Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama = Communism Lite

When we hear a Democrat Liberal talk about "redistribution of the wealth", they always mean taking money from you who have earned it and giving the money to someone who has not earned it. Americans are and always have been very generous in helping the needy in our nation but we do not want a welfare state. And while I'm on the subject, for you guys who are happy saying, "Yeah, gimme some of what that other person earned...!" Keep in mind that plenty of "minorities" are earning good incomes today and don't want to give their money to near-do-wells either. I agree with Thomas Sowell, I just can't find his commentary that he did a decade or so ago, who said those who have not paid and do not pay taxes into the system should not be allowed to vote. Amen, brother. Why should a person have the legal right to steal from American workers to line his/her pocket with a free welfare check? Nah! As Captain John Smith said in early Jamestown days, those that aren't helping the tiny colony survive won't be eating. A Socialist nation makes us / US weak and easy pickings for the ones who would do us harm. I'm just amazed that some of our own elected "leaders" are at the head of the line in doing us harm and before you jump all over me about President George W. Bush, let me say AGAIN, I should not have voted for him the second time around. Not that I think he wishes us harm; he just wants the New World Order. So, it is a vote for Barack Obama that is a vote for more of the same that we have had for the past 4 years except with terrorist attacks added on for extra measure. Well, my pronostication: John McCain and Sarah Palin will win the election on Nov. 4th. Whether the Electoral College folks will cast their votes for them is another matter. Why will John McCain and Sarah Palin win? Because Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and because she took on the "good old boy" network in Alaska and WON!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Election 08: Seniors voting!

On Election Day, I will be sitting in the polling place as a Poll Watcher. We have various duties too numerous to mention. The main function is to be certain that we keep quiet and that we ensure voter fraud does not take place. Now, to Seniors and folks with disabilities trying to vote for McCain/Palin, "rummor on the street" has it that Obama supporters may be blocking the lines, standing in line and making it look like the voting line is much longer than it is. Should you find this to be the case, you can vote from your care. Just call a poll workier to get you help. The Polling Officians are set-up for this. If you are a Senior or a disabled person, see if you can go to the polls with a friend who can assist you in the lines and within the polling place itself - not help you with your actual voting but help you get inside and help you get the opportunity to vote. We know that ACORN and others in the tank for Obama are and will do everything to win this election for Barry and Barry will institute the Socialism, Communism-light many on America hope to see fall upon their heads. The axe of socialism, Marxism, and ultimutate Communism - the New World Order - will be heavy upon all of us. It is estimated that 49% of folks voting this time do not pay income taxes and will vote to steal money from you to put into their pockets. Talk about weaning ourselves from so much dependency from foreigh oil! We need to wean ourselves from so many "handouts" from government which in the final anaylsis represent "stealing" from your neighbors Is that what you want? To actually steal from your hardworking neighbor; to have money you have earned be "stolen" from your neighbor through legislative robbery? Tighten that belt; watch your spending as all of us must do; and vote against "legalized stealing". That is what Barack Obama means when he says "Spreading the wealth". He means "stealing from you to give to someone who did not earn it. A vote for Obama is a vote, not for change, but a vote for the continued government theft of your hard-earned income to give to someone else. To Obama, working and earning an income is for "dummies" because he intends to SHARE/GIVE money you have earned during hours you have workded to those who have no financial commitment to our nation, only stealing from the money you have earned. So, on election day, November 4th, do not let anyone intimidate you. Go to the polls and vote for McCain/Palin if you want a better chance at keeping taxes low all around and keeping more of your money. You earned it. I went through a grocery store line yesterday. The man in front of me was buying food with a government welfare check. He has his 24 case of beer and one other item separated from the "government" purchased goods. He pulled out cash for the beer because you can't buy beer, etc. with government welfare checks. Wonder where he got the other money? He has the best of all worlds. Your money for food, housing, health care; and some case for beer. Maybe he got a welfare check cashed someplace, I don't know. He was able bodied and could certainly work... So, vote on November 4th. The choice is yours: creeping Socialism on steriods under Barack Obama and his handlers or a fight for a free-market society?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama: "Spread YOUR wealth"

We've all seen and heard of "Joe, the Plumber" and now we learn that his government records may have been searched to find out info about him. Obama intends to turn this nation radically to the left, to Socialism and even worse, especially with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We need more Republicans elected into the Senate and the House this election. We punished the Republicans in 2006, much to our own pain. We punished them for "rubber-stamping" all of President Bush's initiatives. Now, we need GRIDLOCK and we need it FAST! We cannot have the government running our Housing Market, our Financial Market, and our Banking Industry. We need the federal government OUT of our business. I don't know if you have looked at your retirement program plan lately, but DON'T. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Chuckie Schumer need to be marched off to prison...NOW! A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Socialism and worse - the nationalization of God knows how much of our nation's private sector.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama: Ayers' greatest coup? Not on our watch!

