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Islam's methods of "pretext' and "deceit"

Citizen Warrior's post:Citizen Warrior: The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex is a must read. Also Citizen Warrior has devoted much time to research and analysis. It is a dedication matched only by the Baron at The Gates of Vienna. Citizen Warrior cautions that two "memes" of Islam must be recognized by the non-Muslim for what they are: pretext and deceit. Pretext allows for the excuse to be offended, even if one creates the incident himself - think "flying imams" - to draw the authorities into acting. Then one can cry "foul" and "victim". Deceit allows for the verbalization of platitudes and "peace" negotiations whereas within Islam, the true Muslim is not to take non-Muslims as friends and is expected to deceive non-Muslims to advance the cause of Islam which is what? World domination... I must thank Citizen Warrior for clarifying why Islam is the "religion of peace." Easy to see at the hands of a good teacher: Islam dictates no analysis; Islam dictates dominion over the earth enforced by the islamic government imposing Sharia Law; and once the world is subjected to Islamic intolerance and rule, there will be peace. Non-muslims will have to pay a tax to practice their religion and therein lies a bit of the problem. Who funds jihad when we all become MINOs and no longer pay the tax? And two, if one is assured of entering heaven only when being killed in battle fighting for Allah, whom will one fight when the entire world is dominated by Islam? Well, of course, each other as it has always been...

Michael Savage has earned our help

Strangely, there was an article in the New York Times today, Boycotted Radio Host Remains Unbowed. What was strange to me was the notion that somehow Michael Savage should "cave" to the intimidation of CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations. Again, that title bothers me, as though CAIR is the ombudsman between America and our democratic republic and Islam and its Sharia Law which forbids any mention of Islam that might be considered analytica, requires a government based upon Sharia Law - xnay on democratic republics. freedoms, and such. CAIR is trying to shutdown Michael Savage whose words were taken out of context and were used in audio without his permission. CAIR need not worry, if the Democrats get full control of the House, the Senate, and the Executive, they will implement their own form of "censorship", called the Fairness Doctrine - there goes the use of those Orwellian words again. Yes, we have much to look forward to should the Socialist Democrats be handed the government. Remember, Communism - the nanny state - has failed every place it has been tried but then our very smart left liberals haven't had their go at it fully yet. Just see how many folks they have turned into victims and their love of the "class envy" card - what is one man's hard work is something for some one else to take, to have confiscated. What does socialism/communism do? Aside from the many harms it inflicts upon us, the greatest is the denial of the human spirit to be an individual who can attain heights of excellence. We see the havock within our government schools where the goal isn't even mediocrity. Michael Savage is a voice of freedom; he needs and deserves our help. We need him...

Huckabee and funding Illegal Aliens with OUR money

Michelle Malkin has an excellent editorial that would do us all good to read as the candidates change and morph their former actions into "new" and "revised" positions from those they have acted upon in the past. In Meet the GOP's Border Control Cross-dressers, she has it right AGAIN! Huckabee's lame, strawman argument that the sons and daughters of illegal aliens, who were brought here illegally by mommy and daddy who are naturally illegals, should somehow be given tax-payer funded educations from K-graduate school is such a smack in the gut to hard-working American moms and dads who have to foot the entire bill for their American-citizen children to go to college in-state that the "worthies" who tout that line should be seriously scrutinized and not given our votes, certainly not our money. A fish don't change his colors that soon in mid-stream, so to speak. If so, the natural analysis should be that Mr. Huckabee was giving tax-payer funded educations to the poor, illegal alien kids cause mommy and daddy brung 'em with 'em to get someone's vote and has now changed "his" tune to get someone else's vote. Take a good look at any candidates who are "border control cross-dressers" as Michelle has named them. They are certainly in harm of catching very bad colds as they are wandering around in no clothes in the frosty climes of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Citizen Warrior's: The Terrifying Brilliance of Islamic Memeplex

The following comes to us from Najistani. Please go to the link to find Citizen Warrior's Citizen Warrior: The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex. Extraordinary work!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Religion of Peace, by behavior, a psychopathic ideology of death

