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Speaking of the Federal Reserve

From No Apology:  Federal Reserve will destroy America.

Obama Care Explained: License to kill through care denied

Aside from the fact that hardly anyone who votes on Obama Rationed NON-health care, the explanation is simple.
First your doctor says you need a medical procedure or medicine;  the care is denied;  and then you die.
No muss, no fuss, and note to Baby Boomers and older folks or folks with disabilities:  get your affairs in order if you have any affairs left, meaning property.  You'll be the first recipients of Obama Care.
But don't worry about your Senators, your Representative, or Mr. Obama's family - they won't have to go on the government's program that will be forced upon us.
Or maybe the government will do like they did in an old science fiction TV show.  Everyone had a number tattooed on their arm, let's say.  When their number was called, they just walked into the tubes and were jettisoned into outer space.
Yeehaw!  What a guy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fausta's Blog: Iranians to Mullahs - Beat it!

Here's a post/video from Fausta's Blog:  Iranian Demonstrators:  Beat it!.

Jesus Christ and Mohammad: one and the same? Don't bet your life on it!

Here is a post we all should read:  Which Koran?.
I do not claim to understand it all but what a mind-altering bit of years of research.  We owe it to ourselves to read this post from the Gates of Vienna.
Just as one point:  would you believe that Jesus Christ may have been called Mohammad?  
Have we all - infidels and Muslims alike - gotten twisted around the flag pole for no other reason that the power of men who benefit from their absolute control over their "followers?"
It has happened before if one remembers reading of the Spanish Inquisition.  History is replete with examples.
Read the post at the Gates.  The research is revolutionary or it could be.
My comment left at The Gates of Vienna:
How extraordinary.  Jesus Christ was Mohammad.   How extraordinary it would be if these brave researchers were to find that the Koran is in some aspects the efforts of other writers to "translate" or to "write" early Judeo-Christian holy texts for some purpose unknown and possibly unknowable to us today even with research.
And some other writers tried to capture the teachings of Jesus Christ/Mohammad.  Earth shattering concept.
And how interesting it would be if Islam developed following the creation of the eventual Roman Church as another attempt to interpret or "describe" God developing into another sect of Christianity?  And then like most "religions" controlled by power-hungry men was transformed into their hold on their power structure?
I am hardly a scholar of Islam but I have read much of the Koran and some parts are clearly similar to the Christian Holy Bible and the Torah.
Thank you, Baron.
Excellent reply left by Henrik Raeder who is absolutely correct:
And how interesting it would be if Islam developed following the creation of the eventual Roman Church as another attempt to interpret or "describe" God developing into another sect of Christianity?
"Well..."  Henrik wrote: 
If you really dig into the genesis of Islam, you'll find that it isn't 'another attempt', it is an original religion (sort of), based on the life of Muhammad, teaching its believers to basically behave like him (Quran 33:21)
That's not very nice.  
Jesus was a good human being with courage and compassion, a rare combination.  He'd go in and absolve people from the stiffness of ancient Jewish law, abolish stoning and the like.  Good stuff.
Muhammad, on the other hand, reintroduced stoning and other barbaric punishments.  That he called upon the ancient Arab moongod Allah to justify this is scary, but at least one shouldn't taint Christianity by assuming it's the same god - it isn't.
Some parts are clearly similar to the Christian Holy Bible and the Torah.
That's because it's lifted from Christian and Jewish sources.  Muhammad paid the Jews in Medina to provide him with material for his 'revelation', but unfortunately his memory wasn't too good, and he misrepresented many of those stories.
One of the more interesting is the twisted Kain & Abel story found in sura 5, where the greatest problem becomes hiding the evidence of fratricide.  That's a prelude to the violent passages 5:32 - 5:35, frequently misquoted by our Dear Leaders to prove Islam peaceful.
More important that the Quran is actually the Sirat, the life story of Muhammad.  Two versions exist, by Ibn Ishaq and Al-Tabari (both ancient Islamic scholars).  They explain what Muhammad did in his life, and why those emulating him tend to act in such violent ways.
A wonderfully entertaining (yet scholarly) analysis of the life of Muhammad can be found at Prophet of Doom.  It's free.
 I recommend Henrik's reference.  The web site is invaluable.  Americans need to know how deeply ingrained the mindset of Muslims is regarding the treatment of infidels...
Let me simply state that if my comment, based upon the post and the research, left the impression that I believe God, for myself the Trinity, is the same as Allah who was a lesser god among many other gods selected by Mohammad for his purposes, I apologize. 
My comment was only related to the part of the research that suggested that during a period of time the researchers speculate the Jesus Christ was "called" Mohammad, not to be confused with the Mohammad who believed in killing infidels wherever his followers found them. 
Here is a small section written by Craig Winn from Islam's Dark Past:
Qur'an 5:33 is violent, murderous, and intolerant: Qur'an 5:33 "The punishment for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and who do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified, or their hands and their feet shall be cut off on opposite sides, or they shall be exiled.  That is their disgrace in this world, and a dreadful torment is theirs in Hell."  Then:  Qur'an 5:34 "Except for those who come back (as Muslims) with repentance before they fall into your power."
In trying to defend Islam and the Qur'an, the President of the United States (George W. Bush) and the Muslim woman quoted a verse that was inspired by Jewish folklore rather than Muhammad's god.  Then they did what she falsely accused me of doing; she and George misquoted the Qur'an and took it out of context.  But worst of all, they tried to deceive the millions into believing that Islam, the Qur'an, and its god were peaceful when the very passage they selected required Muslims to "punish" and "disgrace" non-Muslims with: murder, torture, mutilation, enslavement, or exile so that Allah might "torment them in Hell."

This is the message of Islam to its followers.  You decide how we defend ourselves from such "teachings."  I trust Mr. Winn will not mind that I used the quotations.  Tundra Tabloid: the compassion of Islam

