influence now.
My money is on Mohammed and his Islamic terrorist buddies being set free. Heck, their passports for American citizenship and their relocation plans under the Witness Protection program are probably in place.
And keep in mind the distraction this Show Trial will be to keep Americans focused on the bells and whistles of the trial and allow God only knows what further abominations of our way of life taken out from under us by this very transparent administration.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NSA and CIA: thank you for connecting the dots

To NSA and CIA, thank you for connecting the dots with regard to Major Hasan. Too bad no one listens to you.
Don't you just want to pack up your briefcase and take the day off now and then?
Since I am one of "we the people" and by extension, you theoretically work for me or on my behalf, please take a few days off. Don't blow a fuse.
Know that many of us need you and respect you and your service. Too bad a CIA operative or an NCIS operative or a Special Forces Kung Fu fightin' guru was not in that medical waiting room to assist the young woman who got that first round into Major Hasan.
Maybe you could have spared us all the "politically correct" trial he'll get instead of the on-the-spot execution he deserved or the padded cell in maximum security in solitary confinement. He sure won't be sent to GITMO 'cause he is in the military. But we'll make certain we don't offend him in any way.
Like the murders at VPI, this too could have been stopped.
Thank you, NSA and CIA...keep doing your best.

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DOD: time to retire Gen. George Casey

To the Department of Defense: it is time to retire General George Casey.
He puts diversity and political correctness over the lives of our military and civilian personnel. That alone makes him an ineffectual leader and conflicted.
He must be retired and others like him.

Gen. George Casey - time to retire: NOW!

It is time for the very much conflicted Gen. George Casey, the Army Joint Chief of Staff, to retire and retire now. Regardless of what a fine fighting man the General may have been in days gone by he is clearly "pu--ywhipped" when it comes to letting our military and civilian personnel die on the altar of "political correctness" for the sake of his revered "diversity."
The General is a shell of leadership and of no use to our military and should resign or retire on his own now. The slaughter or murders committed by an Islamic terrorist wearing the uniform of an Army Officer occurred on General Casey's watch.
Sadly, the General is not alone in having been castrated and befuddled into being conflicted about his duty to save Americans and to protect the troops under his ultimate command or to protect those who would kill us.
In a short post to our Veterans, I mentioned that our service personnel should stay home instead of serving under so-called leadership, both military and civilian, that is so conflicted by "political correctness" that they will LET any of us be killed under the banner of "diversity" and "political correctness" so that they can protect those who would kill us.
And I don't care who those killers are: Islamic terrorists or whomever. So far the Islamic terrorists seem to be more dedicated in their drive to kill us. One such former military man, John Mohammad was executed in Virginia last night at 9:00PM. Although not tried for acts of terrorism, that is what he committed.
When are we going to call things what they are and put the face of the enemy out in the open where it clearly wants to be. The Islamic terrorists are not conflicted in their mission. Too bad our leadership or some among our leadership are.
General George Casey MUST resign or be fired. And don't stop there. Anyone in leadership who is mired in the chains or mind-conflicted dementia of "political correctness" and has the power of life or death over our military personnel or our covert operatives must be relieved of their positions and removed from government service.
We need commanders who will call a terrorist a terrorist and not punish the person who brings that terrorist to the attention of the command chain. Blood is on the hands of all who had Major Hasan in their sights and allowed "political correctness" to protect him and thereby put our military and civilian personnel at risk.
We must face the fact whether our "sensibilities" will allow it or not that leaders of Islam have declared war against the United States, against us. You don't hear Baptist ministers teaching their congregations to kill non-believers or entering into conspiracies to recruit "jihadists" at prisons.
We do have "freedom of religion" but I don't think that extends to a pseudo-religion that vows to take over our nation and make us submit. That's a bit confusing. You don't see any Mennonites or Amish trying to kill us or overthrow our government. I think the saying goes that "your freedoms end where my nose begins." Your freedoms end when they infringe upon my life, liberty, etc.
In other words, ya can't take weapons into a military hospital waiting room and open fire, screaming "Allah Akbar" and killing people. The one thing I have to give to the Islamists is that they are not trying to hide what their desire to kill us. Hasan did not keep his beliefs a secret. I'm not sure one can call him 'radicalized.' Only a Muslim can say if Hasan's beliefs are perverted. His imam, now in Yemen, has declared Hasan a hero...
In the words of Earl Pitts, "WAKE UP, AMERICA!"


For our Veterans at Ft. Hood and elsewhere: Thank You!