Well, it seems final now and true that a bomb designed to kill Bhutto in Pakistan was rigged to baby. How's that for a dichotomy in belief structures that guide human behavior? You know the differences between say every major world religion and the theocratically based political ideology of, well, you know who...the guys and gals determined to kill us all and overthrow our government. Yes, the "religion of peace" has followers who, following the dictates of the Koran, strap bombs to their own living babies in order to kill other Muslims. And this is an ideology our State Department - spitting in the face of Americans and our national security - hand out visas too like winning lottery tickets. "Hey, you from Saudi! Come on in; get a good education, and marry our women converting them to Islam and having as many children as possible born into Islam from which they cannot convert on pain of death. Arafat said the Muslim women were the "breeder cows" and would win world dominance for the Caliphate just by out-producing everyone else. Having a bunch of wives/chattel helps here. And marrying American non-Muslim women helps too... I have been cautioned not to make such sweeping statements because of the "good" Muslims in the US. Well, fine BUT when push comes to shove, with whom will they side given the choice of death or submission? Just a question...

Americans' identity - for the taking...

I received a call from a friend in West Virginia; she was fit to be tied and angry as a little banty hen. She had called Virginia Natural Gas to have her gas turned on. And to whom did she get to talk. You guessed it; a woman in East India as in the nation, India. The woman wanted my friend's social security number to verify my friends identity. Some companies only ask for the last 4 digits while we know full well that they have the entire number. I didn't have the heart to tell my friend that our nation and many of the companies with whom we have credit cards have sold us "dirt cheep" along with our identity and the key markers of our Identitiy. I had a similiar experience when I had to call BP (British Petrolum) for something about my credit card info. A not so nice woman in India said she needed my Social Security Number for my account. I asked, "Why?" Her response: The Patriot Act - fighting terrorism, don't you know. Given that the woman already had the information no doubt and was just verifying it, I wondered how much more info our nation and corporations upon whom we rely have given or subcontracted out to foreign nations. It is amazing that we are held so "cheap" to our "leaders" - may they live to see their congressional seats lost to the third-world illegals they have allowed to flood our nation. So, how do we take back our nation? Or can we? Surveillance cameras on every corner; listenting devices God-knows where; oh, how our nation fears us, and all done under the guilse of "homeland security." What a crock of crap? How do we take back our nation: End NAFTA, end the NAU, end the SPP - the gd bastards; don't try to "democratize" the world when we are marching ourselves right into socialism/communism right here at home with our paws begging for hand-outs from the fed. government which means we have no integrity or concern about stealing from our neighbors just as long as the "check" comes from the faceless grand-daddy long-legs governnment..;.. We should be so ashamed of ourselves for allowing race-baiters to distract us and tear us apart. Do you think our enemies don't rejoyce at our ethnic and class warfare? Just weakens us for their kill. As a nation, we may be proving that we are just to stupid, irresponsible, and third-world to survive. I don't know. I keep trying to see the good within us. I find it in our military,m our volunteer military. What will the far-left liberal socialist/communist folks - that's the elite who know much better than we how to spend our money. Oh, and that "universal health" care "they" plan to give you. No so. They plan to make "health care" policies affordable and then force you to buy it. Come on! Let's pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and tell them to "f*** off". We're Americans; with our extended families and with our church families, we can do just fine... Oh, and when getting your utilities turned on, demand to speak with an American or go to the nearest local office of the company in question...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Islam targets American university students and faculty