Obama Care: License to deny care

Americans do not need socialized medicine otherwise known as rationed health care.  Do you want a GS4 pay grade admin government clerk deciding whether or not you or a member of your family gets the care you need depending on criteria unrelated to your health?
Such as age:  you need a knee replacement.  Sorry, Mr. Jones, you are 70 years old, no knee replacement for you.  But don't worry, we'll give those funds to care for our newly minted citizens, formerly illegal aliens.  The theory is that we need to legalize the illegals to pay for the health care.  Perhaps had we not fallen for the killing of 53,000,000 preborn Americans, we wouldn't need the illegals.
We are Americans.  I agree that hospitals charging anywhere from $8.00 up for one aspirin is outrageous that is why a friend of mine takes her own lotion, aspirin, and kleenex to the hospital when she has needed surgery.
As Americans, we can solve our health care issues through private industry.  Medical folks are forced to charge above what insurance will pay and we are removed from the process because we only see the bills after the fact.
A friend of mine, a young friend, is undergoing chemo, very serious cancer that usually strikes children.  During each day of one week of treatment, she gets two shots in drip bags in addition to the other meds she gets in larger drip bags.  The small bags containing the two shots are each the size of a folded sandwich baggie.  Each of those "shots" costs $7,876.00.  Multiply by two and that is the cost for those shots for one of the five days of treatment so multiply by 10 and you get $78,760.00 just for those shots during the week.  I don't remember the cost for the other chemo she gets daily during that one week.
In America, our chemical / drug companies can't do better than $7,876.00 for one "shot."  These have to be manufactured in bulk.
And another case I remember dealt with Cipro (sp) the drug folks were taking during Anthrax scare.  In America, we paid $110.00 for a 10-day supply.  In India, people were paying $10.00 for the same exact 10-day supply.  Hmmm....
With all due respect to Mr. Obama, I don't want a GS4 denying me medical care because he/she is using a government-printed check list.  My family with the doctor can make the decisions when it is time to "pull the plug" but I don't want the government - through Obama Care - to be given the license to kill through the denial of health care.
Make no mistake, Mr. Obama's Rationed non-Health Care is the biggest gift to big business that big corporations will have received in decades.  They'll dump their health care plans as quickly as possible.  And we will be forced in the government control of all aspects of our lives forever.  There is nothing more personal to us than the care of our health.  
And yes, you will be denied health care or medical procedures will be stalled and some of us will die for lack of health care.  That's the truth.  It is happening in Britain and perhaps in Canada.
All of your private, medical history is not being computerized so forget doctor-patient confidentiality.
Many young men and women in the early to mid 20s do not want or choose to have health care from personal choice and they do not always see the need to have health care. 
We are Americans.  Working together with the private sector without the intrusion of government, we can find a better way and maintain our dignity.
No one is denied health care in America.  I know.  I had to go to an emergency room.  I had insurance.  I had high blood pressure of 234 over something.  I was hooked up to vital signs monitors and NEVER saw a doctor in 1 and 1/2 hours.  Others had doctors seeing them all around me.  I walked out of the emergency room with my shoes under my arm in my tennis socks never having seen a doctor.  I just pulled the monitor things off and walked out to drive 45 miles home so that I could rest and see my primary care doctor.
People in the waiting room who were not like me, a non-Hispanic white woman, were seen very quickly.  
So, call your Representative and Senators and ask them to vote NO on Obama Care, government's license to kill through denial of treatment.  We have to have the freedom to make medical decisions for ourselves with our doctors.
Obama Care will destroy our medical system and we'll get care as decided from D.C.  Cold and impersonal but the denial of care will lead to more deaths and less treatment and combined that should cut the costs.
Like Terri Schiavo's defenseless situation, do you really trust the government and courts to make sound decisions regarding your health and your life?  My apologies to Terri Schiavo's mother, father, and brother and sister for using her name but her case is the most heinous, individual miscarriage of compassion and justice I have ever witnessed in America.  
An innocent woman, defenseless with a family who wanted to care for her, was denied all liquid, even ice chips, and starved to death over 13 to 14 days in AMERICA.  Shame on us...
There is no free lunch and there is no free medical care without the possibility of serious risks to our health.
Keep in mind that "government" rationed health care has no feelings;  it is a nameless, faceless person behind a desk following a checklist.
And who risks being denied health care first?  The BABY BOOMERS!  You betcha! 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran: to the Men and Women of Iran

In America, we have heard that all of your communications have been cut off.  We have heard today that the Iranian government killed many Iranian citizens who were protesting;  actually we heard that you have experienced massacres today.
I know you will not receive these words but I wish to send them out to you just in case.  The American people are primarily a Judeo-Christian people with freedoms built upon the belief that all men (and women) are created equally - certainly with individual gifts and talents - but equal before the law.
Many Americans are praying for you and for your families.  
On a personal level, I want to thank you for your bravery and courage and for reminding me and perhaps other Americans how precious freedoms are and how easily those freedoms can be taken away by a tyrannical government or a government that over-reaches.
God bless you and keep you safe.  The American people are not your enemies;  we want you to have freedoms so that we can work to become friends beyond the restrictions placed upon us by the laws of man.  
We are not a perfect people;  we have made mistakes;  and we have tried to correct those mistakes.  Your fight has been ours at various times throughout our nation's history.  I do not walk in your shoes so my words are as nothing;  your freedoms and your right to integrity from government needs to be based upon the separation of "church" and "state."  Centuries ago the Pope had the power of your non-elected leaders;  that power has changed over time.
We wish you fairness in your courage...  We have marched and fought for freedoms at home and across the world.  In your struggle, you remind us of the roots of our American heritage.  Thank you.  Praying for your success...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tundra Tabloid: the peaceful compassion of Islam

Tundra Tabloid had this post out a few days ago and I am just getting around to posting it here: Somali Jihadis ban watching movies... In light of the protesting that is going on in Iran at the moment, perhaps it is time to pause and see what the Religion of Peace would mean to us and what it means in the darkness of night to people or to the peoples subjected to its brutality. Tundra Tabloid is a magnificent blog where you get the truth in words and pictures of the 7th Century mentality that encapsulates the Religion of Peace around the world. And why are we bringing this cancer into our nations of the West? Exactly why is that? Some folks don't want to "change" and become enlightened to women's rights and to equality, et al. When will the seemingly comatose leaders of the Western world get that.
Wait, Sarkozy of France gets it and he wants to rid France of the burkha, the badge of slavery.  No, the burkha is not of long standing as a religious symbol in the Islamic world.  The Bedouins covered themselves but that seems to be more for protection as they march across the region for grazing their animals and such.  Hats off the France's Sarkozy:  Sarkozy raps the burkha.  It's about damn time.  
Where is England on this one?  And when will the United States step in line?  The burkha is designed to set the women apart and setting aside the other reasons, the burkha is a horrible impediment to assimilation into a Western culture but then assimilation is not the goal of the Islamists, domination is so Hats off to Sarkozy.
Maybe America can be among the leaders on banning the burka instead of one of the tag-alongs as Mr. Obama has been in taking his time denouncing the Iranian mullahs killing their own Muslim citizens.
PASS this around!