Just a "thank you" to our veterans and a few words about an honorable man who died on October 22, 2009.
I don't have a picture of an American Bald Eagle but you can bet your booties, he's got the right anatomy and drive to get the job done just like you regardless of gender.
Allow me to mention one veteran who lost his life in October to Agent Orange. He was a boots-on-the-ground soldier in Vietnam. He was a wonderful man who loved his country, his God, and his beautiful wife and son as well as his extended family. He was a man of honor and he was kind to his friends and respectful to those who did not share his views.
He received much of his treatment under the care of a VA center close to where I live. He and his wife were glad for the care he received. In his last days, he was in a civilian hospital that was a few miles from his home. He wanted to be moved to the VA hospital as soon as he could be so that he would spend his last days or hours among the veterans he has served with on the field of battle.
As our loving God seems to do in such cases - fulfill our desires without our help -, my friend was in the civilian hospital for a few days, maybe five, and then stabilized so that he could be moved the extra 5 or so miles to the VA hospital. It was there, once settled into his room, comfortable and surrounded by family members closest to him that he passed from this life over into the next.
To die among veterans was his final wish and it was granted. He was aware of his surroundings up until the end.
Days later when friends had arrived from far away and a Brigadier General had come to pay his respects, a funeral service was held at the church my friend and his wife attended. And then the most uplifting procession: about twenty men on motor cycles carrying American flags and regimental flags led the way to the Veterans cemetery. The line of cars extended for a long way and we all followed giving tribute to our friend and to all who have served their country with lights on and emergency lights flashing.
There is humility in being an American and being in such company...
The burial service was attended by the guard and taps were played. The American flag was snapped in the crisp fall air and solemnly folded for my friend's wife. For myself, when I witness a military burial, it is as though I am witnessing them through the ages and for all time.
Americans do many things well but none better than honoring the sacrifice our military consciously make for us and for our FREEDOMS.
Let us, as Americans, swear an oath to them not to allow them to have sacrificed in vain, not to allow their lives to be lost or taken against the senselessness of political expediency or the vile and denigrating ideology or insanity of "political correctness".
If our brave men and women are killed on the altar of "political correctness" it is better that they stay home and reconsider the prudence of serving under leadership that is clearly so conflicted as represented through the words of General George Casey worried about "diversity" when America is by its nature diverse in ethnicity but not in ethos. I cannot imagine serving under a command who values their skin color more than he values their lives.
I know Veterans Day is for the living and I honor you and thank you for your service. I also thank those in uniform today. I want your service to be respected and protected by those in authority who are to clear the way for you to do the job you have signed on to do in protecting me and others who can no longer engage in the fight.
God bless you and God bless America. My prayer would be that God gives us American leaders who, like our Founders - especially like George Washington and James Monroe - who were men and fulfilled their duties as men. As you may recall, both of these men were Veterans as are you... they are your model.


ACLU gets it right in defense of Ron Paul Aide

Looks like the ACLU got it right for once in the case of an aide for Ron Paul being roughed-up figuratively and threatened by the TSA during the presidential campaign.
From the story, it seems that we need to have tape recorders or phones that will record aggressive intimidation from agents over-stepping their bounds. See Rules changed after Paul aide detained at airport.
I have had my own unpleasant experiences with the TSA. Of course, they picked up some unsavory things either from transference from a heart patient who gave me a poster or from the cattle and horses I had been nearly living with for two months. In retrospect, it was an interesting experience but I'm probably on some watch list. Everybody is too busy watching law-abiding Americans to look for the terrorists telling us OUT LOUD who they are and what they are up to. Why do we let imams recruit in our prisons again? Aren't they the only guys who have declared war on the Great Satan?
But I digress. The TSA is an enormous agency that rifles through our personal items, searches us without reason unless we are all wearing moo-moos and is getting very intrusive in those searches. Why not look for the folks who actually are sworn to kill us?
Any large agency such as the TSA is bound to exceed its authority but it desensitizes Americans to being herded like cattle through pens, nearly strip searched, and subjected to all sorts of indignities. This to accommodate Islamic terrorists who are being successful in changing our way of life. Why not turn the tables and well, whoops there goes that Pavlovian bell cautioning me to be "politically correct" and censor myself until the next Islamist terrorist attack at one of our military bases or one of our malls.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood soldiers murdered in Islamic terrorist attack

