Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Webb and wartime horrors

A writer from Vienna, Virginia had a letter-to-the-editor in the Washinton Times today (pg.A20). He remarked about the "wartime horrors" that Mr. Webb has included in some of his best-selling novels. He suggested that the "quotes mined from decades-old works of fiction" were an insult to Virginia voters. Well, the quotations from the novels were an insult to me; learning about them was a heads-up for other Virginia voters as far as I am concerned. Reading the quotations made me glad that Mr. Webb was not sitting side-by-side with John Kerry as he, infamously, recounted how "aweful" American soldiers are in his view. Thank God, John Kerry didn't get the chance to command our brave fighting personnel; Mr. Webb should not have the chance now to determine their fate. I know that writers write from their own experiences; however, the quotation that was "most" hideous was written/published in 2001, not decades ago. The quotation about the soldier reflects poorly upon Mr. Webb's discretion. The Vietnam War took place over 30 years ago. Mr. Webb has done well in reaping "benefits" from that war. Writers do that and have been doing that for centuries. No doubt, Mr. Webb saw many heinous situations in Vietnam, such as the bodies of his fellows being blown to bits in front of him. Not everything we writers see, hear, think, or experience should be committed to the printed page no matter how talented we are. And no, it is not for the censors to decide; it is for us as the writer, the author of the work, to decide. In full disclosure, I was not going to vote for the Republican-turned Democrat, Mr. Webb, with or without the quotations; however, the quotations should give our military personnel pause.

Mark Steyn's Twilight of the Best?

Mark Steyn's commentary, Twilight of the Best? is right up there with the best commentaries written about President Bush and the current state of "partisan" politics in America. I'll try the link but will give you the information as well. (The Washington Times, October 30, 2006, Twilight of the Best?) While on C-SPAN, Paul Orgel asked Mr. Steyn what he thought about President Bush, the answer is well-worth repeating here.
"I replied that, whatever my differences with him on this or that, I thought he was one of the most farsighted politicians in Washington. That is to say, he is looking down the line to a world in which a radicalized Islam has exported its pathologies to every corner on Earth, Iran and like-minded states have applied nuclear blackmail to any parties within range, and a dozen or more nutcake basket-case jurisdictions have joined Pyongyang and Tehran as a Nukes R Us one-stop shop for all your terrorist needs. In 2020, no one will worry about which congressional page Mark Foley is coming on to.... But if it really is, as Democrats say, "all about the future of our children," then our children will want to know why our generation saw what was happening and didn't do anything about it. They will despise us as we despise the political class of the 1930s. And the fact that we passed a great prescription drug plan will be poor consolation when the entire planet is one almighty headache."
He goes on the write: "Bush hatred is silly and parochial and reductive: History is on the march, and the anti-Bush crowd is holding the telescope the wrong way round." In the Oval Office recently President Bush said, "We're in this grand ideological struggle. I am in disbelief that people don't take these people seriously." Our President Bush is a plain spoken man. He is not the great communicator; he is not the great liar of our times. He is a simple man who knows who the enemy is. That he is confounded about the Democrats abject refusal to look at the writing on the wall - writ large by the blood of all who died on September 11, 2001 and since then at the hands of terrorists - is not surprising. I'm confounded by it as well. But then every war/conflict we have engaged in since WWII has turned into a proxy-UN police action. Why exactly are we in the anti-American UN? The Democrats talk of flooding the White House with subpoenas "when" they win next week. They talk about cutting and running from Iraq; of increasing YOUR taxes; of crippling the President and his policies by choking him with reams of paper. Whether our children and grandchildren will hate us is up to you. The Islamists under the guise of CAIR and other such grand-sounding "Islamic Councils" are trying to beat us at our own game using our legal system and our cowardice in the name of multiculturalism against us. They are painting Muslims generally as the new "victim de jour." It won't wash, fellas. Do you believe that terrorists have given up on attacking us on our own soil? Personally, I believe they are just biding their time and hoping for a Hillary. They have taken the measure of our "cowboy" and they aren't willing to play "cowboys and Islamists". They will be ready, willing, and able with the Dems in charge. The Dems accuse this administration of "Vietnam-quagmires". But it has been Democrat presidents who have led us down that primrose path. To me, it is the Dems who are reliving their LSD days and like a bad trip, they demand that we relive it with them, over and over and over again. Not me, not by choice!

Beach Girls; No, Lebanese gang-rapists in Australia

Today, I see that someone from the Islamic Republic of Iran clicked on my blog. Was the man looking for weighty topics such as the over-throw of the world by parasitic Islamists plunging us into a dark age of slavery and servitude for the infidels? I am compelled to alter this post because Mike from Detroit set me straight and he is correct. The only reason the men from the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Dubai, and elsewhere in the Middle East are looking up "beach girl" is so they can find women to abuse. I have been called to task and I deserve it. I recall one of the wives or women that bin Laden liked to abuse. This woman was telling in her own voice and words what humiliation and degradation she had to endure at the hands of bin Laden including physical cutting and mutilating. Freedom does not exist in Islam - moderate, radical, or in between. Freedom does not exist for women or for non-Muslims. Muslim women are the breeder chattle; they are possessions; they are confined from the age of 10 to shrouds; they are enslaved. [The breeder chattle comes from islamic leaders who say each Muslim woman should have five children, minimum, and that the women are seen only as wombs.] Here is the link that Mike from Detroit gave, Lebanese Muslim gang leader sentenced to 38 years jail for racially motivated pack-rapes of Australian girls. Please go to the link and also click on Cronulla Beach and Tim Priest. Both are linked at the article's site. I have an idealized and clearly outdated view of Australia as the last bastion of the free world to which we can all turn. I have read of the racially motivated gang-rapes. I have to ask, "What the hell are we thinking? Why are we importing such people grounded as they are in the slavery of women and hatred of all things Western?" And to the powers that be, what the hell are you doing to us? Throwing us to the wolves like lambs to the slaughter. And for Australians, it is even worse because before throwing them to the wolves, they took away their guns, their right to defend themselves even in their own homes. Admittedly, I have politics on the brain with our elections only days away. Perhaps I can be forgiven when I say, please don't let the dems get close to our guns.

DINOs (Ex-Republicans) running on Nov. 7

From the news today, it appears that psuedo-Democrats (aka former Republicans) are trying to out-conservative the conservatives. (Former Republicans campaign as Democratsby Charles Hurt.) Webb vs Senator Allen (VA) Tim Mahoney for Mark Foley's Florida seat Jack Davis vs Thomas M. Reynolds in New York Jennings for seat vacated by Rep. Katherine Harris (good for you, lady) Republicans Santorum (PA), Conrad Burns(Montana), and Jim Talent (Mississippi) are all in very tight electoral races. It seems, according to Mr. Hurt, that for Democrats at the leadership level, "winning trumps ideology". De facto Speaker of the House Nancy is measuring for drapes and color-coordinating upholstery samples. But, have the votes been cast? Counted? Did I somehow miss the election day? Mr. Hurt speculates that "Senate Democrats will move rightward" if the Democrat-candidates win in VA, PA, Montana, and Tennessee. I don't believe that for a minute. Should Hillary, Chuckie, and Teddy get their paws on the newbees, the junior senators will fall in line with the Socialist Demoncrat push to prepare us for Sharia Law light. Of course it won't be called "Sharia Law Light" but they have voided the separation of church and state by their push into secularism. In apparent violation of the separation of church and state doctrine, Islam is taught and modeled in some public schools in California. Little children dress as Muslims do in the Middle East, take Islamic names, and study the Koran. If that isn't the indocrination that falls right in line with the Socialist Democrat view, I don't know what is. Remember "It takes a Village"? How about it takes a madrassas? Do children dress up for the Christmas play as angels, Joseph, Mary? Don't be fooled. Much is at stake in this mid-term election. We cannot afford to be made to learn the lessons of Democrat rule all over again. If the Socialist Dems win, watch your taxes go up; watch the value of your homes, the stock market go down; watch the "most favored" group of the day walk right off the pages of Animal Farm where some of the animals are more equal than other animals. And treasure your gun ownership while you have it.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Webb synonymous with misogyny?

Misogyny means the hatred of women. Perhaps the characterization is slightly harsh; on the other hand, we have come a long way as a nation with respect to women having leadership roles throughout corporations as well as the military. Women can work on the factory floor and in the exhalted boardrooms of major corporations. Actually, many women own controlling interests in many major corporations. A consideration though is how much do Mr. Webb's words in novels reputedly fiction reflect his actual attitudes toward women. Does the little woman have to know her place and stay in it? I'm all for meritocracy for everyone. I don't think corporations should get "points" on the compliance with diversity scale regarding the number of women they employ in given areas. I don't think the women (who are not a minority in the United States) should be given "minority" status. How revolting! They should receive equal pay for equal work. In my experience, I saw many a man receive more pay for little or no work so I cannot believe that all men are hired based on merit. We had one man who walked around all day and couldn't write his way out of a wet paper bag. He did nothing; produced nothing; and earned plenty. We nicknamed him the "hall monitor." He did a find job. My question for Mr. Webb is what would he say to the fine women graduating from our military academies? High girls, we all know you are not fit for leadership so we'll make sure you serve "under" some outstanding male officer. Don't worry your pretty little head about a thing. Just make the coffee and pick up the donuts. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not want women in combat situations not because I don't think they can be fighters. I think military women can be as ruthless as their male counterparts. Watch a female of most species defend her young. Spies - check; intelligence officers - check; interrogators of Muslim terrorists - check. I just don't want them in combat but that is me. I read an excellent letter to the editor today in the Washington Times, p. A18. Linda Skladany wrote of her observations working with Jim Webb in the Reagan Administration. Skladany says, "I am furious to see Mr. Webb try to desperately claim the Reagan mantle, which included using our country's beloved deceased President in his ads, as an 'endorsement.' This in spite of the wishes of Mrs. Reagan that he refrain from doing so. Perhaps this is another example of his disrespect for women. Thankfully, I am no longer in a position to have to make excuses for Mr. Webb as a part of the Reagan Administration. I could barely do it in the 1980s when it was my job." Along with Skladany, I do not want him to represent me. Given his history toward women, I don't think he would represent me. If you want to clutter your mind with pornographic images, be warned then go to the Drudge Report.