Saudis give big to U.S. colleges, for the pursuit of academic studies, no doubt! I hear there's swamp land for sale in Florida, too. No, Saudis are buying influence...and working diligently to subvert our most impressionable university students and faculty. From the news article by Julia Duin, "Two years ago this month, a Saudi prince caused a media splash — and raised eyebrows — when he donated $20 million each to Georgetown and Harvard universities to fund Islamic studies." The article goes on to show approximately 27 million dollars having been given to Harvard since 1983; approximately 9 million dollars having been given to the University of California - several branches since 1984. 20 million to the University of Arkansas in 1993 - a payback to someone perhaps? It is one thing to endow universities with "chairs" to advance a point of view. It is perhaps an entirely different matter to endow departments for studies that ultimately underlie the overthrow of our democratic republic. There is even an Islamic Center in Laramie, Wyoming. I have the picture to prove it. And at Dumb Ox Daily News and here as well as here, Book of Hate?, you can read excerpts from the Koran to further your own edification on the peaceful nature of Islam. There is no golden rule within those pages. It is hard to argue that there are no words of "hatred" found in the Koran which exhorts believers to kill infidels. And who would deny the words of the prophet? As in Jed Babbin's book, In the Words of our Enemies, the words of the imams speak loud and ring crystal clear for those brave enough to listen. Islamists have warned us over and over again about their plans - their "spiritual" leaders caution them that they have to warn us before killing us - lucky us. Too bad we don't listen. But will it be the greed of our so-called illustrious universities that finally does us in? For our current purposes, Item 11 in the Twenty-Year Plan states, "Provide grants to colleges and universities in America to establish "Centers for Islamic studies." Item 17 is also relevant as it sounds so "sensible" and "reasonable" in our multicultural politically correct world of indoctrination. From the article, Dr. Jasser...of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy is quoted as saying:
"islamic governments are looking for a free pass. Islamists such as the radical fundamentalists seen with the Saudi Wahhabis exploit American universal tolerance to provide a vehicle for the dissemination of their propaganda free of critique," he said in an e-mail. "It is important to emphasize - "free of critique" is the tolerance which permits that...But I would hope that we correct our response not by changing our tolerance but by intensely critiquing political Islam and its incompatibility with our pluralistic democracy. America's laboratory of freedom and liberty should not change."
As a non-Muslim, I am not able to separate "political" Islam from Islam as "taught" in the Koran. I believe there are well-meaning Muslims such as Dr. Jasser but I fear he is swimming against the tide of Islamic fundamentalism that seeks to overthrow our democratic republic. I have recommended repeatedly that you read the Twenty-Year Plan for yourself to become familiar with the steps being used to undermine our freedoms and to influence "our elected leaders" to vote against our democratic principles. I have copied the list below for which I trust the authors will forgive the liberty. The link is also provided. I will tell you as well that the Islamists have removed their original conference notes so that you may not find the notes upon which the following list is based but it was on the internet because I have read it there. In Item 10, you will see 1,500 as the number of mosques and student centers in America today - the number is now 2,300. Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America By Anis Shorrosh IHC Abstract Dr. Shorrosh offers the following 20-point analysis of the Islamist agenda to take over America by the year 2020: 1. Replace America's freedom of speech with hate crime bills nation-wide. This is interesting given the quotations from the Koran. 2. Wage a war of words using black leaders to promote Islam as the original African-American's religion. Strangely, no one states the fact that it was Arab Muslims who captured and sold them as slaves, neither the fact that in Arabic the word for black and slave is the same: Abed. 3. Engage the American public on the virtues of Islam. 4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office. 5. Take control of the media and the internet by buying the corporations or a controlling stock. Can anyone guess who has recently bought a percentage of Fox News? 6. Encourage the fear of imminent shut-off of Middle Eastern oil supply. 7. Protest any time Islam is criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena. 8. Acquire government positions, get membership in local school boards. Train Muslims as doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies. Ever notice how many doctors in America are Muslim, when their countries of origin need them more desperately? 9. Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via: Massive immigration (100,000 annually since 1961) Marry American women and Islamize them (10,000 annually) Convert angry, alienated black inmates and turn them into militants (2000 released inmates have joined al-Qaida). 10. Mosques and student centers (now 1500) should teach hatred of Jews, evangelical Christians and democracy. Hundreds of Muslim schools are firstly loyal to the Quran, not the U.S. Constitution. 11. Provide grants to colleges and universities in America to establish "Centers for Islamic studies". 12. Tell the world that terrorists have hijacked Islam, but not the truth, that Islam hijacked the terrorists. 13. Appeal to Americans for sympathy towards the Muslims in America, who are portrayed as mainly immigrants from oppressed countries. 14. Undermine America's sense of security with misinformation of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment buildings and malls. 15. Instigate prison riots demanding Islamic Sharia, not America's justice system. 16. Increase charities throughout the U.S. but use the funds to support Islamic terrorism. Sound familiar? 17. Raise interest in Islam on college campuses by insisting that freshmen take at least one course on Islam. Be sure that the instructor is American, Christian, scholarly and able to cover up the violence in the Quran while stressing its peaceful, spiritual and religious aspects only. 18. Consolidate all Muslim lobbies, mosques, Islamic student centers and media via the internet and hold an annual convention to coordinate plans to propagate the faith. 19. Send intimidating messages to outspoken individuals who are critical of Islam and seek to eliminate them by any means. Does the attack on Michael Savage come to mind? See CAIR - Anything but 'American' by Joseph Farah. Like Farah says, "put your money where your mouth is". I have. 20. Applaud Muslims as loyal citizens of the US, by spotlighting their voting record as the highest percentage of all minority and ethnic groups in America. The IHC recommends that you read this article in full. Dr. Anis Shorrosh, D.Min, D.Phil, and a member of Oxford Society of Scholars, is a Palestinian Arab Christian American, who is an author, lecturer and producer of documentaries. He is author of "Islam Revealed" and "Islam: A Threat or a Challenge."