Iranian Theocracy rules with heavy jack boots

Khamenei: Iran won't cede elections from the Washington Post. Well, once again we see the heavy jack-booted thugs of Iran's THEOCRACY killing its own citizens in the streets. Will you Americans once and for all GET THE PICTURE? Islam is a THEOCRACY which controls a person's life in every respect from cradle to grave. And speaking of cradle to grave, if you are born a Muslim (Barry), you cannot leave Islam of your own free will. I do not support Mr. Obama's policies that will enslave us and kill many of us through RATIONED NON-HEALTH CARE but many people wonder why our president of the "free world" has taken so long to speak out in support of the protesters in Iran as we saw Neda's body gushing blood from her mouth and men working to save her as her father stood next to her. Only one woman's opinion - Mr. Obama can say now all the words he wants but his tardiness speaks much more in his tacit support for the Khamenei regime. And keep in mind that while Mr. Obama may not be willing to shoot us down like rabid dogs in the street, his economic policies will result in the deaths of many Americans, many non-HIspanic white Americans and others as well as collateral damage in his war against Capitalism and against the middle-class of small business men and women. One can tell a person's character by the company he keeps and Mr. Obama did not fail to tell us his: Rev. Wright, Jr. and the Black Liberation Theology; our domestic terrorists Ayers and his charming wife; and Tony Resko. Wait for the next Islamist terrorist attack in America (helped along by who knows whom) and we will find ourselves in martial law faster than you can say our "Kenyan Muslim president" in the words of a local talk-radio personality. Why did Mr. Obama take so long to speak out for freedom in Iran and for a stop to the killing of Iranians? He could not speak out against the Supreme Leader unless or until his words have been cleared through back-channels for appearances sake by that very Supreme Leader. Again, one woman's opinion. Our nation's people believe in the separation of church and state, so much so that the limo lizard liberals (ah, Progressives of either party) won't even allow a person to mention God even in the public square without going bonkers. But Islam is a THEOCRACY not a religion as we perceive religion to be; Islam is not a private matter; Islam is not compatible with our way of life and our form of government; and anyone belonging to the Religion of Peace CANNOT legitimately serve in the House of Representatives, the Senate, or the White House because their taking of the 'oath of office' is a lie. But then to advance the inroads of Islam within our borders, the lie is the thing. To the protesters in Iran, your courage and bravery speak to your desire for freedom. You are young; time is on your side. Keep freedom or the fight for freedom alive in Iran... Americans want you as our friends and trading partners, not as our enemies. You are Persians; yours is an ancient civilization hijacked by men seeking total power under the name of God. Get the words and pictures out to us any way you can. We are watching. Even as we are powerless to assist you, you can trust the American people - the moms, the dads, the young men and women your age.
Just to remind you the mindset and the brutality behind that mindset that the protesters are dealing with: from  Tundra Tabloid: the peaceful compassion of Islam.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wimbledon has begun - yippee!

It is Wimbledon time in England and I've got two weeks of watching pro-tennis.  Yippee!
I know I'm hiding my head in the grass courts at Wimbledon but come on - the news is depressing and watching it and worse, commenting on it can be dangerous to your health if you are conservative in your views;  important but right now, we know what Mad Jad is up to and we know Israel has no friend in the White House and we know soon we'll be milked for every cent we've got, even what we find between the sofa cushions.
Pro-tennis is a good choice even though I do get a good bit of news...  Good thing Lady Margaret Thatcher is not here telling our president not to go wobbly on her now...

Neda and the protests in Iran

To the men and women protesting the recent elections or mock elections in Iran, we in America are watching you and praying for your bravery.  Here in our nation, our freedoms are being grabbed from us in ways we hardly notice under bills and legislation designed to make more and more of us dependent upon our government and yet we remain the symbol of "freedom."
To the family and friends of Neda, we know of the low regard in which women are held under Sharia Law and we pray for all women who live under such tyranny.
But when I see the few videos that have gotten out of Tehran, I am compelled to applaud you who protest the injustices for your bravery; you set an example to the rest of the world that when a government is a theocracy and a tyranny, the only human response is protest.
You who shout to each other in the darkness from the rooftops are showing the rest of the world that you only want freedom and fairness in this election.  You are brave and bold to stand before the forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard - all aligned against you.  Yet, I believe that some in that guard hold the beliefs that you hold.
I do not understand a culture that hangs an innocent woman while the man who committed the murder gets 10 years in prison, or sentences women to prison or to death for defending themselves against rapists.  I can only hope that if you obtain your freedom, you will not turn against me and my family or against my country to kill or injure us under the false name of "religion."
For your bravery, you are a model for all who live under the heavy hand of tyranny.  God bless you and keep you safe in your struggle.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letterman on hunting trip with Sarah Palin

Now Dave Letterman, just not wanting to let go, by innuendo, accuses in a 'joke' of course, Sarah Palin of inviting him on a hunting.  The meaning is clear.
There is no gentility from men of a certain age group on the far-left.  No courtesy.  No manners.  Just hatred.
He and his writers and audience have to get off on tired jokes against a woman they must fear a great deal for her courage and obviously for her skills and abilities which are second nature living in Alaska aside from necessary skills for survival.
Once while having breakfast in a Texas diner in a small Texas town, I listened to the talk of the place which was how the daughter of one of the waitresses would be graduating at the top of her class.  Great news!  But the most exciting news was that the same young woman had just completed a hunting trip where she had shot and killed and fully field dressed the deer she had been hunting.
These are strange things to the limo lizard liberals/progressives who ride encased behind bullet-proof glass and armored vehicles secure with their armed bodyguards.
I don't think the tingly up the leg feeling Dave got from telling that hunting joke was from fear that he would come to harm on such a hunting trip but rather from fear that Mrs. Palin would have to show him how to load and hold a gun in his quivering hands.  Talk about emasculation.
Poor Dave!  The longer he continues this unsolicited attack on Gov. Sarah Palin the more he shows how he'd really like all conservative women who choose life and less government bound in burkhas so the bruises wouldn't show... 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama: Congratulations on stopping release of photos

I'm not up on the details but thanks are in order to President Obama and whomever - the court? -  had a hand in stopping the release of those damaging photos for the time being.
Just how long do you think Mr. Obama is going to allow Ms. Pelosi to act out as she does with her "in your face" attitude toward him from her position as Speaker of the House of Representatives?  I thought she'd be gone when she accused the CIA of misleading the congress "all the time" in briefings - a felony as I understand it, but no, she stayed on.  And there was no investigation.  Hmm...
Or does President Obama need Speaker Pelosi there in her position to keep pressure off of him and to deflect attention from him to her?  To be his court jester?  

