Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel - Gaza actions on YouTube 2009

Whoo hoo! Israel in the PR war on terrorist now big-time as the Israel launches YouTube site, here. If there is nothing else that we should have learned over the last years since the presidency of Jimmy Carter and onward, the one thing that we should know fully is that radical Islamists - the warriors for Allah determined to kill the infidel - know and respect only ONE thing. Not talking; not nice tea served in china cups in the Oval Office; not photo-ops in the Rose Garden. All of these activities are "stalling" techniques they and their leadership use to measure our weakness and to gauge the weakness of our resolve. These folks respect only POWER and if that has to be crushing defeat such as the kind when the Romans raised the city of Jerusalem then - like it or not - that is the defeat that Israel MUST rain down upon Hamas. There will be no peace in the Middle East until either one of two things happens: the Israelis demonstrate once and for all their total and complete ability and willingness to defend themselves for the sake of their survival or the Islamic terrorists and their master puppeteers do as they have threatened and sworn to do. I stand with Israel. Israel must dominate this current "crisis" and simply say enough. "Talking" with terrorists only gives terrorists more time to regroup as well as providing them a legitimacy they don't deserve. The terrorists want SBKI - suicide by killing innocents. Bin Laden has stated that they will beat the West because they love Death. They have made it plain that they care not one wit for innocent life and consider no infidel to be innocent. Not much wiggle-room for negotiations there. Eh? As we have seen recently in India, we should take them at their word. Even when one tries, it is difficult to avoid all of the news and Netanyahu seems to be saying that Israel is in full-out war. I agree with him. I do not support violence to achieve goals but when given a choice of enslavement or death, I would choose survival which to me would mean self-defense, not submission. I am reminded of that miserable and painful day when Sharon ordered Israeli soldiers to drag Israelis from their homes in the Gaza Strip where they had turned the desert into roses. I cried with the people pulled from their homes and with the young soldiers given such a heinous order. Now, that area is turned into rubble and launching pads for rockets to be fired into Israel. I appreciate that Sharon was a tremendous hero for Israel; surely he must have known what would happen when he turned that land that had been so lovingly cared for over to the PA. Does anyone in Israeli leadership really believe you can arrange "peace" with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah? The Qur'an tells them to lie to infidels so how can you possibly believe a word that comes from the mouths of their leaders? And how can you ever forget the age-old ploy? Hamas creates an incident then whines foul when you take action, becoming the "victim". Our most recent example is our "flying imams" - God bless 'em! Please, Israel, fight for your nation, do not legitimize those "nut jobs" who want to kill you and me too. Full-on power and defeat by the "sword" is all they respect; it is the foundation upon which their belief system of world dominance seems to rest. Here's another option. With Hillary as Sec. of State and all of her connections, why not build her a compound of sorts on the Gaza/Israeli line so that she can personally monitor what's happening? Nothing like boots on the ground. To be fair, she'd need the same sort of accommodations on the Lebanese border so she could see how efficiently the re-arming of Hezbollah is taking place under the watchful eye of the UN "Peace Keepers". For Israel, George W. has left the building so to speak and Barry H. has yet to express an opinion on the current "crisis". If I were betting in Vegas, I'd put money down that Barry H. will drop his / our dime to support the PA/Hamas. Israel, you may soon find yourselves on your own. We'll have to wait and see what happens between now and January 20th, 2009! A lot of damage can be done in those few weeks...

Young White Americans brainwashed into self-loathing?

The following is a quotation from Dr.D at one of my recent posts - Merry Christmas and Happy Savings New Year! I'd like to hear from some folks who are in the age range of 20 to 30ish. Do you concur with Dr. D's assessment?
We have many young, white Americans who think that the honorable thing to do is not to have children for the sake of the world. They have this sick notion that they are "reducing their carbon footprint" by so doing, and thereby helping Mother Earth. They make no connection with the fact that third world people are reproducing like rabbits; it just does not enter into their "thinking" at all (I put "thinking" in quotes because I'm not sure it is really thought). Just last night elsewhere I was reading about several young white women and men who were having themselves sterilized to assure that they would not reproduce. This is permanent, which is exactly their intent. Of course, the "side benefit" is that it opens the door to promiscuity all the way! Our young people are bent on our destruction because they have been brain washed into thinking white people are evil. This is the triumph of the Left. Hang on tight to your shirt and your shoes. The government is going to try to take them all.
Are young white (non-Hispanic white) Americans ashamed of their heritage? Our next president is 50% white, after his training/education in Indonesia, he has received the very best and most elitist education anyone of any ethnicity could receive in America. Are young white Americans ashamed of their heritage? Also, because I am curious - from the younger group mentioned above - does anyone know how much money Al Gore is making off of the "global warming" / "carbon footprint" boondoggle? Look at the United States of America on a world map and then think of China firing up x-number of coal burning plants a week. When I lived in Japan for four years, China would experience "red" dust storms. I suppose from the Gobi desert, not positive. We would have red dust on our cars and all over everything for weeks when these storms occurred in China. Does anyone with at least two brain cells firing really believe that the United States is responsible for all of the woes of the world? If the answer is 'yes', not to worry, you may learn differently in the times to come. Are young white Americans brainwashed into self-loathing? I don't see it in those around me so I'd like to hear from them.

