Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama leads America into Marxism? Fast!

Every now and then, it can be interesting to read Pravda, Russia's newspaper of record:  American capitalism gone with a whimper.  H/T Matt Drudge.
When I lived in the Far East, we could pick-up Russia's propaganda radio program, The Washington Merry-Go-Round.  Very interesting.
I would challenge you to print this article from a Russian blogger's site that was printed in Pravda and try to read the article/post without putting a label to it as to who wrote it.  
One quotation is this:
It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.
Then the writer goes on:
First, the population was dumbed down through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture, rather than the classics.  Americans know more about their favorite TV dramas then the drama in DC that directly affects their lives.  They care more for their "right" to choke down a McDonalds burger or a BurgerKing burger than for their constitutional rights.  Then they turn around and lecture us about our rights and about our "democracy."  Pride blind the foolish.
And just one more:
The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama.  His speed in the past three months has been truly impressive.  His spending and money printing has been a record setting, not just in America's short history but in the world.  If this keeps up for more then another year, and there is no sign that it will not, America at best will resemble the Wiemar Republic and at worst Zimbabwe.
Propaganda you say?  Read the article/post and see which parts are not true.
Yes, Pravda's propaganda.  When is propaganda truth and truth propaganda?  Can we even tell anymore with the insanity raining down upon us from DC?  Now if there is anyone who should recognize a Marxist when he sees one it would be some politically astute Russians, even Putin.

Andy Roddick to play Monfils in Quarter Finals?

Andy Roddick is doing great and is on track to play Gael Monfils in the Quarter Finals.  That promises to be a great match between two exceptionally fine players but for one tiny thing.
Today, during the match between Monfils and Metzer, the commentators stated as the camera panned the audience behind Monfils at one end of the court that Monfils' coach tended to coach from the side-lines.  They said it;  I didn't.
But it was clear that the coach was giving Monfils instructions or directions, not just cheering him on as other coaches are seen to do.  [Actually, other coaches tend to sit back and remain silent throughout matches.]  The commentators stated that it is against tournament rules for coaches to give instructions or directions from the side-lines to their players during matches but, if the commentators are correct in this case, no one seemed to mind in this case or no one in authority dared say anything.
If Monfils' coach was doing that and I cannot say that he was or wasn't, then Andy will be playing two people on the court and not just Monfils.  
Monfils is a great player with heart and integrity all on his own.  He doesn't need "coaching" from the side-lines.  It is clear that Monfils is a man of integrity and would never break the rules because he shows great respect for his opponents and for the game.
I like Monfils especially well for the fine player that he is and for the sportsmanship that he demonstrates on the court.  Monfils has "got game."  But if Andy Roddick has to play two people on the court in his singles match against Monfils, then Andy will just have to beat them both.
Let's hope the commentators just misread the situation, eh?  You watch the re-run and see what you think.  It was interesting that the commentators saw fit to mention it.  Hmm.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, and Madrid Clay Tournaments

I've been watching the French Open at Roland Garros and the TV coverage has been sparse - repetitive yes but short on games shown.  Today, May 29th, there were 18 mens and womens singles matches, not including the doubles matches.  The matches begin at 5:00AM on the East Coast of the US on the Tennis Channel and lasted until 12 noon.  Then the coverage moved over to ESPN2 for the afternoon.  Later the coverage switched back to the Tennis Channel at 6:30PM for the French Open Tonight.
What's disappointing?  With the exception of player interviews - which are nice but they are there to play and we're here to watch great tennis - on ESPN2, of the 18 singles matches played from 5AM until 12 noon only 4 were shown and then simply re-run in whole or in part for hours.  If we are lucky, we get snippets of other matches.  I mean very lucky.
Today, we watched Rafa Nadal and Lleyton Hewitt, the upset of Venus Williams in her loss to Agnes Szayay (good match, Agnes; Venus just didn't have her tennis hat on), and Dinara Safina playing Anastasia Paytyuchenkova.  That's three matches - that's right THREE matches - over and over again.  I missed the first match of the morning so maybe they showed 4.
What we did not see today on the Tennis Channel (which most of us have to pay to have access to through our cable providers) or on ESPN2 were:  Fernando Gonzalez vs Josselin Quanna who knocked Marat Safin out of the tournament;  Djokovic vs Stakhoysky;  Hanescu vs Gilles Simon;  Andy Murray vs Tipsarevic;  Fernando Verdasco vs Almagro (just snippets - as I recall although I did go to sleep for about 30 minutes);  Soderling vs David Ferrer;  Stepanek vs Cillic;  and Davydenko vs Wawrinka.  We were treated to very few 'highlights.'  Pathetic.
We could have seen these if we paid for the live streaming at Tennis or if we had Direct TV.  What is so disappointing is that the Tennis Channel that we - the little people - have already paid for access to just shows re-runs and views of a few nice bridges.  Maybe the players have something in their contracts that keeps their matches from being shown.  I don't know.
The Gonzalez/Quanna match might have been fun at 7-5, 6-3, and 7-5.  The Soderling/Ferrer match was 6-7, 7-5, 6-2, 7-6.  The Verdasco/Almagro match was 6-2,7-6, 7-6.  Could have been some good tennis in those three matches.  In some cases, those were tight scores.
Just mentioning some of the men to play tomorrow - May 30th - Tsonga, Federer, Andy Roddick, Monfils, Tommy Haas, Djokovic, Del Potro, and Robredo with their respective opponents.  How many of those matches are we likely to see over and over again?  One if we're lucky.
For the women players that I know of, playing tomorrow are:  Kuznetsova, Serena Williams, and Jankovic.  All excellent players so let's see which match is aired. 
The producers of the tournament are using TV time all day and all night long in re-runs.  One would think they could run more than three or four matches over and over and over again.  That decision keeps viewers from enjoying great tennis from a variety of good sportsmen and sportswomen working their way to the quarter and semi finals.  And it seems disrespectful to the players.
In terms of TV coverage, Monte Carlo coverage was very good.  And then there was Madrid.  Hats off to the Spaniards for GREAT coverage so that we - the little people - could enjoy the tournament and appreciate the hard work of the players as they battled where some finally reached the destination of quarter finals, the semi-finals, and ultimately the finals and the awards for their hard work.  
What was so good about Monte Carlo and Madrid was that we - the spectators - had the chance to watch many players go through the challenges and win or drop to the side.  But we were able to watch the players slam their way through the gauntlet that draws on their skill and those hours of practice and training.  Plus, we had the chance to see the "up and comers" who may well be challenging the top players of today. 
The red clay at Roland Garros is extraordinary;  the TV coverage of Roland Garros is disappointing - to me, it does not demonstrate very much respect for the many players.  And it wastes hours of TV coverage time in endless re-runs.  So catch a few matches in the morning or record it but otherwise, pass.  I'm interested to see if the TV coverage is any better on the weekend, covering more matches or if they stay with - what is to me - their tiresome pattern.
I don't know who the folks are who are making the decisions to show so few matches but they should be replaced with folks who can really get these matches out to the public.  Someone is paying for TV time anyway, let's see some tennis.  Let's see if they show more matches tomorrow during the weekend.
I have been able to see a few good matches with Monfils, Monaco, one of Verdasco's matches, three of Nadal's, one of Federer's, Quanna - an up and comer - take on Safin and keep his cool, Roddick, and several of the women's matches.
If you want to be able to watch players advance through a tournament, then Monte Carlo and especially the Madrid Open do the job. 
Good playing to the stars at Roland Garros!  To me, if you qualified and got to walk onto the court at Roland Garros, you are a champion and a star.  Thank you for your 'heart.'