Obama turns Al Qaeda into criminal street gang

Move over Crips and Bloods.  There's a new biggest, baddest gang in town and they use RPGs and other assorted military weapons on the battle field too.  Al Qaeda is our newest criminal street gang;  the Islamic Muslims formerly known as terrorists but newly classified as just plain 'criminals' subject to all the rights and privileges of every other American criminal beating up on moms or pops will soon be joining you in prison and taking over your turf.  Best get ready 'cause these boys play dirty and for keeps.  And they aren't going to be afraid of you or your tats.  They'll convert you or .... well, you know.
We aren't going to be fighting the "war on terror" in Iraq or Afghanistan to keep from fighting it here because there isn't a "war on terror" and we will be fighting this non-existent war HERE because we will be bringing the "warriors for Jihad" here at taxpayer expense.  
Has everyone in Washington, D.C. had a lobotomy?
Here's a radical idea.  Maybe John F. Kerry had it right when he suggested that we should just deal with the radical fundamentalist Islamic Muslim terrorists as criminals?  Yes?  No?  I think no but here's the radical idea.
The Illinois Mafia Administration is a gang of lawyers and they mostly know other lawyers or thugs, criminals, and domestic terrorists who need or have needed lawyers.  This lawyer administration now has their hand on the pipeline of money that they can divert from the once and now past "war against Islamic Muslim terrorists" and divert those billions to lawyers who can become the defense lawyers for each and EVERY Al Qaeda or non-Al Qaeda Islamic Muslim terrorist picked up on the battle field or here at home fighting our military simply by turning these Islamic Muslim terrorists from enemy combatants to - yes, boys and girls -  "CRIMINALS".
That's one possibility.  The other is that the Democrats in office cannot and will not defend this nation because they don't know how;  they are little boys playing dress-up in men's clothes.  Oh, they can beat us up plenty; we're law-abiding citizens; we're easy targets.  But they are lawyers and probably not all good ones either - which doesn't matter much to their new 'criminal' clients.
The new 'criminals' taken off of the battle field and brought to our jails will learn our ways, our language, and will convert and recruit in prison more domestic Islamic Muslim terrorists such as the man or men who murdered Private William Long recently and wounded Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula.  More on that later...
So here is a more radical idea.  I am sorry for the loss of lives this suggestion would result in but we are either fighting a war in Afghanistan and Iraq or we are not.  Since we, under the adolescents in the White House, are not fighting a war but now picking up criminals, I say get our military OUT of Afghanistan and Iraq immediately.
Bring our military home so that they will not be there to pick up "CRIMINALS" or send over the NYPD or the SFPD.  Reading Miranda Rights to non-American citizens who are fighting us on the battle field.  Outrageous and an insult to every soldier who has given his or her life to protect us.
Osama bin Laden must be laughing in his beard.  I would be.  "Maybe too much hashish go in White House, eh, Abdullah?"  "No, not enough, Osama.  Not enough..." 
Get our military out and then let CNN show us the carnage and blame America for letting that happen.  Look, I don't want American jails filled with Al Qaeda converting and recruiting more domestic Muslim terrorists.  
I don't think one more imam should be allowed in our prisons after the killing of Private Long and the wounding of Pvt. Ezeagwula.  Not one more imam.  Period.  Islam is not a religion as we understand religion to be.  The killer even said what he did was Islamic justified.  Duh!
This was not a "criminal" act.  This was a military act of war but the "enemy combatant" will be treated as a common criminal.  I wonder if he'll be charged with a "hate crime."
And when we are subjected to the next "criminal" Al Qaeda acting-out killing of Americans here, I'm not going to have far to look to know who helped that "man-made disaster" happen.
This can also be viewed as another redistribution of wealth scheme.  With all those billions of dollars going to our Department of Defense, its only natural that our child lawyers would see the fun in funneling that money to their red diaper doper baby lawyer buddies.  ("Red diaper doper babies" is coined by Michael Savage and he is right once again.)
I don't know how long it will take Americans to understand this and I don't know how many of us will have to be killed at the hands of newly classified "criminal" Islamic Muslim terrorists - foreign or domestic (they'll probably all get US citizenship so they can vote for the WON) - probably quite a few since we are moving them into America or will be moving them here into our criminal justice system and following that onto our streets BUT the current crop of Democrats cannot and will not protect us.  Can anyone say Pelosi and photographs?  Doesn't anyone appreciate that all Americans will be under increased danger if these photos are released, not only our military?
These Democrats, or Demoncats as my friend Mr. Minority has dubbed them, do not understand war.  They cannot or do not want to face the enemy breaching our gates with their help and for this, we will die.  
But in the meantime, the sickest on the left will laugh at the likes of David Letterman who uses his stage to attack a mom and her 14 year old daughter on a trip to New York for a charity event.  Like the sexually repressed Taliban and Al Qaeda, Letterman makes pedophilic-like comments about a 14 year old girl and comments about her mother's make-up.  He never apologized only said maybe it was in poor taste.  Ya'think?  
But at some level Letterman was not so far from the prurient attitudes of Al Qaeda, our newest "criminal street gang," about the women they have forced to kneel in the dirt of a soccer field before shooting the helpless women in the back of the head to the approving shouts and cheering of the men/boys looking on.  That was the Taliban of course.
Why do I bring Letterman's comments which are seemingly off-topic into this post?  Because they are not off-topic at all.  Mr. Letterman did us a favor in this time of "Cognitive Dissonance" some of us are experiencing.  One woman's opinion, but he showed the sickness of some few on the left, especially among some of the men on the left who simply hate women, have hated the women striving for equality - much as the Islamists hate and fight against the same thing.  Women have no rights in Islam.  They are beaten as the Koran instructs.  
Are some on the left subconsciously more aligned with the Islamists than they even know and certainly could not acknowledge?  I don't know.  Watch how they treat some women.  Watch how intolerant they are of any attempt at public discussion of critical issues.  They always begin and end with personal attacks and name-calling.
But do not set you hopes of salvation and protection upon the current Democrats in Washington.  You will be disappointed.  
It seems that the White House will be bringing the Islamic Muslim terrorists here to you.  And financially raped through the on-going bailouts, our savings in ruins, we will now be slapped from here to Texas as our tax dollars pay the lawyers who will defend these newly classified "criminals."  
How much longer can we stand these offenses against our nation, our Constitution, the blatant disregard for our system of "checks and balances", our national security?  You don't think bringing Al Qaeda Islamic Muslim terrorists into our prisons doesn't directly put our national security at risk - like Level RED?
We have non-violent means to bring about change not chains and that is the Elections in 2010 and 2012.  Allow me to point out that Al Qaeda is an indiscriminate killer with no regard for ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, or anything else.  Their only goal is killing us and destroying our way of life. 
If you consider that the current administration will use any crisis, self-created or naturally occurring, to alter our way of life - as Rahm said, don't waste a good crisis - think about how much has changed and how quickly it has changed since January 20th.  And consider the result of rationed health care...parcelled out by a bureaucrat.  As someone said in a movie once, who gave Hitler his power?  The clerks, the bureaucrats... 
As left by a commenter - see Friends of the US Chamber of Commerce for ideas about how to fight for our rights.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rush Limbaugh's suggested Teaching vs Listening Tours