After you read my speculation - one woman's opinion - on who "owns" and who may well be Obama's controller without Obama's knowledge, Go to a Sarah Palin rally and breathe the air of "freedom", breathe the air of America's greatness. Our destiny is in our hands. Our hands - Socialism is not any where close to the American Dream. And we won't have it! For sometime, I have been wondering who owns Obama and I came up with many likely suspects but then I did a bit more reading at No Quarter, an absolute MUST READ, and now I'm willing to speculate that no one entity "owns" Obama, not 100% but enough own him and the little woman to know how to play to their liberal elitist hatred of America and to nurture and use both Michelle and Obama to their own subversive ends beginning with Bernadine Dohrn and William "Bill" Ayers, son of Thomas Ayers, deceased, former CEO of Commonwealth Edison. Bill Ayers is certainly not a child of poverty. I would submit that Bernadine and Ayers have spent years nurturing Michelle and Obama and learning their weaknesses. It is entirely possible that both Michelle and Obama are unwitting pawns but, if true, that does not suggest that we must be as well. But Michelle Obama and Bernadine Dohrn:, the little women behind the scenes with the cookies and crumpets, the coffee clatches and the job associations. About those job associations: Bernadine Dohrn from "1984 through 1988, was employed by the prestigious Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin. She was hired by Howard Trienens, the head of the firm at that time, who know Thomas G. Ayers, the father of Dohrn's husband." William "Bill" Ayers. Obama doesn't want us critizing the little woman - Michelle - because he wants "family" off limits. There may be good reason for making her sacrosanct and the reason is - drum roll - the friendship between Michelle Obama and Bernadine Dohrn. It is the tie between the little women that may be the foundation of the business and family ties/friendships between the "upwardly mobile" young man from Hawaii via Indonesia to Hyde Park, Illinois and the unrepentant domestic terrorist turned "teacher indoctrinator" to subvert our schools and turn our children toward the "isms" of "hating America, hating capitalism" and such. Remember, Ayers has taught "kill your parents" - see Weatherman. This hatred, however, comes from the mouth and "teachings" of a man of privilege whose father was the CEO of Commonwealth Edison. And William Ayers was and is a proud unrepentant domestic terrorist but having read a bit more, I believe the thesis could be supported that his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, has the street creds to prove that she's got even more credibility in the "domestic terrorist" department than hubby. But unlike Timothy McVeigh, Bernadine Dohrn lives well in Hyde Park, Illinois. But then so does Tony Rezko, or at least he did and his wife owns property in Hyde Park next door to Obama. The mode of deflection from the Dohrn-Ayers Weather Underground activities are written off as happening when Obama was eight years old. The issue is not so much what Dohrn and Ayers did "back then" but rather their "remaking" of themselves into a very influential team within the "educational/academic" arena within which they each work to subvert and undermine our way of life - to me every bit as much of a threat as fundamentalist Islam, maybe even more so because they have - though not repentant - remade themselves into images of legitimacy. The following links are vital for a better appreciation of the harm or indoctrination that is taking place throughout our teacher-education programs and it is this appreciation that is reason for concern - that as well as the access to money, vast sums of money, that Obama will have at his disposal should he become president of the United States:
My point here is that the news regarding the Obama-Ayers "relationship" has focused on the red herring: the Obama-Ayers association with the Woods Foundation and other such associations, money made, etc. I am suggesting that the far more foundational association, and the stronger association, is the one between Michelle Obama - the woman who would be First Lady of the United States - and Bernadine Dohrn, the domestic terrorist and influential "handmaiden" of Bill Ayers. According to No Quarter an article by Larry Johnson is very telling and important: Why is Obama hiding the Truth about William Ayers? Follow the money "...Ayers held the first fundraiser at his home to help launch Obama's state senate campaign in 1995"...but the relationship begins years before that event...
"Maybe Barack met Bill Ayers through his wife, Michelle Obama?...Michelle started working at the Sidley Austin law firm in Chicago in the summer of 1988 (and stayed there until 1991). Who else worked there? None other than Bill Ayers' wife, Bernadine Dohrn, who worked at Sidley from 1984 through 1988...."
Steve Diamond wrote and is cited with the No Quarter's piece:
"...So, who "sent" Obama? The key I think is his ties...to the family of (in)famous former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers - not just Bill Ayers, but Bill's father Tom Ayers (CEO of Commonwealth Edison) and his brother John... Obama was a community organizer from about 1985 to 1988, when he left for Harvard Law School...."
It is speculated that the Obamas and Ayers families became associated in the 1986-1988s with Obama himself taking a summer position with the Chicago law firm of Sidley & Austin in 1989 during his work at Harvard. And it is this foundational association that should be our even greater cause for concern during this presidential election. Both women exert major control over their husbands. I am not suggesting that Michelle Obama is a "domestic terrorist" or anything of the sort. I am only suggesting that through having been hired by the law firm where Bernadine Dohrn worked, and through whom Michelle Obama may have been hired due to their friendship and where Dohrn's father-in-law, the CEO of Commonwealth Edison was a major client, associations were formed that go back 20 years. If you ever wondered at the all-night bull sessions held at the Clinton White House, I would suggest those pale compared to the associations of Barack, Michelle, Bernadine, and Bill. Of course, we know of the relationship between Obama and Ayers, the Woods Fund of Chicago, but we know less about a 5 year collaboration:
"Ayers and Obama interacted occasionally in their roles with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, "a not-for-profit group charged with spending tens of millions of dollars it obtained through its affiliation with a school-improvement foundation created by late Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg. Obama chaired the Chicago Annenberg Challenge's board of directors. Ayers served on the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, which made recommendations to the board on which organizations should get grants. The groups worked on school-reform efforts between 1995 and 2000." Who is Bill Ayers? Just a note from the same article: "Today, Ayers and his wife - fellow former Weather Underground fugitive Bernadine Dohrn - live in Hyde Park, where they moved after surrendering in 1980. Federal charges against the two were dropped because of improper surveillance, so they avoided prison."
I also want to mention a note about the Weatherman also known as the Weather Underground. From Weatherman, "the founding document called for a "white fighting force" to be allied with the "Black Liberation Movement" and other radical movements to achieve "the destruction of US imperialism and achieve a classless world: world communism." The Weatherman and SDS - "long held that militancy....was more important than nonviolent forms of anti-war action...." Ideology. Additionally, here are a few more links before my final thought for consideration: Obama and Ayers worked in the same office and address for three years; and, Ayers was on Woods Fund Board with Obama when he stepped on Flag Keep in mind, Bill Ayers is an unrepentant domestic terrorist who regrets only that he and his comrades were not able to blow up more buildings. I watch CIA movies and read espionage books and such and it has finally occurred to me that - unknown to Obama - it is quite possible that Obama - unknowingly - is the best "asset" any agent could ever hope to run, if that is the case here. What do I mean by that? Obama has throughout his life - as much as we know of it - looked for and has been mentored or used by father figures and the older brother figures. You know the litany. Obama's mother reportedly was anti-American, somewhat Marxist in her leanings. Obama was very smart and entered the world of Chicago politics - his ticket to the state senate - to use and be used. Obama gravitated to the figures and personages who would feed his ego, his need for success and power - Jeremiah Wright and his Black Liberation Theology. Reportedly, Wright brought Obama to Jesus during Obama's twenties. Where "spiritually" had Obama been before that awakening? Or was that conversion just one more step in establishing Obama's creds? I don't know. Father Michael Phleger further nurtured hatred toward "the white man", and Bernadine and Bill gave Michelle and Barack a place to call "home" - a haven for intellectual elitism, the mantra indoctrinated by Bill Ayers of "Yes, Barack, you can bring about the utopia of Marx where others have failed... and I'll help you realize your dream..." And now we are distracted by the "economic crisis" - but we need to follow the money and the power Obama will have to divert enormous sums to advance the cause of Bill Ayers to "teach the children", to indoctrinate thousands of teachers. Go to a Sarah Palin rally and breathe the air of "freedom", breathe the air of America's greatness. Our destiny is in our hands. Our hands - Socialism is not any where close to the American Dream. Obama's smile when he, in such a friendly manner, told "Joe the Plumber" that Joe's hard work belonged to someone else. Joe said, "Plumb this...that's punishing achievement. That's punishing Americans for hard work." On November 4th, you can decide who wins? Bill Ayers, the unrepentant, and ideologically unchanged, domestic terrorist, or WE the American People! Don't let anyone take this nation away from you. Even if you have been tempted to take a "handout" when times are rough, just say NO! Scream it from your heart, "I'm an American. I may need a hand up, but I don't need the chains of a hand out..." God Bless America! One more link from Tundra Tabloids: Would Obama pass standard security clearance? Not likely....

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Ben Bernacke - burning up the printing presses

Thank God, we can still buy oil to make sure the printing presses are running. They must be smoking as we see the value of our dollars go up in smoke. Let's see. President George W. Bush, for whom I voted twice - once okay, the second time to my shame as we needed GRIDLOCK some kind of bad - has run up a 4 trillion dollar debt and has managed to run up more foreign debt that ALL of our previous administrations did with all of their years combined. Good gawd a'mighty! And in just two weeks, the government has nationalized Wall Street; bought up the housing industry - it is nearly impossible for folks even with GOOD credit to get a mortgage unless they have 20 to 25% cash down for a modest home; and even managed to buy up a percentage of the banking industry. And now, not knowing the difference between "government handouts" and SOCIALISM = SLAVERY, a percentage of Americans are getting ready to vote for a partial-term, first-term Senator with dubious background including the mysterious "birth certificate." Do you know for certain if Barry is an American citizen? Can you give us all a link to a valid American birth certificate for Barry O? I'm voting for my Conservative, Republican Congressman; for local conservatives; and for Sarah Palin - we need a pitbull with lipstick... And on Obama's dubious friendships, stay tuned! One more word on Bernacke - a few years back he said something to the effect that America didn't have to worry about depressions, recessions, etc. 'cause we have printing presses. Somebody tell me why Hank Paulson and Ben are still employed and not sweeping out a 6 by 9 cell? Along with Barney, Chris, and Chuckie... Remember, the Democrats are responsible - lock, stock, and barrel - for the financial "crisis" we face and they created beginning with Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and the modifications Clinton made in the 1990s.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama event scraps National Anthem and more...

National anthem scrapped at NH event to make room for a more important speaker. Plan to see more of the scrapping of all things "American" as Obama - Dear Leader of the World - continues in taking over the world. I suppose the Islamists are on board with this and Jesus has no objection so, "Hail to the Leader! Hail to Obama the Dear Leader of the "new world order." "Bencal, who sings the anthem for a number of school events and is actively involved in local community theatre, had been contacted by the Obama campaign to sing the anthem. He agreed to do so, then was told later in the evening the anthem had been scratched from the program. Bencal said he was told by the campaign the decision was a simple programming change to make room for another speaker." In an unrelated event, Farrakhan sees New Beginnings for the Nation of Islam. Should all get to be more interesting with the ascendence of the Nation of Islam working for more legitimacy, the Islamic fundamentalists working for the manifestation of the dominance of Islam, and Christians wondering what happened... Reading a few posts with links may help open sleepy eyes a tad: Islam's Twenty Year Plan to Target America and Islam's purpose in the United States. As our nation seems poised to put a man in the White House who supports through his friendship people such as domestic terrorists, William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn who killed Americans here at home; Tony Rezko convicted of God knows how many felonies in Chicago; Rev. Jeremiah - God da.n America - Wright, Jr. and more, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right - judge a man by his character, not the color of his skin. Like it or not, we are known by the company we keep and Barack has been keeping some very interesting company for two decades... But wait, there's more about domestic terrorist, William 'Bill' Ayers, aka Abu-Zayd, his honorary Muslim name which he gave himself having raised two children as Muslims. So another Obama-Ayers connection is the study and perhaps practice of Islam - not a problem in itself except that Ayers is an unrepentent terrorist who may well want to identify with what he may see as symbolic of a theocracy desiring the destruction of the United States and our democratic republican form of government. Goals he shares... In my estimation, Obama falls short. Time will tell if we will elect a man of character or a man of minced and twisted words. But even more than whom we put into the White House, we need to vote for honest Congressmen and Senators - preferably Republican Conservatives because more than anything else: WE "freaking" need GRIDLOCK! GRIDLOCK for 4 years is all that has a chance of saving our constitutional republic - what little remains after the nationalization of the banking industry, the financial market, and the housing marked. God help us! Maybe we'd do well to look to Jesus Christ for miracles... Once "Animal Farm" and "1984" get moving in full sway, we're gonna need 'em - those miracles.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Election 08: God Bless America!

The two dominant political parties are going into their final thrusts for the election. We still don't know which policies each candidate advocates regarding the 20,000,000 plus illegal aliens. We know Obama and Pelosi will end the First Amendment of Freedom of Speech - for talk shows to begin with. Can you imagin whom Obama will name to be Secretary of the Department of Defense; whom will be the Secretary of the Department of Education? Have a good time as you watch our final freedoms go and remember the freedoms will be gone for ALL... And when you watch the video, new borns left to die, how long before God will finally turn His face away from us? All of us: the ones who lived from money made at the killing of our young (nearly 50,000,000 since 1973); the one who have permitted these heinous abominations to occur in a land devoted to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." In the land of those, endowed by their Creator.... From our Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.....