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roland Garros TV Coverage?

If you happen to get up at 5:00AM with the expectation of watching men's matches, think again. From my perspective, the men's matches thus far have been poorly represented.  Of course, that could change today.
Except for seeing the men's names on the schedules, you'd have to wonder where Andy Murray, Del Potro, Vesdasco (sp) and the other men were.  We did see part of the Nadal match.  Yesterday, we did see some of the men's matches, or parts of them, later on ESPN2, but the highlight of yesterday's men's matches that we were shown surprisingly was the match between Marat Safin and a young French player, Quanna.
If Quanna does not have sponsors yet, he certainly should have them and good coaches too.  He was calm, cool, and collected up against Safin.  Quanna took the first two sets with 7, 7, and the fifth with 10-8.  Up against the former number one in the world, Quanna took the first two sets at 7 each.  I did not watch the last set and am sorry that I didn't because after a loss of the next two sets, Quanna came back to win the last set 10-8 to take the MATCH.
Get that young man, J. Quanna, some good sponsors, quick!
To watch the men's matches, you have to tune in around two in the afternoon or later to get to see parts of them.  I hope the coverage of the men's matches gets better but so far, this French Tennis Open seems to be all about the women's matches.
So far, for those of us who like to follow the men and how they reach the quarter finals, just read the final scores and see how your favorites did.  I don't have Direct TV which is my fault so I'm missing out on much of the tournament so far.  The women are good but watching the same women over and over as they move through the matches is only a portion of what is going on at Roland Garros.  I only regret that I am missing the other half.
Up-date:  The TV coverage was much better on Saturday and Sunday.  For folks who missed it, during the French Open Tonight, they actually re-ran the Nadal-Soderling match which proved to be THE upset of the tournament so far.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brits protest hate-preachers of Islam

Just when I was beginning to think that England was about ready to capitulate and bend its neck before the sword of Islamists with Queen and Prince Charles bending to the ground on their weak and ineffectual knees, Jewish Odysseus brings us this:  Videos of Anti-Jihad Protest in Luton - Is this the UK's new "Shot at the Concord Bridge?".
One of the signs of most of the clean-cut, open-faced protesters read "Stop hate preachers!"  That sign pertained to the imams in London and other places who have preached hatred for England and have promised that Islam will dominate and control England soon.  Unless the Bobbies and the native-Brits get together, the imams will be right.
I have written before that England needs her Good Queen Bess, Queen Elizabeth I, because a more ineffectual bit of 'royalty' could not be found as is found in England today letting her people who fought in WWII, who sustained the bombings of Hitler, who set the example for law which has led the way for variations of common law throughout the Western World.  That England is no more as the Parliament bends its knees and the leaders put their heads on satin pillows the more easily to be beheaded figuratively speaking but castrated none the less.
Britain's leaders have gone mad in their desire to accommodate the radical Islamists who will be their downfall and who will take over Britain.  Think it won't happen?  If you wanted to visit Britain, that time may have passed you by.  It is my understanding that there are towns now that one need not even enter if one is an infidel.  Can you imagine that in England?  
Is Denmark even in better shape?  The Danes are fighting for their culture.  
And the United States of America - we'll see the accommodations that will be made to Islamists as we move to a Supreme Court with the confirmation of our first judge who believes that judges "make" laws and one who has "empathy", code for anti-white bias.
Yes, we'll have to see...but England.  The land of the Magna Carta and here, The Great Charter of Freedoms;  the land of William Wallace of Scotland;  the land of Winston Churchill - that land is long in the past.  Can England be 'saved' for the West;  will England remain America's friend?  Not when it becomes the Islamic Republic of England.  Is that in the offing?  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama's Supreme Court pick!

Whoo hoo!  Obama has chosen a female racist for his first pick for the Supreme Court who states that law is made by the court.  Yes, anyone need a bit of a refresher course of the role of the Supreme Court in accordance with the U.S. Constitution?  
Ah, it is so refreshing, like the Islamists who tell us they are going to kill us, the far-left liberals who are filled with empathy have no problem telling us they are racists and sexists too.  Goody - no equality before the law - just look to the international courts and let American laws be judged by international law in violation of their oath of office.  But it has been a very long time that an oath of office has stood in the way of a legislature or member of the executive doing his or her job.  Obama makes pick on gender and race and selects a self-proclaimed racist and sexist.
Yes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, we've come a long way from your ideal.  Now racism and sexism is heralded as long as it is practiced by the right racists and sexists.
Of course, Miguel Estrada didn't have much of a chance getting on the court President Bush nominated him for because he was up against those non-racist "looting lizard" Dems in the Senate.  Mr. Estrada happens to be "Hispanic", a self-made man, but he was backed by the "wrong" side, a conservative, and Mr. Estrada just might have followed the U.S. Constitution.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oriana Fallaci: I spit on them!

Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America.  For some reason I have been thinking of Oriana Fallaci over the past several days or so.  I have been thinking of her and how "American" she was in her love for this nation and for our freedoms;  for the ideals for which we stand.
Unlike many of the men and women who are elected to positions of power in our Halls of Congress and in the White House, Oriana Fallaci has 'balls.'  Brass ones.
Also, unlike many of our elected folks at the federal level, Oriana Fallaci knew the enemy.  She would have laughed in the face of appointed defender of the homeland, Janet Napolitano with her inane "man-made disaster" euphemism for Islamic terrorist attacks - the insanity of 'political correctness' on full display.  
And that is to make Al Qaeda operatives quake in their dirty nightshirts?  Good grief!  And Gitmo is probably a recruitment tool.  "Get yourself captured and stuck in Gitmo.  You get good meals, clean clothes, all the Korans you can use - reading is optional; and then you might get to the US into an American prison where YOU can be a recruiter for Al Qaeda right there in the USA.  How cool is that?  And you'll get to learn English too!  Whoo hoo!  And then the fools will let you go since NO ONE else in the world will have you.  Those American leaders have 'stupid' across their foreheads.  So get caught and get into Gitmo!"
And barring that, Al Qaeda will let the imams recruit terrorist operatives from easily manipulated prisoners who just want to belong to a team and treason is no big deal to them 'cause everyone knows they're not guilty...
We have got to be seen as the biggest fools in the world by other nations.  At least Netanyahu has our number...just a little rant for the "blame America firsters" detractors.
To all of the men and women in our services, clandestine services, and more, such as Oriana Fallaci who stood up to the face of evil;  who stood and spit in the face of evil - on this our Memorial Day, thank you for being brave and for setting the example and for never forgetting the face of the enemy.  And through your writing, never letting us forget them, so that perhaps, in your memory, we still have brave men and women who say, "I spit on them."
For those of you too humbled to stand and that is easy after reading her words, Oriana Fallaci wrote those words when writing about the bombing by Islamic terrorists of the World Trade Towers in New York City which occurred close to where she lived when up to the last two weeks or so of her life, she was allowed to fly back to Florence, Itay to a private clinic where she passed away after a fight against cancer to be buried in her beloved Florence.
She was offered American citizenship after she became a fugitive in her native Italy for speaking the truth.  She graciously turned down the offer because she said while she loved America, her heart belonged to Italy.  
But she knew America well.  Read her work.  Her words will make you cry and make your proud of your nation that a woman who loved freedom so much and had fought side by side with her father in the Italian resistance during WWII could capture the spirit of our nation so well.
God bless her...and God bless those of you in Florence who can visit her and pay honor to her memory. 

Netanyahu: The man for Israel's time!

The nukes are heating up in North Korea and in Iran.  And Netanyahu of Israel has only one thing to do:  DEFEND Israel and defy the strangle hold of the United States that would lead to the deaths of thousands of Israelis and Arabs living in Israel.  From a Reuters News Alert (H/T Matt Drudge), we have:  Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze.
No one is listening to our so-called (by some) "young boy" president these days.  Perhaps they should but the fact is they are not.  Everything seems to be running amok and well it should.  North Korea smells weakness.  Al Qaeda knows weakness when they see it.  Palestinians are screaming but then they always do.  Their former 'lord and master' Arafat refused to allow the Israelis to bring running water to 'his' people.  
The Taliban smells blood in the water with Masharif gone from power in Pakistan so they know there is weakness there and Pakistan may be theirs for the taking.
One woman's opinion but Netanyahu has no friend in the White House and he would be foolish to think that he did.  In the best sense, to me, Netanyahu is the Winston Churchill of his time in Israel.  He has been in political leadership twice, as I recall - could be wrong - but I'm for the IDF and for the people of Israel - the Israelis and the peaceful Arabs who stand to come under fire from Iran.  
Of course, Mad Jad is supposedly up against a rival in the coming elections who may well beat him.  The general who is opposing him is billed as being more militant toward Israel so the Israelis must act to protect themselves.
The United States administrations over the past 20 years have proved that they will not defend the United States people from invasion of our homeland from people coming in across our Southern border from at least 26 or more different nations.  So, Netanyahu should give our suggestions no credibility at all.  He must only look at us and think, "You don't defend your own people;  don't tell Israel what to do when we face the threat of armed missile attacks, maybe even nuclear.  You hypocrites!" 
Drudge is filled with links so click over there and have a look if you can stand it.
Have a blessed Memorial Day as we in the United States honor our men and women who have given the highest sacrifice for our freedoms and safety - those very freedoms that some within our own nation would strip from us.
God bless the families of those who have given their lives for us.  Thank you.  We honor and respect your loss.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roland Garros - The French Open begins May 24

Here is the official site for the Roland-Garros French Open which begins May 24 through June 7 if I have the dates right.
Aside from being really thrilled that Federer won the Madrid Open and should have his confidence "back in order" working better than a Swiss time piece with bringing "his" game to his challengers - I'm ready for a great week of pro-tennis.
Of course, I'll be watching Federer and Nadal, but I think it's time to watch Fernando Verdasco, Juan Martin del Potro (what a hotty).  I've always liked Nikolay Davydenko.  One thing I have been doing is trying to watch the early matches so that I can see who played whom to get into the quarter-finals.
A couple other players that I like to watch are Wawrinka - wow, can he put the pressure on when he wants to do it.  Of course, Andy Roddick is always tough to beat and Murray may be out for first blood in Paris.  But I also like Gael Monfils, Gilles Simon, and James Blake.  I like Foginni too but he doesn't always get control of his responses;  he gives too much away.
The Spaniards have depth no doubt about it;  the French have their drivers;  but Argentine - not that's a place to watch.
I have not left out Novak or Andy (Murray) but it seems they are getting somewhat predictable.  I know you use your strengths but like Nadal who is a natural right-handed man, he learned to play with his left hand as the dominate hand thus you are forced to strengthen your "weaknesses."
But Novak has a tell and everyone knows it.  He bounces the ball too much at the line when he is serving.  Anyone remember the days when he'd bounce it 30 times?  What that said was here's someone who is unsure and nervous.  He's starting to do it again.
Watching the pro-tours is not unlike watching the cowboys in the rodeo circuits.  Within a group of players, I don't know if it is the top 50 or top 30, but it seems that any or nearly any player can win against any other player.  
The difference seems to be the winner is the one who adapts his game to fastest, takes his game to the court and plays the game he wants to play, works the net WELL/GOOD, and modifies his game, changes the pace and changes up the game when he needs to like the quickest spin of a dime.
Roland-Garros will be great.  Good playing to all the contestants - slippin' and slidin' on that clay.   It's the closest we as fans get to seeing them having fun;  the kind of fun they had when they were little boys just like sliding in to third base...

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama's attack on earning wealth

Seems like Obama is busy attacking our ability to create personal wealth.  From Watch Dog, here's a great cartoon:  The Wealth Terminator.  Also captioned, Terrorist-in-Chief.
If we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at.  We had kazillions of great cartoons during the Clinton and Bush II years.  Lighten-up.  Everyone will get to sacrifice as First Lady Michelle says we will have to do.  But 'we' means you and me...  not the fat cats in D.C.