Major Hasan, MD, who was also a psychiatrist in a trusted position at Fort Hood, took advantage of his position and carried out an Islamic terrorist attack, an act of terrorism. There is nothing "alleged" about it. Remember the order from Osama bin Laden to all Muslims worldwide years ago to "kill the infidels" where you find them - kill in which ever way you can: as an individual or in a group.
First, General Casey should resign for his insulting deference to "political correctness" and "diversity." He doesn't want the killing of our military and civilians in a medical waiting room at Fort Hood in Texas - where they should be the safest - to impact the diversity in the military. He doesn't want the slaughter of 13 personnel and one unborn baby to have an adverse impact on the precious diversity represented in the 1,000 or so Muslims in the military??? Is General George Casey MAD? Maybe he needs some PTSD therapy.
Nobody is going to discriminate against military personnel. We respect our military personnel unless of course they turn their guns on other personnel - military, civilian, or unborn.
And Hasan's insane notion that Muslims should be allowed to be "conscientious objectors" and not sent to fight other Muslims. Quaint notion since Muslims are fighting Muslims all over the place.
Perhaps Hasan doesn't know this but the United States has an "all volunteer" military. No one is drafted. No one has to enlist. So if a Muslim does not want to enlist he/she doesn't have to do so. In Major Hasan's case, however, it appears that he did well for himself, no doubt earning credentials as well as rank in the Army even after his power point presentation at Walter Reed. He wormed his way into a position of trust and he betrayed that trust. He acted independently as an Islamic jihadist as recruited to do and his imam, now in Yemen, is proud of the Major.
General George Casey would have no problem drumming Nazi skinheads out of the Army so, I say, buck up, General, grow some balls and weed out that garden of diversity and get rid of the traitors no matter what stripe or "religion" or creed they profess to follow if it threatens the safety of American civilians and our troops.
General Casey is a weak man walking on his knees before the insanity of "political correctness." Our military personnel are put at risk when red flags were being waved all over the place. Remember, John Mohammad will be executed tonight - not for terrorist acts although that is what they are. He acted with Malvo to terrorize northern American several years ago. John is now deceased. It is about time.
From my perspective, anyone who bows at the altar of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and MORAL EQUIVALENCY has blood on their hands; the blood of the men, women, and unborn baby killed or injured at Fort Hood by the Muslim extremist who, let us remember, was acting as he was directed to act in accordance with the teachings of Islam to which he deferred under the direction of an imam who once resided in northern Virginia. Whom we let into the country, of course. We are crazy, collectively, for allowing this insanity.
Hasan is an Islamic terrorist and should be charged as such and tried as such. I am not sure about this but does not the Qur'an teach that Muslims who follow Islam are directed to kill infidels - that would be non-Muslims? If that is so, how can any Muslim swear an oath of allegiance to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to defend the United States unless that Muslim is following the part of the Qur'an that says the followers of Islam are not to have friends among the infidels and they are to lie to infidels to advance Islam among the infidels. In other words, infiltrate our institutions to bring us down...
For we infidels - or at least for me - this is a Catch 22. I don't know how anyone following Islam today can serve in the military without living a lie. It is my understanding, perhaps only a hope, that we have many people loyal to the United States who practice Islam.
To me, it is very confusing and disturbing that the United States Army is so politically correct that their command would put the lives of our service men and women as well as their dependents in jeopardy by keeping such a fanatical Islamic extremist in the Army and in such a position of power.
Like the young man who killed the students and teachers at Virginia Tech two years ago, the leanings of Major Hasan were not unknown to people along the line in his chain of command or so it is said. If that is true, then like the soldiers at Abu Graib, those officers in the chain of command also need to face punishment for betraying the trust the soldiers below them put in them. If the White House knew of the threat this Major posed, then who there will face punishment for allowing this betrayal to occur?
When you who bow to the altar of "political correctness" tonight and say your "prayers" for all those who don't appreciate the "poor, deranged" Islamic terrorist psychiatrist, try to wash the blood from your hands.
President Obama did say that no "loving God would condone" such acts.... The quotation is not correct but close enough. Islam is a theocracy and from what we've seen, Allah or his "imams" who speak in his name don't have any love or tolerance for "infidels."
Hasan's ranting to "Allah Akbar" and his other ravings show that one does not have to be connected with al Qaeda to be an Islamic terrorist.
NSA did their job; CIA did their job --- The Army command did not do their job so as not to "offend" an Islamic Muslim terrorist in their midst and perhaps the FBI may not have done their job; or are they all chained by "political correctness."
How many more Americans will have to die at the ALTAR of political correctness?
How long will it take for Americans to appreciate that Islam is a theocracy - a 7th century political entity wrapped in clerical robes? In days gone by, we had the terrors of the Spanish Inquisition and other such horrific times. We had the Reformation with Martin Luther. Is there a reformation coming for Islam or is the power of the mullahs simply too great for the people to bring about change?
Some Islamists have this funny way of creating a situation and then saying "You made me do it" when infidels defend themselves. It would be nice if we could co-exist on the planet but I want my own nation, freedom - fast being ripped or stripped from all of us - and liberty without a theocracy.
Now, let's see if President Obama's administration will allow the military to deal with Major Hasan or if they will butt in and make this a "criminal" case tried under civilian criminal law...

