Friday, November 30, 2007

Break Clinton, the Lesser's, war chest!

Okay, this is a squirrley idea, I admit, but fun to contemplate... I must be experiencing low blood sugar. I have worked on several political campaigns. One item that campaigns will nearly "kill" for are mailing lists and as for getting names on their mailing lists, the more the better. All right, so 20 million innocent folks each send in $1.00 donations to help the campaign. That's 20 million dollars - not good. But do you know how much money candidates spend just on mailings to contact those 20 million people over and over and over again? Okay, $0.50. Too much? But what a reward... And you get the same mailings regardless of what you contribute. Oh, I know that Clinton, the Lesser, has a kazillion dollars in campaign donations but wouldn't it be fun to get your $1.00's worth of literature? Admittedly, the thought of being on the Lesser's list of donors is rather scary but a small sacrifice to "save" America, yes? Then there is the likeability factor. Read a good article in National Review on Clinton, the Lesser's likeability - not very likeable. Of all of the candidates - on both sides - who is the least likeable of them all? We know you wouldn't let Clinton, the First, drive your teenage daughter home even as lovable as he is and being a philanderer plus an aledged "abuser of women", but would you let Clinton, the Lesser, babysit your kids? [Not for the same reasons, obviously. Think Cinderella's step-mother or the Queen in "Snow White and the Seven Dwrafs"] Hmm... The gurus of the polls say that single women will vote for Clinton, the Lesser, just based on gender. Well, we'll see. I have to believe that women, even single women, know that all those millions of "new programs" Clinton has ideas for that we can't afford will be funded from someone's hard-earned salary. And all single women do not escape the "tax woman." Right... Where is Captain John Smith when we need him?

Put Ann Coulter in charge of building "the fence"

Of course, we all know who Ann Coulter is and we all know what we mean when we speak of "the fence." Well, Ann Coulter's talents would be wasted in a government job - even for a nanosecond - but her idea for building "the fence" is excellent. As I heard her say on a TV interview - paraphrasing now - if we want to get the fence built, built well, and built on time, let's hire some of our "illegal aliens". Ann's absolutely right. So, let's draft Ann Coulter as Secretary of Homeland Security and let's stay out of her way to continue to exercise her "freedom of speech" with candor. Something we could use in Washington - candor, that is. Look, many of our elected "leaders" are NOT going to defend this nation from invasion, not now, not ever because the "invasion" serves their sorry self-interest. "They" shall remain nameless...

Anyone for the Fair Tax? See Garner...

I can't copy Garner's cartoon but it is priceless. Check "editorials" in the Washington Times and the cartoon appears for 11-30-2007. Garner deals with the issue of all of us getting out there and paying our taxes because as he says: "Over 12 million illegal aliens are in our country and we are going to allow them to stay, protest, procreate, receive support monies, attend schools, avoid paying income taxes, have our teachers take 300 hours of ESL (English as a Second Language) training at our expense." Finally the caption under the drawing: "Don't forget to pay your taxes...over 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!" Anyone for the Fair Tax?

US funding Islamic terrorists?

I bow to Diana West. With Bill Gertz, Jerry Seper, and Audrey Hudson - I cannot help but read The Washington Times - and I didn't even include Clarence Page, Bruce Fein, Walter Williams, as well as their indomitable cartoonist, Garner. Today's cartoon is exact amundo, right on, sir. Now, Diana West's editorial/commentary is Money Trail: Who are the fianciers of Islamization?. Diana hits the waterfront in this one in that she plows into China and our whuss of a response and calls us to task as well for rushing out the very next day, some of us as early as the night before, to swarm into stores to spend the despised Yankee dollar on items "Made in China." Try to find any ladies' clothes in Macy's, as an example, that are not made in China. Okay, a few items from Vietnam, but otherwise, if you purchase any women's clothes, you're coming out with "Made in China" articles worked on by nimble fingers in China for slave-wages and passed on to us. West's main question addresses or rather asks essentially is it good for America that American banking is being "islamified"? In a word, no! It's kind of like a "camel's nose under the tent" thing. Much as our educaitonal system once the federal government got involved - again a thank you to Jimmy. Once Sharia Law in any form is accepted, it isn't long before we become accustomed to the strictures and they, like the obscenity of Political Correctness, can become accepted practice. And let's just throw this into the stew: Forum: Warming not man-made. It's like "Henny Penny and the Sky is falling" as we are distracted from one thing to another - mostly away from the things we can do something about in favor of crippling the US economy on things we can't do anything about. Of course, maybe Al Gore will turn in his "carbon footprint" Paul Bunyon-size boots for a man's size 11 but then, that's a little much to ask for, eh! West addresses Citigroup specifically and she wisely uses a quotation from Alex Alexiev, "To put it simply, any Western institution that endorses shariah-compliant products, ipso facto endorses the hateful Islamist ideology behind it, whether they know it or not. Sharia is an integral doctrine and there is no such thing as selecting just a few convenient sharia tenets and rejecting the rest. By endorsing shariah, Western banks end up becoming what Lenin called useful idiots or worse to the Islamists. And it is a very thin line between that and outright complicity in the Islamist agenda." One further point to consider in the financing of Islamic terrorists: Hugo Chavez controlls Citco gas. Hugo Chavez reputedly supports Islamic terrorist training camps in Venezuela. The United States government has at least one Citco gas station that I have personally seen on a Navy Base here at home. So, every time a service man or a member of his/her family purchases that gas, they are directly supporting Islamist terrorists. The fumes make ya dizzy, don't they? What are our leaders "smoking"?

Raise a cheer for the "religion of peace"

Here's the latest on the plight of the British female teacher whose students named a teddy bear, Muhammad: Sudanese call for teacher's death. Now, candidly, just how insecure must either Muhammad, pbuh, or more likely his followers be? If this is what Sharia Law gets you, I say, "Let's pass." On the other hand, I have to wonder just exactly how smart a British woman is to be teaching in Sudan anyway.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HIV/AIDS Capitol of America

Sometimes data just don't lie. For the latest update on HIV/AIDS - at epidemic levels - in Washington, D.C., please read America's HIV/AIDS Capitol. According to the editorial, "An estimated 1-in-20 D.C. residents is HIV positive. One in 50 has AIDS. It often takes a stunning document like Monday's highly publicized Department of Health HIV/AIDS report to cast these well-documented figures in their full, awful relief." Additionally, "The new cases afflict proportionally fewer young risk-takers than ever, more women and fewer homosexuals than has historically been the case. Approximately 34.2 percent of new HIV/AIDS cases in the District over the period 2001-06 afflict the 40-to-49 age bracket. Persons aged 30-to-39 are a close second at 31.3 percent. Eighty-one percent of new HIV cases afflict black D.C. residents (blacks account for 57 percent of the District's population). Sixty-five percent of the District's newly reported HIV/AIDS infections afflict males and 35 percent females, compared to a 2005 national rate of 74 percent male and 26 percent female." A person cannot own a gun in Washington, D.C. but they can certainly be put in danger from HIV/AIDS. You won't like the data but we Americans must start dealing with data we don't like in order to set our nation on a safer and more secure course.

Channon and Christopher - a few comments

The following two comments from my post seemed appropriate to publish here. The commenters speak to several items in what I perceive as a marked suspension of believe and confidence in our governmental agencies at all levels who are funded by our taxes to protect us and bring justice to our streets. The people who pay the taxes are being abandoned to their fate in many cases, abandoned by those sworn to protect our nation from the Executive Branch all the way down... From Dr. D:
As we all know, nice young white couples are dime a dozen and really don't count for much at all as far as the Left is concerned. They are certainly of little value compared to black thugs playing on a high school football team despite having prior police records. And they certainly don't matter compared to an arab terrorist who would cheerfully kill hundreds of Americans given the opportunity but who is now suffering some small indignity or inconvenience. No, the Left definitely has its priorities. The problem is that the priorities of the Left are all oriented toward the destruction of American as we have known it. In regard to the comment from Crusader Rabbit, there is a fourth enemy in this battle. The fourth enemy is the invading Hispanics who want to take over the American southwest. The Left and PC are working strongly to support the Mexicans, and we can fairly well assume that there are muzlims coming in across that undefended border as well. These Mexicans see themselves not as Spanish, they deny any association with a European country. They see themselves as descendants of American Indians and therefore as the original owners of all of America. They don't recognize the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (most seem to have never heard of it) and they claim that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and part of Colorado belong to them and they are going to take it back. These Mesican invaders breed like jack rabbits and they are completely without conscience in terms of taking what they have not earned. Our Leftist government does not deal with these folks in an effective manner at all, so they are encouraged to come ahead. To return to your original topic, the way that this horrific and clearly racially oriented attack has been ignored by the press is clear evidence of an agenda in the MSM that is controlled by the Left. This should have been in the national news immediately and it has had almost no coverage at all which is a great shame. This fine young couple deserve much better than that. We must preserve their memory and we must seek real justice for their attackers, real justice that is no slap on the wrist! 7:32 PM
From Joe B.:
As I wrote on my blog about the The Untold Story a few months back about this horrific story, I just can't believe how very little media attention it received. If the roles were reversed, you could be damn sure that the justice brothers would have been outside the courthouse whoring it up for the main stream media cameras every single day since it happened. Coincidentally enough since the story did not fit into the liberal media's agenda driven views on what makes a big story, very few people have actually heard about this horror.
The story is not for the weak, so please read it with full knowledge of the horrors Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom endured. When Al Sharpton of Tawana (sp) fame shouts racism, ask him about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom - not to be forgotten