Bibles burned by U.S. Military; next Islamic terrorist attack

Can you believe this one:  Our military that protects the Koran as if it is a book of magical powers and such is burning Holy Bibles in Afghanistan?  href="">Afghanistan: U.S. Military burns Bibles for fear they'd be used to convert Muslims.  That Holy Bible must be a mighty powerful little book, eh?
H/T to Shoulung at href="">Shari'a means death to the West.  This particular link provides verses from the Koran which are difficult to reconcile; but verses that we see are followed to the letter by some.
We have so little regard for the Holy Bible that our armed forces in Afghanistan are burning Holy Bibles sent to Afghanistan by a church.  Where is the respect?  Would it not have been better to return the Holy Bibles if they are deemed so offensive by our military commanders?
We are promised an Islamic terrorist attack on American soil before the first six months of Obama's administration are complete.  Well, the Islamists must be laughing their heads off at us burning the Holy Bible.
But what I fear far more than an Islamist terrorist attack on American soil is the attitude of Rahn Emmanuel; I believe it was Rahm Emmanuel who said "never let a crisis go to waste" to advance your agenda.
I fear that an Islamic terrorist attack will be the Obama Administration's excuse to impose martial law across the nation to enslave us more even as they contemplate moving Gitmo terrorists into American cities.
Seems if you are an Islamic terrorist and you want to infiltrate the US, one of the easiest ways is to get into Gitmo, get good meals, clean clothes, showers, have a chance to learn English, and then get into an American city or American prison where you can recruit American prisoners to do the dirty work for you once they get out.
But the U.S. Military burning the Holy Bible?  That one's hard to believe.  The Bible.  Mega-shame on them.  Fortunately, the Judeo-Christian God is far greater than any military.  I wonder if American chaplains are allowed to have the Holy Bible when serving in Afghanistan or Iraq?
When the next Islamic terrorist attack strikes US soil, martial law will not be far behind.

Fight for America in 2010

Here is one post from Mustang at Social Sense that goes a long way to showing why conservatives of whatever "political" party they think they belong to have to fight for America and for our way of life in the House Elections of 2010.  Of course, 1/3 of the Senators will also be up for re-election.  That includes Arlen Specter whom Democrats may consider voting against.
From Mustang, Day and Night.  This is about freedom and essentially the differences between Ronald Reagan and Oh-bam-bam-bam, bam bam Iran!
Wonder how those talks are going with Bebe from Israel?

California bailout by you and me: Nyet, Nada, NO!

Ballot defeat leaves California in budget hole hell.  I modified the title a bit.
Several viable options are open to California that used to be our Sunshine State.  Remember the days of "California Dreaming" when California was the land of open opportunities and the place to go to visit or to live.  Not any more.
A friend tells me that 2,000 people are leaving California a day or a week.  Anyone who can get out is getting out.  And why not?  California has options.
1)  California could sue the nation of Mexico for the money it has spent on illegal aliens from health care - unlimited; better than the care of citizens who are footing the bills - to education, to jobs Americans should have.  Or, as the late Jo Ann Davis, Congresswoman Davis, from Virginia proposed, the federal government should withhold money from what we give to Mexico to compensate for what our states pay in goods and services to illegal aliens from Mexico.  It was a good idea when Representative Davis came out with it and it's a good plan now.
That brings me to another associated topic.  I called SunTrust to check on my mortgage the other day and guess who responded to me call.  An American someplace in the USA?  Of course not.  A fine young man at a SunTrust Call Center in Mexico.  Yep, all my financial records are available on computers in Mexico.  Thank you, SunTrust.
2)  California could enforce immigration laws as they pertain to illegal immigrants from wherever - Mexico only accounts for 50% or so of our illegal aliens - and deport these people and their children, even if the children are born here.  When the children reach their majority, then they can decide if they want to claim US Citizenship and denounce the citizenship of their parents country but no dual citizenship for them.  
3)  California could stop driving business and industry out of the state through insane regulations.  Regulations are just ducky and make legislators feel so warm and fuzzy but regulations without anyone to regulate are rather passe.
4)  California could get a grip on itself in Sacramento and start introducing sanity back into the Golden State which is turning out to be the "Plugged Nickel" State.  
5) And last but not least, California could sell part of itself back to Mexico.  Of course, the rest of the nation would have something to say about that no doubt but California is broke and the elected legislators did it to the people so don't go blaming the people.
But not one thin dime of American taxpayer money should go to "bailout" the several states who are foundering with far-left liberal policies all over their bibs and overalls, dragging them down.  I heard Massachusetts wants a "bailout" too.  What, the Kennedy's can't bail out MA?
Time for California to pay the piper of failed liberalism and leave the rest of us alone.


Obama cars will kill more Americans on highways

If it isn't that we don't have enough fatalities on our highways just from the 12,000 Americans killed every year by drunk-driving illegal aliens from Mexico - fine by Geraldo Rivera because as he says, "It's a cultural thing" - now we may soon have new standards set for American cars and trucks.   And I predict that these new standards will result in:
  • more vehicular deaths of Americans on our highways;
  • cars Americans do NOT want to drive;
  • higher costs for moving cargo along our highways in mini-trucks; 
  • more SOCIALISM (federal government control over your life); and
  • the final DEATH of the American home-based automobile industry.
  • PLUS:  higher taxes on gas because we will hypothetically be using less gas.
 One of my cars is a 1998 Honda Accord, top of the line in 1998.  On the open highway, that baby gets 42 miles to the gallon and uses regular gas.  Why in Heaven's name would I want to buy 1/2 of a car? 
From Tom Krisher, we have this article:  Obama's rules will transform US auto fleet.  In it Krisher states:  "That means cars and trucks on American roads will have to become smaller, lighter and more efficient."  
What Krisher neglects to mention - because he probably wants to keep his job - is that the cars will be less safe - by a long shot.  From USA Today, we have this to back me up on the safety concern.
Americans will be forced to drive scooters and little mini-cooper-like roller-skate cars that might be fine for New York or Paris but death traps on our interstate highway system/network.
If the federal government will leave our private sector alone, they'll make the cars we want and they'll make money too.  
It is becoming more clear that the goal of this administration, following fast on the heels of the previous three administrations - and who can forget the boost Jimmy Carter gave us with inflation and long gas lines at the pump - is now slipping the noose around American ingenuity.  Our death throes may be grueling but Socialist and Marxist dictators have never worried about that in their countries.
Oh, for car restorers, wait until Cuba is opened up again.  You'll be able to get all the 56 Chevys you want;  you just won't be able to have them in America.
Can State legislatures do what they are doing with gun laws when it comes to cars?  Refuse to enforce federal laws on cars made in their state?  
If we can have "sanctuary cities" such as Virginia Beach and San Francisco where federal immigration laws are not enforced, why can't we have States Rights where States and their citizens have sovereignty?  To say the federal government may be over-reaching a tad is an understatement.  And no, they have no right to force mandated requirements on the States and then leaving the States holding the financial bag.  Shame on them.   
Has our Federal Government leviathan become the King George III of our times?
Dust off your copy of the U.S. Constitution and see exactly what the limited powers of the Federal Government are.  High on the list is to protect us from foreign invasion.  How're they doing on that one?  Ask insane California that is bankrupt specifically because of the entire range of benefits it gives to illegal aliens.  And we are supposed to bail out California?  I say, send the bill to Mexico's Calderon.  He looks like a nice fellow.
Cars are just one issue;  another is SOCIALIZED medicine where health care will be 'rationed.'  Do you want to see a loved one die a slow death because he or she is deemed out of the 'acceptable' range for certain medical procedures?  Check on Denmark.  
The word for "managed health care" is euthanasia.  
Do you want a low-level bureaucrat following a check-list and deciding what medical procedures you will be allowed to receive?
First they came for our cars....  you know the rest.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Federer: Roger's got game!