New Jersey Oligarcy

A few more words on the judicial dictators of New Jersey. For the moment, let's say that homosexual "marriage" will become law in New Jersey. But does that happen through judicial fiat or through the principles of a representative democracy? How you answer that makes all the difference in whom you will let govern your every move from transfats to cigarette smoking. In The Washington Times today, a small article has been included in the Inside Politics section, page A5. The title is "Jersey's lawgivers". Here are a few quotations from the article - some of which is from an editorial in the Wall Street Journal. "The court's belief that it is empowered to embark on social experimentation in the field of marriage is embodied in the words, We have decided that our State Constitution guarantees that every statutory right and benefit conferred to heterosexual couple through civil marriage must be made available to committed same-sex couples..." The judges generously left the naming of such "unions" for legal purposes to the "democratic process". It is said that statistically 49% of citizens in New Jersey support homosexual marriages, around 42% do not. I say, let the elected folks in the legislature decide. They are accountable to the citizenry. The judges are not and by their behavior have essentially flipped-off the legislature and all of the citizens. Our nation should not be governed by judicial fiat. No matter which side of the issue you are on in this case as in many others, everyone in New Jersey lost when the judges sent forth their edict. Everyone lost because the victory is hollow. Yes, homosexuals can now "marry" in New Jersey. The only question is when the date will be finalized and what it will be called. Someone who knows please explain to me what the homosexuals have gained that does not exist now in the law. I would caution against too much glee, however, for what the court giveth, the imperial court can taketh away. Has and will. Expectant mothers can kill their unborn babies on demand. Courts ruled in favor of "bussing" to integrate schools in the 1960s. Today we learn that Mexican groups are setting up segregated schools with federal dollars in the West. Schools can now, according to the Department of Education, segregate their students by gender to assist the learning process. What many of us who have been teachers knew were bad judicial enforcements are now being somewhat undone. One more state succumbs to judicial tyrants. Who will be the next to fall?

Homosexual marriage ordered by NJ Supreme Court

Who the hell died and made these black-robed tyrants god? What a twist! Supreme Court (appointed) in the states of NJ, MA, and Texas (with their recent sodomy good; heterosexual contact marginal ruling) are now dictating to "elected" legislators what bills they must write and pass. Supreme courts used to just say whether some bill was constitutional or not, in their "judgement". Legislators yawned. When did the state judiciary take control of state government? Next they'll be saying church bells can't ring once on Sundays because the melodious sounds wafting across the slumbering town interferes with the Islamist boys and girls hearing the call to prayers that screech out poluting the air waves in a foreign tongue - what? Five times a day interrupting the work and rest of the infidels. I do declare we've got so many "imperialisms" and "invaders" to deal with, how can we keep track: Islamic Imperialism, the Imperial Judiciary, the Mexican Re-conquistadors, and more. Mercy! Well, I've coined an acronym - can you do that? It is disgusting to me and along the lines of RINO but it is MINO (pronounced minnow) for Muslim in name only. As distasteful as the entire concept is you can "kill" a few birds at one time: MINOs would pay no taxes under Sharia Law; abortions would stop on a dime; but, we'd have a kazillion laws to memorize and follow (Sharia Law); homosexual marriage would not be an issue and you could forget about gay "rights"; the NOW gals wouldn't have to worry about the "glass ceiling" because they'd never see the blue sky much less the inside of a corporate headquarters building; company-raping lawyers would be out of work along with divorce lawyers - repudiation requires no lawyerly grubbing paws - welfare would probably decrease because the repudiated women would be "kicked" to the street, turn to prostitution, and yes - get stoned to death. You get the idea. Are our "state supreme courts" our Americanized version of the Mullahs of Mecca? Are they collectively our Ayatollahs (sp)? We elect members of the legislatures. Judges are appointed for life and presto-changeo, they become the diety - the bishops, etc., of the church of Secularism! For you legislation buffs out there, how many of these "dieties" have contradicted each other? No wonder we seem locked in a perpetual state of national schizophrenia without meds. Good grief! You want to give someone term limits, term-limit these judicial potentates. Wake up, America! (Earl Pitts) Sure wish I'd said that. Today, I'm in a fine humor enjoying the brisk autumn air, watching the glorious trees shedding their brilliant leaves as they prepare for the winds of winter, and sharing a few minutes with you. We can "take back the culture" as the Baron (Gates of Vienna says by keeping conservative Republicans in office and holding their feet to the fire. In Nov. 2008, they'll be up for re-election once more and this time there will be no President Bush for anyone to kick around or to blame. I suspect that if the Republicans keep control of the Congress (House and Senate) in 2006, their legislative agenda will change and become more conservative. Their re-elections in 2008 depend on it. As Americans, we have founding principles we cannot set on the shelf hoping they'll be there when we go to dust them off. You, I, we must fight for these principles to keep them breathing, bright, and alive. The less-extreme course we have is the ballot box. See you there, November 7th.

Gun Control and Tyranny by any "cover"

Gun control is always an issue on Election Day and it is on the minds of liberals such as hill Clinton, Pelosi, Shumer, and others. [How the "free" press gives them a free ride on everything they do is remarkable.] We, the voters, can give them a free ride at our peril. They are afraid of citizens bearing arms - not for protection, not for hunting, but because WE CAN in accordance with the Second Amendment of our Constitution. Many of us - gun owners and non-gun owners alike - know that the Second Amendment upholds, protects, and guarantees the First Amendment freedoms of speech, the press, religion, assembly. The pattern is: legislation, registration, confiscation. We need to keep Congressmen and Senators in office who support our Second Amendment guarantee to keep and bear arms. A few years back we watched in horror as the guns of law-abiding citizens in Australia were confiscated and thrown into huge dumpsters. To my Aussie friends, you will never fully know how horrible that day was for us. Gun control and tyranny by any "cover" says what it means. Gun control is tyranny; sharia rule is tyranny. Let's not make the Islamists' job easier by putting appeasers into office who want to take our only means of protection from the growing criminal acts of illegals in our midst and who wish to appease Islamists who have declared that their goal is to "dominate the world". On Election Day in Virginia, several pro-Second Amendment people are running for office. Thanks to McCain-Feingold's Campaign "Freedom of Speech" Shredding Bill, I cannot ask you to vote for anyone but I can tell you my vote will be cast for those who support our rights to keep and bear arms. Next Tuesday, November 7th, Election Day. Please vote so that your children and grandchildren can have the means to protect themselves and their way of life, literally.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Webb the novelist and Senatorial candidate

I was just visiting at the Drudge Report a few minutes ago and read the post citing some of the writings of Mr. Jim Webb (Democrat) who is running for the Senate in Virginia. Being a writer myself, I know that we get carried away sometimes and we tend to get graphic, especially when an agent or publisher wants us to sell books. Sex sells. Good, bad, or indifferent; sex sells. Frankly, I found the quotations gratuitous; both those that dealt with men imposing sex on minors (disgusting as well as gratuitous) and those that put women in states of subjugation. Simply stated, writers can include sex scenes into their novels without making it sex with minors. As I recall, the most recent quotation is from a novel published in 2001. The earlier ones can somewhat be forgiven in view of his youth at the time and his writing success. That said, people don't ususally jump into Senatorial races over-night so I would suggest that the 2001 writings more closely align with present positions: views that support homosexual "marriages"; and women not competent to serve in military leadership roles. Who was the Supreme Court Justice who said, I can't define pornography for you but I can tell you when I see it? None of us are angels, some writers least of all. I would just be concerned about things like the NAMBLA push for the lowering of the age of consent and how Mr. Webb would feel about that, given some of the scenarios. We know he supports homosexual "marriage". How would he feel about lowering the age of consent to 10, to 4 as some numbskulls in California suggest? Would Mr. Webb be soft on those ideas and amenable to them? I don't know. I suspect he will tell us before November 7th.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Freedom of speech in Denmark

Danes rejoice - Knight sitting on the bench! Just checking in with the "laugh out loud" news of the day. Some good; some "funny" or in other words, you earned it so watch the "youth" burn it! France must be difficult for conservatives these days. 1) Freedom (1) Mad Murdering and Church burning, Nun killing Muslim men (0). Prophet Cartoon Case Dismissed Suit over prophet cartoons dismissed in the Wasthington Times by Jan M. Olsen. Good for the Danes!!!! Maybe our judges should fly over to learn a bit about being judges. "Islamic law forbids any depiction of prophet, even positive ones, to prevent idolarty." Now that is funny; can't have depictions of prophet 'cause we need more worship going-on toward the Mecca Mullahs. Judge struck blow to Muslim adolescent murdering tantrums today and declared that the cartoons did not violate laws against racism and blasphemy. Good for him, which leads me to ask, are we watching a re-run of the Massachusetts Bay Colony circa 1620? No make up for the ladies, full body shrouding, and stoning of women for adultry. Whoops - excuse please, no stoning to death for adultry in MA. 2) Muslim Women (-1,300 years) Muslim cleric compares women without head scarves to 'uncovered meat'. From Sydney, Australia, Muslim cleric dismisses the idea that the Muslims women-raping folks are provoked by the women not enslaved head-to-toe in the shroud. Sounds like a throw-back to days in US when it was the victim who made the perp do it.
Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali denied he was condoning rape when he made the comments in a sermon last month, and he apologized to any women he had offended, saying they were free to dress as they wished. Sheik Hilali was quoted in the Australian newspaper Thursday as saying in the sermon: "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside ... without cover, and the cats come to eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats' or the uncovered meat's? "The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred." The hijab is the headdress worn by some Muslim women. Prime Minister John Howard called the remarks "appalling and reprehensible." "The idea that women are to blame for rapes is preposterous," Mr. Howard said. The comments come during a heated debate in Britain about religious freedom centered around whether Muslim women should wear veils.
Where are the NOW girls shreiking about oppression of women? They only come out if a man tries to hold a door open for a lady or if somehow a little baby made it through gestation and - gasp - was allowed to live. Mercy! 3) Muslim youths (+1,000) Youths force Paris riders off, burn buses by Cecile Brisson. Those pesky youths (read Muslims) in France burning and killing, gee, let's give them more money they are so disenfranchised. When will the French wake up to the infitada in their midst? And what is this about handguns? In France? In the hands of thugs? Who woulda believed it.....
The riots in October 2005 raged through housing projects in suburbs nationwide, springing in part from anger over entrenched discrimination against immigrants and their French-born children, many of them Muslims from former French colonies in Africa. Despite an influx of funds and promises, disenchantment still thrives in those communities. About 10 attackers -- five of them with handguns -- stormed a bus in Montreuil east of Paris early today and forced the passengers off, the RATP transport authority said. They then drove off and set the bus on fire. Late yesterday, three attackers forced passengers off another bus in Athis-Mons, south of Paris, and tossed a Molotov cocktail inside, police officials said. The driver managed to put out the fire. Elsewhere, between six and 10 youths herded passengers off a bus in the western suburb of Nanterre late yesterday and set it alight. Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said the events "should lead to an immediate response." "We cannot accept the unacceptable," he told reporters in the northern suburb of Cergy-Pontoise. "There will be arrests. ... That is our responsibility." Mr. de Villepin also said efforts should be directed to "revitalize" troubled neighborhoods and repeated the government's insistence that authorities rid France of "lawless zones" where youth gangs operate.
Can't accept the unacceptable? Come on, you've been doing that for decades. The Caliphate reigns!!!! Whoopee!!!! Europe (0) Islamic Imperialism (2,500) Having more fun than a Beach Girl should!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bin Laden wins Nov. 7th in landslide