Rush Limbaugh's The Limbaugh Letter, June 2009, has just come out and has articles for all of us to read and absorb.  The first is "We need a Teaching Tour, Not a Listening Tour" upon which I intend to focus my attention for this post.
I agree with Rush, we don't need any whimpy, namby, pamby "listening" tours.  Good gracious!  Didn't anyone LISTEN at the Tea Parties?  Americans are together on this one.  The WON is spending more money than we can print and Americans know we are BROKE.  And now this Illinois Mafia Administration wants to bailout the International Monetary Fund as well as European Banks.  With what?  Monopoly money?
Within the June 2009 edition is an interview with Ed Morrissey who is a blogger at Hot Air.  I include a link here to one of his posts.  Act now to stop bailout for the IMF, European Banks by Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.  In his interview with Rush, Morrissey mentions that "we need to focus on national security and fiscal responsibility and smaller government - really, truly smaller government...."  Yes, but...
I suggest we need to be more basic in our "teaching" tour.  We need this "teaching" tour to be a unifying tour that "teaches" our strengths and reinforces the strengths upon which our nation was founded.  We also need to "teach" that the battle between larger centralized government vs individual freedoms and responsibilities along with States' Rights is a long-time battle.  Nothing is new.  As Americans we need to know that.
Here are a few suggestions that I have put together for the Conservative "teaching" tour.  In this, I would also highlight a number of Republican conservative leaders who should have parts throughout the presentation.  And if there is time for discussion, it should be at the end.  Also, no handouts until the presentation has been concluded.
The presentation should be clear, focused, and avoid becoming bogged down in complexities.  I mention a handout package to be given out at the end.  That packet should also include a page of website links that would enhance personal research.
So, to my general suggestions for the "teaching" tour.  I leave the details to the men and women with the scope of knowledge - just keep it on track.  Tell us what you're going to tell us;  tell us; and tell us what you told us - basic teaching and presentation format.
To begin at the beginning:
1)  Types of governments:  oligarchies; dictatorships; democracy (mob rule); representative republic (U.S. Constitution established); tyranny...  (just contrast a couple for emphasis such as Mr. Obama's current 16 czars and counting who are responsible to no one but him.)
2) Our representative republic - three branches of government and checks and balances.  Why we are NOT a democracy which is MOB rule but a representative republic.
3) The on-going battle between State's Rights and Individual Rights vs Centralized Central Planning Government, growing more Soviet-style by the day (on-going since our founding)  Essentially, there is nothing new;  just different ways of creating crisis that divide us.  
4) Goals and principles of Conservatism with the importance of the role of individual rights and responsibilities and finally;
5)  The principles that bring us, Americans, together - individual rights and individual freedoms NOT the collective that crushes the individual to death under mountains of bureaucracy, better known as paperwork.  NOT Hillary Health Care that will be rationed health care that means costs will be cut because Americans will be left to die under RATIONED health care.
6)  Perhaps, if time allows, how class warfare is used to destroy access to the American Dream for everyone - the rich, the poor, and the middle class is ground into powder.  
7)  Essential - Suggestions and/or guidelines that will help the participants know how to move forward at their local, state, and federal level to take our nation back from the Progressives (Liberals) in both parties who have worked mightily for decades - close to 100 years and counting - to shred the U. S. Constitution, to destroy individual freedom and American capitalism, and to transform us into nothing other than another failed experiment in Marxist Socialism.
The easiest way to kill America is to rob us of our freedom to create the lives we desire through law-abiding activities by restricting our creativity and taxing us senseless.  There is no incentive to work if one sees one's daily efforts stolen by law and given to those who have incentive not to work.
This is of course only a limited outline around which this "teaching" tour could be formed.  It is important to remember that coffee breaks are needed and a good message that is uplifting, that brings out our strengths as Americans, and leaves us with a glow in our hearts when we walk out of the door talking and smiling with each other, with our fellow Americans, because we have been reminded of where we have come from and the pathway to a stronger America and a stronger family for you and me.
Throughout the presentation several clips from Newt Gingrich's presentation at the 2009 GOP Senate/House Fundraising Dinner could be show or better yet, the DVD could be given out:  Newt Gingrich at 2009 GOP Senate/House Fundraising Dinner.
At the end, every person or every family - depending on the cost - must be given a packet that includes the presentation including the general topics, a DVD of Newt Gingrich's speech, and that small, pocket-sized book, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, such as the one prepared by the Cato Institute. 
I urge you to get Rush's June 2009 Limbaugh Letter - 1-800-457-4141.  I have no affiliation with The Limbaugh Letter other than being a charter subscriber.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pelosi: protect our military and American citizens

Speaker of the House Pelosi, I am writing to ask you to vote to keep the interrogation pictures that will endanger our military men and women PRIVATE. 
I would also like to mention that the release of these photos will endanger ALL Americans because radical fundamentalist Islamists live worldwide including within the United States and throughout Europe where many Americans live and travel. 
Please herd in your feral cats and vote to keep these photos from the public and from the international press as well as the anti-American Arab press.  A nun, Sister Leonella, was murdered in Somali where she had devoted her life to working in a hospital saving lives of Somali Muslims.  Her killing was occasioned after a speech made by the Pope in 2006 as I recall.  
Do you want to have a hand in ordinary Americans being attacked by radical Islamists if/when these photos are released due to irresponsible behavior on the part of some in the uncontrollable House of Representatives?  
If you cannot control those anti-American radicals, perhaps you should consider resigning.

Soderling gracious at Roland Garros

For several days now I have wanted to mention that Robin Soderling added a touch of more elegance and light-hearted graciousness during the awards ceremony at Roland Garros when Roger Federer earned the tournament championship.
Soderling gave us many extraordinary matches during the quarter finals but the best match I think I watched was the match between Soderling and Fernando Gonzalez.  What a great match!
Gonzalez and Soderling gave us a great match from the very first serve all the way to the end.  And Gonzalez added his flair when he removed a mark on the court outside line when he sat on the court and erased the mark with the bottom of his tennis shorts.  He can be funny in a self-deprecating way.
That match was simply GREAT.
And for his charm and tasteful humor in the awards ceremony, Soderling showed that he was not attached to the win or loss but was there playing his best and took the loss with a smile and shared a comment between himself and his coach of the night before:  "Well, he's beat you 9 times.  He can't beat you 10 times, can he?"  Then Soderling smiled and said something like, "Well, yes, Roger did.  He beat me 10 times."  Everyone clapped and laughed good-naturedly.
The entire ceremony and the winning of the tournament was a significant accomplishment for Mr. Federer.  But the charming touch of levity of Mr. Soderling was just the perfect touch of balance added to the momentous occasion in tennis history.
What an honor to have been able to watch Roger Federer as well as Robin Soderling move into the pages of tennis history.

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Air France 447 - Terrorist involved?

Today in Sky News, we read about Air France 447:  Terror Names linked to Doomed Flight AF 447.
In these times where terrorists or the acts of terrorists are simply considered 'man-made disasters' by our Director or Czar of Homeland Security, our dear Janet Napolitano who allowed her state to be overrun with illegal aliens, it is sometimes possible to become accustomed to these heinous acts that have been minimized by our 'leaders.'
I would like to pass on condolences to the families who have been so tragically attacked.  Of course, as of this moment, we do not know if the two Muslim terrorists on the plane had anything to do with the crash.
Our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones on flight Air France 447.

Obama: Miranda Rights for Islamist terrorist combatants?

It is not possible that what I have just heard on Fox News is true as reported by a good reporter - Harrison Fox - as I recall, I could be wrong about her name. If true, it demonstrates  naivete in the extreme in our new President Obama.  Or does it?
I heard that Obama has just ordered that FBI agents must read Miranda Rights to terrorist enemies picked up on the battle field. Can this be true? That Islamic terrorists at war against our military, killing our soldiers with IEDs and other means, actively working to attack us on American soil are 'criminals' and not enemy combatants subject to military courts but subject to our criminal courts.  And entitled to our Constitutional protections? Has this current administration lost its collective mind? Reading Miranda Rights on the battle field to terrorists 'soldiers' fighting our soldiers?  What?  Because Al Qaeda is supported by many nations and does not wear the uniform of any one given nation?  It wears the 'uniform' of radical fundamentalist Islamists sworn to kill us and destroy America and the West.
If true, with orders such as those of our "Blame America First" president, Islamists terrorists are well on their way to victory.
Miranda Rights - good gawd a'mighty!  It seems that everyone in the world is protected by the shredded U.S. Constitution of the United States except Americans.
Miranda Rights to enemies on the battle field.  If he's alive, Osama bin Laden has to be laughing himself silly.
This just can't be true;  not even for Obama... but wait!  Gasp!  It is true!
From Mike's Blog: Remaking the Constitution. And also Law and Disorder from "Biden's Bunker: The truth is down there."
FBI agents, not soldiers, have been ordered to read Miranda Rights to combatants caught in Afghanistan.  Sounds like the CIA and our military intelligence boys and girls are caught in the middle of an Obama Administration Cluster-Fox trot...  My, my... 
Enemy combatants have no better friend than they have found in our White House or so it appears.  Israel, you'd best be watching these nuances from the speech in Cairo to this insanity. 
Is Obama fighting for the hearts and minds of the Islamists and using Psychology 101 to replace Osama as their, you know, "titular" leader?  Of course not, just their 'community organizing' protector perhaps?
Or maybe it is no more complex that what Michael Savage has said for such a long time that"Liberalism IS a mental disorder."
You can search further with Daily Telegraph Miranda Rights in Afghanistan or go to .