The following is a link to information about the heinous murders of Channon and her boyfriend, Christopher: Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Probably not a "hate crime" though. Neither Channon nor Christopher are here to swear to the foul racial epiteths shouted at them as they screamed for mercy as their bodies were tortured and broken. Just four men and one girl out having fun, I suppose. The case seems to be under seal. Can't have the truth getting out. But according to the Knoxville Police Chief, “We have no evidence to support the fact that this crime was a race crime,” says Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen, IV. “It appears to have been a random violent act.” Yep, just a random act of violence. If this "random act of violence" is not a hate-crime, racially motivated, then no black-on-white crime ever will rise to that level. Never... What is curious, or so it seems, is that the Liberal Leftists are far more sympathic to Islamic terrorists getting three hot meals a day prepared in accordance with their "religious" demands, clean clothes, and a clean environment, unless they are throwing their feces at the guards that have to deal with them, then they (the Leftists) are toward the fate of a defenseless young white couple. There is so much shame being brought upon our nation by Political Correctness, one-sided "hate crimes" legislation, and such along with so much "anti-white" bias. Al Sharpton can get exercised about a few nooses in Jena, but God-forbid that he come to the defense of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. When that day happens, we may be making progress toward equality. Over at Crusader Rabbit, the slogan reads "Radical islam has two allies here in the West - leftism and political correctness. The fight is with all three." Radical islam is not the only group of violent folks who have the Left on their side.

Dems and Repubs: one and the same?

The following are great comments from Dirk who responded to a post, here. The comments are presented here in full. He is so correct in many ways. So, how do we "take our nation back?" And does Ron Paul believe in open borders and the loss of whatever American sovereignty remains after NAFTA, Clinton, and Bush? From Dirk: ~~~~~~~ Hey Beachgirl, you need to step up your understanding of the current 2 party system. Anyone who places their faith in either major party will wind up losing. The average supporters of both parties are played against each other like suckers as the leadership of both parties move us in the same overall direction. They argue about numerous issues, but never touch the critical issues. Democrats will argue for higher income taxes and Republicans will argue for lower income taxes. However, they're both arguing in favor of income taxes, and the correct alternative of scrapping the income tax altogether is never presented as an option to the public. There is the appearance of an intense battle for control. It's carefully managed to stay fairly evenly balanced between those who gravitate towards the Democrats and those who gravitate towards the Republicans. Once you begin to realze that battle is raging on the deck of the Titanic you will start to see the bigger picture. I was a committed Republican for many years until the reality of it became apparent. The media annointed "frontrunners" at the beginning of modern presidential races have been paraded into American living rooms for years with news clips and coverage. By the time the race starts they are household names. A statesman like Ron Paul would receive equal coverage if the press were free, independent and objective simply because his positions and ideas are so different from the status quo. I totally agree with you about your opinion of Hillary Clinton. However, don't be suckered into thinking that the Republican Party is your salvation. They are taking us down the same road as the democrats, they just go in smaller steps and veer a little more to the right. Not the true right, but the neo-con right that most Republicans have swallowed hook, line and sinker. If Ron Paul doesn't get the Republican nomination, "your man, whomever that might be" will screw our country as bad as Hillary. It might be in some other form or fashion, but we'll be screwed just the same. There are more than enough people in the country who realize that to win the election for Ron Paul. With the exponential growth of his support, there is more than enough time over the next year for him to win as an independent. He's the only one who can defeat Hillary whether that be as a Republican or solo. Every four years for a long time now Americans have been spoon fed candidates that come from the same pool. This time there is a true alternative. America is soaking up the rEVOLution like a sponge. It's time for you to become a part of it. This isn't about Ron Paul, it's much bigger than him. America is waking up. He's just the messenger. A little quirky maybe, but squeaky clean, rock solid and not out for power or personal gain. He's the guy you want in your corner. Screw the labels, take a really deep and close look at his positions on the issues at ~~~~~~ A link, Ron Paul Library. As for truth in advertising, I would have voted for Pat Buchanan in 2004 but didn't. My bad... To be even more insanely honest, I would have voted for Kerry since we had a Republican House and Senate. To me, one of the tragedies for our nation that historians will recount is that our Republican House and Senate - in so many ways - kow towed to the president when they knew they should not have. Just like some Republican Senators voted to keep Clinton, the First, in office only so that George W. Bush would not be facing an incumbent Al Gore. Now, that was shameful... But for now, let's look to the present and our future...

Middle East Peace Chat - 'Honor Killing' in Annapolis

Frank Gaffney, Jr. has it right again in his commentary on the euphemistically called "Middle East peace talks" being held in Annapolis today. See Gang rape in Annapolis. In reading Gaffney's commentary, I was struck by the similarities between the precarious position of the Israeli people and the citizens of the United States of America currently being invaded. We are told that on the Cross, Jesus said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Good words and possibly true. In our case as in the case of Israel, the leaders, our leaders, know exactly what they are doing with NAFTA, the North American Union, and the SPP treasonous highway. In both cases, the goal is the destruction of a sovereign peoples. How sad; how tragic... For Israel, I shout "Not one inch of land and on giving over Jerusalem, "Hell, no!" I wonder if Olmert, when he's not reeling from the "cluster foxtrot" of the "Alice in Wonderland" world swirling around him, will have moments of feeling like the innocent girl, played by Jody Foster, in the movie, The Accused. Yes, gang-rape in Annapolis, indeed. Shame on Secretary Condoleezz Rice. Shame on all of us...for letting it happen.

Are children abused under Islam?

A gentle reader left this link for us to read, This is Islam and what it does to children. Then, of course, from the Holy Bible, we have "Love one another." "Be kind to those who spitefully use you." And "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..." And a children's song, "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world." Which is the world we want for the 21st Century? Sharia Law or our God-given freedoms...those endowed to us by our Creator? I'll leave the theological discussions for the experts. I'll fight within my power for our FREEDOMS.

America - on the road to anarchy?

Bruce Fein has another excellent commentary, Can the Republic survive?. My answer - in a word, NO. If a Democrat gets into the White House on January 20, 2009, NO - our Republic will not survive. We will morph into a short-cut between Mexico and Canada and American citizens will be caught in the middle with passports to no where. Let me refer you to the American Freedom Agenda organization. Also to Mr. Fein's recent commentary, Renouncing empire. Can we get back to sanity and can we end "signing statements" that negate the legislation, good or bad, that is passed by Congress and signed into law by the Executive? Can we save our nation from the North American Union or is it already too late? Note: I don't support all of the tenets of the American Freedom Agenda but we have to start someplace at regaining our national sovereignty and controlling both the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of our democratic republic and somehow force them to deal with their enumerated "powers", leaving the States alone. Congress has used the Commerce Clause to get its nose into every facet of our lives. And in my perfect world, the first department I'd close would be the Department of Education.

How insulting can a Teddy Bear be? Get real!