bin Laden wins! Topples fourth infidel government while slipping from cave to cave! Read all about it. Gee, wish I had thought of that. Great editorial today in Washington Times, Another bin Laden victory. Op-ed is by Michael F. Scheuer and it is great. Puts this November 7th election in perspective. Scheuer points out that bin Laden and his beheading band have already essentially overthrown the governments in Spain, Thailand, Britain, and are now poised to take the United States should the Dems win. Say it isn't so, Beach Girl. Well, yes, it is. Let me lift a few quotations so that you may go and read the fine op-ed.
"If Americans vote for what sounds like sweet reason for the Democrats, bin Laden and company will rejoice.... The combination of Democratic rhetoric and the indelible fact of the Clinton administration's relentless refusal to try to kill bin Laden - preferring to protect its Arab, arms-buying buddies at the cost of American corpses - ensures that voters will receive what Clinton-era Democrats are best at giving: barely disguised pacifism that has and will continue to allow al-Qaeda and its allies to steadily destroy U.S. security."
A further point I wish to note in this little post is the following from the Culture, et cetera. A comment from Cathy Young, writing on "Women and Islam," Monday in the Boston Globe points out the issue of the veil and the hypocracy of our friends the Dems:
"...In our multicultural age, many liberals are reluctant to criticize the subjugation of women in Muslim countries and Muslim immigrant communities, fearful of promoting the notion of Western superiority... Using the language of tolerance to justify oppressive practices is a grotesque perversion of liberalism. The veiling debate is a case in point. No amount of rhetorical sleight of hand can disguise the fact that the full-face veil makes women, literally faceless..."
Note to liberals, these "immigrant" communities are in the US. And then, I believe Mark Steyn points out that the veil, the burka, are 1970s inventions in terms of full practice. I have a simple solution. It is a cultural thing. If the U.S. military makes OUR women military personnel in Saudi Arabia wear government-issue burkas 'cause they are in Saudi Arabia and that is the "law", then let's just pass a law, "No veil coverings, no burkas in the United States of America. Period." Works for me. A Christian can't even have a Bible in Saudi Arabia. Talk about being insecure about one's political/religious ideology. Hmmmm... Does the Bible offend the Prophet? How could that be? Vote November 7th! If you don't, and your daughter or wife end up having to get you to come home from work each and every time so that they can go to market (needing a male relative to accompany them), don't come crying to me. Democrats are appeasers any which way you look at them... Our nation will survive them but oh the possible cost. Oh the cost...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A part of the world

I have read that we bloggers spend about as much time checking our stats as we do blogging. Well, I'm still new so that's my excuse. Of course, I love to see the little flags pop up, and even one little country that didn't have a flag or nobody knows what it is - just its name and a little blank square. Although I haven't found yet what you especially like/what subjects, etc., I do check to see the days you seem to like what I write and the days you don't. But even that is fleeting. Some days you like election topics. Some days you like Islamic-focused topics. So, I have decided to do what I have been doing all along and that is to write what is stirring me up at the moment. I am outraged about the invasion of our nation - overt attack; I am outraged by the covert attacks by CAIR and others intent on cutting us to bits through the "death of a thousand cuts" legal system methodology; and I am angry enough to spit tacks at the government of the United States of America for giving immunity to a Mexican-national drug dealer shot by our Border Patrol and then prosecuting our Border Patrol for doing their job. And while I'm on it, the thing against using US troops on our soil is against them being used AGAINST us, lawful citizens, not AGAINST folks invading our nation. Good grief! Were the hell is our modern-day General Pershing?


I was over at the Gates of Vienna today and read an excellent post by Fjordman, Caucasophobia... The subject is too rich and has so many opportunities for dialogue that I decided to mention it here. WASP, of course, stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, an acronym thought up by the liberal Left (sorry for the redundancy) to be disparaging to white folks; to make ya feel ashamed, very ashamed; and to shut ya up. Well, WASC (for White Anglo-Saxon Catholic) doesn't have the same ring to it. And a bunch of the Libs are CINOs (Catholic in name only). But it didn't work. We weren't ashamed and we wouldn't shut up. So, now the Left devolves to the dialogue stopper of all time - ooh! - racist. Well, that will do it. And has. Let a white person say anything that "the other side" decides is racist or insenstitive and wham-oh, racist... Dialogue stops which is what is intended. Remember when an American-Indian school decided to name their team the "Mighty Whities" and sell T-shirts with "Mighty Whitie" on them? Folks heard about it on Limbaugh's show and shut the kids server down. In protest? In anger? Hell, no. We wanted to buy the T-shirts. Anyway... I looked up phobia today - "an irrational persistent fear or dread." I'm not so sure the Islamists have "an irrational persistent fear or dread" of the "white" race. I think they just want to kill us, to overthrow our way of life, and to put the remaining WASPs/WASCs into servitude (aka - slavery). The illegal immigrants (the Mexicans among them) probably can't believe their luck and are heading north to take advantage of our stupidity as long as they can until they get to vote en masse and kick the legislative folks with last names like Smith and Jones out on their behinds. I would think that would also go for folks named Boxer, Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, et al, and maybe Maxine, as in Waters. Best think about it, boys and girls. You keep acting so anti-American and slamming our country on al Jazeera like you do and you too could be out on your ear. Well, actually you will be. While I'm on it, I don't think Islamophobia is quite correct although it has a catchy ring to it. Being smart and taking the hate-filled imams at their word is not "an irrational persistent fear or dread." It's smart. The key word here is "irrational". When faced with the annihilation of your culture, there is nothing "irrational" about defending your culture and your way of life. The threat is here; it is real; and it isn't going away. One further comment on American Alone by Mark Steyn. He cleared up for me why the Spanish (as in Spaniards in Spain) gave in to the Islamist threats. The Spaniards have a birthrate of 1.1, considered a dieing nation. They don't seem to have anything to protect. We do. Maybe the word should be "WASPicide" which seems to be what a lot of folks want. The Islamists, the non-white racists, just want the white race to go away so they can duke it out over our dead bodies. Well, okay, but there goes the tax base.

Monday, October 23, 2006

US Elections no time for complacency

I have spent the entire day finishing up Bannok Burn by Charles Randolph Bruce and Carolyn Hale Bruce. It is a novel. Yet, I found myself in the throes of Robert the Bruce's fight for the freedom of Scotland. Of course, the Bruce was no angel; how could he be and survive in the 1300s? He had to be tough; to know the enemy; and to be willing to risk the lives of himself and his men and eventually their wives and children if they had lost. I have been to Scotland, the Highlands and St. Andrews as well as Edinburgh, and Scotland stirs the soul. Today, I have been "fighting" with the Bruce. Soon, I will be volunteering at the polls on election day, November 7th, for my candidates. We are at a time in our history that demands that we know the enemy. It is a time when we have to be willing to stand for our freedoms and not allow them to be taken from us one little "cut" at a time through legal precedent designed to undermine our democratic republic. I wonder at times even how to get a full grasp of the energies that are threatening our way of life. Is the threat from within? From without? Are we blinded in our desire for our meatloaf and mashed potatoes to be hot? For the beer to be cold? I was over at Point Five just a few minutes ago. I'll borrow just a bit of it. This is the election for the conservatives to win - by going to the polls and voting on November 7th. We gain nothing by allowing the Democrats to win because we are mifted about this or that done or not done by the administration. The administration has done more to involve minorities in the offices of government; has done more for black families and their home ownership; and, although unpopular, has embarked upon a war that may possibly even help Europe. We'll see. One thing for sure, it is keeping scores of Islamists busy in Iraq and not busy here. Not a bad idea. Oh, I know they are here but right now they are using more stealthy means through the courts and through the strangulation of political correctness, designed to halt any discourse. Perhaps, they have decided that legal means will be more effective than overt terrorism. Hence, we must vote people into office who will "fight" the enemy legislatively, not "make nice" with them. One thing about this red state stuff - we are brought up knowing how to keep our eye on the war, the ultimate goal. A battle here or there is not the issue. As I write to you this late-afternoon, I am reminded that the men and women in our military are a volunteer force. They have choosen to go to Iraq; to go to Afghanistan; to go into battle for us. They didn't dodge the "draft" because there isn't one. They enlisted. Can we take that honor away from them by voting into office folks who will "cut and run"? I can't. This election, I will be voting for the Republicans on the ticket. Join me! On Nov. 7th, we can channel-surf all through the night and have a ripping good time.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