Monday, December 29, 2008

America to buzz-cut KGB analyst - Buzz Off!

Have you read the article published by the former KGB analyst about the dissolution of the United States of America into six parts. Essentially, Alaska returning to Russia; Hawaii to Chinese or Japanese control; California and the left coast to Chinese control; New Mexico and Texas across including Florida coming under the control of Mexico; the mid-Atlantic and North Atlantic states (generally the original 13 colonies) joining the EU; and the center of the US coming under the control of Canada - all by 2010. Boy howdy! What will President Obama have to say about that? Read it from Drudge: Russian professor predicts break-up of USA. I predicted this to some friends back in 1993 but didn't have the blog then and didn't see us going under control of other nations. Well, it would cut down on the amount of money we'd have to give to the rest of the world... My, those analysts are busy folks... With China holding our paper, we'll have to see...

New Year 2009 is upon us!

As the bells ring and the champagne flows across the planet as the New Year is rung in, I find that I cannot wish us a "happy" New Year! That just seems a bit too over the top... There is much for which to be thankful - no terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11/2001. But terrorist build-up in the good old US of A. You betcha! Our borders are leaking like the great Titanic and our government, yes, our government let's the border leak on. I know Border Patrol Agents risk their lives and Minuteman volunteers risk their lives daily defending our borders. Thank you... And our news media as well as our elected 'leaders' - hedging their bets - assure us that a terrorist attack on our soil within 6 months is imminent. By gosh and by golly! The North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreement (never ratified by the Senate) keeps on at a merry pace with trucks from Mexico flooding our highways and endangering our lives. I wonder when the ports of Norfolk and New York and the major ports along the Left Coast will be closed for business when the ports in Southern Mexico will be opened on a grand scale? No wonder we were able to shut down the Dubai ports deal so easily. No, I haven't been watching the news much. Okay, not at all. Why? These are the holidays. This is the season of the Birth of Jesus Christ! This is the bringing in of the new year, 2009! I just want to enjoy that. What concerns me - right through to the marrow of my bones - is that when that terrorist attack comes and it surely will. How could it not? The script is already written. The American people will scream for more "security" and wham-o, slam-o, down will come "martial law." A thing Clinton could only have dreamed of. Once the government taketh away, the government doesn't give back. How many institutions or parts of institutions have been all but nationalized in the previous three months? I'll say it right out! I fear for our nation. I fear for our freedoms. If our new president does what he has alluded to, we'll have terrorists getting "criminal" trials in criminal courts in America and then, guess what, being let loose on American soil. I really fear for the stability of our nation. Cognitive Dissonance attack... I suppose in some sense, I'm saying I feel that the train has already left the station and nothing makes sense any more. Politically correct speech has come full circle to censorship - hate speech, et al, defined by the one who "wins." Perhaps the fifth column, the communists in days of yore, have been successful in tearing down our mores, our values, gnawing at our strengths so that we, in a collective sense, don't even recognize the strengths anymore. For myself, I have such a love for this nation and for her greatness, for her generosity, for the kindness of her people, that I look at the leadership that we are moving with into this our new year and I shudder. And yes, I have to pray for them. As an American, I want our president to do well for us as a nation. I fear, however, that a tipping point can be reached quickly when change can take on a life of its own and nothing and no one can stop "change" or the direction it takes. We're sort of all in a play - either actors or watching from the wings - acted upon. One thing I know for certain: Change for the sake of "change" is never good; never efficient; never in the best interest of we the American people. Going into this New Year of 2009 what are the wishes I have for us! Clarity of mind and heart! As Western Civilization, a renewed, resurgence in our heritage of Judea-Christianity! An understanding and recognition that - like it or not - our strength comes from God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It is not incumbent upon God to "prove" Himself to us, His creation... We don't even have to believe in Him. That does not alter His existence. The non-believer is safe in his/her non-belief. Like the man who railed against the cross on Mount Soledad in California. To what end. Does one flea rule the dog? Even the Wren Cross, once put into a closet, is now "safely" under glass perched proudly under a locked glass case within the Wren Chapel so as not to give offense. Mercy, mercy me... A renewed recognition in our strengths and our goodness as a people and a nation with our allies! A willingness to step out there and get active in local politics - all politics is local - to engage in our republican democratic process! A willingness to say "ENOUGH!" We want FREEDOM over security every time! God bless you, my friends, all across the internet! Stay off of the highways New Year's Eve! If you must drive, take along a few angels with you. And keep in mind what I tend to forget, we are a government "of the people, by the people, for the people!" The folks in power WORK FOR US! Thank you for your many kindnesses throughout this year of 2008. We've had some ups and downs and still we let our little fingers fly across the keyboards, clicking and clacking, fighting our battles, ranting against indignities. To this end, let me mention a special thanks to a lady named Larwyn. She works tirelessly sending e-mails out several times a day keeping bloggers up to date on the work that other bloggers are doing. Larwyn, thank you...it is impossible to keep up with her but she keeps up with us, for us. Again, God bless you and your families and loved ones...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Savings New Year!