Well, if you needed another example why Islam/Sharia Law is not compatible with Western Culture, Western Civilization, or Western Democracy and our assorted freedoms, here's another one for you, British teacher held over prophet 'insult'. First, just how insulting can a cuddly Teddy Bear be? They are cute, warm, cuddly, and keep children "safe" at night as bed-buddies unlike some pedophiles we could name but won't. And, just how insecure can a "leader" be, a dead one at that if a woman has to be beaten over the harmless incident? Of course, she is a woman so we know her position under Sharia Law. Next to 'honor killings', what's a little caning, right? And deportation - that'd be my first choice... In the Sudan, no surprise, a British teacher is held possibly to face lashes, a fine, and deportation. Why? Because the students in her class, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, named a Teddy Bear, Muhammad. And this insults the prophet, how? "Muhammad" and all its 14 spellings is fast becoming the most popular name for Muslim boys in Merry Ole Englandistan. The rule in accordance with Sharia Law is that "for devout Muslims, any physical depiction of Muhammad is blasphemous and strictly forbidden." Fine... But how in God's green earth is a teddy bear a depiction of a 7th Century man revered by some as a prophet? But so, by some form of demented "logic" one concludes that a teddy bear is a depiction of such a person,... Then I submit that no one should be named Muhammad because in the strictest sense, arguably, that boy becomes a "physical depiction" of Muhammad - peace be upon his sword-wielding self. It could even been seen as an act of arrogance to name a son after the leader of the 'religion of peace'. [Forgive me, Lord.] Now, really. With all the very bad press Muhammad and his band of merry psychopathic killers - variously known as Islamic jihadists, Islamists, radical Islamic terrorists, and on goes the litany - have been getting recently, you'd think a little good PR with tenderness and generosity would be a good thing. Maybe put a softer, gentler side on it. But no... Candidly, what is wrong with naming a teddy bear Muhammad? Couldn't that be like naming the bear after one's best friend such as Susie or Frank, or Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Samuel, Daniel, etc? Where are those Danish cartoonists when you need them?

Ron Paul - 2008 Perot-style Spoiler?

Ron Paul has a busy and growing group of folks who support his candicacy. Not arguing that... But here's the thing. Conservatives got snuckered by the Clintons in 1992 when they dove in droves for Ross Perot. He was right by the way - that "great sucking sound" will soon be replaced by the roar of Mexican trucks plowing over us on the highways across the nation, inspected (ha, ha) first in Kansas City at a station paid for by us and controlled by Mexico. We must have "stupid idiot" tatooed on our foreheads as the "Mark of the Beast". Conservatives, Republicans of all ilks, don't split your vote again. That gave us Clinton, the First! We do not need, nor can we survive a Clinton, the Second. As much as I hate to say it, we know Clinton, the First. But Clinton, Number Two - now that's a different story. A lady doesn't have to be mean, ugly, and a witch to be tough. Lady Margaret Thatcher comes to mind as a tough leader as does Queen Elizabeth - the last great queen of Englandistani formerly known as Great Britain. Conservatives, watch the Dems as they begin to push Ron Paul for the sole purpose of splitting our vote. I'm not arguing the strengths of Ron Paul. Just when the primary is over, let's stand by our man, whomever that might be and walk, drag, or crawl to the polls to defeat the self-annointed Ruler of the World. And of course, she wants hubby out of the White House - no more romps in the Lincoln Bedroom or the galley of the Oval Office, eh? Is Ron Paul being setup to be the 2008 Perot-style Spoiler? Hope we're smarter than that...this time around. Remember, fool us once, shame on you! Fool us twice, shame on us! ~~~~~~~ Here are two links from "Anonymous" that you might find interesting. Also, I did not know that Ron Paul is the only candidate running who is NOT a member of the CFR. Read up on the Council on Foreign Relations or search on Council on Foreign Relations. It is my understanding that Secretary Rice was a member of the CFR as was Albright. I could be wrong, but I think the CFR is arguably a "new world/one world" order/globalization sort of group - open borders, no nation-states. Ron Paul as Vice President For Barack Obama USA Today - What's new: Ron Paul 'e-bunder' aiming to put candidate over $12M ... What's new: Ron Paul 'e-bunder' aiming to put candidate over $12M My only point is that Conservatives must stick together - even if it is a write-in vote... See comments.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Najistani's contribution to Islam Awareness Week

From Najistani in Britainistan heralds the coming end of England, Great Britain; but for my post I wear the mantle of "racist PIG!" conferred upon me no doubt by a practitioner of the "religion of peace." Always happens when one speaks the truth. This Islam Awareness Week in Britain is not to be confused with the Islamofascism Awareness being conducted across the United States where freedom of speech is still hanging on by its lacerated fingertips and students are getting more than one point of view. I don't know Najistani but I say, keep the comments heading this way to the good old U. S. of A. for as long as she may stand and after as well when we might be squashed like a bug under the yoke of the North American Union, if we are not able to stop it. {Anyone remember when Mexico was Latin America or Central America? Well now, it is considered under the listing of North America. When are we going to populate Mexico? Oh, that's right. Hard to own land there if you are a gringo.] Back to, back to... ~~~~~~~~~ Here in Britainistan we're coming to the end of the lavishly petrodollar-funded ISLAM AWARENESS WEEK, with the 'Religion of Peace' message being proclaimed throughout our schools and colleges. Every British child now knows that 'Islam means Peace' and that Muslims cannot possibly have carried out the terrorist attacks for which they've been blamed, and they're bringing home the glossy booklets to prove it to their bigoted Islamophobic parents. Allah Akhbar!!!! So as my own humble underfunded contribution to Islam Awareness Week, I've compiled a list of Islamically Aware blogs which allow unrestricted comments and are active as of 24-NOV-2007 . Let us go forth and share Islam Awareness throughout the blogosphere!!! American Jihad Archbishop Cranmer A Tangled Web Baldheaded Geek Barnsley BFB WWIII Boycott Islam Citizen Warrior 2 Covenant Zone Covert Tactics Culturism News Dizzy Fat Plonka Edgar 1981 English Rose, UK Fiery-spirited Zionist Firebase America Fortress Australia Fulham Reactionary Goat's Barnyard God help Britain Infidel Blogger's Alliance Illustrated Pig I support the resistance Islamic Danger John of Gwent The New Crusade Kirklee's Resistance Lancaster & Morecambe - BNP Liberty Planet Lionheart UK Masada 1234 Mosque Watch Oleh Musings Nationalism in our Time of Need Nationalist Blog Neo-Command Center Newport City No Burqua No Dhimmitude Pedestrian Infidel Conservative Beach Girl Freedom Fighter's Journal Scottish, British, and Proud Simon Darby Spartan Spectator Sultan Knish The Buckshotter The Doctor44 Up Pompeii Worcestershire Nationalist Western Defence When Worlds Collide Yid with a Lid Central News Zion Truth ~~~~~~~~~~~ I asked Najistani in a post to give me the links in html format, easier for me. I'll convert these as time permits.

Romney urges judge to resign - not enough

Recently, Romney urged Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman who freed Daniel Tavares, Jr. to resign. Not good enough. ~~~~~ From the article:Romney urges judge to resign DERRY, N.H. (AP) — ...In June, Mr. Tavares completed a 16-year sentence for manslaughter for killing his mother but prosecutors tried to keep him in prison on the guard-assault charges. A district court judge approved bail of $50,000. In July, Judge Tuttman overturned that decision and freed Mr. Tavares on personal recognizance. The transcript of that hearing shows that prosecutors did not mention any threats against Mr. Romney and others and did not ask the judge for a separate hearing on whether he would be dangerous if released while awaiting trial on the assault charges. Instead, they underscored his history of violence and asked that if he were to be released, he be monitored with a Global Positioning System device. The judge declined to impose a monitoring system, saying she was presented with no evidence that he was a flight risk, and she ordered Mr. Tavares freed on the condition he call probation officers three times a week, live with his sister and work. Mr. Tavares fled to Graham, Wash., with a woman he met while in prison. On Monday, Mr. Tavares was arrested in the shooting deaths of Brian Mauck, 30, and Beverly Mauck, 28, who lived near him... Mr. Romney appointed Judge Tuttman in April 2006. ~~~~~~ This is what should happen. First, the judge must resign. And then, if Mr. Tavares is convicted of killing/murdering Brian Mauck and Beverly Mauck, the judge should immediately be indicted for being a accomplice after the fact in that her irresponsible behavior betrayed the public trust and led directly to the murders of the Maucks. The judge should be sent to prison for aiding and abetting felony murder. It is about time judges and psychiatrists begin to reap their just rewards for the misery they inflict upon law-abiding American citizens. And no, this solution is not too harsh. But then who should be imprisoned for the vehicular murders of 12,000 Americans killed on our highways every year by illegal alien drivers from Mexico? I've got a long list of possible suspects. Can you name a few?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving - 2007