America Alone - Comments

Have been reading America Alone by Mark Steyn and can say that the book is a "must read" for several reasons. I am one of the lone 173,000 folks who subscribe to the National Review. As stated earlier, I like actually holding newspapers, magazines, and books. Gives me a great feel of closeness to the writer and allows me to ponder from time to time the words on the printed page. Hardly a paragraph of the book goes by without having a note-worthy quotation in it:
This book is about the ...larger forces at play in the developed world that have left Europe too enfeebled to resist its remorseless transformation into Eurabis and that call into question the future of much of the rest of the world, including the United States, Canada, and beyond. The key factors are:
  • Demographic decline
  • The unsustainability of the advanced Western social-democratic state (read welfare state)
  • Civilization exhaustion (pp.xv-xvi)
To Americans, it doesn't always seem obvious that there's any connection between the "war on terror" and the so-called "pocketbook issues" of domestic politics. But there is a correlation between the structural weaknesses of the social-democratic state and the rise of globalized Islam. (p.xx) In their (the Left's) prioritization of "a woman's right to choose," feminists have helped ensure that European women will end their days in a culture that doesn't accord women the right to choose anything. Non-Muslim females in heavily Muslim neighborhoods in France now wear headscarves while out on the streets. (p. 16) It will be Russia's fate to have large chunks of its turf annexed by the Islamic world, and much of what's left fall to the Chinese. (p. 31)
Further, Steyn points out that Russia had 148 million people in 1992. It is projected that the Russian population will fall below 130 million by 2015... (p. 27) He even further posits that perhaps the US should negotiate to "buy" Siberia. Considering my view that the US and Russia should be closer allies, that does not appear to be possible just because Russia is in its death throes and its arsenal of nuclear weapons could easily transfer to entities who wish to do us ill. The world is in a geopolitical shift and the West or what remains of it, including some of the US politicians on the Left, need to realize that they won't want to be wearing headscarves, dethroned, and have to have a male relative accompany them out on their shopping jaunts. I read somewhere that many of the Saudi wealthy love to come to America because even the women can escape some of the restrictions placed upon them under Wahabbism. Perhaps, but what happens should the dream of the mullahs be realized and Islamification overcomes the United States? No shopping sprees then. While Muslims everywhere tend to identify themselves by their political/pseudo-religion as Muslims first, last, and always, my question is: once you've Islamicized the West, where will you go for fun? It is no accident that Islam stunts creativity and intellectual pursuit as well as relegating the individual to the will of the group/tribe. One more troubling thing about Russia, 70% of pregnancies are terminated and Russia has the fastest-growing rate of HIV infection in the world. (p. 28) Back to Europe for a moment. Instead of the colonial powers of yore pollenating the colonized lands with the ideals of equality among men, the once colonial powers are (largely due to "white guilt" and the sell-out through the EU and the UN) being colonized by their "former subjects" and the result will be devastating. One question for the aging Europeans who are quite happy with the welfare state they have created for themselves - how long do you think the Islamists will support you? As Steyn comments:
Europe, like Japan, has catastrophic birth rates and a swollen pampered elderly class determined to live in defiance of economic reality. But the difference is that on the Continent the successor population is already in place and the only question is how bloody the transfer of real estate will be. (p.32)
Euthanasia anyone? Remember, what you think is a good idea when you are young or middle-aged might not seem so promising when you are older and not ready to go quietly into that good night. What happens when the state (Islamic) decides that supporting you, old, worn out, and non-Muslim just isn't cost effective? Maybe Mark Steyn's book won't be a best-seller as the lady at the bookstore states but then maybe it should be. And kudos to whomever did the cover - a globe with the flag of the United States of America (to be politically correct now that being American is seen as hemispheric) over the US and the flag of Islam over the rest. Personally, I don't want America to be alone and I know the like-minded folks in Australia, Denmark, Italy, and most of the NATO nations as well as the, what I would call, newly freed states in the former Eastern European "block" don't want America to be alone. It's just how do we give the death-knell to "political correctness" (censorship) and stand up for our nations, our way of life, our children and grandchildren - and how do we do it now? And as I've said in other posts, I don't want to see Notre Dame become a mosque nor the gods and goddesses of Italy and Greece smashed to smithereens as were the Buddhists statues by the Taliban. So, will America be alone? I guess the citizens of the new "West" will decide that...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

America Alone by Mark Steyn

I did go out today to help the economy a bit. In the process, I went to the local Barnes & Noble - whatever - and asked for America Alone, The End of the World as We Know It, by Mark Steyn. I asked the lady if there was a discount for the book. She was nice and pleasantly "haughty" as she told me, "No. We only give discounts on best sellers and that book certainly won't be one." Hmmmmm..... That plus the vote of confidence on the cover from Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Ambassador to the United States, "The arrogance of Mark Steyn knows no bounds." Can't go wrong with that sort of endorsement. I bought the book. Looks like it might be a good read. In the meantime, I'm saving 1.00 a day for a project we have going at the Gates of Vienna. Have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Eurabia Code at the Gates of Vienna

I am taking a rest today and reading about Robert the Bruce of Scotland but before I slip back to that far-away time, let me recommend the following post at the Gates of Vienna. The Baron and Dymphna have worked long and hard for their following, and that following is well-deserved. Please read The Fjordman Report, The Eurabia Code. The post will take some time so I suggest you fortify yourself with your coffee and a serious intent. As always, The Fjordman Report is stirring and filled with information and consequence. The Eurabia Code sent me through several emotions not the least of which was sorrow; sorrow that even one American lost his life in France in WWII; sorrow for the citizens of France and by extention what has been known as Europe for the betrayal perpetrated upon them by their "elected" leadership. As some suggest, Europe may devolve into civil war; that may be all that the native citizens have left. It would be fitting for a Frenchman to suggest that the leaders should be tried for treason (all of them going back as far as you can go to find them alive) and at the very least thrown into solitary confinement for the rest of their lives with a thin mattress, no sheets, a woolen blanket, and a bucket. Meals optional.

American's Fighting Forces - Thank you!

Today, I want to take a few minutes and thank our fighting forces. According the J.C.Watts, most of our on-the-ground fighting troops in Iraq are from the Midwest and from the South. For the most part, these young people are brought up on Christian values, strong patriotism, and a "dedicated" belief in our way of life: freedoms. I have been reading a bit lately from the National Review (October 23, 2006 edition) and the Limbaugh Letter (October 2006). That I am a patriotic conservative should come as no surprise. One quotation seems in order: "On Sept. 5 President Bush declared, 'Hear the words of Osama bin Laden... "Death is better than living on this earth with the unbelievers among us." These radicals have declared their uncompromising hostility to freedom. It is foolish to think that you can negotiate with them."....How many meetings have we had... Kim Jong II is a nuclear threat because Jimmy Carter and Madeleine Albright talked to him endlessly. The fact is, when good negotiates with evil, evil always wins. When right negotiates with wrong, wrong always winds. The history of the world proves: Evil cannot be appeased. It must be stamped out if free people are to remain free. Our survival depends on it." (Limbaugh Letter, Negotiating with Evil, p. 6) Last night I had the opportunity to have dinner with two graduate students in the field of Social Work. One is a conservative (sshhhh) and the other one, age 23, is very liberal. The liberal young lady looked at me with those innocent eyes and said wistfully, "It would be so nice if we didn't need to have a military." [Well, fine, if the folks on the other side didn't want to eradicate my civilization. That is their stated aim.] If I had false teeth, they would have popped out into my dinner! Then she said, with her doe-in-the-headlights eyes and charming arrogance of innocence, "What makes a person join the military? They must have something in them that makes them want to give up a normal life to put themselves in harms way?" Duh! God love her. The other young woman came to my rescue and said, "A friend of mine has a son who is in combat in Iraq. Recently he came home for a few weeks. He told her that we must be in and stay in Iraq. It is too important to Americans' survival. He further told his mom he couldn't tell her why that is or what we are doing in Iraq but that he will go back again and again if called upon to do so." I don't need to explain it. You know. By way of thanks, let me recall a scene in the movie, A Few Good Men, when Kevin Pollock is alone in the court room with Demi Moore, and he asks about the Marines they are defending (paraphrased here), "Why do you defend/love them so much?" Demi looks back and delivers her line, "Because they stand on the fences in the cold at night.... Because they keep me safe so that I can sleep..." To all of you who keep me safe (combat troops, supply, et al), thank you!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A must read from Papa Ray

If you get a chance, please read the following: http://ezinearticles.com/?A-Warning-For-America-From-South-Africa&id=255170 Then let me know what we do about it...

In my perfect world

I thank Anonymous for the reading suggestion and now with my herbal tea (of course), I'm going to consider my perfect "geopolitical" world. I've been looking at that world map I mentioned in the previous post. And I got to thinking, "It's a darn shame we had that pesky Bolshevik Revolution thing in Russia a few decades back." One revolution here or there makes all the difference. In my perfect geopolitical world:
  • Russia and the United States would be the closest of allies - so close nothing could get between us;
  • Cuba would be a nice little friendly dictatorship and we could all be dancing the night away in Havana - unlike the unfriendly dictatorship that it is;
  • the thinkers of greater Islam would know that they don't want to wake up the pesky little Americans and they better leave Europe alone;
  • some in Britain would know intuitively that it is wrong to put a little girl in jail just because she wants to be in a study group with students who speak her language - English;
  • just because Britain gave Hong Kong back to China, they don't have to make Britain into Hong Kong;
  • multiculturalism would be seen for the fraud that it is; stew is one thing; you get the point; and France...
  • I just really don't want to give up on France - is there any hope?
The point is that we are not all alike; we don't all like the same things, the same dress, the same foods, the same religion, the same language, the same anything. Someplace way back when the United States was becoming a sovereign nation, leaders like Thomas Jefferson and others believed that we could trade with any nations that we chose but we should essentially choose our friends and our battles wisely. Have we always done so? No. Have we done so sometimes? Yes. Will we continue to have successes as well as failures? Yes - that is the nature of things. The tea isn't de-caf. Fooled ya! Have enjoyed our time together; now must go blog-hopping...