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Clinton third in Iowa; rocky in New Hampshire?

Could it be that Clinton may finish third in Iowa and smash right up against the granite walls of New Hampshire? Well, it seems that Clinton's "lead" is eroding as reported by Donald Lambro in Hillary's lead in N.H. polls eroding. I would like to see a good, old-fashioned presidential campaign in 2008 and we won't get that if Mrs. Bill Clinton is annointed "queen" of the far-left dems. I want a good, old knock-down-and-dragged-out battle for the presidency in the time-honored fashion of much earlier brawls for the White House. Take the gloves off; kick this "kinder-gentler" garbage to the curb and "put up yer dukes". Let's see the republicans and democrats slug it out over ideas and a platform, not a love fest with the biggest victim group either camp can "buy". We're Americans, or most of the voters are; let's make the men earn it. We'll have a woman president but let's have one with the personal integrity to stand up to anyone on merit, not on staying married to a philanderer - that's not much of an accomplishment or recommendation, especially when it is done for political expediency; that's just plain disingenuous... If any man deserved a divorce and a huge alimony payment to his former spouse... - but wait, it was her $900,000 that bailed him out, right? OMG, she took the abuse as he denigrated and reputedly assaulted women and made her the laughing stock of women across America and then she chose to pay for it as well? Hmm... Back to, back to... Wouldn't it be fun to see Clinton come in third in Iowa, then slip more in N.H.? I'll bet her "loyal" supporters would be bailing out quicker than fleas jumping off a dog heading for a bath. Which leads me to the main point. We - the people - need a political bath; not re-education camps manned by "political correctness" enforcers. We've had enough of Mao's Little Red Book indoctrination; haven't we? We are Americans! We need a great election campaign to get our political juices flowing; to invigorate us; to put ideas on the table, not "I've got so many ideas (read I'm gonna raise your taxes and drive you out of your middle class life style to do it) we can't pay for them all - hold tight to your wallets)". We do not need to be divided by skin-color or ethnicity. We are Americans and we're greater than our surface differences. But hold tight to your wallet... You can almost see the dollar signs flashing like cherries and stars on a slot machine when Ms. Clinton speaks. You can almost imagine her eyes glazing over at the thought of all your money that the government mistakenly lets you keep when she could spend it so much better. That money is hers, hers, hers to spend chaining people to government handouts. Nothing wrong with a "hand up" but "hand outs" are bad for Americans; those handouts are designed to keep us down "on the plantation", make no mistake. Yep, let's pull the puff-pieces and get to the red meat!