As we fast near our Thanksgiving for 2007, it is important to remember that Thanksgiving as well as the Fourth of July are uniquely holidays of the United States of America. Along with our English language, our newest citizens need to learn also about the importance of Thanksgiving... I leave the telling of that to the experts but then they have missed the first Thanksgiving held at Berkeley Plantation in 1616 or 1617 a few years before our Plymouth Rock brothers and sisters held their own Thanksgiving. :) Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Be safe on the highways and if you find yourself ready to carve up Uncle Fred or scream at Aunt Mildred, rent or buy the movie "Home for the Holidays" with Ann Bancroft, Rodney Downy, Jr, and a good cast that will have you laughing. If you find yourself alone on Thanksgiving, even more important to rent the movie and get a good chuckle.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clarence Page on Crimes of ordinary hate

Clarence Page has an excellent commentary today, Crimes of ordinary hate, in which a lone protester, Shane Johnson, "a social worker by day and a blogger on the side" supports the prosecution of hate crimes but believes that Mr. Sharpton defines "hate" too narrowly and restricts "hate" crimes to those of black-on-white or most especially white-on-black crime. White-on-black crime is extremely rare. I have the same question in so many words as Mr. Johnson - hate crimes are hate crimes but what makes a black-on-black crime any less "hate-filled". The case in the editorial is very telling. Have you even heard of it through the Mainstream Media or the champions of "hate crimes" prosecution if the perpetrator may be "white". I should clarify and define "white" here as "non-Hispanic white" which is what all "white" folks in these United States have now become. Seems we all have to be tagged with some term other than Americans even as our census folks define most Hispanic descent folks as "white". Check out the disclaimer in the World Factbook. This classification system is why the "white" population is now at 81%...
white 81.7%, black 12.9%, Asian 4.2%, Amerindian and Alaska native 1%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.2% (2003 est.) NOTE: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean a person of Latin American descent (including persons of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin) living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.)
This is the hate crime not worthy of note by the MSM or the attention of Mr. Sharpton:
Mr. Sharpton wants tough federal prosecution of hate-related crimes like the noose hangings. Fine, says Mr. Johnson. But Mr. Johnson also asks why national black leaders have paid so little attention to a more recent campaign in the black netroots: the beating and rape of a 35-year-old Haitian woman and the beating and sexual assault of her 12-year-old son by up to 10 assailants in West Palm Beach, Fla. In June, armed attackers broke into her apartment in Dunbar Village, a public housing development, allegedly to retaliate for the woman's complaints about their noise and litter. They repeatedly raped and sodomized her and forced her to perform oral sex on her son, according to a grand jury indictment. They also poured household chemicals on the victim's eyes and threatened to set them on fire, say police and news reports. Was that a “hate” crime? It certainly wasn't about love.
Mr. Johnson asks quite correctly:
”Why is it that we can make bold statements of outrage about a few nooses,” Mr. Johnson said. “But not about this 35-year-old woman who is trying to make a life for herself and her son in Florida?”
A good question especially in that no one was injured in the "hanging nooses" episode in Jena, La., except for a white youth who was beaten by six black youth. Mr. Page's editorial poses solid questions for the black "leaders", some of whom are clearly self-styled "race-baiters" and have a rather tawdry beginning. Page's editorial deserves to be read and black leaders owe him and the black community answers...not to mention the answers they owe to our American community-at-large.

Najistani and Muslim Propaganda

The following information is from Najistani. I have been a little slow on getting this post out but I like to read all of the links first. So from Najistani... ~~~~~ The gullible and vulnerable, especially young captive audiences such as schoolchildren, are increasingly being targeted by Islamic propaganda aiming, if not actually to convert them, then to soften them up for the future Islamic takeover of our country. Of course it isn't just the innocent and gullible who swallow the 'Religion of Peace' bullshit spread by the Muslims and their PC Marxist allies... Many ordinary decent people would really like to believe that Islam offers no threat, because to face the truth implies a future just too scary to contemplate. But face the truth we must. For to accept lies are being taught to our children with no attempt at refutation is to allow them to be led into slavery. The Marxists have drugged western culture with a Mickey Finn cocktail of post-modernism and multiculturalism which has suppressed rational analysis of Islam as being 'racist' and Islamophobic. Inevitably, as Goya pointed out 'The Sleep of Reason brings forth Monsters', and the most hideous and vampirish of those monsters is the spread of islam in the West. Islamic propaganda must be attacked with the full unremitting criticism of Judeo-Christian rationalism. "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". Three Truths of Islam: There are three truths of Islam, which correctly understood by any adult or child, give complete protection from Islamic propaganda. These are: (1) Islam is a mind-virus or meme. (2) Islam encourages lying to infidels (taqiyya). (3) Islam abrogates its own teachings and the teachings of earlier religions. Going Viral - Islam is a contagious mental illness: Churchill famously remarked that Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies (hydrophobia) in a dog. Islam is indeed 'the rabies of religions'. Like the rabies virus it spreads from one brain to another with no other function than to cause madness, suffering and death. A meme or Mind Virus such as Islam carries the same fear-driven superstitious motivation as a chain letter - "If you propagate me then something nice will happen, if not then something horrible will happen". In order to justify itself against attack by reason, Islam places absolute reliance on faith, which is seen as being superior to reason. Islam also contains self-referential or circular claims to the truth such as "The Koran says it is the divine truth. Since it is the divine truth whatever its says must be true. These two types of self-referential statement "propagate me or else!" and "I am the only truth" provide the driving force for Islam to invade the minds of its hosts, programming them with additional instructions such as "Help people who believe in this meme, attack people who do not. Taqiyya - Muslims lying about Islam: A Muslim is a dehumanised robot who is programmed to spread Islam to vulnerable victims, like a rabid dog is programmed to bite and inject virus-infected saliva. However what if the victims are not receptive to this repulsive stone-age death cult? Well the solution is simple - hide the truth and tell whatever lies may be necessary. It may come as a surprise to those of us raised in Judeo-Christian cultures that anyone would deliberately lie about their own religion - "Tell the truth and shame the devil" is what we were taught in Sunday school. But Muslims believe that spreading Islam is the greatest objective in life, and one which find most favour with Allah, and ANY means which may be necessary are justified, including killing and lying. The tactic of deceiving the gullible infidel is known a TAQIYYA in Arabic. The truth is unimportant in Islam. NEVER believe anything a Muslim tells you about Islam. Abrogation and Contradictions: The Koran is full of inconsistencies with verses contradicting each other. The rule of 'abrogation' says that later verses cancel earlier ones. The early ones are peaceful (Meccan) , but the later verses are violent and murderous (Medinan) and call for the extermination of infidels. Added by me:
[See pages 89-96 in God has Ninety-nine Names by Judith Miller including "...But the archangel soon informed Muhammed that the verse he had received came not from God but from the devil. Horrified, Muhammed repudiated the revelation, calling it the "Satanic verses"...Ultimately, Muhammed must have decided, whether through divine revelation or political acumen, that permitting Meccans to continue worshiping their more than three hundred gods would infringe on the "oneness" of his own true God and dilute his authority as Allah's messenger."]
Of course the Muslim propagandists know this and so as part of their taqiyya they quote the cancelled peaceful verses such as ‘If you kill one soul it is as if you have killed all mankind.’ or ' no compulsion in religion' to the infidels, while acknowledging the real meaning of the Koran such as 'Kill the infidels wherever you find them' and ' Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies' as they plot attacks with their fellow Muslim terrorists. To the rational westerner these contradictions are evidence that the Koran was not written by Almighty God, but was made up as he went along by a psychotic paedophile to suit his vile purposes. But the Muslim mind is not rational, and these contradictions are seen as a Allah-given contribution to taqiyya. Allah (or the voice in Mohammed's syphilitic brain) wrote the Koran as a deliberate web of lies to confuse and deceive the gullible kuffar. Abrogation means Jesus Christ is inferior to the child-rapist Mohammed: In his later years, when Mohammed was writing the violent verses that abrogated the earlier Christian-derived Meccan teachings, he had begun his decline into depravity starting with his 'thighing' or Mufa Khathat of six year old Aisha, and going on to raping her when she was aged nine. As Mohammed's lusts became increasingly Satanic, his megalomania grew to the extent that the pervert claimed to be the infallible 'Seal of the Prophets' and abrogated Jesus Christ, reducing Our Lord to the rank of a second-rate error-prone prophet. Henceforth, if any teaching of Jesus was contradicted by the Pedophile's rantings, then the child-molester was right and Jesus was wrong. So Jesus' advice that “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” was replaced by the mandatory stoning of rape victims, apparently brought about by the now teen-aged Aisha looking for affection elsewhere than the predatory dirty old man and finding true love with a young man named Safwan ibn Al-Muattal. Know the truth, and the truth shall keep you free. ~~~~~ I would highly recommend God has Ninety-nine Names, Reporting from a Militant Middle East and Jed Babbin's In the words of our enemies.