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Federer wins Roland Garros

Roger Federer wins Roland Garros in three straight sets! Thank God! As one fan, my nerves couldn't take more than the three straight sets. Congratulations to Mirka and baby-Federer too! And to Roger Federer: Congratulations for your 14 wins to tie Pet Sampas and now to enter with the other men who have won the series of slams that you have won. You have graciousness, class, and most of all a good heart. It is an honor to have seen you play from so many miles away and it is an honor to be a part of the history of your fans worldwide who cherish the honor and sportsmanship you personify and bring to tennis and life. As your fans, we do nothing but we hope you can feel our good wishes cheering you on to victory. You demonstrate what we would all like to have - courage, honor, and humility. God bless you and your family.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Some of Obama's Peaceful Muslims behead Christian girls

With all of Mr. Obama's grand talk about the wonderful, peaceful world of Islam, Pamela of Atlas Shrugs has prepared and offered us an extraordinary piece that chronicles much of Mr. Obama's speech in the Middle East and also shows us pictures documenting the truth of the brutality treated upon women within the peaceful Muslim world today. Islam does treat women badly and seems to do so indiscriminately so to speak. If the women are young Christian girls, they can be and have been beheaded on the way home from school. If Muslim girls, they can be whipped if they are rape victims and they are also subjected to female genital mutilation. For all those "Blame America Firsters" who want to herald the moral equivalency between Islamic Republics and their treatment of their prisoners and their citizens and America water boarding THREE high value targets when our service men are water boarded in training - get a grip or go pound sand. You are delusional if you think America is anywhere close to the brutality routinely practiced in those cultures. H/T to Larwyn for link to Pamela's piece: Obama to Ummah: "America is not - and never will be - at war with Islam" Usama: Called for "Long War Against Infidels". Thank you, Pam.

Obama: true loyalties to Islamists shining through

At First Things, Lolcat Obama & Mustache: Hussein'alicious has all the references and more that you need to read of the loyalties of our Islamist President who favors the Muslim Brotherhood and their subsidiaries, Hamas and Hezbollah, and selects Egypt as the venue for his speech to the "Muslim World." Interesting that now America, as Obama has stated is not a Christian nation, but is a major Muslim nation or words to that effect. Also, he chose to speak to the "Muslim World" in Egypt when most of the Muslim World is not Arab. To the Israelis - you are on your own, my friends. You have no friend in the White House. Link to First Things and The Anchoress's post, H/T to Larwyn. When will Obama tire of putting America down. And the lies he told of Islam's history and traditions of tolerance not to mention of inventions. Obama claims to be a student of history. Maybe he studied that history either at the madrassa when he was a boy or when he was using that cocaine because that sure seems to be when he studied U.S. history and Constitutional Law. "Oh, high on cocaine; studying Islam in the rain; oh, give me one more hit for Big Mo so I can Light up the Main." Where is Willie Nelson when you need him? Of course, I liked Bob Dylan better when he lit a cigarette (was that a match or cigarette) on a parking meter and called up the lady on Time just to have someone to talk to... I know I've got the words wrong but Obama's glowing pride in the accomplishments of Islam was pathetic tripe. We can see Obama's agenda is to destroy American capitalism and the white middle class, the only NON-PROTECTED ethnic group; plenty of our money has gone to shore up AIG which practices Sharia Finance; and as Obama moves forward with his agenda, we will see surprisingly that he may well turn out to be the Second Coming of the Messiah for the Secularists and for the followers of the Theology of Climate Change AND the 12 Madhi or whatever or whomever it is that Mad Jad is waiting for. Mercy... Now that's a whole lot of power in the hands of one man but a whole lot of fun for him too as he gobbles up our private sector. In Russia, the first thing Lenin's boys did was take over the banks... sound familiar? Here is one more link from Atlas Shrugs that needs to be attached to this post: Obama to Ummah: "America is not - and never will be - at war with Islam" Usama: Called for "Long War Against Infidels".

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Federer and Monfils match at Roland Garros

As all of we followers of Roland Garros men's singles know by now, Federer took the match with Gael Monfils in three straight sets. Mr. Federer states that Mr. Monfils is a beautiful athlete. As an athlete with innate talent that appears true and it is delightful to watch when Monfils is on his game but... As an observer, I would add that Mr. Monfils would be a much better package as a true professional athlete if he spent some training time on pro-tennis court manners. It is rather distasteful to see a pro-tennis Frenchman pounding his chest. In Monfils, it just doesn't come across as entertainment. Sadly, he doesn't have that many years to develop that side of his "game." Monfils can add that professional depth to his game if he wants to do so. He looks like a clean-cut, hardworking young man. This is the easiest part of his game to improve. Reach for it, Monfils. Tuesday, I came out swinging in chastising the crowd of the Monfis-Andy Roddick match and I stand by that. Their over-all behavior was rude. But not entirely their fault as they took the bait thrown at them by their "favorite" son. But what an improvement in the next match. KUDOS all around for the crowd, the spectators, at the Federer-Monfils match. You cheered for both players and demonstrated great spectator sportsmanship. We all want the players we support to win. When we get this far into the tournament, we sometimes find ourselves cheering the next day for the player we did not support the day before - as the field narrows. To the Chair Umpire and the line umpires, thank you for demonstrating fairness. I tend to believe that if the night match had been between Federer and Monfils instead of Monfils and Andy Roddick, and had Federer said he could not see the ball, the match would have been called until the next day so that play could have continued in daylight. The clear chair and supervisor umpire bias against Roddick and against fair play was shameful. As it turns out the umpires did call a match for darkness just the night or two nights before when the same Monfils was down and he "complained" that he could not see ball. Amazingly, one can play better in daylight when one can actually see the ball. Amazing! Plenty of Kudos for the crowd and for the Chair Umpire and line umpires during the Federer-Monfils match. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Federer and Del Potro move on to Semis at Roland Garros

As you all know, Federer and Del Potro move on to the Semis at Roland Garros. This is getting so tense, I can hardly watch until the re-runs. Yippee! And Soderling too with Gonzalez. I haven't checked the match-up. For me, I'm just taking the wins as they come. And the women are battling too. I haven't checked where they stand... What fun! How wonderful it must be to be able to attend Roland Garros! Congratulations to all of you who have been able to attend one match or throughout. How exciting this match play has been.