Virginia Tech - The Future of Norris Hall

Several months ago, I was sent a link regarding proposals for The Future of Norris Hall. I avoided going to the link for personal reasons which I cannot explain - then or now. I have scanned the proposals. Part of me says that the greatest tribute to the men and women whose lives were so insanely taken (by a student who should not have even been at Virginia Tech in the first place but rather confined to a mental institution based on court records) would be to open the classrooms as classrooms befitting the study and academic excellence the students were pursuing and the faculty were setting forth. I don't know. One proposal speaks to a Center for Transformative Learning. My first thought on this option was that - try as we might - we can make no rational sense of the wanton slaughter of the men and women who were killed there and in the dorm. We cannot make rational sense of insanity. We can never be successful in somehow, even in a well-meaning but in some sense convoluted way, setting the tone of "can't we all just get along," can't we transform the world; can't we try to bring people together "in peace". We must remember that people of different backgrounds with different cultures did not murder the students and faculty at Norris Hall or those two young people in the dorm. People of different backgrounds and different cultures were coming together and studying as one. One insane young man murdered them all; one pychopathic killer let loose among them killed them. Our system of "compassion" killed those students and faculty when a system more responsible to the law-abiding, sane citizens it is "designed" to protect would have set aside the insanity of "political correctness" and locked "insanity" away. Even a judge in court papers said the young man was an imminent threat. Insanity is insanity and cannot be understood or somehow, although not intended, rationalized and "rewarded" through our attempts to make sense of the senseless. Evil exists in this world; evil must be fought with force and sanity; the only thing that will "save" others is sanity in our laws and rational, common-sense enforcement of those laws. Many people knew that the murderer was a "ticking bomb." Those folks have "blood on their hands" and they have to live with that for the rest of their days. How do we help them? Can we? Should we? I believe their burden is one no one can salve. I did not have a loved one taken from me on April 16, 2007; but God granted me the chance to speak with two women who were permanently touched by the insanity: one a mother whose daughter was murdered and later, a young woman who lost a young man who was to become her husband and helpmate through life. The day following Tech's graduation activities in May, barely two weeks following the murders, I was on campus at the memorial. Later, I stopped by the permanent memorial for the students and faculty in September 2007. In a most extraordinary way, the men and women who lost their lives have been honored with such "under-stated" elegance that one is instantly humbled at the simplicity and grandeur of the memorial. Tech got it right - 100% right. With no real right to offer an opinion, I would offer one anyway and say, open Norris Hall and all of its classrooms to academic pursuits; put engraved plaques on a wall by the door - inside and outside - of each room in honor of the students and faculty murdered there; and with reverence, let these plaques remind students and faculty of the honor in which those men and women are to be held that the men and women who follow them in academic pursuits must not let their lives be lost in vane, that the students and faculty that follow are walking on hallowed ground and must uphold standards of excellence for themselves in honor of those who were taken from us. We must not diminish their loss by changing the use of these classrooms. We honor them by facing their loss head-on, by walking into their classrooms and by honoring them right where they fell. At Pine Ridge in South Dakota, one can stand at the mass grave of the men, women, and children slaughtered at Wounded Knee. No center for understanding mars the landscape or distracts from the gravity of the loss... The majesty of the place is overwhelming in its simplicity; no museum, just a monument at the mass grave with the names of many murdered there and prairie grass billowing all around. One can almost hear the whispers of those lost as the wind touches the skin on a warm day in June... I am reminded of a memorial to the juniors from Tech who lost their lives serving in World War II (?) or was it the Korean War - their names are on a memorial on campus; the seniors graduated and then they too went off to war; the juniors went off to war first and didn't return. That memorial, in its humble silence, speaks to the sacrifice and to the loss felt by those left behind. Let the same simple elegance speak for the sacrifice and unity we all felt when banners reading "we are all Hokies" flashed across America. May God bless you and comfort you all in your loss... And especially to the young woman in her Hokie orange t-shirt as she pours out her tears, may God somehow touch your broken heart... Addition - the following is a comment from Dr. D. I have added it here because it should not be lost as comments often are. Dr. D's points are well-taken. ~~~~~ I have not been on the Tech campus since well before the shooting, but I cannot imagine using this building for anything other than its original purpose. Appropriate plaques, marking where people were gunned down, should certainly be posted, and the memory of the tragedy should be kept in mind by the campus. To turn the building to some other purpose seems to me to be a mistake; it needs to continue its original function. We have erred, I think, in trying to make our campuses gun free zones. Many campuses do not even have the campus police armed. This means that when a shooter appears on campus, he knows that he will face no armed opposition at all. I think we would all be much more safe if the concealed carry laws were allowed to operate on campus as in most other places. I would not carry a gun myself, but I know lots of people who would. I think we would all benefit from the fact that a shooter would know that he would likely face one or more armed opponents wherever he went. We delude ourselves when we think we can assure a completely gun-free environment; we only assure that the shooter will have the only gun. ~~~~~

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Would a Hillary Clinton presidency be unconstitutional?