Condi's Folly and other Israeli Sorrows

Looks like the "shuttle diplomacy" is turning around and all the principals are travelling to the United States. In the area of "peace in the Middle East" at the cost of Israel's security, I do not understand why American presidents seem to think it is their responsibilty to bring peace to the Middle East. As I understand it, Russia had a far greater hand in the establishment of Israel back in 1947/1948 and today, Russia is busy supporting "unrest" in the Middle East. Why isn't Russia at the table? Why isn't the UN involved - God forgive me for even suggesting that. But Bruce Fein has an editorial/commentary piece, Renouncing empire, that needs to be revisited with regard to the "job" of the United States in what seems to me to be a Messianic drive to "establish the world in our image". I know these words will come back to haunt me but there are times when we need to be concerned about the safety of our own nation. World War I and II were "world" wars and did engage us. But why have United States presidents in the past 20 to 30 years or so considered "brokering peace in the Middle East", read Israel giving up its sovereignty or opening its citizens to attack, a major part of their "legacy"? There will be no "peace" in the Middle East except through decisive acts of strength on the part of the Israelis. Period. The only thing understood and respected in the Middle East is power, decisive power and a willingness to protect one's nation. Mideast summit plans include Saudis, news article by Nicholas Kralev reporting from Israel. Staticidal zealotry by Frank Gaffney, Jr. Brokering Mideast Peace by Tulin Daloglu From my reading and such, it is my understanding that throughout the Middle East - with the exception of Israel perhaps - "peace talks" are seen as appeasement and provide time for the enemies of Israel to regroup and rebuild their strength. Israel must keep what it has of the West Bank and Jerusalem. Of course, I am not Israeli and I don't live in their shoes; perhaps the "peace talks" give the Israelis time as well to defend their nation and also time to let the rest of the world see the emptiness of such talks. Plus, a trip to Annapolis is a good boon-doggle... ~~~~~ For more about what Israel as well as other Western nations are facing, I recommend two books: Judith Miller's God has Ninety-nine Names, Reporting from a Militant Middle East Jed Babbin's In the words of our enemies

Beach Burst - 11/20/007 - Church and State; Kathleen Willey; Musharraf; and more

So many posts to write; so little time. Here are a few of the interesting articles and editorials out there today: Bruce Fein's Renouncing Empire is linked in several posts today, not because I concur with all of his points, but because he speaks to the neutrality recommended by our Founding Fathers. And, I see having our actual military along our southern border to defend our nation...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Britain is going, going, gone...

Mark Steyn said it all in his book, America Alone, also here, but the horror of the migration/population shifts that are occurring is something to make one tremble - really. From Philip Johnston in the London Daily Telegraph, we learn Britain flooded with immigrants. In 2006, 510,000 arrived to stay; 400,000 native Brits left for parts unknown. This is not a pretty sight; to see England, arguably the home of our birth, going the way of once-great civilizations. From the article:
Britain is experiencing unprecedented levels of immigration, with more than half a million foreigners arriving in a single year, figures showed Thursday. Last year, 510,000 foreign migrants came to stay for at least 12 months, according to the Office for National Statistics. At the same time, 400,000 people, more than half of whom were British, emigrated. An exodus on this scale has not been seen in the United Kingdom for almost 50 years. Overall in 2006, there were a record 591,000 new arrivals. Only 14 percent of these were British citizens coming home. It is the first time the number of foreign migrants has topped half a million, and the statistics do not include hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans who have arrived to work in the past two years because most say they are coming for less than 12 months. The figures suggest that only one-sixth of the immigrants last year were from states that joined the European Union in 2004. The biggest influx was from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, with more than 200,000 migrants.
I'll let you read the rest on your own but England will not survive as a recognizable nation to many of us and it is due in large measure to the EU, the European Union and the nihilism of "open borders". Better see Westminster Abbey while it is still there... Are we in America seeing our own future before us? If the North American Union becomes "fact", the plan is then to sweep South American nations into the "union" so that America will be leveled as a "great" nation to be counted upon no more. Is this what we, the people, want?

Will Edwards and Obama play it tough or cave?

Yes, I admit it, I watched at least the first hour of the Democrat presidential candidate debates last Tuesday night even though I risked my health watching little Wolfie toss out the softballs. But will John Edwards, Barack Obama, and the rest of the boys really play rough-and-tumble politics or will they fold to the girl in the pants suit? Edwards stands by criticism of Hillary. Edwards said what I hope is true that "Having been through a general election, I mean, if anybody, including Senator Clinton, thinks this is mudslinging - they've got - this is milque-toast compared to what we're going to see next fall." And Obama was stepping out as well: Obama attacks Hillary on NAFTA. He's right; how many jobs have Americans lost due to NAFTA - I didn't like it then and I don't like it now, especially as it is the fore-runner to the North American Union. By the way, for anyone who remembers Mexico as being part of Central America, it is now classified as part of North America. Of course, I want a Republican to be the president - especially in time of war but I would really like to see these men give Hillary a rund for her money. One question. Have you noticed that John Edwards is Edwards; Barack Obama is Obama; and Hillary Clinton is Hillary. Why is that do you suppose?

Islam's purpose in the United States

While this may seem like "old" news, we MUST keep the words of Omar M. Ahmad, the founder of CAIR, in front of us as we listen to CAIR spokesmen and others tout that CAIR and such groups are for the "civil rights" of Muslims within the United States. Taken from In defense of the Constitution:
On 14 June, 2003, The Tri-Valley Herald posted an article to its web site standing by the original article by reporter Ms. Lisa Gardiner wherein she quoted the following statement by Mr. Ahmad: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
Now, if that isn't a declaration to overthrow the US Constitution - which we seem to be doing quite well enough on our own, thank you very much - I don't know what is. The role of Islam within the United States of America is arguably by its leaders intent on overthrowing the government of the United States and plunging our nation and all non-Muslims into a state of dhimmitude or servitude to Islam by replacing our US Constitution with Sharia Law. They do not want to convert all of us to Islam because that would be pointless. Much more is to be gained by taxing us if we practice a religion in contrast to bowing to a theocracy. Either way, we would fall under the yoke of intolerance we can only imagine. But Islam has its own internal problems regarding who are the true Muslims and who are the apostates in the battle of succession starting way back when in the late 600s after Mohammud (pbuh) died and went to his eternal reward. Islam is now and always has been a political ideology cloaked in robes and rituals like honor killings and subjugating women - nothing has changed except perhaps some Muslims in America find a true freedom here that does not exist in many Muslim nations. For more mind-numbing information take a look at Judith Miller's book, God has Ninety-nine Names. Here you will learn what I always suspected, that Mohammud built a better mouse-trap by adopting the term "Allah" for the One God when in the early days of Mecca, the folks there had about 300 gods, Allah being only one of these. It's all long, tedious to study, and mind-numbing but the difference between Sunnis and Shites put simply is the line of succession. Who are the true or real Muslims and who are the apostates... I'm fine with them sorting that out in the Middle East but not in Europe or in the United States. When we hear CAIR and its members speak of a peaceful religion, remember Omar M. Ahmad's words. Remember as well that any groups that support Hamas and Hezbollah are not "our" friends. Let me repeat Ahmad's words:
“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
In the approved for English speakers Qur'an that I have, the author, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, states clearly "I want to make English itself an Islamic language, if such a person as I can do it." (preface to first edition, page ii) I really don't mind the Quakers and the Mormons or the Baptists and Lutherans practicing their religion peacefully next to me. I mind when they want to over-throw my government as set-forth in our United States Constitution. And frankly, I appreciate Omar M. Ahmad being so forth-right. It is always better to know up-front what a person's goals are the better to head them off... For myself, I simply do not see how Islam is compatible with our form of government which is why I never thought we should have bombed the Serbs or continued to support with the lives of our young men and women, nations whose citizens voted to live under Sharia Law which in and of itself is foreign to our liberties and equality. And to the folks who say that a "civil war" exists in Iraq, they must see that Islam is not a religion in our definition of the term but a political ideology around which a civil war - not a holy war - is being fought to determine which of the "successor" factions will win power. How do you have "power sharing" when the fissures are so deep that the Western mind cannot comprehend them; that's what I mean by a "better mouse-trap" - Mohammud joined politics and religion and power all into one tight package. Why? To increase his followers during this lifetime, many of whom saw the pillage and plunder and wanted to get into the action... See Judith Miller's book, God has Ninety-nine Names. One further quotation about Judith Miller's book: "A country-by-country account of the struggles for power and identity in the Middle East travels from the terrorist headquarters of Hezbollah in Lebanon to the royal palace in Amman to an Israeli interrogation cell." My eyes glaze over and my mind goes numb as I read of the internal wars for power going on within Islam. We don't need those wars here in the United States... We may be providing sanctuary for peaceful, law-abiding folks who practice Islam here in the United States but the power struggle within Islam is spreading and it is taking root among us... For more, see Should Muslim Quran be USA's top authority?.