Roger Federer won the Madrid Open in the final match with Rafa:  6-4, 6-4.  Whoo hoo!
And Roger won his 15th ATP tournament.  That puts him even with Rafa and two behind Agassi.  Now it is on to The French Open - Roland Garros.  Roland Garros was a French fighter pilot during WWI, I believe.  But during the French Open, the men and women will - by and large - be keeping their feet on or near the ground.
A few years ago, commentators were remarking on "how does one beat Roger Federer?"  I wrote a post and observed that Federer just came to the match and played the game that his opponent brought.  That worked well for a while and then along came Rafa, Novak, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, Verasco, Juan Martin Del Potro, and others who are hungry, nipping and snapping away at the heels and swings of their opponents.
It is my observation that Federer - a grand master on the court - has found himself until recently playing the same game over and over again and expecting to achieve the same results.  His game had become predictable UNTIL the MADRID OPEN.  And the world changed:
Federer started playing his own game; becoming more aggressive;  charging or coming to the net -  Thank God! - and changing up his game so that he is no longer predictable.
He has thrown his opponents off and I predict that Roger Federer is the most capable player when it comes to changing his game;  getting scrappy, even with a touch of class.
One can be classy and all the top 10 to 15 tennis pros are but class without smart, scrappy, ruthless courage will not win matches;  not matches against the top 10 to 15 seeds theses days.  
Go, Roger, go!  Take Roland Garros with that magnificent change of pace, that charging the net, that risk taking.  If a point is to be won or lost, I say fight for the point - get scrappy.
Whoo hoo!  Whoo hoo!  Good going, Federer.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Federer and your 'Nadal' problem

Mr. Federer, you'll never see this post but I want to write it anyway.  You know your fans, of which I am one, love to watch you 'play' tennis.  And we love to see you win with style, brains, and guts.  Charge the darn net! 
I watched you in an interview today that was aired during the Madrid Open.  You said that you didn't have a confidence problem; you had a 'Nadal' problem.  
Most tellingly, you also mentioned that you don't know whether being Number 1 had been too easy for you and you can't determine whether or not Nadal being Number 1 for a year or so now has made your game better or worse.  
Why are your wasting one second thinking about that?  That is a distraction - yes?  The game's the thing.
Let's address the 'Nadal' problem first, second, and third.  I am watching a replay of your match with Andy Roddick in Madrid and you have just finished your between-the-legs backward hot dog shot and you charging the net to win the point...  You even laughed and smiled.  Great stuff that.  Seeing you laugh at something really funny.
Now the 'Nadal' problem - we all love Nadal - he is the King of Clay but you, Sir, are the Royalty of the Court.  You know the stuff about we all get dressed the same, all have breakfast, do our workouts, brush our teeth, all the same....all of us.
Here's the issue and it is not a problem.  Nadal is hungry and he is charging because he feels his time is getting short - even at 22 - he doesn't have much time BUT you have the time because of the innate quality of your game and you have more experience.  Tennis is in your blood.  I'm sure you learned techniques but I can see you born with a baby-sized tennis racket as a teething ring.
Why do we love Nadal?  His game is brute strength, hard-driving, an intellectual mind-game, and he has a willingness to take risks backed up by a damn good game.  Sometimes he wins and sometimes he does not win.
You have to wipe the 'Nadal' problem out of your head.  He didn't put it there;  you did and we don't have any more room for it.  We - you and your fans - don't have the luxury of you indulging that problem.  Push the 'delete' button on that one;  you've carried that one long enough.
You have all the talent in the world.  It's inherent and you make the game seem easy.  You're like Gregory Hines or Mikhail Baryshnikov.  If you have time for old movies, I recommend 'White Nights' with both Hines and Baryshnikov - not for the story so much as for the demonstration of their talent.  They loved dance.  It shows.   Superior...  And you love tennis, a Tiger Woods on the court.   So, if you love it, defend it.
Here's what I'd like to see:  for tomorrow with Novak (he'll be hungry too), change up your game (it can sometimes be too predictable;  forgive me but it can be);  come in to the net more, rush the net; and change the pace of your game.  With Nadal, take control of the game.  In other words, PLEASE:
Get brutal, scrappy, and defend your COURT!  Defend your home - the COURT - with all of the talent and intellect you possess.  We want to see YOU win.
Take Madrid and then do Roland Garros proud.  He was a WWI pilot;  he had to "kick ass" in the air in those bi-planes with an open cockpit.  Good grief!  All you have to do is "kick ass" on the clay, the hard court, or grass - all on the ground.  No open cockpit planes to bother with. 
Nadal is a masterful player but he's a matches against other men...
Forgive me but one more tiny thing.  Nadal doesn't have to have a 'Federer' problem because you are carrying it all by yourself.  You have let him into your head and your game.  Cancel him/erase it from your mind.  He didn't do it.  I'll bet the only thing is his head is winning the next point.
I say take your game to Nadal and never let up!  Change up, go to the net, change the pace, and take out the predictability.  If anyone can do that, you, Roger Federer can.
All you have to do is "kick ass" on the clay. 
PS - Would you please ask Mirka to show us her ring from time to time?  Just hold her hand up a bit.  The ring looks remarkable, fit for royalty, but I wanna see it.  Aren't we fans bossy?
I can't play tennis anymore but I can observe.  And watching you 'play' tennis is something.  Go get'em, Roger.  It's yours to win.  With your ability, I don't think it is a matter of age;  I think it is a matter of attitude.
You have all it takes to get the job done.