Obama gives credibility to Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists

Below, you will find several items for reading that cast interesting light on Obama's decision to speak in Egypt.  The reading is worth your time as it provided more appreciation for the determination of the Islamists for world domination.  Other issues are raised.  I hope you will find these links of value.
From the Asia Times:  Wrong Venue for Obama's Muslim Speech by Spengler.  This one is worth printing and saving for reading and thinking about what is written.
Here is one point to ponder:

[...]  To speak to the “Muslim world,” is to speak not to a fact, but rather to an aspiration, and that is the aspiration that Islam shall be a global state religion as its founders intended. To address this aspiration is to breath life into it. For an American President to validate such an aspiration is madness.....David P.Goldman (aka Spengler)

From Atlas Shrugs:  Grandma Obama:  Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

From Pamela at Atlas Shrugs:  Kenya: Obama's violent Islamist Ally, Odinga, goes to Iran.  Pamela asks a good question:  

An axis of evil. Obama's corrupt pal, Raila Odinga of Kenya, is winging over to Iran while members of his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) are meeting with leaders in Southern Sudan. This bears watching. He is aligning with the most malevolent forces of power in the world. Does Obama cozy up to any good people?

Looks like the answer is NO.  Can anyone say Hugo?

Suggested by Pamela:  This is elevated discourse?

More later after a bit of research....

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gitmo: fodder for the masses

Gitmo secret documents near release.
Folks, Gitmo is all a smoke-screen to distract us from the take-over of America's private sector by the current Administration.  Gitmo is a 'hot-button' dose of red, raw meat served cold to us like the dogs Michael Vick starved so that we will go at each other and be distracted as thousands of Americans get pink slips and our nation is steered upon the rocks of Socialist-Marxism where our great nation may founder and sink under the weight of the unconscionable debt being placed upon us.
We are on the Titanic and the iceberg is 'us.'  Let's see how that 'global warming theology' works for us.

Geithner gets laughs during speech to Chinese students

Timmy Geithner, our US Treasury tax-cheat, drew laughter from Chinese students when he told them that: China's dollar assets are safe.  Timmy must think the Chinese are as gullible as we Americans are to believe anything he says. I'd be laughing with the Chinese students. How safe do you feel the dollar is? How safe is your demolished 401K? I know, I know Bush and Clinton before him "started it" but we'll need wheel barrows by the Fall if Obama keeps killing trees and using ink as he prints more and more dollars like the Mad Hatter in Wonderland. To me, Conan O'Brian is funny but no one can beat Timmy as Obama's straight man. In the article, Geithner is quoted as "In his speech, Geithner renewed pledges that the Obama administration would cut its huge fiscal deficits and promised "very disciplined" future spending, possibly including reintroduction of pay-as-you-go budget rules instead of nonstop borrowing." What that means so the folks in Iowa will understand is that the Obama administration plans draconian tax increases on the working people in America, possibly an additional national VAT (Value Added Tax) on purchases we make. When that idea was discussed years ago, it was to replace the hated 'income' tax but now talk seems to be of simply piling on the American people with more taxes and fees - the income tax plus the VAT. And for the industries that Obama has now taken over, the American people will only buy your services if we - like folks in other Marxist-Socialist countries under dictatorships - are forced by the Obama Civilian Police Military beating us and forcing us to buy what the government MAKES you produce.  Stalin would be smiling now - not saying Obama is like Stalin;  none of us have been sent into prisons yet but the same effect can be achieved by throwing us into hyper-inflation that will result in severe poverty. American capitalism is fully under attack. But, hey, if Obama's boys and girls are going to dictate how much money anyone can earn in any given job, why not take over the housing industry and tell you how much you can rent your rental property for? The Administration with its "universal health care" may well soon be telling us who can live and who will die with health care denied. Yes, as Pravda says,
"It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people."
Further, "True, the situation has been well prepared on and off for the past century, especially the past twenty years..."  Read American Progressivism: A Reader by Ronald J. Pestritto.  The book is now in paperback.  This quick-stepped march to Marxism by Obama is goose-stepping it on a well-paved highway built for him over many years.  Obama has not done this on his own, by himself;  this yellow-brick road to dismantle our Constitutional form of government and our free market capitalism has taken decades of dedication to build to subvert our nation and bring us to our knees - built by our own "leaders." And on it goes,
"These past two weeks have been the most breath taking of all. First came the announcement of a planned redesign of the American Byzantine tax system, by the very thieves who used it to bankroll their thefts, loses and swindles of hundreds of billions of dollars. These make our Russian oligarchs look little more then ordinary street thugs, in comparison. Yes, the Americans have beat our own thieves in the shear volumes. Should we congratulate them?"
And finally:
"These men, of course, are not an elected panel but made up of appointees picked from the very financial oligarchs and their henchmen who are now gorging themselves on trillions of American dollars, in one bailout after another. They are also usurping the rights, duties, and powers of the American congress (parliament). Again, congress has put up little more then a whimper to their masters.... 
So, should it be any surprise to discover that the Democratically controlled Congress of America is working on passing a new regulation that would give the American Treasury department the power to set 'fair' maximum salaries, evaluate performance and control how private companies give out pay raises and bonuses?"
Let me add, that some in congress and their lobbyists are among those raping Americans. Seems Russia sees America is going out with a whimper but we brought this on ourselves and we can peacefully change it through our election process in 2010. Of course, the last quotations are from Russia's Pravda and of course, propaganda just like the propaganda coming from our so-called 'established media.'  But I'll betcha if those words had been written by a conservative in America, that conservative's name would be added to Janet "man-made disaster" Napolitano's list of extremists. Let me tell you a little story about how the government works so that those of you who voted for Obama because of his skin color will not be surprised when he comes for you. Way back in the early 1960s, the Civil Rights Act was passed and God looked at this and said it was good. And within the huge legislation, issues of renting to folks were included. One could not discriminate against anyone in the renting of rooms, apartments, or houses. Well, a young white couple wanted to rent a cottage owned by a nice older black lady. The lady did not want to rent to those 'white' people. It was her property and she'd rent to whomever she wanted. Well, no, not exactly. Somehow the 'white' couple sued her and the Court ruled that she had to rent to them. She was hopping angry about that, it being her property and all.  But the Civil Rights Act in those days meant equal protection for 'white' folks too.  No longer, of course. The point is that the government is a bureaucracy filled with faceless, nameless people who - like automatons - just check off the squares on a checklist. If you are happy they are going after the "rich" today, understand that they will come after you tomorrow by cutting your Social Security that you may or may not have earned, raising the cost of your Section 8 housing, and cutting back on your medical care. These days, with the American 'government', be careful what you wish for. As the writer in Pravda said,
" the land of 'pure' free markets, the American president now has the power, the self given power, to fire CEOs and we can assume other employees of private companies, at will. Come hither, go dither, the centurion commands his minions."
And Stanislav Mishin ends,
"The Russian owners of American companies and industries should look thoughtfully at this and the option of closing their facilities down and fleeing the land of the Red as fast as possible. In other words, divest while there is still value left... 
The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker."
Yep, the 'looting lizards' of liberal land are chomping away at America's core. Hopefully, they'll choke on their bile and Americans will come to their senses.  Sadly, Obama's worst changes are set to come out after the 2010 election.
Note:  I first heard "looting lizards" as a nickname for Congressional Democrats on the Neal Boortz show.  Also, for typos and such in the quotations from Pravda, take it up with Stanislav.