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Virginia's Bob McDonnell and NJ's Christie

It seems that the Republicans won the governorships of both Virginia and New Jersey. On NJ, I'm not too sure yet because there must be a trunk full of uncounted ballots - about 150,000 of them that will mysteriously be found tomorrow by some poll worker who - whoops - misplaced them in a 50 gallon drum.
So, Christie is not the governor of NJ until he is sworn into the office. My opinion...
In Virginia, the House of Delegates picked up a few more Republican seats/districts and that is a very good thing because they will be doing the redistricting - I think that is right. Very important to keep the Democrats from doing that or we'll have districts like Bobby Scott's district that curves and stretches like a snake from Newport News, VA to Timbuktu.
Some commentators said it was all due to those mean OLD white people voting and fewer young people voting and fewer black or hispanic voters. What? Young folks cannot decide to stay home and go to work so they can save the money they'll need to pay the Obama fines and penalties if they don't BUY health insurance as dictated by the Messomiah? And maybe some of those middle class and upper middle class black Americans are getting the message that Mr. Obama is gonna tax the Dickens out of them for being - SUCCESSFUL and WORKING hard to reach their own piece of the American Dream, making Oliver Twist look like a multimillionaire.
And maybe those OLD white people who did vote did so because they know what is store for them in those 1990 pages of the "health care" take you poison or be denied medical coverage bill which is all about power and some might thing legalized GENOCIDE. Do a little research and see how many non-hispanic white skinned folks are in the 50,000,000 to perhaps 70,000,000 baby boomers and older "greatest generation" folks. You'd be voting against some of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda too. Now, if Obama, Pelosi, and Reid had to switch into the same "health care rationing, denial of care" that awaits the rest of us, then I might take a different view of it but no sirree! They get to keep their own gold-plated medical care.
And, one woman' opinion - Obama wants to destroy this nation, bring it to its knees through things like the Climate Treaty so that we will be forced to devalue our dollar and crawl to the World Potentates and beg to SUBMIT to their yoke - known as the New World Islamic Order. You think I'm kidding?
Take two pain pills and if you don't feel better in the morning, give Dr. Jack K a call for him to hurry on over. He'll be able to fit you in and do a video and all that it's of your own free will.
And it is comforting to know that Ann Dunn in the Obama Administration and probably others worship at the feet of Chairman Mao and look to his philosophies in his Little Red Book. The Great Mao murdered 50 million or more of his own people through indoctrination camps and out-right murder.
The Obama folks under the leadership of Vampira Pelosi are just building a better mouse trap in this "health care" shell game of 1990 pages. They won't have to build indoctrination camps; they can just put the screws in the legislation so that hospitals and others are forced to deny us care and then they can blame the hospitals, et al, 'cause our Congress and President certainly would NEVER do anything that would deny us life-saving medical care.
And we must not forget Saul Alinsky - studied by Obama, Hillary, and others. It takes a village of community organizers to destroy a housing industry, put banks on the brink of collapse, and indoctrinate the kiddies - Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm; we are precious in His sight. 'Cause Obama loves the little children of the USA and is proving it by putting them into so much debt they'll never dig their way out even if they dig all the way through to China.
Maybe the elections and the results in Virginia and New Jersey mean, at the very least, that this is not a Marxist nation/people and we don't want to go there. "Bless be the chains that bind our souls to government largess..." No, that's not the America we want; not when the truth really comes out... That is not the America free black men and free white men fought for side-by-side under the direction of General George Washington. See His Excellency, George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis. Did you know that free black men and free white men enlisted and fought side-by-side under the command of General Washington?
I met a lady today when I voted. She said she was a Conservative, a Christian, and a Democrat. We have a lot in common. Here is part of what we share:

Blest be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian love; The fellowship of kindred minds Is like to that above.

Before our Father’s throne We pour our ardent prayers; Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one Our comforts and our cares.

more verses follow at the link...

...written around 1782 by John Fawcett

Let's stop letting anyone, any race mongers, drive us apart any longer. We are all on the same ship and we can ultimately decide our future. I believe I'm right in this regarding the Titanic. It has been suggested that if the people had tied their life vests together to build a floating surface many more of them would have survived. If they had worked together as a unit. Instead they jumped into the freezing water individually with their own single life vest and froze to death within minutes.
As Americans - no hyphens please - we need to start tying the things we have in common together such as our conservative beliefs which do cross party lines. A piece of legislation that is 1990 pages without amendments does not bode well for us as a people who want to remain free.
FYI - I went to my Congressman's local office today and he has a full and complete copy of the bill there for anyone to read. That's nearly 4 reams of paper. They're going to vote on this Friday, rumor has it.

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