Pardon Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean

This is the era of presidential "Signing Statements" that let the president essentially 'veto' legislation even as his signs it into law. This is the era when America's Marines are jailed and persecuted for doing their jobs. And... This is the upside-down era when American Border Patrol Agents with Hispanic surnames such as Ramos and Compean can expect to be defiled by our adminstration for what - doing their job. And when illegal alien drug smuggler and human trafficer, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila is granted imunity to testify AGAINST our Border Patrol agents who are trying to protect our nation. All three have Hispanic surnames. But what is the difference? The difference is simple, Aldrete-Davila serves the purpose of Congress and the Bush Administration because he uses our OPEN BORDERS to advance his crimes. He is a favored "Hispanic" while American citizens of Hispanic descent doing their jobs are NOT favored. Ramos and Compean must be pardoned, if not by President 'Bush - which seems unlikely given his stance on NAFTA and the ending of American sovereignty - then the next president. Hillary has experience with the pardoning of felons; perhaps she can see her way clear to pardon men - American citizens - doing their jobs in our employ and risking their lives to do it. Please, for decency and for the rule of law, pardon Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean. They are Americans fighting along our border. They are our first line of defense...

Cowboy Christian Churches

Maggie commented over at Eternity Road to the open letter I wrote to the Promise Keepers. She mentioned the growing number of Cowboy Christian Churches. She is right. Just do a search on Cowboy Christian Churches to get an idea of the growing numbers of faith-based churches that are growing for young couples and their children. For links, here are a few: Fellowship of Christian Cowboys Christian Cowboys and Friends A strong Christian heritage follows cowboys - the rodeo cowboys that I've seen - into the rodeo arena with them. When I attended a rodeo in Lexington, Virginia, I was impressed as the cowboys all gathered together near the chuts and bowed on one knee, bowed their heads, and prayed. And the Cowboy Churches are attracting folks from all arenas of life - owning a horse or chaps is not a requirement. So, check them out if you are looking for a way to fulfill your life and bring your family closer to God.

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Election 2008 - Draft Nicolas Sarkozy?

Just kidding... I can't go for the "global warming" issue with America being strapped while China opens one new coal-burning plant every three days and I don't go for open borders but I sure do like to hear presidential candidates speak up about what is good about America... While the United States seems poised on the brink of electing our first Marxist-Leninist president under the guise of a Democrat Socialist with the goal of granting corporations the largest "corporate" give-away known as "health care for the children", France seems to be moving into more of a nation in search of a means to reclaim itself. I would love to hear any of our candidates for the Presidency speak of America (not the Americas) but America, The United States of America, and the ideal that is uniquely American - individualism and personal responsibility within the framework of our representative republic - as did President Nicolas Sarkozy. Speech by President Sarkozy and also, Sarkozy's Speech to Congress. Just search "Sarkozy speech to Congress" for clips and more. And finally, Video of Sarkozy's Speech. I am not a globalist, no borders, no national sovereignty sort of conservative so I don't fit into the "neo-con" ideology but in his speech... Sarkozy gets it. He knows what made America great - that American ideal or idea that each of us can attain our version of the American Dream through our hard work. I know, yada, yada, yada - let's leave the new-found "victimology" where it belongs in the circular file. President Sarkozy made a hit when he gave a speech to the joint Houses of Congress. See Congress warms to France's new President. Further Sarkozy news can be found here, more on Nicolas Sarkozy. I'm not about to say the man is perfect - none of us are perfect - but his nation is embroiled with approximately 20% of the population being Muslim with some cities or areas that for all intents and purposes function as Islamic states within a nation. He has his work cut out for him and... Let's remember, Sarkozy won over a feminist liberal who stood for "appeasement." Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned there.... Maybe we should take note and not be so fast to continue our open border policy, aka the non-treaty/treaty North American Union (Mexico is now considered part of the North Americas) as demonstrated through the EU.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thou shalt not steal; Stealing from me...

For an extraordinary discussion of the separation of church and state, please take the time to read: Private Conscience and Public Policy. For the full series by Francis W. Porretto of Eternity Road: The Operation of the Moral Law: Part 1: The Operation of the Moral Law Part 2: The Theocrats among Us Part 3: The Allocation of Vengeance Part 4: Private Conscience and Public Policy

Promise Keepers - An Open Letter

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the Decline of the American Dream: The Marriage Gap based upon an editorial by Maggie Gallagher. I was sharing the post with my dearest friend, my Left Coast Operative, and he reminded me of the Promise Keepers. I too had seen the rally on The Mall in Washington, D.C. That in turn, reminded me of a blogger friend, Russet Shadows, who had read my post, Western Men - Rise Up!. Russet had suggested that I send the article/post to you and so I am, a year later doing just that. I will be cross-posting this post at Eternity Road. I encourage you to see the comments left at Eternity Road, here and join in the discussion. One additional post may be of interest, A Western Woman's call for help!, which I wrote around a year ago. Regardless of one's political affiliation, Americans possessing common sense know that something is very wrong within the body psyche of our great nation. You are the men who can change that, who can restore our basic values, and grow intact families with responsible male heads-of-households. I know women heads-of-household have many reasons for finding themselves there but I also know that women want and need strong men protecting them. Feminism not withstanding - I too want equal pay for equal qualifications and for equal work - "feminism" like all things that were or may have been well-intended has had a markedly adverse impact on women of America and upon their children. Legislation that drives the man/husband from the home and criminalizes his presence in the home with his children as "welfare fraud" must be overturned. I believe that a young couple starting out may find themselves in dire financial straits but our legislative policies must be designed to give them a hand up, not a "kicked out", path to success. By that I mean, the mothers should be denied "welfare" if the husbands are not in the home and the welfare dollars should augment the husband's salary as well as decrease as the husband/provider rises in his employment through hard-work and/or educational advancement. It is strong families and only strong families based in the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation that will see us through the tough times ahead. I myself am headed off to church now, or soon, but may be back to finish this letter to you - our future. [Or I may let this one stand as it is.] The post I wrote yesterday about the Marriage Gap was poorly written but I hope you will overlook the inadequacy and find the message there. More later.... And thank you for all of the work you are doing "keeping" your promises and encouraging young men to do the same... One more link contributed by Robes, How liberalism leads to slavery. Promise Keepers can be found here.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

March for America - Destroy NAFTA and the NAU

Several websites have much more information on the issues related to NAFTA and the superhighway as well as the destruction of the cohesiveness of American citizens through a common language: Selous Foundation; here; Bye Bye Birdie; Government run amuk; Letter; and U.S. English. I urge you to write to the Selous Foundation at 325 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Post Office Box 97207, Washington, D.C., 20090-7207 and ask for their map of the NAFTA Superhighway that will carve up American and destroy cities and farms and more throughout the middle of these our United States. Their phone number is 202-547-6963. Another group is the Coalition to Block the North American Union (NAU) - this is a project of the Conservative Caucus at 450 Maple Avenue, East, Vienna, Virginia 22180 or See March for America See Stop the North American Union

Illegal Mexicans - capitalists at their core?