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Andy Roddick at Roland Garros

I have just posted: Gael Monfils: embarrassment at Roland Garros. To Andy Roddick, first congratulations on your recent marriage. Second, congratulations on your fair play in your match with Gael Monfils. You played the hand you were dealt by the umpires and you watched the rudeness of Monfils. I have liked and respected Monfils before - no more. Andy, thank you for playing an honorable match even unable to see the ball when the cloud-cover blanketed the court at sunset. Also, thank you for your sportsmanlike play and for not allowing yourself to become the 'victim' before the French umpires and spectators. Both acted against the best of tennis sportsmanship. You would not say this but I can because I am only a fan of pro-tennis: to the other players, the fix seems to be in for Gael Monfils if there is any way for the 'people in power' on the court to make it happen. But in the locker room, Monfils deserves to be shunned. He dishonored the tradition of good sportsmanship in many ways. Whether he wins or not, he has demonstrated that he is not in the same league as the other players. His friendliness is only an act based upon his behavior on the court against Andy Roddick. Watch the tape; that's all you need to see. You will know among yourselves how to treat him from now on in the locker room and on the courts. And when you come out playing against him - within the bounds of good sportsmanship - come out to beat him and beat him bad. What he did in his attitude and behavior toward Andy Roddick does not deserve any further respect toward him. You must display the good sportsmanship he lacks and at the same time come onto the court to beat him fair, square, and fully. Certainly, you gentlemen know how to do that without a word passing between you. And if the pro-tennis committee folks who make the rules have any gonads, they should sanction and fine Monfils. Good for Andy Roddick. He lost the match because he could not see the ball and the behavior of the umpires appeared compromised but Andy won on honor and sportsmanship.

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Gael Monfils: embarrassment at Roland Garros

Several days ago, I wrote Andy Roddick to play Monfils in Quarter Finales. I think I was wrong. It is easy to get confused as to what round they are playing. In that post, I mentioned the unsportsmanlike behavior of Gael Monfils' coach as reported by the commentators in that his coach coaches from the sidelines which somehow does not meet professional championship guidelines. I mistakenly said that Monfils was a young player of honor and good sportsmanship, etc. I spoke highly of Monfils and of enjoying his play. Sadly, I was proved wrong by Monfils himself as I watched his match with Andy Roddick. The match ended at sunset with cloud cover darkening the court. Monfils demonstrated why he and his coach are well-suited for each other. Monfils demonstrated the worst display of rudeness and bad form toward another pro-tennis player that I have ever witnessed on a tournament court. Monfils jeered at Roddick; Monfils whipped up the crowd by leading them to cheer against Roddick. It was a shameful display. And the spectators - even though it is understandable that they wanted their countryman to win - should be ashamed of themselves for their falling into the excitement leading to their very poor behavior in terms of tennis etiquette. Monfils acted like a male cheerleader at a football game waving his arms after winning a point and beating his chest while turning to the crowd and waving his arms for them to scream louder for the great Monfils. The great and unprofessional Monfils. I have seen professional tennis players become frustrated with themselves and I have seen them pump their fist at success in winning a hard-fought after point. But to actively call upon the spectators to jeer the opponent and to cheer more and deafeningly for the defeat of the opponent is not generally the manner in which tennis spectators behave. The spectators behaved, led on by Monfils, more like drunks at a soccer match or at a cock fighting pit. They were rude. And it looks like the fix is in for Monfils - at least it was in the match with Roddick. When the cloud cover moved in darkening the court, Mr. Roddick said to the Chair Umpire that he could not see the ball. Mr. Roddick asked for the game to be completed the next day in light. The Chair Umpire denied the request. Worse, when Mr. Roddick appealed to the Supervisor of the Umpires because of the darkened court and his inability to see the ball, the Umpire Supervisor denied the request. Monfils was their countryman and he was on a roll. When Monfils saw that the umpires were standing with him regardless of the conditions on the court, it was at though Monfils got the green light opening the door for his disgraceful unsportsmanlike behavior. Of course, one would have to have good sportsmanlike manners first and after that display, Monfils can go on to win Roland Garros but it will be a hollow "victory" because - only to me - I say to the other players, "The fix is in for Monfils" if there is any way for him to be helped. I was embarrassed for the crowd of spectators but for all of his antics on the court and for all of his natural ability, I am one admirer of the pro-tennis players - the men and the women - who will have no respect for Gael Monfils, not after his behavior on the court last evening. And for the umpires who forced Roddick to play when he could not see the ball, shame on you. Monfils may have won the match even on a court where the other player could see the ball but it was clear that the umpires would not stop the match as long as Monfils was winning no matter what the conditions on the court. No, the only way those umpires would have stopped the match in the darkness would have been if Monfils had not been winning.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Soderling defeats Rafa in Roland Garros

As pro-tennis tournament match followers know by now, Rafa will not be advancing to the Quarter Finals. In the upset of the tournament, Robin Soderling won 3 sets out of 4 to win his place in the Quarter Finals. Rafa Nadal was classy in his loss and Soderling was just as classy in his win and humble too, maybe even surprised. Rafa pointed out that two men came out to play in every match and one would win. Soderling said several interesting things: first he said he had not had a minute to himself to think about his win; that he was going to be happy for a few minutes but he could not afford to be too happy for too long because he had to focus on his next match. One thing is for certain now: Roland Garros is WIDE OPEN. The Quarter Finals begin in Paris in just about 1 and 1/2 hours from now. Today will bring us - on the men's side - Haas vs Federer; Del Potro vs Tsonga, Tommy Robredo, and Andy Roddrick vs Gael Monfils. Now - with my schedule today, I find myself hoping for re-runs. I believe the tournament is now wide open with any one of the remaining players capable on any given day of taking the Championship. What a day for clay!

China owns USA; taking Geithner to the woodshed

Geithner to Reassure China U.S. Will Control Deficits(Update1) If Conan O'Brian made that statement on the Tonight Show, everyone in the audience would be laughing in the aisles. Who does Geithner - the tax cheat - think he's kidding that Obama is as concerned about the deficit as the Chinese are? Obama - President Barack Obama, Barry Obama, Barry Dunham or whoever his is and whatever nationality he is - is out to destroy this nation and drive the nails of Marxism through the heart of American capitalism. You can read all about it in that slick Russian Pravda propaganda machine, sounding every more familiar as sophisticated as they are: American Capitalism gone with a whimper. Rumor has it that China is taking Geithner to the woodshed because of all of the money Obama is printing thus driving down the value of China's investment/ownership of the United States. Of course, I know Bush II sold us out first to grease the skids but Obama is printing money at 'criminal' and perhaps 'treasonous' speeds putting us on the fast track to hyper-inflation where you'll need a wheel barrel of money including the Value Added Tax to buy a loaf of bread. Shame, shame on Obama and shame on the people who put him and his minions in Congress into power. But it's what we get for being STUPID. Hey, maybe that's the mark of the Beast and it's imprinted in invisible ink on the foreheads of all Obama voters. He did get them under His Messiah's Spell. Good job, Barry. And to that end, Beware the Value Added Tax which will soak everyone, including the uneducated and frankly "give me a handout" folks who voted for Barry. You'll get your checks from the government but you'll find that more of that money will be taken back by the government to fund the very legislation that is 'giving' you the check in the first place. Read here as well, just posted May 27, 2009. Yep, that Barry, what a sweetie; just a nice guy who can read from the TOPOTUS with the slogan, "Chains we can believe in!" Or was it, "Chains you can slip into"? Wake-up, America BEFORE the 2010 elections are over...


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