As Iraq goes, so goes Europe; Iraq, Iran, the Greater Middle East

A regular visitor to this site asked me recently to narrow my focus and, rather than ranting about the broader threat of Islamic Imperialism, to discuss whether or not the United States should withdraw from Iraq. First, I cannot urge you strongly enough to read Steve's Hodgepodge and (I'll try to link here) Kosovo & The Global War on Terrorism. The article was written by Dr. Srdja Trifkovic and posted at News and Views on October 4, 2006. Second, take the time and read post and comments at The Shape of Things to Come in Europe at the Gates of Vienna. Third, take a good, long hard look at a world map. Old Europe/New Europe is small in landmass and nations such as Italy don't have much expansion they can do. As a digression, Bill Clinton and his impeachment at least got people reading our Constitution. Yes, even in my local greasy spoon where all we near-illiterates go, folks were yammering away about the Constitution, Article this and Amendment that. It was a glorious time. Now, we come to Iraq and the world map. Maybe we can study geography, eh? India is a democracy. Pakistan has India on one side, China for a bit along the top, and Afghanistan along a good stretch of its eastern border. And then there is Iran smack dab border-to-border with Pakistan. Iran is doing okay with the Caspian Sea to the north and the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to the south and southwest. Then there is essentially land-locked Iraq. With Saudi Arabia to the south and Jordan, Syria, and Turkey to the east and north. I don't claim to be a military genius; we'll leave that to the big boys; but Europe is a little, bitty place when it comes to landmass with Islamic Republics breathing down Europe's neck. U.S. policy under Clinton did more to destablize Europe (ie, Kosovo) than the Mullahs of Mecca could have prayed for. What Clinton's policy did not accomplish, the EU and its eradication of borders (aka, white guilt and the UN) coupled with its massive migration from Islamic countries is well on the way to bringing Islamic Republics to Europe en masse. How's that - the Islamic Republic of Europe? I'm not fear-mongering here; look at a map. Read the birthrate, population numbers. What do you see? An Islamic Europe? Notre Dame - don't make me laugh! Cry! I regret that I probably won't get to see Notre Dame and that makes me sad. But then, the French alive today may get to see Notre Dame become a mosque. Do I personally care if a person practices Islam? By choice? Not really. Do I personally care if that same person rants and raves, chants "Death to America" and riots in France, killing policemen and intimidating the law-abiding citizens. Damn straight, I do! Do I see that the Western mind has collectively become addled by the most heinous, infectious disease to strike in 50 years - "political correctness"? Hell, yes. And I watched the censorship ushered in by the Clinton Administration effectively killing freedom of speech in the public square about issues that matter to us as a nation. How were they successful in making truth and honest discussions into "hate" speech? By turning reason on its ear; by having sensitivity training in the work place. [I never had to go to sensitivity training that focused on folks learning to be sensitive to the "feelings" of white-skinned folks. Now that's discriminatory, racist, and ladened with erroneous assumptions that only white-skinned folks are racists. Say it isn't so, Joe!] To the question, in a word, no. The United States should not withdraw from Iraq. Not right now. The Iraqis voted for Sharia Law so they aren't close to being "democratized" as we understand it. I'll make a prediction. As Iraq goes, so goes Europe. What I mean is that - in some ways - U.S. troops are fighting for Europe in Iraq. Did I read that any place? No. But if European nations don't reclaim their borders and stop the madness of their self-annihilating immigration policy, the mullahs will reap republics and establish their caliphate by attrition. [I'm aware of our invasion issues.] But let's accept reality. If a teacher is fired in the United States because she took her elementary school students to a museum that featured a nude sculpture, how well do you think the gods and goddesses of Greece and Italy will fare when the mullahs come marching in?

Cut Voter Fraud - Where's the purple ink pot?

I was reading an article in National Review yesterday - "Poll Tax!" They Cry by Jay Nordlinger. Jay had me laughing. Now I'm right there with Solzhenitsyn in Jay's article in that I take my passport to the voting place with me and get the kind ladies to read it to verify that I'm me. Unlike Jay, we don't go merrily through our voting place and get away without showing ID. I'm still not sold on a Voter ID card because it certainly is a national ID card and with that and my Social Security Card, my Driver's Liscense, my insurance cards, and one lonely credit card and God knows what other cards we'll need for identification, we'll soon need wheel barrows to lug our identification papers around with us. But on Election Day, wouldn't it be refreshing to show your picture ID, vote, and on the way out the door dip your finger in a pot of purple ink? If it's good enough for the Iraqis, it's good enough for me. The purple index finger ID would cut down on the pet and dead folks vote. The purple finger ID should cut down on folks voting more than once. Of course, it won't cut down on the illegal alien vote except that they could only vote once. Alas, the purple ink pot ID is only a dream. The purple finger ID is way too simple and "inexpensive". Remember to vote - Nov. 7th. In the states where picture IDs are not required because they are considered discriminatory, make'em look at yours anyway. Just for fun.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Elections in the USA

"And we'll have fun, fun, fun, 'til our daddy takes the surf board away......" so sing the far-Left folks who have hijacked the Democrat (Socialist) Party of America. [Doesn't that have a funny ring to it: jihadists have hijacked a supposed "religion of peace" and far-Left, "I want you all in burkas and pedalling to market" Dems have hijacked the Democrat Party. Don't believe a word of it. No hijacking goin' on here-ah!] Children don't play "pin the tail on the donkey" for nothing. You get a paper tail with a pin in it; you are blind-folded so that theoretically at least, you can't see anything; then you face extreme humiliation because you are spun around and pointed in the direction of a board with a picture of a tailless donkey on it. If you are lucky, you pin the tail someplace and if you are not lucky, you end up on your little bottom humiliated, humiliated, humiliated. It's part of the victimology starts in childhood theme. No wonder American children have so much to 'over-come' in the self-esteem department. Well, here we are just a few short days away from our elections and pre-mortums are being done on the horrrrrible defeats the Elephants will suffer. Hogwash! Sure, some seats will change hands. And the (forgive me) only good news about a Dem 'win' would be that there would be very little legislation getting out of Congress (always a good thing for "we the people") and the Dems would be assured of a defeat in 2008 both in Congress and in the Executive Branch. Why? Because the blood would be dripping off the fangs of their leadership. Dripping on their "pretty in pink" pants suits; dripping from their smug little faces. Dems just don't handle 'winning' very well, certainly not with grace, and certainly not when they are foaming at the mouth to "impeach" President Bush. But then, they haven't won yet, now have they? Conservatives have several things going for them: one, they vote; two, they don't have to be paid "walkin' around" money to do it; and third, they are US citizens, not illegals using fake documents. Ever wonder why the Dems are so against folks needing picture IDs to vote. Picture IDs may cut down on the graveyard vote. So, get the gas in your car; check the tires; and VOTE on election day. The only thing that can keep Republicans from winning is if the Dems get to count the vote and if the Conservatives stay home. This election is important - the possible make-up of the Supreme Court for decades to come depends on a Republican win in the Senate; the saving of untold billions of tax dollars in lawyers' fees for impeachment hearings which will go no where depends on a Republican win. If you think the Dems can't outspend Republicans (who have also had to contend with Dem-inflicted mandatory increases in some programs), just let the Dems back in control and they say, "Your wallet. Give me your wallet. No tax cuts for you, you filthy working class people. You have too much now and we want it, it's ours, ours......" So, the market is around 11,980; the deficit is down a bunch. That ain't too bad.

Vote to punish landlords = 225% increase in business

Oh, it is such a beautiful thing to see. In Escondido, CA, the city council recently voted 3 to 2 to make it illegal for landlords to rent to illegal aliens (aka invaders intent on 'taking back the USA' to convert it into the third-world "nation" they just left). The increase in infectious diseases like TB are so high, we are even sending money to Mexico to innoculate the folks most likely to be among the next wave of invaders. I digress... The activists rally and pickett the poor councilman who owns a gas station in Escondido, calling his "racist" gas station a thing to be avoided in order to drive him out of business. But wait! People are driving from Encinitas, El Cajon, and every-freakin' where to fill up at his Mobile Station. His business is up 225%. That's what following the law will get you - boycotted by the beggar-based community activists and flooded with dollars from the rich, SUV-drivers who will go miles out of their way to buy your gas. Pass another law, pass another law, making Escondido a city that will turn illegals over to ICE. Go on pass a law, maybe you'll get Escondido boycotted by the illegals. Ya think?

Sandal rocks GOP House leadership - San Diego Union-Tribune

Wish I could have thought that up but in the world of "you can't make this stuff up", I didn't. The credit goes to the San Diego Union-Tribune, published Tuesday, October 3, 2006. That's right "sandal" rocks GOP House leadership, front page banner headline way above the fold, just under the notice, "Winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting." The article is about Mark Foley and his tormented soul or mis-directed attentions. It seems to me the Dems should be so much more sympathic to former-Representative Foley's woes, being the caring and empathetic party and all what with all of their understanding and concern for the "gay" lobby. Actually, I should think that the "gay-lesbian" lobby would be all over the Dems for their harsh treatment of Foley. After all, isn't it the NAMBLA group that wants the age of consent lowered to oh, say, four? Geewhiz, Dems, don't let a little thing like an R behind the man's name make you go all bonkers. The man/Foley needs your support and understanding after all.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stats on illegal immigration

As promised, Public attitudes to illegal immigration in the USA is a must-read. It is on the blog, A Western Heart, which is listed under "blogs I like to read". One issue with illegal immigration in addition to the increasing Mexican-national population in US prisons (paid for and supported by you, dear tax payer) caused by the increase in rapes, murders, property theft and damage, is that we are being overwhelmed in some localities. We cannot handle such an influx of illegals who, from the parades they participate in, do not want to assimulate and become Americans, they want to stay Mexicans, influence our elections, and take land from us that they only had for what 45 days? If you have a minute, drop by A Western Heart. It will give you perspectives from across the pond and from down under. Mike Jericho's blog also connects there. The visit is worth your time.

It's balls and more balls for all that

Just have to direct you over to Men being men?. It is really good. Goes a long way to telling us in Western Civilization what we are up against right here at home. Remember the era in English history when men wore cod pieces. Well, the writer of the article that got Steve so riled up doesn't seem to need one. I do keep remembering the writer is in a "publish or perish" world so he must, poor thing, write something. To make it worse, the poor man probably has tenure. Enjoy...

Good News, but then there's Billy and Jimmy, Again!