UN Sec Gen: Disband Hezbollah? What?

I was doing a bit of surfing through the folks who had visited my site as I was checking the Sitemeter referrals, and such. It is great fun. And I came across a friend at Tundra Tabloids with a new post, UN Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon: Disband Hezbollah. Good gracious! How can the UN Secretary General call for the disbanding of an organization that runs Lebanon and is a major player, even if behind the scenes, of the very UN the Secretary General purports to oversee? While you are over at Tundra Tabloids, be sure to look in the right sidebar and click on A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding. Someone has a sense of humor.... Let me get you started, as quoted from the forward:
"The Western European view of religion, achieved after centuries of bloodshed, conflict and division, is that religion is a matter of private belief and conscience. Islamic fundamentalists do not share this view. They do not believe in the nation state, democracy, the equality of women, or toleration. They believe in Islamic theocracy, a universal Muslim society, the Umma, based on political rule according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. Such views are simply incompatible with Western liberal democracy,.... The West has been amazingly lax in recognising the threat posed to its security, freedoms, values and the cohesiveness of society by Islamic fundamentalism. The terrorist atrocities in London of July 2005 showed just how dangerous these beliefs can be..."
I would add of course America's 9/11/2001 and Bali and the other thousands of terrorist killings around the world. The document goes on:
"The vast majority of Muslims that non-Muslims meet in every-day life are decent, respectable, law-abiding and hardworking...."
There is only one tiny problem - they also follow the Qur'an so when push comes to shove, on which side of the Qur'an will they stand? Better to do as the Qur'an recommends and leave the followers of Big Mo in their own lands rather than allowing them to take over ours thereby destroying our culture and our way of life - the way of life we have already come by at great expense in blood and treasure. So, no head scrafs, no burqas, no special prayer times in our schools, no special swimming times in our co-ed swimming pools. No special accommodation for a "theocracy" which by its nature loathes everything you stand for and is willing to pick the skin from the bones of your heritage and culture one tiny morsel at a time until you are picked clean... I just don't see Westerners rushing to settle in Saudi Arabia or say Egypt. Do you? Why is that? We all know why. No tolerance in the land of the Big Mo! (As coined by Dymphna. I always have to give her credit for Big Mo!)

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Obama: Ice in his veins

Here is one interview with a nurse who knows all about it: new borns left to die. H/T to Liberally Conservative. According to the nurse in the video - the nurse who testified in Illinois - Barack Obama opposed the "born alive babies protection act" in THREE votes against this act. Obama voted to protect IFANTICIDE three times, leaving living babies left out to die, cold, crying, and alone. If you want a president with "ice in his veins" who doesn't want his daughters "punished with a baby" (his grandchild in fact) then by all means cast your vote for Obama. Do not complain when your grandparents don't get the health care they need because our health care dollars are going to care for the illegal aliens swarming into our nation. Do not complain if your grandparents or your children or your brothers and sisters are not the right ethnic group to receive care. Do not complain when Obama "spreads around" Joe the Plumber's meager income because like Joe, your family is not the right, favored "race". And don't complain when ethnicity is added as a block to be checked on your 1040 so that the government can make certain that the right people are punished... Think it can't happen. Don't bother Michelle Obama about it. Your campaign contributions are paying for her lobster and cavier snack 'cause she got a little hungry while Obama's campaign keeps her under wraps. Yep, I'm a terrible "racist" because I believe in equality of opportunity, not the Stalinist and Marxist "equality of outcome." Just remember, if you are a middle-class black American who has made it up the ladder of success, Obama's coming for you too. It is absolutely not a "racial" thing. Hold on tight to your wallet or what is left in it 'cause, as Obama told Joe the Plumber, it's just so much nicer when the "wealth" of your $42,000.00 is spread around. And if you still didn't get the memo on William Ayers, here's a link to The Ayers' Office Door celebrating the murder of a police officer. H/T to Liberally Conservative who takes no prisoners.

Obama votes for Infanticide/leaving new borns to die

Well, Obama does support the killing or rather, euphemistically speaking. allowing new borns who survived partial birth abortion to die, cold, crying, and alone. See Obama: False Prophet of Change Here is one interview with a nurse who knows all about it: new borns left to die. H/T to Liberally Conservative. According to the nurse in the video - the nurse who testified in Illinois - Barack Obama opposed the "born alive babies protection act" in THREE votes against this act. Obama voted to protect IFANTICIDE three times, leaving living babies left out to die. How difficult do you think it would be for Obama - Change You can believe in - to leave Grandma and Grandpa figuratively OUT to die as they wait in line for medical care that will never come? When the State can kill the most innocent and fragile among us without looking back, how hard will it be to deny health care to those the State deems too old or too useless to care for? If you watch this video and appreciate the full extent of the ramifications of such callous action and you watched the heinous, court-ordered murder of Terri Schiavo, how can you vote for a man with ice in his veins? The next heartbeat he stops could be yours... but it will be all nice and legal, don't ya know... Obama is no messiah...Jesus Christ must weep as He watches our great nation allow such heinous sins. But Obama voted THREE times in favor of these lonely, heartless deaths. Can you vote for that? Can you vote for a man with ice in his veins?

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McCain: Can anyone say, "Special Prosecutor"?

All John McCain has to do to win this election is promise a Special Prosecutor, one who would go after everyone who has their hands on this financial debacle from the White House, the Treasury Department, the Congress, Wall Street, and Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 on down. Yep! American people are darn angry and we should be. Fat cats are getting fatter and they did it to us. This election is about the presidency but it is more. It is about the members of the House of Representatives, our Congressmen, and our Senators. Let's start - for fun - at the top in Congress, hauling in the Heads of the Committees for Oversight of Banking and Financial Institutions - Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd and his "sweatheart" loans, and let's not leave out little Chuckie Schumer. Here's a link to the House Committee on Financial Services. Not ONE Democrat deserves to be re-elected. The oversight stopped here under the direction of Barney Frank, even earlier when he was the Minority Leader. Here's a link to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs headed by Chris Dodd and enabled by his buddy, little Chuckie Schumer. You want Obama's brand of socialism, take a look at the movie about the Great Depression with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson named Ironweed. Take a look at that before you vote. Then you decide. With an Obama presidency and a Democrat Congress, you will NEVER get a Special Prosecutor to investigate what happened to your life's savings. Is that what you want? Democrats on a "tax and spend" orgy and no oversight in view? Just a free ride on your back...

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Obama vs America's "Joe the Plumber"

Now, I know that your Joe the Plumber charges a fortune to work on plumbing, heating and/or air conditioning at your home but Joe the Plumber is like the Oscar the Obgyn or Harry the Mortician - well a lot of steps higher when it comes to morality and identifying with average Americans than Harry Reid the Mortician, oops, the Leader of the Senate, But we gotta have our good "Joe the Plumber". And thank God, our "Joe the Plumber" has put a face with the millions of Americans who will be hurt in their pocket book and their reach for the American Dream by Obama the "community agitagor". And we average Americans will be hurt by "tax and spend" Liberal Socialist, euphemistically known as "Democrats". And we'll be HURT bad. The ONLY upside to the Democrats controlling us from cradle-to-grave is that maybe we will cut back on our "credit card" spending. Maybe we will cut back on living on borrowed money and revert to cash and living within our means. God knows, under the Democrats from Marx's Utopia, there will be plenty of folks living off of our hard earned money and living above their means while we sink into poverty. You betcha! Sayonara, American Dream! A leaking boat sinks all on board! And we are bleeding money right now from our pores as Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury has nationalized the banks, the housing industry, and the financial markets. And then there's little Ben Bernacke getting old Hank Paulson busy printing money as fast as he can. Yep, down right confortin', ain't it? By the way, when was the Federal Reserve (not even a federal bank) audited last? Hmmm..... Yes, Joe the Plumber put a face on the "economic policies" of Obama who will "share the wealth" which means lower yours wherever you are - Democrats think we're rich at $42,000.00 a year income - and give it to those who don't earn that much or don't earn anything at all. Yes, the happy days of Soviet-style Utopia. Our liberal elite know, they just KNOW that Hitler's fascism which included monetary fascism too, and Lenin's and Marx's utopia - from each according to his means to each according to his need - WILL WORK. It just hasn't been tried by the best and brightest. Well, for God's sake and for ours, don't give them a chance to try it here. In America we are taught to work, to have a work ethic, to care for our brothers and sisters through our churches and caritable organizations and we do a good job of that. Don't let Obama destroy Joe the Plumbers incentive to work, to do a good job, and to build his business which would employ people as plumbers, electricians, book-keepers, secretaries, and such. That's where the jobs are in America. Our jobs are created by small businesses and under Obama, those businesses will shrink under mandated health care, under higher taxes, and lower wages and employees who would have to be laid off. You want Obama's brand of socialism, take a look at the movie about the Great Depression with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson named Ironweed. Take a look at that before you vote. Then you decide.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama, Karl Marx, and Joe the Plumber