Would a Hillary presidency be unconstitutional? On its face, yes. For 8 years we heard of the Clinton Co-presidency. We heard stated ever-so blithely and repeatedly that if we elected Bill we'd get two Clintons for the price of one. Well, we did and, according to the Clintons, we did get two presidents for the price of one - a co-presidency. According to the U.S. Constitution, no one can serve more than two terms (8 years) as President of the United States. No one, not even a former co-president. Arguably, we've already put up with 8 years of a Clinton-Clinton presidency, and Miss Hillary is running on - of all things - her experience IN THE WHITE HOUSE, as a co-president. I submit that by the very words, co-presidents/two for the price of one, Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is ineligible to run for president and, if we are stupid enough to elect her, I submit that her "presidency" would be unconstitutional and could legally be challenged. Let's end the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton Cabal! It is time to get out of the rut; let's give a different family a chance. Please...

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Does Islam nurture thin-skinned males?

Does Islam nurture thin-skinned males? Well, it would seem so. Today, Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent, must-read commentary, Teddy Bears' Nonpicnic. In the commentary, Hanson says it all with "Here we go again." Yawn... Yes, thousands of sword-wielding Sudanese "men" or anatomically "males", took to the streets to demand the head of a 54 year old female teacher from England. Okay, so she's female and an infidel to boot. And, in my judgement, certainly of questionable sense - not because she let her students name a teddy bear, Muhammad, after one of their fellow students - but because she has placed herself among violent men who exhibit the egocentricity of adolescents. I say again, anyone naming their sons "Muhammed" must clearly be in violation of personifying the great, off-with-their-heads, prophet, pbuh. Now, really - stereotypes develop over time and usually due to repeated behavior. Draw a cartoon - off with your head or "let's kill a saintly nun in Somalia". Seems like a whole lot of immaturity going on if Muslim men in Sudan are so threatened that an aging, not too bright female must be beheaded in order to "defend" the prophet, pbuh. Good god! It looks like, from the pictures of the men massed in the streets screaming for the English teacher's head, that there are not enough women alive to release the pent-up and repressed drives of those men. Hanson points out that "few (Muslims), though, ever explain why it is that Muslims - not Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, or atheists - are in the global news threatening to kill someone over a toy or a cartoon or an opera." Good question? Hanson further asks the most important question. "What would stop this unhealthy teddy bear syndrome?" He gives four strong answers. I'll add a few more: no special treatment for Muslims in any Western nation; no hours when public swimming pools are closed to all but women as a submission to Sharia Law; no burquas in the United States; screaming our "freedom of speech" to the skies and boycotting companies such as the ones who pulled their advertising from the Michael Savage show; and I say let the Middle Eastern potentates choke on their oil. We have ANWAR; we have oil off our coast that China is happily stealing with drilling from Cuba; and we should end Middle Eastern students (men) from coming to our universities from Saudi Arabia, learning Western ways to better know our weaknesses; and we should end all immigration from Islamic nations until we can have as many Christian churches in Saudi Arabia as the 2,300 mosques that are here - many funded by Saudi Arabia with money we pay for oil. Talk about sharpening the knife for your enemy! Read the Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America, print it out, and paste it to your fridge. It is plain madness to invite into our nation an ideology that enslaves women and states with clarity that the goal of Islam is to overthrow our nation and its freedoms, all to be replaced with Sharia Law. See Islam's purpose in the United States.
“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
Make the naming of teddy bears safe again! Or stop naming kids "Mohammed"; at the very least that seems a violation of Sharia Law. What more interesting way to "personify" the prophet - give him human form or likeness - than to name a human child after him? I'm just an infidel so how could I understand... But stereotypes are developed over time due to behavior and right now Muslim men in Sudan acting out like unruly teenagers are giving someone a bad name... Of course, if one insists that Islam is a "religion" from the child of Haggar, then the behavior is explained in the Holy Bible. No need to look further... Based upon observed behavior - the beheading of Nick Berg is one example; the threatened execution of Nazanin for another - Islam does not seem to be good for one's health. [Nazanin was not executed for defending herself when attacked by three brave Muslim men.]

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Paris bombing - an Al Qaeda attack?