Good news, sure not to be in the mainstream media is that the deficit fell to $247.7 billion for the fiscal year just ended. Too high, of course, but much lower than the projected $424 billion. Unemployment is at a 4.6% low - must be all those illegals???, and we're still buying new cars and trucks: 16.6 million (annual rate) sold in September. [Data from "Security and economy ascendant" by Donald Lambro] Come on, Republicans - where's the hoopla? And the DOW at 11,980 yesterday! Guess the Dems are right, "the economy is falling; the economy is falling......" God help us! To the recurring political flu for which there is no innoculation: the Dems drag out Billy and Jimmy to remind us of their grand presidencies. If Jimmy boy could just plant peanuts and hammer nails, that would be great, a credit to him and an atta-boy for helping with Habitat for Humanity. [News for me on this front - no free lunch here, folks have to qualify and they get a low-interest loan to pay for the house that Jimmy built.] But a self-styled ambassador and an international voice for elections, casting his blessing on elections like a Caesar of old with the thumb's up or down. Can't "retired" presidents just fade away? In piece by Eric Pfeiffer, Woo GOP voters, Clinton urges party, Clinton says "You cannot blame the entire Republican Party for this reason....." Mighty kind of ya, Billy-Bob. Wash my mouth out with soap, but if we must suffer one of the Clintons running for President in 2008, couldn't it at least be Billy-Bob? He's not shrill; he's sure not frustrated (You know what I'm talking about); and this time around, he'd point his finger at us on national TV and say, "Ya, I had all kinds'a sex with the woman." Looking at an aide, "Which one is it this time, Larry?" A chuckle, "Why sure, the pretty little thing works over at the Department of the Interior, blocking the conservative blogs..." Yuk, yuk,yuk.... [See Gates of Vienna for that story heavily investigated by Christine of The 910 Group.] Election season is heating up; there is already a pre-mortum on the losses of the Republicans. Yet, the votes aren't in yet. We conservatives have a duty to vote for the Republicans. Nancy needs her sleep and Harry Ried has a few interesting "investment" deals to tidy up. Thank God, there is no corruption in the Democratic Congressguys and gals records. Oh, don't be impolite and bring up that $90,000 "cold" cash in that guy's freezer; or the three standing ovations the recently departed Democrat Congressional pedyphile got that time for being frisky with a 17 year old page. Mercy, land-sakes a'gocean! But I gotta love the Dems. Some of their spinmeisters are already moaning about maybe it would be better if the Dems lost this election 'cause they don't want to go into 2008 presidential election with two years of investigations and mud on their prim faces. Just a few weeks. Come out and vote for your Republican Candidate! Help the Dems keep from bringing shame upon themselves. Hep 'em. Like Clinton says, we Republicans cain't all be at fault... God bless you, go vote, and have fun.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Note on Gates of Vienna

I have been trying to catch up on some reading and there is a must-read at Gates of Vienna. I'll try to link to the article here, The Shape of Things to Come in Europe. The post is excellent regarding the projected possibilities of the way things may go in Europe as the EU comes more under the influence of Islam. Please read the comments as well. My comments are not as erudite as most folks who comment at the Gates of Vienna but you will find some of the best thinkers commenting there. Europe and the EU in general have and are experiencing massive immigration from Muslim nations and the Gates of Vienna as well as several other blogs mentioned there are dedicated to informing anyone who has an interest about the issues regarding the Islamification of Europe. The interested reader will also find numerous excellent posts and well-informed comments. When is a religion not a religion? When it seeks to convert or to over-throw nations under the cloak of religion and when its aims are political control.

Reading a Newspaper

Old fashioned but true! I like to read a newspaper, actually hold the paper in my hands and get newsprint on my fingers. And so today, having been able to get a respectable newspaper and find a nice breakfast place, I sat and read the paper. Interesting with the November elections so close at hand that I found many articles and editorials discussing the seemingly slow "invasion" of Islam into Western Europe. Recently I recommended a post at Steve's Hodgepodge regarding Kosovo. Today, allow me to recommend several editorials from the Washington Times. I'll give the titles and the writer's name.
1) Jihadists and Jews, Is Hezbollah like the JNF? by Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen - One quotation from the editorial will suffice "Although the U.S. Constitution provides protections for religious freedom, it most certainly was never intended to protect religiously sanctioned or encouraged war in or against America." The editorial concerns the efforts of Susan Estrich et al to use the Constitution to protect the fellas who raised money to arm jihadists. We need to get our heads on straight about the use of our laws to destroy our way of life. Decadent though we may be, it is our right. 2) From swords to bombshells, Where are the roots of Islamist violence? by Suzanne Fields - According to Ms. Fields, "Muhammad proselytized with violence and used violence to consolidate conquest." Ms. Fields' op-ed is important in appreciating the use Muhammad put to "cloak political ambitions with a religious aura," writes Mr. Karsh as quoted by Ms. Fields. 3) No end in sight, But U.K. soldiers want out of Iraq, by Paul Moorcraft - General Sir Richard Dannatt is quoted as talking about his Christian values, and "the moral vacuum that allows radical Islam to flourish in Britain." 4) Gallic intifada by Arnaud de Borchgrave - In America we have much to complain about regarding the bias of our news media and the harrangue of the nightly (er 24-7) news "shows". The crime moves from target to target. The sorrow is that our news media is doing little to inform us about the anti-Jewish incidents that are occurring in France. "The metropolitan Paris police tabulated 10-12 anti-Jewish incidents per day in the last 30 days throughout the country." Further, "that Islamicization is in Franch to stay with 25 percent of France's under-20 population Muslim (40 percent in some cities)." And "there are an estimated 6 to 8 million Muslims among France's 62 million and Islam is now France's second religion...More than 50 percent of France's prison inmates are Muslims."
As I am reminded, we have freedom of religion in the United States. And so we do; however, we also have the separation of church and state. We must be reminded that in Islam, the "religion" is the state. There is no separation of church and state. A time will come when the idea of multiculturalism will be "killed". Will it be killed on the sword of Islam or will it be killed by those in Western Civilization who realize that their culture is not at risk, it is threatened by a tyranny under the guise of "religion"? For that is surely the best way to defeat the West, use our tolerance and our laws against us to tie us in knots. Not an especially grumpy Beach Girl today. Just knowing that a time will come when we are forced to defend ourselves here on our own soil. Hopefully, we will not go the way of France. And to my friends in Italy, I think of you and pray for you as well. Today, I bought a beautiful journal from Italy with a fine, embossed leather cover. It is for keeping my notes on the 910 Group. One of my colleagues laughed at me and said, "You actually write? On paper?" Yes, like reading a newspaper, I enjoy the touch of the pen in my hand. With the newspaper, I feel connected to the writer and I have a sense of their sometimes urgency to warn, to cajole, to entreat. We must appreciate that Islamic Imperialism is unlike anything we have faced in some years. Hitler and his Nazi party overcame Germany and threatened all of Europe. The West aligned itself and faced Hitler's army on the battlefield and in the oceans. Islamic leaders are "hiding" behind the jihadists, allowing them to do the work of terrorizing the citizenry of nations. "It can't happen here" has been said before. Yet, happen it did. Where are our news media? Why are they not telling us of the Muslim violence in nations such as France? Bad for tourism? Because the news media, or some outlets, are partially Saudi-owned? Should a foreign national be able to own an American news outlet? Are transnational corporations killing us all? Read Caravans. There is beauty in Islam (if you are male). Where is NOW against the servitude of women in Islam? Where is Planned Parenthood preaching it's message of abortion-on-demand to Muslim women? Strange times, eh, when abortion groups want young girls who may have been raped taken for abortions without the involvement of the parents of the girls, who, by the way, are the grandparents of the unborn child. Strange times when some women in America go around "covered" and others dress so radically that even non-pruds blush. Well, enough of the Beach Girl rant for today. God bless you and God bless our nation and Western Civilization - "warts and all."

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Western Men combating Primitive Culture of Islam