Thank God for Joe the Plumber and Faultline, USA. Here is a must-read post with video too: Shush! Don't spread that phrase around. Obama tells Joe the Plumber, more taxes on you are good to spread the wealth around, here. That phrase is "redistribution" of wealth or income or both. Yep, that's what Obama wants to do. Steal money from your pocket 'cause you are making too much at $42,000.00 a year and GIVE some of your money to folks who are too good to "work", to pay taxes, and to share their non-income. Yep, Obama is Karl Marx in aces, the red and black ones together. Obama is so out of touch with Americans of all kinds, shapes, ethnicities, and religions to be running for office over a nation he knows nothing about. He talks as though we are a nation in poverty - how many TVs do you have, how many cars, how many cell phones, how many iPods? And I'm talking if you are on welfare and/or foodstamps? Obama with his paultry Senate salary and his wife's 1/2 million dollar taxpayer-funded grant income wants you to share your income with those less fortunate. As Michelle so honestly said, we all had to tighten our belts to give to those less fortunate. Well, I say they are not less fortunate, they are just lazy, not willing to work and/or too lazy to get the education needed for good jobs. According to the dictates of Karl "Obama" Marx, aka Saul Alinsky, the "less fortunate" are clearly the smarter members of society. If one can get thousands of dollars of income, food, medical care, and subsidized housing out of the government, why work? Just put in cable TV and sit back all day. Why work in New York City, as an example, when one can bring home more on welfare than one can earn as a beginning computer programmer? Education and working is really for dummies and under Obama's rule, if you fit whatever criteria his regime established, you'd be a flaming idiot to work when Massa Obama would be bringing home the bacon for you at the expense of everyone who worked. Well, workers aren't but so dumb and soon they will figure out what many have figured out in England. It is better to live off of the State than to waste so much time working. There's no fun in that. Heck, if you are a Muslim man in England today with four wives, you can get welfare for each of your wives and their respective children. What a boondoggle! Marxism - it's good enough for England. But can Americans really be bought so easily? And if they can, what will it take for them to realize the denegration of being under the control of the State? That sounds very degrading to me but then I've never tried it... I'll be "Joe the Plumber" ain't buying it either. Right, Joe? We're Americans and we want government OUT of our lives, right Joe?

Election '08: Freedom vs Socialism with a capital "C"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Obama, like Robert "Bobby" Kennedy before him, has me worried and not especially for the same reasons. We know who Obama's visible friends are but who are the invisible ones behind the scenes? Who are the ones in the PLO, in Syria, in Iran supporting him? We are told that Obama is not Muslim, not fundamentalist Muslim, after all, Rev. Jeremiah - God d...n America, himself - Wright, Jr. converted Obama over to the side of the baby Jesus. I'm convinced...and so are the Muslims who have posted comments at my blog about what they intend to do to Obama - the Muslim apostate - if he becomes president. I have not published these comments for a variety of reasons, one is so that I won't give these nuts "air time" at my blog. That is why I review comments before posting / publishing them at my blog. I know many Americans with black skin are voting for Obama solely because of the "color" of his skin forgetting that the "black" experience in America is so foreign to Obama that when he went into South Side Chicago to become a "community agitator" he needed tutoring in what the "black" experience was. Obama has followed the route of many of his kind - Socialists all - in going into poorer neighborhoods and agitating against the man. Yet, Obama is "the man", the man who will place us all under more government control. Our current "government-made crisis" will enable more laws to be passed to do everything short of tattooing numbers on our arms or implanting computer chips under our skin like some folks are doing in good old Mexico to make them more traceable by the authorities if they get kidnapped. Of course, the authorities find the relevant body limb that has been severed from the body of the person kidnapped. Right now, watching Obama and his rise to power with no experience except that of a community agitator - is like reading the "Left Behind" series when Nicholas becomes ruler of the world and all of his followers have the "Mark of the Beast" put upon their foreheads. Far-fetched. Not exactly. The more we are coerced or hood-winked into letting the government into our lives through hand-outs or through force, the less freedom we have. It sounds silly to suggest in this day of ATM cards and credit cards and such but, for my self, I am working my way to the use of cash more and more. Socialism is Communism in disguise. Of course, the good news would be that we, like Hugo Chavez, could all get to be buddies with Putin but then what would be the fun in that? We are in perilous times and, as Michael Savage so eloquently said, the enemy is within. I pray for our nation; I pray that God has not turned His back on us; and I pray that we will save ourselves from the true threat that lies behind the eloquence of Obama's words. I have been watching the movie, The Good Shepherd. I pray we have a "good shepherd" tending to our safety... A good shepherd who will save us from our folly. I don't know what it will take to get our nation back on course - a course of well-educated citizens ready to be responsible for themselves and not have their hands out begging for the crumbs of government largess. We are a nation of strong people; one thing I believe is true, we can be fooled only so much. I hope we will awake before it is too late and the "enemies within" get too strong. The idea of Nancy Pelosi being two heartbeats away from the Presidency of the United States should scare the hell out of any sane, patriotic American. But as Speaker of the House of Representatives, that is how far away she is from the Oval Office - two heartbeats away: the pathway to the Oval Office goes like this: the President, the Vice President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and then Bobby Big Bird as President Protem of the Senate...

Pasadena Closet Conservative - Get out and vote!

The following is from Pasadena Closet Conservative: "Trust nobody at this point. Get out to the polls with strength and conviction on election day. Anything less will cripple this nation for four years. Don't let that happen!" Pasadena's comment was left at my post, Obama: Credit Card Fraud??? We need to vote. As Donna Brazille (sp) and other libs have laughed, vote early and vote often. Not to worry! The nuts at ACORN are on the case stuffing the ballot boxes with early registrations and voting on the same day. Virginia allows this as well as Ohio and other "battleground" states. Well, I say, "Hogwash!" We need to take pride in our voting and part of that process is registering at the Registrar's Office not at the DMV where anyone up-right and breathing can register to vote, no checks, no muss, no fuss, just frought with fraud. I guess Obama's crowd is a little worried, hence early ballot stuffing...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Campaign: Credit Card Fraud???

Here's a heads-up! Not saying the fraud was done by the Obama Campaign but a Northland couple found a $2,300 charge on their credit card going to the Obama Campaign. Read here and let's keep a look-out on our credit card charges. Just a heads-up and a H/T to the Drudge Report.

From Michael Savage: Barack Obama now BO out of respect

In accordance with Michael Savage's recommendation, we should refer to Barack Obama as BO hence forth. Since we are not allowed to use BO's middle name as in BHO as other presidents have been referred to by their 3 initials, we must respectfully refrain and refer to Barack Obama as BO. Likewise, we are not allowed to refer to BO as BHMO. BO's first 10 executive orders: here at Michael Savage. Also from Michael Savage, First time FBI refers to crime as 'honor killings'. Also from Michael Savage, Anatomy of a Scandal. From Michael Savage, Rezko about to turn on Obama to the Feds? So, as long as we have the chance for "freedom of speech", get your message out there and be sure to make copies of everything you publish. H/T to Michael Savage for citing the Gates of Vienna: Racism is stalking Norway.

Obama supporters back "institutionalized racism"?

When reviewing the latest Zogby Polls, can one deduce that supporters of Obama back the racism institutionalized by "affirmative action" laws and quotas? Can it be deduced that Liberals (85%), Conservatives (19%), and self-identified Independents - moderates (61%) support institutionalized "racism" and "discrimination" against "white" people, specifically "white" men in America? Can it be true that such a large percentage of Americans want "institutionalized racism and discrimination" even if it means the loss of promotions and jobs for their sons? The Zogby poll I am referring to is Obama builds his lead. Of course, the Zogby poll says nothing about "affirmative action" but Obama has stated that he supports the continuation of this clearly racist policy which has been in effect for 44 years in our supposedly non-racist society. We don't know how many families have been denied college access, job promotions, or jobs because they are not members of the "preferred" ethnicity or gender. If these folks support Obama and Obama supports institutionalized/legalized racism and discrimination against white men, can one deduce that Obama's supporters support the loss of promotions and the loss of jobs by white men? So, not only are Obama's supporters in favor of expanding Socialism and expanding governments reach, they seem to be in favor of punishing men who happen to have "white" colored skin. Hmmm... I wonder where Martin Luther King, Jr. would stand on that issue after all of these years. I stand for white men and for their equal opportunity of access to jobs and promotions based on their character and their qualifications, not on the color of their skin or their ethnicity. But then I stand for that for all Americans. That is what America is supposed to be about before we lost our way with a good idea turned into quotas and not qualifications. I am not saying that all minorities are not qualified. That is absurd. I am saying that "affirmative action"/"legalized racism"denegrates and turns the folks who benefit into "second class" citizens just like the illegal aliens here getting government handouts casts a shadow on Hispanic citizens and Hispanic immigrants here legally. It is time to end "race-based" discrimination and it is time to stop supporting politicians who want to keep this divisive and discriminatory practice in place. There is nothing "fair" about legalized racism. Nothing at all but it does "buy" votes...