In today's paper, we learn of another bombing in Paris, the city that burned one summer: Paris bombing kills one, injures one. Can there be much doubt regarding the source of the bomb? I cannot attribute any and all such attacks to Al Qaeda but all such attacks have an Al Qaeda-esque signature. Recently in Pakistan, Bhutto was recently attacked and nearly assassinated by a bomb strapped to an infant. What sick mind takes an innocent infant and kills his own child in the name of Allah? What kind of god is "Allah" to supposedly honor such slaughter and aberration? It boggles the Western mind... Some simple truths seem to be emerging across Europe due to the population redistribution from the Middle East, Islamic nations, to European formerly democratic republics. Certainly helped along by our involvement in Serbia and Kosovo - a shameful involvement for us as we merrily bombed Christian Serbs who had been our allies during WWII and supported anti-democracy folks sworn to wipe Israel off of the face of the map and usher in Islamic dominance both in the United States and throughout the world - a pipeline/funnel has been opened through which Islamists happily access nations once difficult to enter. European nations through the EU will become a hodge-podge of Islamic "states". And arguably, the threat of world-wide Islamist domination threatens our very life and tenets of equality, our simple freedoms. And do not believe that Russia will be unscathed as it is projected to become an Islamic "state" by mid-century. Again, remember it is not through superiority of numbers but through the twisting of our laws against us that the Islamists seek to destroy our institutions and our freedoms. It is sickening to watch our "leaders" or Pied-pipers leading us to the slaughter kow tow to Islamist leaders in the United States and Europe. We are facing a devout enemy for whom life or time mean little. We will be forced to name this enemy and we will be forced to take action. I tend to believe that there are "peaceful" followers of Islam within the United States but their voices are as nothing in the face of the onslaunt by Islamists in many coverings from business suits to robes. And, sadly, these peaceful Muslims are apostates to Islam, and thereby enemies of the islamists. Their lives and livelihoods hang in the balance as well. America needs a moritorium to halt ALL immigration into the United States, a deportation of all illegals and their children born here or not, and the institution of English as the lawful language of the land. One of our strengths as a nation has been that we have had one language that we all speak, dialects not with standing. The one language - English - allows for mobility for all of us to move where we like and have the chance of attaining the "American Dream." That I as a credentialed teacher in California cannot teach in parts of Los Angeles speaks partially to the Balkinization that is occurring within our nation. This must stop. America must be open to all Americans to travel where we wish and to live where we wish. Balkinization - isolation within our own nation - is another attempt to destroy our cohesiveness as a national entity. The times are threatening and the hand of death is at the door. Do we consider our own personal safety or do we fight on for the safety of our children, grandchildren, and those Americans yet to be born? I say the latter. Islamists in any form and under any guise are the greatest threat to Western civilization that exists today. We know the forces that China and Russia align against us; although I had earlier hopes for Putin, I see that I was wrong; but these "enemies" are not new; what is new is the self-avowed enemy that establishes mosques, madrassas, training camps, and the like right here on our soil with the consent of our "leaders". And what is the most open avenue for establishing these "beach-heads"? Our universities... If Islam were, in fact, a religion such as Baptist, Methodist, and such that would be one thing but a reading of the Koran as well as readings of those who are islamists and those who study Islam point to much more; they point to an ideology that is political as well as military encompassing every action its followers take and the penalty for exercising "free choice" and leaving Islam - the penalty is death... Death seems to be the penalty for any number of infractions in Islam, including being the victim of rape... There is much for us to discuss and much for us to just face if we are to survive with our freedoms and our separation of church and state...much indeed. Maybe we don't deserve to survive but right now we have honorable men and women serving in our military and in our "alphabet" agencies who are willing to put their lives on the line for our survival. They deserve the same dedication from us.