Islam - Primitive Culture in need of Reform. The reform must come from within and most likely from the women. Westen men are combating the primitive culture of Islam and working to protect from its nuances seeping into our culture. Cultures are not morally equivalent; with its warts and all, Western Civilization going back to the Greeks has had its strengths and its weaknesses always; however, taking stock of itself from time to time and moving inexorably forward. We've had a relapse from time to time, such as the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts around 1620; we did fall into the slave-trading trap set by the Arabs in Africa much to our shame; we did keep women from voting until 1920, about 60 years after ALL males in the United States were given the vote. So, we've had our ups and downs, and lapses here and there. However, we have always seemed to be able to make corrections and move forward; not so our Muslim brothers. I say brothers because there is not a centilla of difference between Arabs and Jews and their fighting is beyond ridiculous. The Catholic Church - the Holy Roman Empire - have all had their digressions into "naughty" behavior and there was the Protestant Reformation, of course. Succinctly, we've had our little revolts, and revolutions, and have our little sects but we are united against the threat that Islamic leaders (political, clerical, et al) have set before us today through their over-bearing immigration and their calls to jihad. As I was reading Michener's Caravans, I came across a series of pages that depict a scene better than any other in graphically presenting what we are fighting for: our women and our society to remain free. We must not allow under any circumstances any shred/thread of Sharia Law to worm its way into our Western Civilization. If the worms have started, root them out, now, while you have a chance. The threads are insidious and appear innocuous, non-threatening. It really is a case of the camel getting his nose under the tent. And somewhat like mesquite taking hold in pasture land. Horrible to eradicate but a job that must be done for the pasture land to remain viable. As I was reading the section of Caravans that I have retyped for you here, I could hardly help but recall the hideous scene at the soccer field in a city in Afghanistan when the Taliban reigned there. Maybe you recall the tragic sight of two-three women clothed from head to toe in pale blue burkas. These helpless women had violated some "law" and the mullahs had condemned them to death. The women were loaded out of the truck onto the soccer field. The stands were full. An extraordinarily brave man came up behind the women, once their sentence had been read out, and shot them in the back of the head as they kneeled before the screaming "audience" of shrieking perverts - good men all. I wonder which brave man in the crowd was the adulterer who defiled these helpless women. The bodies lay in pale blue shouds until at last they were tossed into the bed of a truck and wheeled away. Shame, shame on the cowards: the ones who defiled these women; the ones who brought the charges; the ones who sentenced them; and the vile being who shot them in the back of the head. (circa 2000) Perhaps that is why Muslim men cover their enslaved women so that the world cannot put a face to the shame of these men who are cowards. In Islam, the word of a woman is about 1/2 the value of a man and may not always be counted in court. If you are not moved to know the face and the name of the enemy after you have read the excerpt from James A. Michener's Caravans, (pp.111-116), then perhaps nothing will move you:
....As I was paying for my meal and bidding my guests good-by, some men in long coats ran across the square, shouting. I did not understand their words and was about to return to the hotel so that Nur could eat, when the men around me became very excited and tugged at my sleeve. I was to follow them. Together we trailed the first men across the square and out of the gates of the city. I remember thinking that I should return to Nur Muhammad, but some evil genius kept me running and soon I was in the midst of a mob converging on a spot outside the gates where a heavy stake had been driven into the earth. On the far side of the stake, which rose to a height of seven feet, stood four mullahs, including the two who had accosted me earlier. They were mournful, aloof and terrifying. In their beards and turbans they seemed like patriachs of old, and I was assailed by the uneasy feeling that I had intruded upon some Biblical scene which should have terminated twenty-five centuries ago. The lean, angry mullahs were from the Old Testament. The string of camels placidly grazing by the crumbling walls were of an ancient time, and the crowd of turbaned men, their faces brown from sun, their beards gray with desert dust, could have been waiting for some religious rite in Nineveh or Babylon. As I looked hurriedly about I could detect only one note that indicated we were in the twentieth century. Outside the gates of Ghazni, jammed into a crumbling fragment of wall that may once have formed part of a fort guarding the imperial city, stood a telegraph pole which carried three precarious wires from Ghazni to Kabul. What I was about to witness could thus have been telegraphed to the whole world in a matter of minutes, but no one in Ghazni, except perhaps Nur Muhammad, would have considered it worthy to report. The mullahs were praying, and the declining afternoon sun threw handsome shadows athwart their faces. The prayer stopped. From the nearby gates marched four soldiers bearing carbines and bandoleers, leading between them a hesitant, bare-footed figure covered by a coarse white chaderi. In Kabul I had seen pleated chaderies of exquisite cloth with embroidered peepholes for the eyes, and the savageness of the custom was temporarily overlooked; but in Ghazni this chaderi was a coarse, dirty white shroud and the opening no more than a tiny square of cheap mosquito netting. I was not told who hid inside the chaderi, but it had to be a woman, for so far as I knew men never wore the shroud. Whoever it was must have seen the bitter looks of hatred that greeted her as she passed. When the soldiers reached the stake, they inexpertly drove several nails into it and lashed their prisoner's hands to these nails, at the same time securing her ankles to the bottom of the stake. When they stepped back, the dirty white chaderi fell completely over the bare feet and the prisoner was wholly masked. She was still free, however, to look out upon the world of hate-filled (male - added) faces. Now the four mullahs prayed, and the crowd responded in a ritual I did not understand; but this was followed by a speech from one of the mullahs who had accosted me in the square, and what he said was in Pashto, and this I understood clearly, though what it signified I was not then competent to guess. He shouted mournfully, "This is the woman taken in adultery! This is the whore of Ghazsni? This is the raging insult to all men who revere God!" He ended and I stared at the shrouded figure, trying to anticipate what her punishment was to be. If she heard the charges, she did not tremble. Another mullah stepped forward and cried, "We have studied the case of this woman taken in adultery and she is guilty. We submit her to the judgment of the men of Ghazni." His companions assented, and the first mullah led the bearded men back through the gates of Ghazni and we say them no more. I had turned to watch the mullahs and did not see what happened next, but I heard a thudding sound and a gasp. I looked around quickly in time to see that a rather large stone had apparently struck the woman and had fallen at her feet. The gasp must have come from her. Now the men at my right, the ones who had eaten with me and brought me to the scene, knelt to find stones, and the smaller rocks they discarded, but soon all were armed, and with the same skill that I had seen directed at the dog, they began throwing at the shrouded figure. From all sides stones whizzed toward the stake, and most struck, and it was obvious that punishment for adultery in Afghanistan was severe. The woman refused to cry out, but a cheer soon rose from the crowd. One powerful man had found an especially good stone, large and jagged, and he threw this with force, aiming it carefully at her body, and it struck so violently in her abdomen that soon the first blood of the afternoon showed through the chaderi. It was this that brought the cheer, but I remember thinking how indecent it was that a human body which none could see should send its blood through the interstices of a shroud and deposit it in sunlight as testimony of punishment. Another stone of equal size struck the woman's shoulder. It brought both blood and cheers. I felt sickness in my throat and thought: Who halts the punishment? Then I almost fainted. A large man with unerring aim pitched a jagged rock of some size and caught the woman in the breast. Blood spurted through the torn chaderi and at last the woman uttered a piercing scream. I wanted to run away, but I was hemmed in by maniacs and I had been warned by many accounts that for a foreigner to make one mistake at such a scene might lead to his being killed. I prayed that the men had had enough, and then I saw why the soldiers had hammered the nails in the stake. They kept the ropes from slipping, and when the prisoner fainted, her bloodstained chaderi going all limp, these nails prevented her from falling to the ground. Surely, I thought, the soldiers will release her now. But they watched impassively while men from all sides gathered fresh ammunition. The sagging body was struck eight or nine times inn the next fusillade, but mercifully the woman could not have known. Now a burly man shouted that he had found the perfect rock and others must stand clear. The crowd obeyed and watched breathlessly as he took careful aim, whirled his arm, and launched his missile with ugly force. It flashed across the fifteen yards separating the men from their target and sped accurately as intended, striking the unconscious woman in the face. Quick blood marked the spot and the crowd cheered. The blow was so terrible that it wrenched the prisoner's hands from the nails and allowed her to collapse in a heap about the stake. As she did so the crowd broke loose and rushed to the fallen body, smashing it with boulders which no man, however powerful, could have thrown from a distance. Again and again they dropped the huge rocks on the fallen body until they crushed it completely, continuing the wild sport until they had built a small mound of stones over the scene, as a pauper family in the desert might have marked a burial. In a state of shock I returned through the gates of Ghazni. I passed the restaurant....and was greeted by the men who had thrown the largest rocks. They were gathering to discuss the execution and congratulate each other upon expert performances.... "Why are you so white?" Nur Muhammad asked. "A woman taken in adultery," I mumbled. "Stones?" he asked. "Yes." Nur beat the rugs, then put his hands over his face. "What a terrible disgrace! My poor country!" "It was horrible," I said weakly. "How can you permit it?"......
Caravans was written in 1963 about a time occurring around 1946. He states that public punishments were no longer common but that was in 1963 before the Wahabbi form of Islam overtook Afghanistan with the Taliban. It is estimated that 1.3 billion people follow Islam. That means that there are enough people (women) in slavery among that 1.3 billion people (750 million people) to populate the United States of America twice with 150 million left over. When our men and women go to fight in Iraq and other middle eastern nations for the people to be able to have self-determination, our men and women are fighting for us, to keep us free and to keep us - their wives, daughters, aunts, grandmothers - from ever being subjected to such barbaric, dehumanizing ridicule and cowardly treatment. I went to a local Harvest Highlander Parade yesterday. One of the floats was put together by a faternity of bright, handsome young men. At the officials' viewing stand, they stopped, jumped from their camoflaged jeeps, stood to the saying of the Pledge of Alliance in honor of our fallen and of our troops fighting on. At the end, there was a loud, "Ooh aah!" On that, God bless you, God bless our wonderful nation, God bless our Western Civilization! On this Sunday afternoon, with the scent of fall in the air, the leaves of trees turning their golds, russet reds, and bright oranges - may peace wrap you in its arms and may you have a gracious day...

Freedom and Liberty in Southwest Virginia circa 2006

I've had just a bit of a change of pace lately. No newspapers and essentially no news. How many Americans' don't know the North Koreans have been a bit frisky over the weekend? One - that's me. After the flu, then the hard drive adventures (all is now well), I decided the safest course of action was to read, help a family member with graduate work stuff, and then attend the Highlander Homecoming Festival. We followed the parade, dressed my maltese in a tartan coat of reds and blues which sparkled against his brilliant white fur. He wore sorority colors in his top-knots and he was most decked out for the festivities. I have had some much needed down-time and am sure I will be given more homework assisgnments to read and review to ease the burden on my middle child. Alas, what is all that "experience" for if your family can't capitalize on it? Right? I read when I have the flu and so, having finished my two Vince Flynn spy-type novels, I rummaged around the house and found James A. Michener's Caravans. A section of this manuscript will be the focus of my next post. In it, I will type several pages of Mr. Michener's work. When you read it, you will know why. A friend at Steve's Hodgepodge (a blogspot.com) suggested that Muslim women are oppressed. According to the exerpt from Caravans, they are far worse than oppressed. They are enslaved and treated as subhuman, no better and in some cases far inferior to the animals and beasts of burden the man owns. Islam supports and, in fact, relies on a primitive society that subjugates women. One would hope that is not true but times change hard in the Islamic world. It is not a world we in the West would want for ourselves. More on this..... Always remember that uncontrolled power is the root of all inhumanity to man. Watch who wields it and upon whom the power is inflicted....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Global Jihad - a look at Kosovo

Tonight, before I close up for the day, I decided to read an article posted at Steve's Hodgepodge. The article is entitled, "Kosovo & the Global War on Terrorism." I urge everyone to read the article. It is rather long but goes a long way to explain why what the NATO-UN did under the auspices of the Clinton Administration has fueled the flames of radical Islam and has once again shown why appeasement is not the way to go when the "enemy" has stated clearly that they want to kill you, your children, and everything you believe in. It can't happen here? History shows that it can. Clinton and US policy established a beachhead in Kosovo. Shame on them. I never could figure out why we were bombing the Serbian Christians. Anyone know why? We must help Europe and other Western nations defend against the on-slaunt of Islam. I personally don't care if the followers of Islam want to live in the times of the 700's. I do, however, take serious offense at them trying to inculcate my nation and those of Western Civilization with their pre-medieval doctrine and dogma. In addition to reading the article at Steve's Hodgepodge, please go also to Gates of Vienna to learn more about the 910 Group. You can also learn of this group at Liberating Propaganda, listed in my "blogs I read" section. Thank you for your patience. If you can devote any time to the 910 Group, please do so. Unfortunately, the Islamic Jihad is real and totally unforgiving in nature. There is no tolerance there of religion or any of the freedoms the West holds dear.

Hours in Hell!