Diversity in America

This has been on my mind since the Olympics 2008 and just thought I'd share it with you. Along with the "global warming" hoax (fueling Al Gore's income to be sure) that is intended to stifle American productivity, America is somehow expected to take in everyone from everywhere in the name of "diversity." Somehow we are castigated as being a "bad" "bad" nation with not enough people who are non-whte. Because "white" or Caucasian does not exist in America today (although the World Factbook does classify many people as "white") - formerly "Caucasians" are now "non-Hispanic white" on forms when you have to check ethnicity, emphasizing our combined "European" heritage and also knocking "white" folks off of the potentially helpful "affirmative action" rolls when they are finally - and blessedly according to our politicians - out-numbered. I don't see the reason for us - white folk - continuing to be beaten about as "racists". If "white" people in America today are "racists" then they are the stupidest "racists" in the world because "racists" preach separatism like that taught by Jeremiah Wright, Jr and supported by Barack Obama by his long-time adherence to Mr. Wright's mentoring. "White folks" are preaching integration at any cost even up to and including the diluting of the standards of our educational system to the detriment of ALL of our students. There is real criminality in that area from my perspective because ALL of our students - and I have taught all ethnic groups - suffer when standards are lowered. I never lowered standards for any of my students and they ALL learned and learned well the subject matter at hand. Some non-white communities are pushing for separatism and some communities are actually pushing separatist school districts or areas within their communities - made easier because of language differences. Back to, back to... From the CIA World Factbook, the population in America is defined as:
"white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.97%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.18%, two or more races 1.61% (July 2007 estimate) note: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean a person of Latin American descent (including persons of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin) living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.); about 15.1% of the total US population is Hispanic"
If you check these numbers from time to time, you will learn that the "white" population grows and fluctuates as a direct result of more Hispanic-Europeans being added to the "white" population. Watch the percentage increase when our 20,000,000 illegals and their extended families are joined to the rolls. You will see the voting influence of black Americans decrease substantially with the exception of regional pockets with larger numbers of black American citizens reside when the illegal aliens and their extended families are granted citizenship for breaking our laws. This will happen very soon...sooner with Obama than with McCain but it will happen nonetheless. Back to the Olympics... I use the Olympic 2008 teams as one clear example that America is not a "white, Western" culture at all. Far from it... In effect, I am sick of the UN and others tampering with our "melting pot" society. Period. Of the teams of most note: the Chinese teams were made up of Chinese, not a Hispanic, Anglo, or African black among them. The Koreans were Koreans. The Saudis were Saudi Arabs. The Japanese teams were Japanese. The South American teams were Hispanic or derivations of Hispanic. The teams most likely to have a cross-section of ethnic group representation were "Western" nations. So, lay off of US. America is the most "diverse" nation on earth, some through legal immigration and some through quotas imposed by the UN as are many former nation-members of the EU (may it fall apart sooner rather than later). I just don't see the Middle Eastern or the Far Eastern nations embracing "diversity." Do you? Nope, just those Western culture nations are embracing "multiculturalism" - some of it good; some of it destructive. So, when Liberals want to "hate America" first, I ask them to take a look around at the folks driving their taxis, serving them coffee, and I ask them to listen to the 200 languages being spoken here. America does practice what it preaches... And while I'm on it, America is not a "colonial" nation. Unlike Islam, we are not colonizing other nations. If we were, we would be sending average citizens to Iraq to populate that nation. We are not but we are planning to welcome in 2,000,000 Iraqi Muslims who "helped" us against the radical fundamentalist Muslims in Iraq. Hmmm.... So, to the UN and the others who castigate us for being so "horrible", get off our backs and send back the money we give to you... We need it for our own people! I'm tired of paying many leaders of thug nations bribes not to kill us. Give us back our money and we'll take our chances!

McCain/Palin Rally in Virginia Beach, VA

If you get the chance to go to a McCain/Palin rally between now and November 4th, take the opportunity and go. I went to one on Monday. The doors opened at 8:00AM. People who got seats had been waiting in the parking lot since 3:00AM. I didn't get a seat and I don't know if you could have brought in folding chairs. But what fun and excitement... Just to see the crowd, to be a part of history, to see the candidates and their spouses was to be a part of the thrilling process afforded by our political system. In Virginia, we already know of cases of voter fraud done by the-group-that-shall-remain-nameless, the group that Obama taught how to intimidate banks into making risky loans, the group that Obama championed during his early "community organizer"/aggitator days in good old Chicago. Well, Obama's buddies are at it again. Stuffing the ballot boxes with early voters and registrations of "questionable" voters. As part of this process, we also have the technology today to run voter lists against out-of-state voting lists and wham-o, we're finding folks who are registered in more than one place. In case some folks don't know, it is a felony to give false info on voter registration forms. People have been prosecuted and some state officials are more serious about stopping voter fraud than others. Seems like some judges are more serious about stopping voter fraud than others, as well. I say "Go to a political rally and have fun" then dip your finger in purple ink. If it's good enough for Iraqis, it's good enough for us. Should cut down on voter fraud. November 4th is drawing near. None of us knows the outcome but we do know that Obama and his folks are greasing the skids for defeat (they are racists, don't cha know) and to demonstrate fear over the outcome, some groups (ACORN) seem to be busy working their mischief. Remember this group got taxpayer dollars...with the help of a junior Senator from.... We'll see... Here's the difference between conservatives and liberal socialists. Conservatives believe in teaching a man to fish so that he can feed himself and his family as much as he wants. Liberal socialists favoring the welfare state as this buys them more votes, believe in giving a man his allotment of fish everyday so he'll have to come back to beg for more fish the next day. Which do you want? The slavery and dis-incentive of socialism or freedom and personal responsibility... God bless America; God bless our troops; and God help our leaders to step beyond the moment and PUT OUR COUNTRY FIRST!

Obama: "False Prophet of Change"

It is somewhat troubling to see many of Obama's acolytes expounding that he is Messiah-like. If you read The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso, you will find plenty of examples of acolytes comparing Obama to Jesus Christ. It seems to me as though this election is boiling down to a vote between two prespectives. The first "emotions over reason" and the second, "personal individual greed (taking money from one America to give to another) over personal accountability." McCain/Palin stand for reason and personal accountability. Perri Nelson has provided an excellent post, Easier to tear down than build up about why he is voting for John McCain. Of course, there is an element of racism in the election expounded by Barack Obama himself when he suggests that if he is not elected it will be because those voting against him are "racists." In my case - not so. I abhor his ideology. But what is telling to me about his acolytes is that perhaps they do in fact need Jesus Christ, Himself, in their lives, not the divisive racism of Obama, not Obama, the "false prophet" of change. The only change Obama will ensure is a giant step into more and more socialism. His supporters need to know that Socialism is color-blind in the long run and those who benefit today can easily be turned upon tomorrow. But in only one comparison to God/Jesus Christ, allow the following for your consideration. Jesus says, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." Obama says, "Let the little children who survived the heinous procedures of partial-birth abortion suffer and die, cold, crying, and alone." How can Americans who purport to adhere to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" vote for a man who voted against help for the children who survived partial-birth abortions. Jesus said, "Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, to God what is God's" Obama saids, "Render unto the State your treasure and your Soul." And he does it using "class" and "racial" warfare. Those of us who disagree with him are not even allowed to criticize his ideas - criticism of Messiah Obama is in itself considered "racist". Yet, Obama has never served our nation, has never taken a beating at the hands of captors for US, and has never put his life on the line for our nation. He has paid no price. Paraphrased from The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 67, The supporters of Obama have created HIM in their own minds..." Obama may will be the final product of the efforts of the Left to eradicate God from the public square. Obama - the man - has - by his supporters and with his tacit approval - been transformed into the figurehead, the False Godhead, of the State.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama: "clinging to their guns and religion"

You may have been adversely effected by affirmative action. You may be a woman with a husband, son, brother, and/or father who has been passed over for a job or a promotion because of these 44 years of affirmative action. And you may have an "Obama 08" bumper sticker on your car and an Obama-Biden yard sign in your yard. Maybe you haven't heard that Obama supports the continuation of "affirmative action", essentially institutionalized racism and discrimination as heinous as past segregation laws because today's "affirmative action" is taking place undercover of "darkness." And maybe you have forgotten Obama's comments in far-left, sanctuary-city, San Francisco about folks in states such as PA being frustrated and "clinging to their guns and religion." Mr. Obama stays away from discussions about gun control and, of course, we do have the Posse Comitatus Act to keep our military from attacking American citizens. That's the same law being used to keep our military from defending us along our Southern Border by the way. But under an Obama administration backed up by Pelosi and Harry Reid - all supporters of a stronger United Nations as an excuse to clamp down on us - you can look forward to the continuation of "affirmative action/racial discrimination", tightening of gun control no matter what the Supreme Court says. And you can look forward to at least 3 very liberal judges being appointed to the supreme court. Ward Connerly is my hero in his fight against "affirmative action". He and I agree; it is no friend of the very people it is "supposed" to help because it stamps them as "second class" and it harms qualified people who are discriminated against under federal law. 'Race traitor' colorblind was written by Anna Jo Bratton, from Omaha, Neb. and published in The Washington Times, October 7, 2008. All of this to lead you to an excellent post at War on Guns with a few quotations from Thomas Jefferson who wanted to protect our nation from tyranny, and failing that, wanted to give the people a means for "market correction" so to speak. At War on Guns, we have a good guest editorial that points to why our Second Amendment is so vital to the health and well-being of our republic: Guest editorial: "Resistance is futile"; Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules. At Ruby Ridge and at Waco, Texas as well, we saw the raw power of federal oppression in full force. We have to keep a tight rein on our rights. When a presidential candidate mocks us for believing in our US Constitution and denegrates two of our fundamental freedoms/constitutionally given rights - religion and gun ownership - we have cause for concern. We'd better be saying "Houstin, we have a problem." And when we vote on November 4, we want to make sure we don't make the "ideological" problem worse. Do we really want an Obama, Biden, Pelosi line-up?