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Any Sharia Law in USA undermines our freedoms

I was thinking about CAIR's abuse of Michael Savage and their assault upon our freedoms - name any one. It occurred to me that we are being forced to "accept" sharia law one foot-washing station at a time. Here are a few examples: Foot-washing stations at two international airports, Phoenix and Kansas City, I believe; and of course, at the University of Michigan. Taxi drivers refusing to carry passengers who have bought duty-free alcohol in Minneapolis (big bru ha ha under the direction of a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood now seen as so dangerous as to be banned from Egypt. Flaps over Muslim women not being allowed to wear hijabs for driver's license pictures. Why would Muslim women in America be allowed to drive cars anyway? Can they drive cars in Saudi? 2,300 mosques now exist in America - and we're a "colonial" power? It takes practitioners of the "religion of ?" to fill those mosques. And I don't know how many madrassas (Muslim schools) exist within our nation where hatred of our nation and our government are taught. In the Islamic city of Fairfax, Virginia, traffic is stopped on major highways so that people can go to prays 5 times a day. Islamic prayer rooms in some public schools or so I've read... Hush, hush, don't whisper "Merry Christmas" in a public school; you'll be suspended... So, in my own way, I sent a small check to the legal defense fund for Michael Savage. Why? I'm fighting for my freedom too, and yours... Address here - not much, just $10.00 from each of Michael's listeners will go a long way in defense of OUR freedoms. I read a quotation the other day from a man serving in Iraq. He said he wanted his children to know when they grew up that he fought in Iraq so that "his children would be able to worship at any church of their choice and his wife would never have to wear a burqua." By the way, we don't stop traffic any place else in America for folks to attend church, not to my knowledge. This is one more act of submission, one more act of Dhimmitude or servitude to a "political ideology" that wants domination over us all...or so says Mr. Omar M. Ahmed. And he is not the only CAIR or former member of CAIR to express such sentiments. We are fortunate in that these folks have openly declared themselves enemies of we, the people, and the government of the United States of America. They are fortunate in that no one is listening to them...


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Michael Savage under attack by Islamists/CAIR

Michael Savage, a writer and radio talkshow host, is under attack by CAIR - know as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, still to me a curious name more like a liaison between America and Islam. I think it stands for Council Against Independence in Reasoning, or seems to behave that way but I digress... Michael Savage is under attack by CAIR, the defender of Muslim women attacked in Iran, for one reason and one reason alone. The dismantling of our freedoms - in this case Freedom of Speech - and the erosion of our U.S. Constitution to be replaced or made null-and-void by the slow, incremental establishment of Sharia Law, one and the same with Islam. CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator with the Holy Land Foundation and has reputed ties with Hamas, a political-terrorist group. Michael Savage is fighting back as you can read in the law suit filed against CAIR, here. It is worth your time as transcripts from the radio show are included. Please take the time to review them. The purpose of Islam within the United States is given below as quoted from Mr. Ahmad. It is difficult to argue against the man's own words: Taken from In defense of the Constitution:
On 14 June, 2003, The Tri-Valley Herald posted an article to its web site standing by the original article by reporter Ms. Lisa Gardiner wherein she quoted the following statement by Mr. Ahmad: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
Now, if that isn't a declaration to overthrow the US Constitution - which we seem to be doing quite well enough on our own, thank you very much - I don't know what is. The Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America is clear in its directives; John Conyers seems to be playing the perfect foil; and the march toward Dhimmitude goes on. The attack on Michael Savage is an attack upon your freedoms of speech. If CAIR silences Michael Savage, the precedent will have been set - no discussion of or even mentioning of Islam will be permitted in the United States... Far-fetched? Not at all. The "Knaves" of this story: the sponsors who caved to CAIR, one of which seems to be Sears. We, the people, should boycott their products, period. In addition to SEARS, here's a few more, taken from the reference above (sponsors) who seem to support the ending of "freedom of speech": "Advertisers that have already stopped airing, or refuse to air commercials on "Savage Nation" include Universal Orlando Resorts, AutoZone, Citrix, TrustedID, JCPenney, OfficeMax, Wal-Mart, and AT&T." Wake up, America! Sharia Law has no place within whatever still exists of our democratic republic...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Sunday Song

I don't know the blogger; I can't read the language; but when you go to the blog, you hear a beautiful song just perfect for a Sunday - just a pleasant place where we can go and set all of our differences aside for a few minutes - here. I can't read the blog of the young man in Turkey but I can enjoy the music... just for a moment as I watch the waves from the ocean roll more gently today against the shore... and just for a moment set aside the over-reaching governments that tear their peoples apart, that divide us along any fissure they find expedient, just for a moment listen to the music, watch the waves, and be glad for this day the Lord has made...

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