Individual Creativity crushed under Socialism

Individual creativity and freedoms and liberties are crushed under Socialism.  The role of Socialism is to crush individual creativity and liberty in favor of the "mentality of the group."
One need only to review the works of community organizer, Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, and the Black Liberation Theology of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr - both mentors in the ideology of Barack Obama.  And in looking at his mentors, one should also include his mother, Ann Dunham, also here, an avowed Marxist who hated or at the very least held her nation in low regard.
Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Ann fled from home, fled from Kansas, and having been abandoned by Barack's father - their marriage cannot be proved - took her son to the far-reaches of Indonesia, a stronghold of Islamic radicalism where he was reared in what may have been more radical Islamic fundamentalism.  
With the government take-over of our industries without a shot being fired, we are not being marched into Marxism, Socialism, Progressivism or the like;  we are being catapulted into these chains of slavery - lock, stock, and barrel - with our arms held out to accept the chains.  Our children will be crushed by the burden of debt.  
As an aside, if you consider yourself one of the "victimized" entitled to rape those who have produced the money that provides for your maintenance, but yet want a better life for your children, remember that YOU are also denying your children and grandchildren of the chance for advancing to reach the American Dream.  The wealthy, the middle-class, will find a way for their children to succeed even if they have to sacrifice all they have earned.
And if it could be worse, it is because Obama called for a Civilian National Security Force - essentially a "standing army" that was/is to be more powerful than even our military and is to be used to CONTROL private citizens.  The TSA under the Homeland Security boys and girls is a good start in its own way desensitizing Americans to having their belongings and their persons searched (without warrant and without personal "probable cause").
America is in danger.  We voted in this Administration and the Democrat House and Senate with no limitation against their mischief, they are doing and can continue to do harm; we - as a people - need to consider voting others into office in the House and Senate in 2010.  Not based upon political party as much as based upon the need for checks and balances and more basically for our survival as a representative republic.
I am not calling for insurrection or for violence.  I am calling for Americans to become involved in the political process.  Learn the names and ideological positions of your Senators and your Representative.  Can you name them?  Do you know how long their terms of office are?  
Learn about the ideologies of Black Liberation Theology for mediocrity - something Mr. and Mrs. Obama will not tolerate for their daughters.  Mr. Obama's speech to the graduates of Arizona State University comes straight from the teachings and pulpit poundings of Jeremiah Wright, Jr.
And then read our constitution and learn that in the Bill of Rights, voting is not a "right."  To me, voting is a privilege and requires an educated citizenry.  Because many are being failed by our 'government public schools', it is incumbent upon us to educate ourselves.
One book I can recommend is the book put out by the Heritage Foundation, The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, addressing the U.S. Constitution and the reasoning behind our great document.
If we continue upon the path Mr. Obama has set for us, you as a creative individual will no longer exist - you will become a shadow of the greatness you could achieve; you will be ground under and have the life sucked out of you under the boot of Socialism - it goes by many names.
As a friend who worked for a major corporation that micromanaged its people and took the innovation out of them suggested, "We will become a society of "appearance-based" work and productivity.  That is what happened in Russia under the Soviets.
Capitalism and the strength of the individual forged our great nation.  Socialism and the "weight of the collective" will destroy us - the chains are being hammered out now.
Cross-posted at Eternity Road under the title:  Your Individual Creativity crushed under Socialism.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Karl Rove: Some in Congress surrounded by pre-fabs!

Karl Rove has a great article in the Wall Street Journal.  The link is here:  Congress and Waterboarding:  "Nancy Pelosi was an accomplice to 'torture.'"
"Oh, how sweet it is." I believe Jackie Gleason said that.  If not, he should have.
San Fran Nan, that little minx who sat behind President George W. Bush and smirked for two years, may be left twisting in the wind.  Oh, the twisted worm of politics turns, and then it comes for the next politician that someone in higher places wants to put in her place.  
I wonder who has had enough of Nancy's Iron Fisted-grip upon the House of Representatives.   She needs to remember that she may be the most powerful and wealthiest woman in D.C. or the halls of Congress, aside from First Lady Michelle Obama in D.C. that is, but Nancy is not part of the 'boys' club.'  And she is no Lady Margaret Thatcher.  Thank goodness...
We'll have to see if they throw Nancy a life rope or if they let her swim all alone as the power sharks circle.  I say 'they'll' protect her if they need her any longer; if not, it could be a short swim to becoming a Congressman all alone...  We'll see how much dirt she has on other Congressmen.  If she stays at the top, we'll know its a lot.

Social Security and Medicare going bust

We get the news that Social Security and Medicare are going bust. Well, duh! No surprise there. It has always been a Ponzi Scheme. Shame on the thieves in the legislature - either side of the aisle. I wonder if the 53,000,000 babies who have been killed in America since 1973 who would now be in the work force and also perhaps parents could have helped keep money going in to pay promised benefits? We'll never know but killing 53,000,000 Americans before birth certainly has cut costs. Not to worry, rationed "health" care will kill a lot more Americans so costs will be kept down. People in Canada - some anyway - never receive care. What has made Americans so willing to give in to tyranny? I'll never know except it is not exactly giving in to "tyranny"; it seems to be more on the order of voting to steal money from producers. Regardless, the result of 'tyranny' will be the same unless we stand up for America and the principles upon which we were founded: individual liberties, individual freedoms, and individual accountability.

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CIA defends self

Finally, the CIA defends itself from the mind-numbed elected hypocrites in the US Congress - House and Senate. Good and keep going. It's about time someone stops the likes of San Fran Nan and her lies. Of course, you are working under the orders of President Obama. That should tell San Fran Nan that she is not especially his favorite person as Speaker. This smells like a tasty little power struggle with CIA caught in the middle. I live close to "the farm" and I'm glad you are there. Do what you need to do to keep us safe. Thank you for what you do to keep us safe. Neither you nor I can depend on the Democrats in power in the House or the Senate. There is only one Democrat in the Senate who makes sense to me and he is not a Northeast fat-cat liberal. Off-topic, but I'm glad the Senate Dems have diluted their combined IQ average by letting Arlen 'the magic bullet' Specter, who won his fame as an attorney with/for the Warren Court and defended the "one bullet" killed President J.F. Kennedy, into the Democrat side of the aisle.

Nancy Pelosi needs to go!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs to be removed from her post as Speaker of the House. She lied and no one in LA died due to the work of the CIA, FBI, and whomever else is working to protect American lives. Fortunately, the CIA can prove Nan lied about the briefings and about know about the 'enhanced interrogation" techniques. Too bad, San Fran Nan. I just wonder what all the fuss is about when our own men and women go through such 'enhanced interrogation' techniques as part of their training. Of course, only Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl, and others captured by Al Qaeda endured the worst "interrogation" technique when beheaded by cowards masked brandishing a rusty sword. We are facing enemies from the 7th Century. We need to deal with them. San Fran Nan may have a tight grip on Congressmen but she's no match for Al Qaeda and nations that support Islamic terrorists. And my detractors, next time an American is captured by Al Qaeda, why don't you volunteer to take the place of the man or woman held by those prehistoric thugs? Maybe you could talk your way out of being captured with platitudes and with "blaming" America. Some weak-kneed sisters are so sanctimonious when their lives are not in danger as far as they know. Joke: Who is the strongest conservative supporter of our 2nd Amendment? The far-left, whiny liberal who got mugged the night before. And some of the loony-tunes parading around through politics in Hollywood and NYC ride around in limos and travel with armed personnel. Hypocrites... Yes, send San Fran Nan out of the Speaker's seat. Let her weep with Mad Jad of Iran or with the president of Syria.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ClarionFund: The Third Jihad

Just received this from American Islamic Forum for Democracy:  Clarion Fund announced that it will be releasing a new film called The Third Jihad.  All of the following information is contained in the press release.
From their web site:
CLARION FUND, a U.S. based non-profit organization working to alert Americans about the threat of Radical Islam.  Clarion Fund promotes informal education, grassroots activism, and produces feature-length documentaries to present the dangers and intentions of a growing Radical Islamic movement.
For immediate release:





May 10, 2009

Clarion Fund


(New York, NY May 10, 2009) The Clarion Fund announced today that it will premiere its newest documentary film, The Third Jihad, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, May 13, 2009.  In addition to the screening, several American Muslim groups have been invited to participate in a roundtable discussion where the films narrator, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser a devout Muslim and chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) and its producers will speak out about the threat of radical Islam in America. 