Friday, October 10, 2008

HR 1424: Bailout - timing is everything, yes!

Yesterday, I accompanied a friend on a 300 mile journey to a major medical facility. We had our respective family dogs along. We set out at 6AM and returned around 6PM. In the midst of this "adventure" we took a turn up a mountain top onto a property which has a home built of marble - probably built in the early 1900s. During this journey we spoke of many things. One, why won't Obama produce a birth certificate? Why should he, he's a pawn and someone owns him. He needs no bona fides. Just the power that is behind him. Then I ask myself who owns Obama. My guess - Syria and Iran, through the dealings of Tony Rezko... We spoke of McCain and ventured guesses about why he won't just pull out all of the stops and say, "Look, you idiots in the media, the reason I can't raise my arms but so high is because when you were in diapers or getting high from the breast milk your drugged out hippie mother - now serving in Congress - was feeding you, I was having all of my bones broken by the North Vietnamese during my stay at the Hanoi Hilton..." Our crass media makes fun of him, naturally as liberal socialists they would being filled with tolerance and compassion. Then we turned to the "economy" and the "government-made crisis". Funny about the timing thing. Did this "crisis" just manifest itself NOW or was it sprung upon us now? Why? To saddle the Democrats with so much more debt they won't be able to generate even more give-away programs? Or, maybe just the opposite, to give the Democrats excuses to raise taxes on small businesses, put more people out of work and re-institute government work programs like the WPA. But then, only real men who are not victims want to work. The others will just take a hand-out. Or perhaps, since we now have Homeland Security and the ever-intrusive TSA (I say just go naked to the airports. Save the time of having to dress, undress, dress again and/or having to be x-rayed six ways to Sunday.) along with the Read ID thing and "tighter" security of law-abiding American citizens, maybe it seemed like a good time for the government to take over the housing industry and, even though the IRS has access to ALL of our financial records, scoop up the banking industry at the same time. Who'd notice? And then, of course, we discussed the Middle East and who would attack whom first: Iran and Mad Jad striking Israel or my man, Ben ordering a pre-emptive Israeli attack on Iran. Or would our President decide, "Hey, I'm a lame duck so I think I'll just give Israel the nod." I really don't know what is going on and I can't get a read on who will be elected as our next president. Is McCain the fall-guy just taking a beating like he did in Hanoi but refusing to fight or is Obama the "annointed" one as Bill Clinton was back in 1992 or whenever? It would be nice to see Obama's birth certificate just for fun. We do know he was trained and identified as Muslim from ages 6 through 10 while living in Indonesia with his avid anti-American Marxist mom. For the past 20 years - Bush-Clinton-Bush - our government has opened our borders and flooded our nation with illegal immigrants from at least 26 different nations. Our nation is providing free health care, free education, and free city services to these illegals at tax payer expense and NOW we get to buy the "bad paper" on the homes these folks have bought too. We were a nation of laws - once upon a time. Even our mafia played within their own code of laws, so to speak, and didn't bother the average citizen who stayed out of their way. Now we have illegal alien gangs growing nearly unmolested by the police; we still give federal dollars to "sanctuary cities" willfully breaking our laws; we have the value of some homes going down because, in at least one city, the "call to prayers" are played 5 times a day in the public square - no separation of church and state there. But the thing that confounds me the most is that I do not understand why it seems that our government - our elected officials - seem hellbent on destroying our nation. Is it to hasten the "new world order"? Is it because as a people, we have an ethic and a spirit that is hard to break? Is it simply because the government can do as it likes? Maybe things weren't moving fast enough. My goodness, localities are getting those cameras up on every street corner as quickly as possible. You know what I mean. But timing is everything and right now, right here, at this time, I wonder why the "created crisis" had to occur now. To force the United States into the Atlantic Union? We know the North American Union is only the first step to the Union of the Americas. To force us to scream for "government" help? To give the UN and the G8 opportunities to clamp down on whatever freedoms we have left? To pave the way for an American "dictator" or Leninesque-charismatic leader of the "religion of the state?" The only thing I know positively - nothing happens by accident. We took a big financial hit as a result of 9/11 but nothing like the one inflicted upon us by our elected "leaders" for a myriad of reasons. There is so much "blame" to go around Jamie Gorelick may finally get caught in this one or even better no one will go to jail because there's so much blame, where would we start? Of course prosecutions really depend upon who is elected. Obama = no heads roll. McCain = maybe some investigation. The question is: Who has the most to gain from this "created crisis" and in what ways? Like my mother always said, "Follow the money..." But in this case, money is only one of the motivators... Money is power but the power being garnered under the confusion of this "government-created crisis" (seems the bailout made it worse) is not based solely on "money"; I suggest it is based on the grab for raw, unadultrated, gut-wrenching power. If you want to comment and answer some of these questions, please look beyond simple partisan politics. If you are inspired to write a post regarding your take on the situation, link your post here. We need an American discussion or even speculation on what's behind the timing - is it only to effect a political election or is it to manipulate nations into the "new world order"? Or is it just market corrections and a bit of profit-taking?

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain: American Top Gun!

I'm not sure but it seems that a requirement for serving in the US Senate is castration or vasectomies at the very least. So, SENATOR McCAIN - Get mad! Defend us! American citizens of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, etc. are all being hit by this "credit crisis." Commander McCain, for goodness sake, come out slinging in this last "debate." Axe the mild-mannered Clark Kent.
  • Obama has been a trainer/lawyer for ACORN, teaching them how to intimidate bankers into lending money to "risky" borrowers;
  • House Democrats and the Honorable "Sweetheart Deal" Chris Dodd are up to their eyeballs in the "economic crisis" and the worldwide economic tremors we see reverberating throughout the planet.
  • Throw Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuckie Schumer, and whomever else is culpable into jail and ask questions later. Get these guys off the street and out of Congress where they are doing so much DAMAGE.
  • Bring out the info on the "real" Obama and tell us who's pulling Obama's strings. We deserve to know. Time to stop being nice, John.
SENATOR McCain - be the Navy fighter pilot who had to have guts to land on that tiny piece of metal bobbing in the ocean. Reach down deep and come out slinging. We - the American people - need a TOP GUN, not soft-spoken senator. This is the fight of your life; yes, harder than the Hanoi Hilton. This is the fight for US. Put on your Navy wings and engage, guns blazing. We need a new Sheriff in town. Let's get with it... Allow me to end this post with a link to a very thought-provoking post by Perri Nelson: Easier to tear down than build up. Indirectly, Perri has given us an assignment, an assignment to sit down and give thought to why we plan to vote for our candidate. A young commentor said, "I've only now realized that I didn't know of ANY positive robust evidence to back my candidate..." I want McCain to come out slinging, true. I want the truth to come out BUT Perri's challenge is valid and crucial to each of us. Why are you casting your vote for the person you've chosen? Really, why? Are your reasons substantive? It matters.

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DOW falls but no jail for Barney, Chris, and Chuckie?

Market falls to 8,579.19 today even with the 700 billion dollar "bailout" package everyone just had to have. And Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Chuckie Schumer and others are NOT in orange jumpsuits YET! Why the f**k not? You do know that the lack of Democrat Committee oversight of Freddie and Fannie led to this debacle, not to mention one Representative being "in bed" with one of their executives. And our nation is seriously or even jokingly considering putting a thug of the Chicago Machine into the White House... Good gawd a'mighty! Go on, vote for the Chicago Machine's pawn and get ready to move in with your own grandchildren. There really is a question I'd like someone to answer, "Who is Obama the mouth-piece for? Who pulls his puppet strings? Anybody know - for certain?" Does anyone recall that even the terrorists hitting the Twin Towers did not cause as much damage to our economy - your life savings - as the Democrats on Capital Hill...

Obama: media-crowned Imperial Leader of the World!

Wait! Have you voted yet? I haven't and I'm not voting for socialism. Michelle - Obama's biggest liability - is under wraps. And here's a link you might like: The Truth vs. Obama. Various polls are showing Obama walking away with the election in a landslide BUT wait - is that wishful thinking? An effort at "self-fulfilling" prophecy stuff? or An attempt to discourage McCain/Palin supporters? Could be a bit of each. For an alternate perspective see: Pollster: Don't believe everything you see I say a vote AGAINST Obama is a vote for freedom! And if worst comes to worst, I say: vote for GRIDLOCK. Now there is one little worrisome issue about the Fairness Doctrine surely to be inflicted upon us if Obama supporters such as ACORN can pack the polls on election day. What a socialist Obama can clamp down on today, he could clamp down on you tomorrow. Isn't this election and the possibilities like reading "Animal Farm" and "1984" all over again? It's just that reading them earlier was for high school English lit class. This time it's about your life...