Just a short note! Don't try to work on computer, blog, or do anything productive when you are sick. I just spent several hours trying to get my hard drive back. Spent one hour on phone with tech support! We live and learn. What a nightmare! Somehow, I mysteriously lost everything. Actually, what had happened is too complex and makes me feel too stupid to live. Isn't it always that way? We work so hard to do something right and wham-o, we do something stupid that takes us forever to undo.

Women of Islam - your beliefs are not under attack

Women of Islam, your beliefs are not under attack by the West. We in the West want to live in peace and do not want our way of life changed or altered by your system of political/psuedo-religious ideology. We don't want it and we will fight to keep it from encroaching upon our way of life. If you want to remain in the role of servitude in which you find yourselves, it is not my place to "save" you. But, you do have influence over your men. You must tell them that their ways are not good for you and your children. The system underwhich you live is very restrictive and not compatible with Western Civilization. At the moment, your men or the leaders of your men, the puppeteers, see the West as weak. We have cultural differences. While we try to be kind to everyone, we are polite and this is seen as weakness. We are not weak. I encourage you to get your men and return to Islamic states where you can live in keeping with the traditions of Islam. Do not try to impose your ways on us. I do not believe that you really want you sons and daughters to become suicide murderers. How terrible for a child to be born and to be taught only to hate, to be taught that the greatest service they can give is to blow themselves up. If that is what you believe and why you have children, I can only pity you. If this is true, why do you even cry when your child is killed? If this is true, I would say that you have no hearts and no love. As a woman, I cannot accept that when you hold your new born in your arms, you live only to see that beautiful breath of joy and hope blown to pieces at the direction of a hate-filled leader. Ask yourself if that is truly what you wish for the flesh of your body and the soul of your child? If this is true, then why do you bring a child into the world with a future filled only with hatred and malice toward other children he does not even know? Christians and Jews revere their children. Yes, we honor life (to you that is a weakness) but life is a gift from God, to be cherished. Do you so willingly give birth (a gift from God) to fill that precious gift with hatred? Do you see hatred or love in the eyes of your new born? You are the ones who can bring about reformation within Islam. You bear the fruit. Christianity is not going away. The Jewish faith is not going away. Islam is waging war against the world and Islam is putting the lives of its followers in jeopardy. It is not the other way around. We really don't want to convert you and we certainly do not want Islam to continue to threaten our very existence. I call upon you to look into the face of your new born. What do you see there? Hatred or love.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Women of Islam - Get your men under control!

Grumpy, congested flu-bunny here! So difficult to admit it but have to give credit where credit is due. Steve, an ingenius Western man of course, came up with a good suggestion in combating the spread of Islamic Imperialism. It is so simple, I wish I had thought of it, really, really do. Western women are to grab our Muslim sisters by their burkas and say, "You are OPPRESSED! You hear me, oppressed! What are you thinking? Don't take it any more. It isn't your fault your men hide behind scarfs to obscure their identity. Step out; be a woman, and roar: We aren't takin' it anymore." Get your men under control. You can do it. You are not slaves; you are not chattel. You are not the oppressors. You are the ones who bear the young. Can you send your children into the flames? With a mother's love? And thank you, humbly, Mr. Western man for once more proving why you are who you are and why you have achieved all that you have! Ooh, rah!

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Reality you must read

Letting my fingers do the clicking, I was out and about catching up on what's going on at a few blogs I read regularly. I especially enjoy several that are from the UK or Australia. They have such a good way of putting things. I must link to this one for you to click over and read The Reality Democrats Ignore. It will be worth your time. A Western Heart and Adversus Monstrum, both in my list of blogs I like to read, are very interesting and bring a fresh perspective to our American way of looking at things through our own pink-rose colored glasses. For just plain fun, Mr. Minority is always good. I must warn you though, all of these bloggers tell it the way they see it. So, for the oh, so sensitive, best click someplace else.

Paul Revere Rides!

Once again, Paul Revere rides. It's one if by land and two if by sea! But, in the blogosphere, it's only a click away. Several of us, spurred on by the Baron and Dymphna as well as Fjordman (posting at the Gates of Vienna) are working to bring our thoughts and ideas together in a workable fashion. We are mostly in agreement regarding the slippery slope Western Civilization has been on lately beginning with its insane rant of multiculturalism and all cultures being equal or morally equivalent. What rubbish! Do we in the West dress our women in shrouds; do we mutilate them; do we chop off heads in the town square? Cultures are not morally equivalent. Period. I also want to send you to Vicktorya who writes at Liberating Propaganda. Vicktorya is so wonderfully irreverent that one could only hope to emulate her humor, her enthusiasm, and her zest for engaging those who would have us bow down to their god. Vicktorya will not go quietly into that good night and probably not too easily into a dirty night shirt either. Vicktorya is busily setting about organizing aspects of this combined effort. The 910 Group sprang to life when several of us just one day up and asked, "Okay. That's the theory; now what actions can we take, no matter how humble?" It was as though the ethers had been waiting for someone to dare to ask the question. With baited breath we asked and the answers poured out like water from an artisan well, cool, clear, and in abundance. Our goal now is to prioritize them, manage what is workable on an individual level and what needs/requires greater cohesion. This energy has been waiting to be tapped. We are working on the focus. We envision many branches ebbing and flowing as the work is needed. We envision folks putting their energy where they are most comfortable. For myself, I envision a Western Culture that is no longer ashamed of itself; a culture that is not plagued with White Guilt so aptly discussed by Shelby Steele in his book by that title. The shame in White Guilt is the shame of the liberal elite who wish to make all of us feel shame. Well, I ain't buyin' it. As one commenter said at Gates of Vienna, Western Culture is my culture, warts and all. I'd stack it up against any of the potentates of poverty and their third world cultures at the UN any day of the week.

A Western Woman's Call for Help

Have you ever been driven to just say something and get it over with? Well, today I call upon Western Men - ideologically Western Men - to care for your women, your culture, your homes, and the future of your children. I know you do but the times call for action. I include Japan and other Pacific nations who have embraced freedom. This is a call of ideology. I ask you to visit Gates of Vienna and scroll to several posts by the Baron and Dymphna, and Fjordman. A new, new day is dawning and we all need to be a part of it. The posts are: The Emperor is naked; Suggestions for Solutions: A Preliminary Draft; and The War Against... What? The flu or something like has "got a hold on me" and perhaps that feverish state is what drives me to speak now. Perhaps these will be the rantings of a flu-bunny. Regardless, I rise to implore you to rise from your bed of lethargy and take to the halls of Congress in whatever manner is most suitable to you and defend your heritage, your way of life. In so far as you can, rise to help Europe meet the challenge of the certain death they have brought within their lands. How? By eroding their borders, by opening themselves to invasion. In America, our government has aided and abetted the invaders; in Europe, you have voted for the knife to be put to your throat. But it is not too late, is it? Some pundits say that Europe is doomed and can rise no more. I will not accept that analysis. It is too cold and hard and does not take into account the strength of spirit that was found in the Resistance all throughout Europe in past wars. Will it be Denmark that wields the sword in defense of its liberties and calls upon us to follow? In Italy, in Europe, I call upon the men to rise up as Oriana Fallaci pleaded with you. In The Rage and the Passion when I read her words of muslim men "pissing" on your marble statues and deficating on your walk-ways, my heart cried, "Have we become so decadent we can no longer hold our heads up but have fallen so low, become so demoralized that we wait like sheep for the sword?" My friend, Felix (Taking Sides), commented something like, "Name the enemy; name the war." Well, the enemy appears to be two-fold. I would submit that the enemy is one and that is socialism/totalitarianism. They come to us in two forms: through the arrogance of our liberal elite and through the arrogant elitism of the islamic clerics. In truth, there is no reasoning with either of them. As you know well, when you try to engage them in conversation, their first, middle, and last line of defense is to call you names: racist, bigot, islamophobe. Admittedly, name-calling is easier for them and it shuts down the conversation and requires no further "thought" on their part. Just memorize a few names and the discussion ends. Simple. Some of us call the far-left the useful idiots and apologists for the Islamists. I say the far-left just likes the idea of running around in robes and dirty night-shirts as they did in the 1960's - their golden days of irresponsibility. But "useful" idiots. Not on you life. They are using the Islamists as much as the Jihadists are using them. Problem is the far-left "just wants" to get along and thinks they can talk their way out of the sword like they talked their mommy and daddy out of the keys to the car. Won't work this time. So to my point... I thank God that the blogosphere never sleeps. The Judeo-Christian God exhorts us to help ourselves out of the messes we put ourselves into. Europe needs a swift kick in the pants. And the United States is not far behind in needing that kick in the butt. We need a Crusade for Reformation in the West, against Sharia Law and for pulling ourselves up out of the mire of degredation, the insanity of moral equivalency, the over-running of our borders. I am going to continue to plead with Western men to rise up. I beg you to be the men I know you are. Your women cannot win this war when Islam subjugates women in shrouds. Throw off the chains of the feminists and stand to protect us if you love us (we western women). Feminism is a sham. It is yet another ploy to develop "group think" as opposed to individual liberties, et al. It is the attempt of the liberal socialists to carve out another "special interest" group as they have so heinously done to blacks in America. Shame on them and may they - the liberal elite - be damned to eternity. I hate them for what they have done to our black youth. Taken their joy and made them victims. For this I am called "racist". Some seem to hold a mis-understanding about egalitarianism and the Constitution of the United States of America. Our constitution says in effect all men.. are endowed by their creator with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.... There is nothing there and there never has been that all men are promised an equality of outcome. The latter is straight from Marx-Lenin doctrine - it is socialism which leads to decay and rot of the Soul. Islamic Imperialism/the Caliphate which would have me and hundreds of like-minded bloggers beheaded simply for our words and the Socialism of the elite are part and parcel of the same tune - "We know better how to have you live your life. In both cases, you will bow down to the god we force upon you." And from them both grows the rot of the Soul. The Soul dies when it is given two fish a day and must return to the massa for the next day's fish. But, when the Soul is taught to fish... Ah, then we have life, joy, and we see the spark of the Divine in the twinkling eyes of a child.... The Soul longs to be free; to spread its wings, to reach the heights. That is the Soul for which we must all raise our voices and fight.

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