Clarions first documentary film, the award-winning Obsession: Radical Islams War Against the West, communicates the global threat posed by the radical elements of Islam.  The Third Jihad shifts the focus to the growth of radical Islam on American soil via Cultural Jihad, the use of the democratic system to transform the American way of life from within to a society governed by Sharia Law (Islamic religious law). 

Clarion Fund recognizes the propagation of radical Islam and the promulgation of Sharia Law within our borders as a clear and present crisis affecting the Muslim American community and the American public at large, said Peter Connors, Executive Director of Clarion.  Our educational tools and media properties will serve as a platform for the American public including Muslims to embrace Western liberties and speak out in a meaningful way to silence radical elements in our midst.  

Among these tools is, the foundation of Clarions grassroots movement.  The user-friendly website was developed to spread awareness about the threat of radical Islam in America as well as to provide practical response tools.  For the launch of the film, the site has been redesigned to include up-to-the-minute updates from major news sources as well as social media-driven networking capabilities. 

We are focused on educating the American public about this eminent threat to their rights and freedoms, with the goal of bringing Creeping Sharia to a screeching halt, explained Raphael Shore, producer of both The Third Jihad and Obsession and the founder of Clarion.  We want to expose the true intent of radical Islam in order to secure the future of the American public at large, including its Muslim community. 

Among those organizations invited to participate in the roundtable discussion is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  However, CAIR has declined the invitation, a surprising turn of events considering the groups usual insistence that a representative of their mainstream Muslim staff be present at such events to offer a balanced perspective. In fact, since the beginning of 2009, CAIR has requested such representation in at least three U.S. events focused on radical Islam. 

We invited CAIR and they said they wanted nothing to do with this film, said Connors.  CAIRs response is unfortunate, as The Clarion Fund believes that the only way to address this issue is to discuss it openly and honestly with those who agree with us and those who disagree.  Then, based on that education, the American public can decide for itself. 

The Third Jihad, which is narrated by devout Muslim American Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, centers on the FBI discovery of a Grand Jihad Manifesto calling for the destruction of the U.S. and the establishment of a radical Islamist theocracy in its place.  The film features interviews with experts on radical Islam and American security specialists, including leading expert professor Bernard Lewis, as well as a first-hand account from a former terrorist.  All those interviewed agree that the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in America is a societal reality that cannot be ignored. 

Though a shortened version of The Third Jihad has spread virally on the Internet since the beginning of the year, the Washington, D.C. screening will serve as the official launch of the feature-length version of the film. 


Nancy Duncan

Clarion Fund PR



Dr. Jasser: Getting Real on Shariah from Huffington Post

The following is only a link to give you more information about the realities of Shariah in the words of Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser:  Getting Real on Shariah.
The links included in the article are remarkable and not to be set aside but to be read.