Gates of Vienna: News Feed

I have been meaning to link to this but one thing after another kept getting in the way. So here it is... At the Gates of Vienna, the Baron and Dymphna have added a news feed. Here is one example: Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/30/2008. Most of my visitors are probably Gates of Vienna adherents but if you are not, you owe it to yourselves to read the Baron and Dymphna OFTEN at The Gates of Vienna. They have worked and made the Gates one of the most highly placed and respected blogs in the Blogosphere. Very early-on in my blogging efforts, a friend introduced me to the Gates. It is well-worth the effort to read because the Baron and Dymphna have high standards of veracity. They are at the forefront of our War against Islamic domination both here in the United States and in Europe.

Obama and Socialist Slavery

I had decided to step back from blogging today and so I shall but as a result of a reader giving me a link to Abolishing Socialist Slavery, a blog by Christian Prophet, I will link a few posts you may find interesting. Obama is promising "US" citizens along with the "citizens of the world" a utopia of progressive/socialist answers. Here is just ONE of many links: Obama's International Socialist Connections. Before I give you a list of links, I would ask that, if you are interested in keeping our freedoms, please go to these links as well and check off the members of our Congress who belong to these two "caucuses" - one racist for certain, and the other socialist. Black Caucus: Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation members Progressive Caucus/Democrat Socialists of America: Pelosi new head, until 1999, the Congressional Progressive Caucus was part of the Democrat Socialists of America under the International Socialists organization, Congressional members of the Progressive Caucus. For more info, search ong International Democrat Socialists. Hispanic Caucus: Hispanic Caucus membership is in left sidebar. The reason I included the Hispanic Caucus is for your to be able to see how many members of both the Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus are members of the Progressive Caucus. See for yourself how members of our Congress are actively working to bring this nation down. The additional links which inspired this post are: Will Liberal Thugs Get Desired Dictator in Obama? My question: are we ready like the followers of Jim Jones to swallow the koolaide? Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg What will Obama or McCain do about liberal insanity in government? Is Obama in reality more war-prone than McCain? and Jesus Christ's Love vs. Obama Style Socialism What led me to post these links is that last night I listened, by accident (?), to a speaker who has written many books on the "prophecies" of Nostradamus. The subject last night was the 3 Anti-Christs. The theory was that the third one is on the way and with the "killing" of bin Laden, we will have 27 years of war. I know, it was late and I was sleepy. I won't give any links to Nostradamuys and the three anti-christs. All you need do is a search and you'll find more information than you ever needed to know. I do believe we can shape our destiny and - to me - that is why this election may well decide the fate of our nation: a total collapse into Socialism and worse, or our cataclysmic grasp for freedom...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

John McCain and lowering Corporate taxes

The current tax rate for corporations in the United States is 35%. The current tax rate for corporations in Ireland is 11%. Would someone please tell John McCain, when Obama brings up his "insane" mantra, that "Republicans want to give tax cuts to the wealthy corporations", John should point out that it is corporations that HIRE people, BUILD things, do RESEARCH, and increase BUSINESS and INDUSTRY in America. High taxes on corporations drive corporations "off-shore".. Thank you, Democrats. It seems the only things Democrats understand about finances is "loaning money to folks who cannot repay the loans" is social engineering and buying votes. I'd rather "buy" the votes of folks our corporations have put to work than votes of folks the Democrat policies have put into homes they can't pay for, thereby lowering their self-esteem even more. Economics made easy: if people have jobs created by corporations, people will have more benefits and more money to spend into our economy. If people are MADE dependent upon government, they will not have jobs, only HANDOUTS. Then what do the people do, beg the government for more handouts and vote to steal money from people who work. Makes sense - the folks getting the handouts, not the hand-ups, are only begging and voting for the massa who feeds them. Candidly, the Democrat theory of keeping people just at the edge of poverty, and therefore dependent, makes me sick. And one more tiny thing about "government health care for children." How long before the company you work for decides to opt out of providing health care for your children and letting the Democrat government pick up that bill? Democrats are all about SOCIALISM, my friends! Socialism and your dependence upon the Democrat Massas up on Capital Hill. Let's not give Massa the White House too... Republicans ended slavery long ago. Let's not vote for the return of serfdom... Those Democrat handouts are just chains packaged under the guise of "class warfare." As Neal Boortz points out, "He has never been hired by a poor man."

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nice Deb's: Sarah Palin's a Bully?

Nice Deb's post is GREAT. After having just watched the "great presidential yawn-in" primarily because it was hosted by Tom "yawn" Brokhaw, we all need a shot in the arm of adreline to get the blood flowing again and Nice Deb's just the ticket. Sarah Palin's a Big Bully Sarah Palin is real-world, middle America. Love her or not, she'll fight for ya, pure and simple. Good goin', Nice Deb.

Thomas Sowell: Facts do matter! Freedom does too!

Thomas Sowell has two interesting commentaries today that deserve our attention: Dems avoid blame/Do facts matter? and in National Review Online: The Real Obama. In speaking of Obama's alliances, Sowell says: "Obama could have allied himself with all sorts of other people. But, time and again, he allied himself with people who openly expressed their hatred of America. No amount of flags on his campaign platforms this election year can change that." Sowell also references David Freddoso's book, The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate. In a nation in which our children have been indoctrinated into "multiculturalism" and "moral equivalence" as the most effective means to the end of denegrating our nation, those of us who reject Socialism need to pay attention. The simple and basic truth is that freedom is hard; it is hard to be responsible for one's own decisions and the results of those decisions. It is much easier to give a government, any government, control over your life and in time you will forget that you ever had freedoms. To me, one woman's opinion, this election boils down to one issue: those who want to protect and defend individual liberties and freedoms and those who want Father-government to handle all of the decisions for us. There is one more element in the mix of the latter and that is that many liberal socialists, well-off themselves, simply know that they can make better decisions for you and your family than you can. They also know that they are superior to you and me intellectually and in every other way, and they look down on us for even thinking we can make decisions for ourselves. Soon we will see which course Americans want to take: the road of freedom which is hard or the road to slavery. Our nation is not a nation of quitters; we are tough, resilient, and tolerant. We deserve much more credit that we have been given. Lessons in life can be hard and painful. I do not know how this election will turn out; I do know that a friend of mine tells me the America I believe in is long gone - I refuse to accept that.

HR 1424: Conservatives vs Liberal Socialists

As I watch this "man-made economic crisis" unfold, I am struck by a most glaring difference between conservatives on one hand and liberal socialists on the other. Naturally, this is a generalization and, like all generalizations, does not hold for individuals inn all cases. Conservatives follow the tenet, "we are endowed by our Creator"; and liberal socialists follow the belief system that "our Creator" MUST be replaced by the "State" as the solution to any and all problems, up and including our own refusal to take personal responsibility for our actions. (I specifically avoided the terms Republican and Democrat here because we have liberals and conservatives in all political parties. I am speaking here only of fundamental belief systems.) The liberals work to make us all "victims" and wards of the State. Conservatives work to encourage us to be responsible for ourselves and use the powers given to us by "our Creator." An interesting and glaring contrast....

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God, Rudyard Kipling, and the HR 1424 economic crisis