Wishing all of my friends across the internet world, across the planet, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Two ways to look at it. Spend as much of your money as you can now before the Demons can get it or hide it in coffee cans. Too late, they'll find them these days. Am enjoying the very burrrr, cold weather and the writing. The news I find boring at the moment. So who is surprised that folks are predicting that the USA will break up. Break up from what. Who are we going with? Stay off the streets and highways on New Years Eve and be safe... God bless you and God bless our America!

Friday, December 05, 2008

California bankrupt! No bail out, Arnold!

Well, in the land of California Dreaming, it seems California is bankrupt and out of cash by February, looking for a bail out from you and me. I say, "Hasta la vista, baby! Send that "bail out" plea to Calderon in Mexico, not to me." Let's see: add up all of the expenses that illegal aliens cost the Californian economy and then see how that tallies with the 11 billion CA is supposed to be in debt. How about the costs of - say: the medical treatment, the additional demands on the police force, the educational costs, the welfare services, associated social services, property destruction, and on and on it goes. Add that up and send the bill to Calderon. But, Arnold, don't even pretend to send the bill to Congress. Maybe send it to San Francisco - the Sanctuary City by the Bay, taking federal money but spitting on our military and defying our immigration laws. Shame on California's elected leadership... No, you broke it; you bought it; you own it!

Obama violates Constitution in Hillary pick for Sec. of State?

Is it true that Obama has violated the US Constitution by selecting Hillary Clinton, a sitting Senator, as the Secretary of State? I found that interesting today when I heard it on the radio from a Constitutional Law professor who said that Obama's appointment of Hillary Clinton violates the US Constitution - I don't know the exact Article - in that the appointment places her in a position with higher salary and compensation than the current position she holds and that she has to complete her term in the Senate before moving into a higher compensation job. Any truth to that? Would she, technically, have to resign from the Senate first? Anyone got the word on this? I'm just curious...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Beach Girl - working on a novel

I have been pounding away at the keyboard but most recently in the interest of a novel. I'm going to try to do some posting during the Christmas Season but in the event that I do not do as much as I usually do, please forgive. Candidly, some of the news is just TOO depressing even at its best. To me, we are facing challenging times. I ask you to be solid and above all, be alert. Do NOT so easily give up our freedoms such as they still exist in the name of "security". Fight against the establishment of a Civilian National Security Force, ie - Brown Shirts. And if that "terrorist attack on American soil" occurs as everyone is saying and some in government are no doubt hoping, please do not allow the government to take even more control over us. I for one do not know how we stop our society from moving into a dictatorship should another terrorist attack occur here but all of the cards are in place for the collapse of our economy and the complete take-over of our private sector by our government. That three-page letter asking for 700 billion dollars in "bail out" funds from Paulson to Congress initiated more damage to our stock market than the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attacks. Go figure! Who needs enemies? We are Americans and we cannot live in "fear" nor can we live in such a way as to bring about a self-fulfilling prophecy. Have a Merry Christmas! Keep your family safe and sound! Keep your money close and your children closer! I want to thank you for being such good friends throughout this year of 2008 which has seen joys as well as tragedies both large and small. I rely on you from New Zealand to Finland, from Italy and to Brazil, and all across America. For my friends in the 910 Group and at the Center for Vigilant Freedom, and around the world - thank you for your readership, for your kindness, and for being there. Sometimes your posts make me cry, sometimes they bring disbelief, and sometimes they make me laugh right out loud! Let's make it a "skinny-fingers" blogging Happy New Year in 2009! God bless you!

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