America's Individual Freedoms vs Tyranny of the Collective

Americans face two basic alternatives about how they want to live: under our U.S. Constitution with its individual freedoms, responsibilities, and protections with limited government intrusion into our lives on one side or under Socialism or the "Tyranny of the Collective" which divides us into groups and forces the individual into submission to the collective. The individual becomes Ralph Ellison's, Invisible Man. The post will be long and several subtopics will be mentioned:
  • individual freedoms and responsibilities;
  • Saul Alinsky: the patron saint of "community organizers" and of "it takes a village" people;
  • the "unholy" alliance of Progressives, the Far-Left, and Islamic Theocracy;
  • the march of globalization's oppression and tyranny; and
  • the goal of our overlords to "divide and conquer" us. How're they doing?
Americans have tried their communes on small scales and do so even today but the population at large was allowed to "live and let live" as were the communes generally. Waco and Ruby Ridge excepted. Our basic individual freedoms and liberties combined with those attendant responsibilities remained intact. Yet, over the years of the 20th Century, the American Progressive movement under different names, guises, and leadership has been working for the "collective", for the incorporation of the "commune-at-large" and its leaders have been chipping away at the U.S. Constitution and our individual freedoms and responsibilities to each other for a good 100 years now. America was not created as a democracy which at its worse is mob rule; America was created as a democratic representative republic with emphasis on the freedoms and responsibilities of the individual. We have long since been shoved over the cliff from that ideal. The Russian model did not work because the serfs in Russia back in the mid-1800's essentially lived in villages which were communes. The serfs were freed and all heck broke loose. To put it simply, it seems that the Industrial Revolution did many things, one of which was to grow large population centers. From these centers grew all sorts of good and evil to be controlled or "solved" by the elite.
The ideas of Saul Alinsky and other "collectivists" or Marxists have been used successfully to divide the American public along the lines of class warfare, ethnicity, religious ideology, and any other wedge points of division that could be devised to tear us apart from our Founders' brilliant ideal. And of course, our Founders found themselves in tussles and tugs-of-ideological warfare. Ideological disagreements are not new; arguably they can be healthy. In contrast to Islamism, the goal of the Progressives was to eradicate God, the 'opiate of the masses', from the American psyche. In a stroke of brilliance, Islam applied to god as the controller of the individual setting up a political theocracy that appears to be heavily based in peer pressure applied upon the individual to suppress his or her individuality and to conform.   In a broader sense, Progressivism heralded by today's Socialist Democrats or liberals is - in premise - not far removed from the basic goals of Islamic Theocracy - to bend the individual to the collective will, to mob rule controlled by the elite. Both demand the submission of the individual - if he or she is not a Socialist Democrat - to the overlords by whatever name they take. The individual is suppressed and even ground under the control of the collective or the ummah, as it were. The eradication of the individual and the individual's spirit or soul is only used as fodder for the "collective," grist for the mill.
Make no mistake, I do not direct these comments toward any of the three major political parties to the exclusion of the other including "political Islam" as it is classified by proponents of the theocracy. One of the best descriptions I have found about the brilliance of Islam is from Citizen Warrior: The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex.  There is one more link that belongs here by Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser:  Getting Real on Shariah in which Dr. Jasser discusses Islamism - the collective - and Shariah, and our secular law. To varying degrees, we have all been duped by any number of administrations or activists within those administrations - I make no distinction between either political "party", each of which has acted from time to time with the full thrust and power of the legislative branch to replace traditional religions with new brands: Marxism, The Theology of Global Warming/Climate Change, The Theology of Environmentalism / Going Green, et al. I submit that even the idealists - who are working to destroy capitalism and individual freedoms worldwide - do not know the result of the monster they will have unleashed. They believe that they can control it but my guess is no.
My guess - they may well destroy the systems that enabled them the freedom to thrive and thus create a vacuum which the theocracy of Imperial or "political" Islam is poised to fill; the world domination of which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dreams and toward which he strives. The men and women who practice what is known as spiritual Islam and who call for the reformation of Islam - those who want to live peacefully within the American representative republic based upon the separation of church and state which meant that we would not have a "state religion" as Islam is - will simply be swept up in the cascade like pebbles tumbling in waves crashing on the shore along with the rest of us if the "collectivists" succeed.
We average citizens who at heart basically agree in the good of our people, of our nation, have been primed, starved for statesmanship-leadership, torn from the basics of our founding principles - and like the starved and baited, abused dogs of a brutal athlete - we have been left to tear each other apart - like the gladiators in the Roman Coliseum for the amusement of our overlords who "create" the crisis designed to divide us. Didn't someone recently say, "Never waste a crisis" that can be used toward advancing the goal of restricting freedoms.
From The Limbaugh Letter, April 2009, page 2, comes this quotation.
In 1995 Barack Obama told The Chicago Reader:
"In America we have this strong bias toward individual action. You know, we idolize the John Wayne hero who comes in to correct things with both guns blazing. But individual actions, individual dreams are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations."
In Limbaugh's use of the word "collective" in his article, not Obama's quotation above, Rush seems to mean that we who support individual freedoms must act together or be steam-rolled. I recommend this issue of the Limbaugh Letter and the rest of that article with quotations from the March 24, 2009 news story in The Washington Post: "U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms." We see that in action every day.
In this post, imagine that we are civil human beings sitting around our own small conference room table with our different views and before us we have print-outs of:
I'll leave the research on the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and Sharia Finance as well as Sharia Law to interested souls.
One recent post that you may find informative is The End of Collectivism by Tristan Yates at Pajamas Media (May 11, 2009). An excellent work.
The major point before us is a question that was asked of me by a reader several years ago. The question essentially was, when we sit back from the table a bit and remove ourselves emotionally from the "red meat" issues thrown to the starved tigers of the Roman Circus, how are these various listed "initiatives" such as those addressed at the G-20 meeting and at dozens of other such gatherings bringing about global collective oppression or tyranny?
Some of us would hail Mr. Obama for meeting with Hugo Chavez for example - but others may see it as simply an extension of Mr. Bush II's handshake on the North American Union and the SPP with Vicente Fox and Paul Martin of Canada. I'm asking that we all start looking at the strategy of these geo-political undertakings and moves designed to end national sovereignty and individual freedoms and individual accountability.
I'm asking that we start looking at some issues from a broader perspective: every action (national and international) that moves individual freedoms and liberties forward and every action that restricts and oppresses individual freedoms and responsibilities. Start looking at every action that restricts free enterprise and every action that puts entrepreneurs under the thumb of regulators who have never run a business. For example, do you want to trust decisions about your medical treatment to administrative assistants with check lists in triplicate?
And then - if you have looked at the world map and seen how it is being carved up with individual nations being annihilated under groups such as the European Union or Islamic Republics - take a look at the books: American Progressivism: A Reader by Ronald J. Pestritto mentioned by Glenn Beck, 1984, and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 to read about the "book people", arguably the home schoolers of our times. Of course, we cannot omit the great Animal Farm.
Many heavy-hitter American bloggers are on top of the battle for the survival of our Bill of Rights and they are well on top of scrutinizing the Obama "Play for Power" Monopoly Board Administration. I may begin to include more of what is going on in the fight for their same freedoms by our brothers and sisters in the EU with the Treaty of Lisbon and the Mediterranean Union. Don't know yet...
At my core, I believe in the goodness of the American people. I believe that more joins us than separates us. A friend living at another beach tells me that I am deluded; that Americans are weak and lazy but I say we are overwhelmed. Equally, I believe that our overlords in the Roman Circus, pointing their thumbs down to destroy our freedoms and our lives through socialized "health care" which is like the newspeak of 1984 where "health care" means "rationing of medical assistance, have been extraordinarily successful at driving us apart. These divisions are not new endeavors, certainly not originating with Mr. Obama; no, the baton has simply been passed to him from his predecessors; he is only the most recent in a long line of presidential standard bearers with the agenda of ending American sovereignty and weakening our nation, moving us into the "New World Order." As I have said in earlier posts, making America just a "rest stop" on the highway to Canada. But who are the "king-makers" and "king-controllers"? Who controls America's "kings" once they enter the White House?
The "war for the survival for individual freedoms vs universal socialism" has progressed way beyond the borders of the United States of America and way beyond the provencial ideologies of political parties and politically-based theocracies.
So, how do we keep our freedoms to be able to disagree with each other and yet keep our nation intact? And solve issues without making our producers "slaves" and our non-producers "de facto thieves" bound as tightly in their chains of "class warfare" from which they can never free themselves just as the chains that bind the producers cannot be cut? Yet what incentive is there for the producers to remain producers? How do we expand our view to see that we are but one nation under attack - from within and from without - which in some way explains why things are moving so quickly during these first days of Obama's reign?
Under the "Tyranny of the Collective", the individual passes away and only the herd remains. The individual is trampled under foot. We're better than that. Western Civilization is better than that. Warts and all - we have done more to right our wrongs but these take time and they take us working together. But as I watch the American people vote, sitting in the poling places watching and listening, I am beginning to see confirmed for me again that "freedom is hard work" and, as a collective, we may just be tired of the hard work and vigilance that freedom demands. Have we given up our freedoms - "Government is best which governs least." - for illusions of our mama government nanny nursing us?
If we just lean back from the edge of the conference room table a bit and look at the bigger picture, look at the global map, we may see that much more rests on our selections at election time if we want to keep the light shining in that "Shining City on a Hill." Or as Mark Steyn writes when addressing "freedom of speech", is it already Lights Out?
In our search for solutions and answers, we cannot be naive in the face of this: Peace and dialogue between Islam and faiths... Mr. Obama had religious symbols covered over when he spoke recently. How long before the cross must be removed from the steeples of your churches to make room for the new "theocracy"? I don't know what name 'it' will take. It is in your hands to protect our freedoms non-violently to be sure but acting with your political voice. Perhaps saving our representative republic and our individual freedoms is the "challenge" of our times. As Voltaire said, "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." It is time to return to our roots, IN GOD WE TRUST... to our roots of individual rights, freedoms, responsibilities, and accountability; and end the growth of the "collective". No room exists for the individual within the collective. Under the collective, no one is equal because the individual is gone and only the 'group' remains. Is that what Americans want? Will we settle for the 'tyranny of the collective?" Or as Tristan Yates admirably writes have we reached The End of the Collectivism?

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