In an article, Pope says House build on sand, the Pope mentions the Gospel of Matthew. We are told that "greed" and now perhaps Barney Frank's romantic involvement with an official at Fannie Mae and assorted other things - most worldly - have led to the current "credit crisis". Well, maybe a few other things have had a hand in the crisis besides the political and legislative things we can list starting with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. "Reinvestment" like "broadly shared prosperity" are liberal socialist code for "stealing from hard workers and giving to those who do not work." It is Marxism in action. Back to, back to... During the VP debate, Sarah Palin stated that it was time for the American people to stand up, take charge of their own lives, be responsible for their own financial decisions, and vow to never be taken advantage of again. Strong words and words worth our consideration. Here are just a few of the ways we have been taken advantage of and also ways in which we have not taken responsibility for our own actions:
  • allowing prayer to be ripped out of our government schools while at the same time deferring to Muslims for prayer rooms and foot-washing stations. Heathen at best; indoctrination at worst. We have enabled our schools from K-12 through post-doctoral work to become "indoctrination camps".
  • spitting in the face of God, the very God for whom our earliest settlers crossed dangerous waters to establish a land where they could pray to God and live by His tenets. Our liberal socialists and their willing handmaidens of the ACLU have worked mightily to destroy our families, to create "new constructs" of marriage, and to deny the rest of us free expression of our beliefs in God in the open. A young woman student has the microphone plug pulled to stifle her words at a graduation ceremony because she had the audacity to thank God and to give God the credit for her success. Why is she not free to express that appreciation and to acknowledge the inspiration of God in her life? Because the "state" fears God and wants to become the "savior" upon whom all must bow down and to whom all must give thanks.
  • wantonly encouraging or turning a blind eye to unwanted pregnancies leading to the killing of 50 million Americans since 1973. Birth control is available and has been but we - many men and women - have chosen against it. With "abortion on demand" we have been led down the path that allows abortion people to take our possibly raped young teenagers across state lines for abortions without parental knowledge or involvement...the litany goes on.
  • allowing illegal aliens to flood our nation and to use up our resources. Our government is importing "rebellion". Over 20 million illegal aliens have flooded our nation, invading our nation and our government has not fulfilled one of its enumerated powers which is to defend us against invasion. Drug cartels are now using our national parks as growing fields for illegal drugs.
  • giving citizenship to children born here whose parents are illegal aliens and are not under the jurisdiction of our laws. Ask them and they will tell you they are citizens of Mexico. Allowing "sanctuary" cities to be established and then continuing to give these cities "tax dollars."
The list goes on but you get the idea. I seldom speak of God and His importance to our nation so allow me this indulgence. Many people know that they accomplish nothing without God and Jesus Christ in their lives. They only have life because He gives it to them. Our nation and her people need to come back to God - as a general statement. Many people in this great nation are very God-centered. Remember Obama's slight against all of us who believe in God - we are the most tolerant people on earth. All of fly-over country is God-centered. Thinking Americans who see times of trouble ahead need to step back from the brink of fear and read the words from 2 Timothy 1:7
"For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, His Spirit fills us with power, love, and self-control." (from the Good News, New Testament)
My personal favorite version is from the New Revised King James, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind." We - the people - need our wits about us as we see the world markets reeling; as we hear loud voices in our midst screaming against God as an antiquated "idea"; as we see the likes of Islamic terrorists threatening our way of life at every turn; and as we, if we are honest, realize that many of our own elected leaders beginning in 1977 have led us into the current crisis, why? To have us scream to the state for help,... We - the people - may do just a bit better if we step back and perhaps ask God for personal guidance. Take a few moments in prayer and ask for direction that will hold us steady, as Rudyard Kipling said, in his poem "If", while all about us are losing their minds. "If" recited by Dennis Hopper can be found here and in written form here, you will be reminded once again of what it takes to be a man. That's what we Americans are, in the plural, non-politically correct bastardization of our language, "Men." We are Americans. As Sarah Palin said, we can get a grip on ourselves. We can take responsibility for our own actions. And as I say, we can turn to God, to our houses of worship, to that still, small voice within each of us that calms us when all about us are going mad... I'm not saying that God will intervene and stop this madness. Of course not. He will allow us our folly. I am only suggesting that, if we turn to God, bring God back into our lives and into the life of our nation, He will give us the strength and the wisdom to survive and get through this "man-made crisis" with that sound mind. God bless you; God bless our troops; God bless our leaders who have their wits about them; and God bless our nation, The United States of America as long as our sovereignty still holds.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Thelma Drake - Congresswoman for the people

As you watch the DOW go below 10,000 today and you watch your savings and 401Ks tank, please keep in mind that Congresswoman Thelma Drake, Representative for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, voted AGAINST that heinous HR 1424: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. She voted against it twice: once when it was HR 3997 and only 110 pages and the second time when it had become HR 1424 with 442 pages. Here's the final House vote: HR 1424, Senate Usurption of House authority to develop spending bills Thelma voted FOR we, the people. Congresswoman Drake's Congressional website is Congressman Thelma Drake. Her re-election website is Thelma Drake for Congress where you can find out how to contact her campaign office and the address for making contributions. Thelma is approachable and her constituents have access to her and to her staff. You may not agree with her on all of her votes but more often than not, she will stand with us. And for a look at Europe: Germany takes hot seat as Europe falls into the abyss

HR 1424: Democrat Culpability in Economic Crisis

The economic crisis we are now in is probably one of the greatest scandals and crimes (under RICO statutes) perpetrated upon the American people certainly since the New Deal. Still we have little assurance that the people who perpetrated this outrageous crime against us - as bad as the economic results of the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 - will ever be prosecuted. Obama was a young lawyer in Chicago who helped ACORN intimidate banks into making "racially" motivated loans. Chuck Schumer went to weak housing markets and pushed Freddie and Fannie to make or to buy up risky loans. Barney Frank went for the "affordable housing". None of the Democrats in 2005 voted for regulatory oversight bill. All of the Republicans voted for regulatory oversight, against public supported mortgages, and against corporate "welfare." Keeping Democrats in power in the House and the Senate will ensure that the trangressions of Democrat leaders will be covered-up, as in not-investigated, and the foxes will be stewing the chickens in the pot of economic boiling water. H/T to Wolf Howling for Thomas Sowell on Subprime Crisis

Obama: ACORN and our Economic Crisis

To start the ball rolling, let's look at a post at My Flanders Fields, A fifties view of communism - simple times. This post struck my interest because Socialist Democrat is just a tad too genteele for what Obama and his backers both here and in the Middle East want to inflict upon us. But all of the terms such as "community organizer", "Sol Alinsky's Radicalism", Socialism, Marxism, "liberation theory" and the like - oppressive and anti-American all have us on the outter most edge of the cliff. I'll say AGAIN - the "crisis" we see unfolding around us, propagated by Democrats starting with Jimmy Carter and his Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, has House Democrats in a frenzy to cover-up their culpability so that they, like OJ Simpson searching for the killer or killers of his former wife, Nichole Brown Simpson, will float the smoke screen of investigations and thereby be able to cover their own culpability. We can lay this crisis at the feet of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, and more Democrats who used earlier mortgage lending laws and supported groups such as ACORN for the sole purpose of buying voters. The following is a link that is a must-read. For a brief description and extraordiary comments PLEASE see Fox News Special: Saving Our Economy: What'$ Next. Also, do everything you can to see the Fox News Special with Bret Baier, Saving our Economy: What'$ Next!, aired October 4 and 5, 2008 as well as the Sean Hannity special on Obama and his ties to radical Islam. Who got Obama into harvard? Why can't we have access to his theis paper? What did Obama really do as a "community organizer" and how closely does he follow the teachings of Sol Alinsky? (or Alensky) Further, what are his ties to ACORN? Simply, Obama is dangerous for our economy and untimately for our way of life. During my lifetime and my interest in politics, two politicians seeking the presidency have actually given me cause for concern both for the same reasons - their charisma and what many see to be their radical and oppressive views - Robert F. Kennedy and now Barack Obama. To be very candid, I remember seeing one of Robert (Bobby) Kennedy's speeches when he was running for the Democrat Presidential nomination. Bobby Kennedy had the charisma of his brother, JFK, but where they differed was that Bobby had the sharp edge of radical, gut-pounding force with the rhetoric akin to other "world" dictators I shall refrain from naming. Today, JFK would be viewed as a conservative; I submit that Bobby would not have had that legacy. I mention Bobby Kennedy only to point out that it is the ideologies that we need to fear, not the color of any man's skin. In Obama's case, I fear the color of his skin coupled with his appeal to our impressionable youth eager to "made a difference" from emotionalism will lead them like the Pied Piper, and us with them, over the cliff. Sadly, it is they who will be enslaved by his Marxist ideology. At Oraculations: Community Terrorism At Fox News: Lawmaker accused of conflict of interest - but it goes farther than that. For a beginning list of articles about Obama's links to ACORN, please see: National Review - Obama and ACORN Here are a few more links given withing the comments from the initial link: Congressman Shays on Financial Crisis How AIG's Collapse Began a Global Run on the Banks Transcript of O'Reilly and Barney Frank Fox News Specials Freddie and Fannie compilation of history and facts (VANITY) One quotation from a blogger named "Natural Law" found in the second comment in initial link: "I am demanding that the Justice Department begin a full RICO investigation that will not exempt anyone inside or outside of government. I am encouraging those whose businesses were harmed by these culprits file numerous suits against the offending parties. If Raines, Schumer, Dodd, Frank, and the like do not end up penniless and in orange jump suits then we need to seriously reread the words of Thomas Jefferson when he said..." ~~~~ Natural Law goes on to discuss RICO laws and how average citizens hurt by this government-fed and led crisis can file civil suits against the people who brought about the crisis. If you are a small business owner or a Senior who has seen his pension wiped out, this read is worth your while. It's about time...Free Republic If you read the comments at Free Republic.com and see the Fox News Special and still believe you are going to vote for Barack Obama, then you will have only yourself to thank for our financial "crisis" and the destruction of our economy and our way of life. One additional link: Obama and the Annenberg Files: the mystery deepens. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were required to give "risky" loans, packaged as not credit-worthy borrowers. These government-backed institutions funneled billions of dollars from foreign investors into our mortgage market. These mortgage institutions are backed by the federal government and thus our very homes and our economy are now at risk. Obama was a young lawyer in Chicago helped ACORN intimidate banks into making "racially" motivated loans. Chuck Schumer went to weak housing markets and pushed Freddie and Fannie to make or to buy up risky loans. Barney Frank went for the "affordable housing". None of the Democrats in 2005 voted for regulatory oversight bill. All of the Republicans voted for regulatory oversight, against public supported mortgages, and against corporate "welfare." Keeping Democrats in power in the House and the Senate will ensure that the trangressions of Democrat leaders will be covered-up, as in not-investigated, and the foxes will be stewing the chickens in the pot of economic boiling water.

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