If one believes in rugged individualism, taking a risk, and going for the gold, then one could look at some of the Mexicans who come here illegally, and some legally, to work. Let's just take a look at the illegal Mexicans. They come to the United States to work, let's say. They stand on a street corner, are picked up by someone driving a truck, and are taken to do work someplace for tax-free dollars that they will then send to Mexico. They don't know they will get paid, they don't know they'll be driven back, they don't even know if they'll get out of that day's work alive. Right now, they can send a healthy chunk of money back to Mexico. But wait until the Democrats get them! Then they'll get to see their money disappear... They'll be granted amnesty, a path to citizenship, and guess what: TAXES, Social Security taxes, medical taxes, and who knows what else - all so Democrats can buy their votes. I know, the President's comprehensive amnesty program did much the same thing but these folks aren't victims yet. Yes, they are breaking our laws; yes, they are taking our medical benefits from us; yes, they are using services we have paid for. Looked at that way, they are excelling as capitalists - using Other People's Money and pocketing theirs so they can send it to their home - Mexico. They must be laughing at our stupidity. By the way, no one in Mexico can get a driver's license UNLESS they can prove they are in the country legally. This North American Union stuff may not be all that good for Mexico when Americans start moving freely across the border south... But alas, the end of United States sovereignty has been given the stamp of approval by Congress through NAFTA, and the decline of jobs for legal American citizens and places in college for their children are A-Okay and approved as well as supported by the administration and congress OUR tax dollars support. So, longshoremen say goodbye to your jobs as we open our borders to the new capitalists... Two websites have much more information on these issues: Selous Foundation; here; Bye Bye Birdie; Government run amuk; Letter; and U.S. English. I urge you to write to the Selous Foundation at 325 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Post Office Box 97207, Washington, D.C., 20090-7207 and ask for their map of the NAFTA Superhighway that will carve up American and destroy cities and farms and more throughout the middle of these our United States. Their phone number is 202-547-6963.

Decline of the American Dream: the marriage gap!

I have just finished reading a good and thought-provoking commentary by Maggie Gallagher, Marriage gap threatens dream. That is the title in The Washington Times today. The actual title at is "The Marriage Gap threatens the Black American dream." According to data, here, in 2004-2005, 4.14 million babies were born in the United States with 37% or more than 1.5 million born to unmarried mothers. In a time beset with values and legal standards, these 1.5 million babies are born with their mother's last name and are therefore, even in polite society, bastards - fatherless children. Gallagher writes to income gaps and declining salaries for both white and black men. Some of the slack for the white men is that they have wives whose salaries off-set the decline in earning power of their husbands. Gallagher continues about earning gaps and the role the "marriage gap" plays in that over-all decline of various elements of attaining the American Dream. She includes a startling bit of data that goes a long way to explaining a fundamental cause for declining access to the American Dream for white and black children.
"When 25 percent of children in a community are born outside of marriage (bastards with no legal claims) as among whites today, that's a serious problem. When almost 70 percent of children in a given community today are born outside of marriage (as among Black Americans today) that's a tsunami blocking the intergenerational accumulation of human and social capital. So far, the silence about the issue among our leaders is deafening... Who will take up the challenge of reducing the marriage gap written so starkly in black and white? Who wants to rebuild the American Dream for all our children?"
A friend of mine once said, "Life is a do it to yourself project." His words somehow ring true in this underlying epidemic of bastard children, fatherless children for whom the government has skillfully replaced the father by giving someone else's hard earned money to support at a subsistence level, the generations of bastard children we have - through welfare - created. Senator Daniel Moynihan - a Democrat - wrote at length about the Great Society and how the government handouts would destroy the black family in America. Well, if 2 of every 3 black youth you see today are born to unwed mothers with no man legally claiming them - I mean legally on the printed page, no man stepping up to the plate and marrying the mother so that he can take pride and responsibilty in his family - the family he claims, then Senator Moynihan was right. Consider also that once shame and responsibility were components of our mores, no more. And the white children are being effected as well with 1 in 4 that you see falling under the not so politically correct rubric of "bastards". This is the disintegration of American society writ large. Writers/researchers have even posited that government incentives for unwed mothers NOT to marry has created a climate of no responsibility or accountability among many young men so that they almost naturally turn to gangs - not so much to engage in the criminal behavior as much at first as to have a place to be or practice being what they see as "manhood". How different would the lives of these bastard children be if their fathers were encouraged and lifted-up as good community role-models by becoming heads-of-households, responsible, accountable fathers in the very best sense of the term? To find how the destruction of the black family and the slide of the white family into tenuous status, look no farther than the policies of the Democrat Party and its Leninist leanings - from each according to their means to each according to their need. And if that need did not exist, the policies of the Democrats for a good 40 years created the "need" by making it easier for women to receive all sorts of handouts IF and only IF the man were not in the house. I have two views on the decline of the American Dream and whether this decline can be attributed to racism or behavioral? I believe it is both. I believe the racism comes from the policies of the Democrats, the Liberal Democrats, who have touted policies of "ending poverty" but have fulfilled their goal of destroying the black family and turned many black as well as white Americans into governmental dependents. Behavioral - in so far as black and white American unwed mothers have bought into the government programs designed to keep fathers/husbands out of the home. This dissolution of marriage, creating the "marriage gap", also leads to low self-esteem for the welfare recipient and for the father who is robbed of his manhood, robbed of his place. But MEN can change that. Men can stand up and take responsibility and refuse to allow their children to be born without a legal father. I call upon black (70%) and white (25%) American men who father children and then, for whatever reason, do not marry the moms, to step up to the plate, flash the middle finger at the government give-aways and say, "We are men and we will take responsibility for our children. These children are our future - the future of our nation. I want my children to carry my last name by law." I know American men can do this. And clearly 75% of white fathers and 30% of black fathers are being fathers in the most legal and legitimate ways possible. Cut down on the unwed mother population, cut down on the bastard population. Since the women seem not to want to be responsible, then American men must become a dominate force again and say, "No babies UNLESS we are married!" In other words, men saying to the women, "You can't use me as a sex object to give you a child and keys to the welfare trough then kick me to the curb. No marriage, no babies!" Now, wouldn't that be a great switch? Male dominance, birth control (not abortion), and the men putting their foot down - No marriage, no baby! But the issue goes to more core values and to extremely disheartening statistics. Children - bastards - with no legitimacy in the courts - generally do not do well in school, tend toward crime at an early age, and ultimately have no parent in the home when the mom is forced to work at low pay. Think about it, American men; reclaim your role in this society. Only you can keep this nation really great through individual effort and responsibility for the children you produce. And even sending childcare checks - although important - does not replace the importance of you in the life and development and future of your children. And the future of America.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


To Najistani - could you please send me the links - urls - for your recent comment. Then I can post. Usually, I can get this done but right now, need help. Thank you....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Israel, please keep the West Bank

It is a bit late in the evening and all is quiet here at my own "west" bank, then I read the news article, Hamas eyes West Bank. To the people of Israel, please do not let your leaders give one inch of land to Hamas and their ilk. Please - you know the Islamic terrorist militants, under the guise of political Islam, will nibble away at your land and will kill you at every turn. I pray for you and Israel that the peddlers of "appeasement", aka Peace Talks, will fail and that your leaders will defend you with all of the might at their disposal. Through the behavior Hamas and other Islamic terrorists, it is clear that Islam may be many things but a simple religion it is not. Followers are taught to lie to non-Muslims to further the advance of Islamic dominance. And like the curent invasions of both the United States and Europe, a tipping point can or will be reached at which point the cost of your survival, and ours, will be far more exacting that it would be today if we stood firm. You will find precious little peace from the radical Islamists who surround you as conditions exist today; you will find NO peace through appeasement, no peace through the outrageous and scandalous notion of "land for peace." Just ain't gonna happen. Please, hold your ground - literally and figuratively. I know God has these things in His hands but it is also said that God helps those who help/take care of themselves. When you were torn from your homes in the Gaza strip, many Americans wept with you. We all know how that turned out.

Kathleen Willey - Target

Kathleen Willey has just come out with her book, Target. Please read her book. It is not "old" news. We recently saw an extreme abuse of power in the letter Harry Reid and 39 other senators signed and sent to Mr. Mays in an attempt to intimidate Rush Limbaugh. We are dealing with some very crass folks here. If you are caught in the "welfare" morass of entitlements and low-self esteem designed to keep you down and buy your vote, pull yourself out of it. You'll feel better about yourself and maybe even proud that you are not taking food out of the mouths of children of hard-working parents who both have to work just to make ends meet. If you are a woman and want to vote for the next president based entirely on anatomy, please don't pull that lever until you at least read Willey's book. Okay, the book is not spell-binding; not even filled with rage. It is just a book by a woman who knows the Clinton White House and knows that the term "white trash" is not based upon where a person lives but rather how they live and treat others. We'll have a woman president. Let's make sure she's a Margaret Thatcher, a Lady Margaret Thatcher. Let's make sure our first woman president has the character of which Dr. Martin Luther King so eloquently spoke. Do we really need 28 years of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton preparing the way for another Bush?

Musharraf: Help him or get out of his way!

Recently, President Bush, Commander and Chief of the world's most powerful - and seriously under-used - military told President Musharraf to ditch the uniform and resign as a general of the Pakistani military. Let me get this right. The U.S. military is nominally under "civilian" rule and the Commander and Chief wears a suit. But Musharraf wears two uniforms - a general's uniform AND a 'civilian" commander's suit. Either way, Musharraf is the Commander and Chief of the Pakistani military. Musharraf known variously as President or General. First must come stability then liberty and freedom as it did in the early days of the United States of America. And by the way, folks who are voting for Sharia Law are NOT voting for democracy - the two are mutually incompatible. Musharraf doesn't need my advice but I say, 1) get Bhutto out of Pakistan, 2) continue to clamp down on militants with emergency controls, 3) carpet bomb or otherwise level any and all of Northwest Pakistan to rid the nation of the cancer that is Islamic militancy. [No need to take orders from the US as we are letting Islamist training centers develop and expand in the US, creating pockets of Islamic militancy here at home. Good grief! Can anyone say Red House, Virginia or Islamberg, NY?] And 4) suggest that President Bush clean up his own "invasion", write an executive order repealing NAFTA, and stay out of Musharraf's way. The United States seems to have been sold like a cheap whore by pimping Congress and "you know who". Too bad Jimmy has no more canals to give away. And bin Laden - don't sweat the small stuff. Let him die in a cave or wherever, just don't make a martyr out of him and stop airining his effeminate speeches across the globe. By the way, where's Russia in all this Islamic militancy as in funding? Just exactly how many nations are funding the Islamic militants/terrorists and fighting the US by proxy: Venezeula, Iran, Russia, Syris, the Islamic Republics of Europe... Hillary "cries" that the boys are piling on 'cause she's a girl. She doesn't know what "piliing on" is and we are considering crowning her with the presidency and putting her finger on the nuclear button? Musharraf - like all of us - is not perfect but he's the one with his boots on the ground and his life on the line. I say help him stabilize his country or get out of his way. Oh, wait; maybe Secretary Rice can call the shots - micromanage - the events in Pakistan as she is rumored to have done in steps that recently brought brave Israeli soldiers home from Lebanon in defeat, bolstering Hezbollah to the north and Hamas to the south. Go Team Bush - you refuse to provide safety for your own citizens beset by millions of illegals from around the world breaking our laws and raping us literally and figuratively but arrogantly tell our one ally what to do to save his own nation not to mention his life. Step up to the plate, support our friends, or kindly be quiet. Please...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Musharraf - Time running out or no?

From Foehammer, Musharraf on borrowed time. If Musharraf is on borrowed time, so are we because one day we will for forced with a "nuclear" Al Qaeda, like it or not. We cannot "pussyfoot{" around, as my Daddy would say, with the Islamic folks who are determined to destroy our nation and our way of life. The longer we put off really dealing with them, wiping them out of their strongholds in the no-go zone between Afghanistan and Pakistan, we worse it will get. "Talking" will only get us killed. Confronting the Islamists either here or abroad had better be done sooner rather than later because later will be too late and the cost then will be very great indeed. Western men will win over the Islamists whether in the streets of Iraq or the alleyways of New York City; we will win. Better sooner than later.

William & Mary's Little Red Book - Mao Pride

Mao with his little Red Book and his indocrtination or re-education camps would be proud of the fall that The College of William and Mary has taken under the current leadership. The Constitution of the United States is remarkable for many reasons but most notably, in its brevity. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion must not be abridged. A college campus is supposed to be open to a diversity of ideas; free-wheeling discussions; college kids learning to be grown-ups; not dictated to by administrative people who have never grown up and arguably fear diverse opinions much preferring lock-step babbling in sync. The traditions of The College of William and Mary and its Christian heritage have recently been under attack by the current administration - the Wren Cross put under glass due to the power it has over people... Now, enter the Bias Reporting System. Most likely the first bias report form should be filled out and directed at Nichol and the Board of Directors regarding the Wren Cross and the Wren Chapel. Mao would be proud; he attempted to dictate every facet of a person's life. Now, the president, Board of Directors, and administrative personnel at the once great College of William and Mary are embarking upon an attempt to curtail any genuine discussion among students in the name of bias. If you disagree with someone else's point of view - blamo - bias... Here are a few links; all recommended in their entirety: Speech Code Issues Powerline by Paul Mirengoff, Esq. William van Alstyne in The Volokh Conspiracy Bottom line is this: tyranny and intimidation are tyranny and intimidation whether from a college administration or an elected administration. I am very biased: I like Hondas over Buicks; I like baked potatoes instead of mashed; I like small dogs for pets instead of large dogs. I like the free exchange of ideas within college classrooms. Seems the president of The College of William and Mary enjoyed his "win" over God and the Cross and now is going after more temperal goals such as open and honest discussion among students. I am a graduate from the College of William and Mary. Fortunately, we enjoyed freedom of speech during my tenure as a graduate student; actually, freedom of speech was encouraged; the free exchange of ideas, the diversity of thought - how else could we learn from each other except under the blanket of freedom provided by our US Constitution and ensured by our Marines who stand watch and say, as in the movie, A Few Good Men, "not on my watch." Take a pill, BoD and chill-out. Our students, our young people have serious issues to discuss, ones we have been forced to evade but ones you will leave right at their doorstep. Leave our students alone, let this disagree with each other in the last environment they may have for such open discussions. I'm not certain but it looks like "diversity" at The College of William and Mary is code for non-white. Hmmm... I don't know where white students can receive a "fair" and good education today but I beseech all parents to search for schools and universities that stress diversity of ideas. Skin color does not equal diversity of ideas.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

San Diego Fires - when a woman cries...

Maggie Gallagher recounts a poignant story found here, San Diego Heroes. Our nation is filled with heroes, men who defend their women, their mothers, sisters, daughters, wives... San Diego under assault by the Santa Ana winds and the raging fires has many untold stories of courageous men and women fighting side-by-side as doctors, nurses, triage personnel, firefighters, police and more - helicopter pilots, EMTs. Citizens helping to move large animals to safety; neighbors helping neighbors. My friend, my Left Coast operative, had to leave his home in the path of the fires. He did what any savvy Southern California dweller would do with fires coming at him from the north and the south and from the west. He policed the area around his home, packed up the essentials, turned the water sprinklers on - the ones on the roof - and followed his fellow-evacuees out of the canyon. It is inspiring to me to hear of any stories that recount bravery and manliness on the part of our men who have escaped the claws of the feminists. Hooray, I say for American men. Protect us, protect your women, and thank you for your risks, your devotion, and your heroism...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Just when you thought World War II was over...

Just when you thought World War II was over, Germany's leadership, Foreign Minister, trots out the idea of an international military force for Palestine... Envoy touts action plan for Palestinians Brussels, the EU, the UN, and international military force... Good grief! Hitler must be having serious feelings of under-achievement, bouts of depressive low self-esteem, and fits of "Why didn't I think of that?" Of course, Hitler was horrific, no doubt about it, but with the way the EU has gobbled up formerly strong, independent European nations... Well, European nations are destroying themselves. Who would have thought it would have been so easy? With no national identity, it is easy for a "foreign" ideology to fill the vacuum. It is happening in the US too, just a few different players and not just one. But back to the Middle East...and PEACE. The only thing Arab Muslims like better than getting something over on each other is getting something over on the kuffars, infidels, non-Muslims - that would be US. Stop the shuttle "diplomacy" - if not from common sense, then stop it for the "environment", for goodness sake. Aside from the "hot air", just list all the planet's resources that have been and are being WASTED on Middle Eastern peace "talks." If we just said, "Hey, these Middle Eastern peace talks are crap. We're outta here," I'll bet we'd cut carbon emissions by 70%, save kazillions of trees, reduce the price of oil, and lower everyones' blood pressure. No "peace" will exist in the Middle East until Israel just cleans everyone's clocks and says - "This land is our land and we're keeping it. Period. Okay, so Winston Churchill and others carved up the Middle East on table napkins. Not our fault, take it up with Russia and Britain, France and your other "friends" in the Islamic Republics of Europe. We have been here for thousands of years, the Arab Muslims used to be Christians before the days of the Prophet, pbuh, so all you whinners get a life, work hard, improve your own miserable conditions. We offered to provide a sewage system with running water. Arafat said no; he let you live in squalor. Give us a break and on this "land for peace" thing - forget about it!" The only thing our "envoys" can hope to gain from diplomacy regarding Middle East Peace Talks is whiplash...

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